Fans can’t get enough of the super adorable Kaley Cuoco. Her success on The Big Bang Theory proves that Cuoco’s got plenty of talent and staying power. While the show will end with its final season soon, the actress will move on to new roles and exciting adventures.

As one of today’s most well-loved A-listers, Cuoco is raking in the cash. Thanks to her lucrative career and outrageously high salary, she is able to afford the best of the best. A big chunk of her money seems to be spent on vacations, as we can see from all the online pics of her jet-setting the world. Boy, this must make “Leonard” jealous!

But why should Cuoco care about the envy of others when she’s off having a blast? From trips within the United States to travels abroad, the blonde beauty has been to plenty of posh places. She seems to love everything from swimming to swanky suppers, and all that falls in-between. Whether she’s traveling with her man of the moment or a group of girlfriends, Cuoco makes the most of her adventures and travels like a champ.

Here are 24 pics of Cuoco as she makes her way around the globe.

24 Australian Adventure

Australia is very far from Cuoco’s hometown, but traveling “Down Under” with her darling must have been a real treat for the actress. Here they made a furry friend while vacationing in Australia. Cuoco seems smitten with a giant smile plastered across her face, and her man is just as enthused. Being out in nature seems comfortable for Cuoco as she pets her pal. It must be a nice break from the Hollywood life to spend time with these amazing animals. You won’t see a mammal like this in Beverly Hills! Then again, California can surprise us.

23 Nice Times in New Zealand

Cuoco and her man seem to love to travel to faraway places. Here they are in New Zealand, and it looks like the lovers are having a lot of fun. Perhaps they are getting ready for a day of adventure, as it looks like her beau is geared up for some ziplining. Cuoco seems to be a free-spirited gal, so she’d be up for the challenge too. When in Rome, as they say. Who knows what else they did while they were there, but the couple surely made lots of memories. By the look of this selfie, they seem to love the place.

22 “Down Under” Fun

Take a peek at another pic of the pair in Australia. As they sit together in the countryside, the two are enthused about the great outdoors. She’s got her coffee so she’ll be perked up for a busy day ahead. It seems like a sunny day as Cuoco sports her sunglasses and her fella dons a hat. Perhaps they’re spending the day hiking or are waiting for a ride. It doesn’t look like there’s much around, but maybe the serenity of nature was just what they were looking for. Peace and quiet can be a vacation in itself.

21 Daring in Disneyland

Who doesn’t love Disneyland? Surely Cuoco and her man are having fun on the amusement park rides. She is seen screaming out of excitement and her main squeeze is making silly faces as they slide down. Some may say they are too old to go on these rides, but when you’re at Disneyland, everyone’s a child at heart. Let’s hope Cuoco had her security team along for the trip or else she was sure to get mobbed by the other park visitors. Mickey Mouse may be there, but he can’t stop people from getting too close to Cuoco.

20 Beauty and the Beach

Walking barefoot in the sand is so relaxing and feels fabulous. Here we see Cuoco with her ex as they vacationed someplace bright and beachy. With their fruity drinks in hand and dark shades on their faces, these two are making the most of a warm and sunny day. Her billowy dress must have been super comfortable, and her fella looks cool and casual with his sleeves and pants rolled up. Perhaps before this pic was snapped, the couple spent time jumping in the bouncy house behind them. Now that’s what fun in the sun is all about!

19 Poolside Princess

Cuoco looks chic and cool as she sits by the pool and poses for the camera. Her white sunglasses are super fashionable and her red, white, and blue outfit is an all-American gem. She looks tan and toned, relaxed and ravishing. Her red painted toenails go well with her shirt, and those stars on her pants must reflect her superstar status. She may not be getting in the water, but she can dip her toes in to cool off. Wherever she may be in the world, we’re sure her co-stars are jealous that they’re not along for the trip.

18 Chillin’ in Los Cabos

The gang’s all here as they chill out by the beach in Los Cabos. Cuoco is smiling and her friends are having a great time. The sun looks like it is setting, so they must have been out all day partying and playing. Maybe they’re off for drinks and dinner or just want to go back to the hotel and call it a night. After being in the sun all day, the group must be getting tired. Maybe they can take a quick nap and get a second wind. Why waste any part of a good vacation sleeping? They can catch up on sleep on the plane trip home.

17 Cuties at the Veuve Clicquot Classic

The Veuve Clicquot Classic is the “see-and-be-seen” place to be, full of celebs and other big shots blessed with fame and fortune. Cuoco is a major A-lister, so it’s no surprise she showed up. As she poses with a friend, they both look lovely and full of life. Cuoco stuns in a black and white number as her brunette pal looks adorable in her mini dress too. In their strappy sandals and sleeveless dresses, it’s evident that the weather was working for them on this day. This event must have been exciting. Perhaps she’ll be back for another Classic in the future.

16 Horsing Around

Cuoco and her honey sure seem to love this horse. Who knew “Mr. Ed” was into selfies, but by the looks of this horse, getting up close to the camera is his calling. The two are having fun with their new pal as they are smiling from ear to ear. Who wouldn’t love to be in their position, posing with this beautiful creature? And don’t miss out on the other horse behind Cuoco too. That fella may not be as fond of the camera as the other horse is, but he’s just as majestic. The great outdoors seems to be where Cuoco feels comfortable. Ride ‘em, cowgirl!

