Welcome to Area 51 – the mysterious research center in the USA, mired in controversy and impenetrable secrecy. With such a name, shrouded in total mystery, it’s really quite hard not to imagine extraterrestrial ties, UFOs, conspiracy theories and all the like.

Indeed, this is what Area 51 has been doing to our imagination for the last few decades. But what does it really look like on the inside? Is it just an ordinary spot located just northwest of Las Vegas or is there something more going on behind the scenes? Well, in spite of all insane theories that have swirled around it for years, we believe that people might have actually blown this whole thing out of proportion. Undoubtedly, there are, in fact, some inexplicable things about Area 51 that will surely leave you totally baffled; however, most of them seem to be quite far-fetched. So, what does the world really know about this secret U.S research center? Well, we did some research, and we can assure you that what we’ve collected is surely worth your time. Here are 25 demystifying facts about the spooky Area 51 that you can actually hang your hat on.

24 The Name Of The Center Isn't At All Just A Coincidence

Widely known as one of the world’s most mysterious research centers, Area 51 has always been an intriguing place that’s simply off-limits to the public. But why is it called like this, right? Why 51, but not 52? Well, the curious name of the U.S. research center comes from its map designation after it became the 51st area of the AECNPG (the Atomic Energy Commission’s Nevada Proving Ground). In fact, it was also where atomic bombs were normally tested. But besides being quite a spooky place, where speculation basically thrives, Area 51’s main role is to serve as a testing, grounding zone for America’s most distinguished spy planes and other secretive missions.

23 Area 51 Is Part Of The Nevada Test Site

This strange research center with a name that sounds like a bureaucratic jargon is apparently part of the Nevada National Security Site (formerly known as the Nevada test site). This remote area that looks as if it’s been stuck in the desert for centuries is believed to have hosted over hundreds of nuclear weapons