15 Minnie and Mickey

Cuoco is planting a wet one on her man as they are dressed like Minnie and Mickey at Disneyland. Those mouse ears look adorable, as does the expression on her fella’s face. We see the kingdom in the background and the “queen and king” kissing for the camera. A fun trip to Disneyland seems to bring out the best in people, and Cuoco and her man are no exception. She could go anywhere in the world, but why skip out on the “happiest place on Earth?” The childlike fun and good vibes make visitors smile throughout their entire stay.

14 Caribbean Queen

A trip to the Caribbean is on the bucket list of many, but Cuoco made her dreams come true by taking a trip to the sunny place. She’s looking comfy and cool, wrapped in a fluffy white terry towel and wearing her pretty pink reflective shades. With her short hair pulled back and her stylish black skull bag in tow, Cuoco is off for a full day of fun under the sun. The weather looks great and Cuoco is beaming with a big bright smile. Her friend is smiling too, but who wouldn’t be anything but happy while vacationing in the Caribbean?

13 The Big Apple Awaits

With their hot coffees in hand and the New York City sun shining on their faces, Cuoco and her guy are taking the city by storm. The Big Apple is always full of hustle and bustle, and the actress and her mate are ready to rock it. She looks terrific in her tied-up coat and flowing hair, although her footwear doesn’t seem to go with the flow. Perhaps Cuoco just got a pedicure and her toenails are drying. On the other hand, her man’s shoes are super stylish, just like the rest of his look. Let’s assume they’re headed out for brunch. Bagels and lox or bacon and eggs? Perhaps a stack of pancakes for this pair!

12 Checking Out in Style

See ya next time New York City! Her designer bags are packed and Cuoco is headed back to her hometown. With expensive luggage like that, we can only imagine what’s packed up on the inside. Cuoco’s got plenty of cash, so all of her clothing must be high-end and high-priced. Still, she manages to remain down-to-Earth and casual for the most part. It looks like Cuoco is waiting for a cab, but it’s more likely that she has a private car service picking her up. Maybe even a stretch limo. As she heads to the airport, Cuoco can remember her trip to NYC with fond memories.

11 Aggravated at the Airport

Perhaps their flight was delayed or there was too much turbulence, but these two don’t seem to be anything close to chipper. Looking incredibly grumpy and grouchy, both Cuoco and her travel companion seem worn for the wear. Looking away from the paparazzi, they are nearly pouting. Maybe they had an argument mid-flight or the flight attendant wasn’t accommodating. Whatever the case was, we can tell this trip wasn’t one of their best. Perhaps a good night’s sleep or a decent meal will perk these two up. Traveling should be fun, not something to fight about.

10 Venice Beach Valet

Valet parking is always a perk, especially while a couple is vacationing. Who needs to waste time searching for a good parking spot when there are so many other (and better) things to do? Cuoco can hand over her car keys to the attendant and she and her guy can get on with their day. It seems like a sunny afternoon, so maybe their plans were to have lunch outdoors or take a slow stroll along the water. Cuoco’s all set in her sundress and shades, and her fella looks cool in his sporty ensemble. When they return, the valet will bring their car around. Life is good.

9 Bundled Up By the Beach

While the sun is shining and the surf looks splendid, it must have been a chilly day at the beach when this photo was snapped. Cuoco and her guy are cuddling up in their coats, so the temp must have been dropping. Still, there was no reason to resist the temptation to get outside and watch the waves crash into the shore. The sand is lovely and the sky is blue. Staying inside couldn’t have been nearly as breathtaking. Cuoco’s lucky to have her fella to hold her tight so she doesn’t shiver as she looks out onto the sea. Romance at its finest.

8 Pups in the Pool

It has to be such a thrill to be able to take your furry friends along on vacation. And it appears that Cuoco has three canine companions to cuddle with. These pooches seem to love splashing around in the pool, paddling their paws and lapping up the water. Cuoco has balls to play fetch with and a smile from ear to ear. These lucky dogs get to experience the finer things in life thanks to their “mom” who can take them nearly anywhere. No tiny doghouses for these pets, only posh hotels, and room service. Three bones, please!

7 Ponies and Ponytails

Awe, how adorable. Look at the actress and her mini horse looking like twins with their hair piled high atop their heads. Even their “duck face” poses are nearly identical. Cuoco seems to enjoy being with animals, especially this cute creature out on the ranch. Not every vacation is all about tanning by the pool or drinking Pina Coladas. Sometimes, getting out in nature and spending time with animals is the best trip one can take. Luckily for Cuoco, she gets to do both…and then some. This is surely a photo she’ll love looking back on over and over.

6 Elegant for the Evening

Once the bathing suits are hung to dry and the sun sets, it’s time to take the vacation into the evening. Cuoco surely cleans up well…she’s looking like a million bucks in this dazzling mini dress and pointy high heels. Perhaps she’s headed out for a decadent dinner or drinks and dancing at the club. Maybe she’s just going to the hotel bar for a glass of red wine and some quiet conversation. Wherever she may be headed, she’s looking lovely doing it. She’s sure to turn heads as she walks into the venue. Not only is she famous, but she looks fabulous.

5 Tired from Traveling

Too much jet-setting can make a gal sleepy. That’s what Cuoco seems to be experiencing anyway. Cuoco is fast asleep on her trip home, obviously exhausted from her travels. Heck, she may even be snoring! Too much partying and playing around can make a lady lazy. But why not sleep while you can? After all, she’s not behind the driver’s wheel. Cuoco needs to get plenty of rest so she is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed when it comes time for filming her hit television show. Hi-def TV shows every wrinkle and bag, so the more well-rested she is, the better she’ll look on screen. Sweet dreams!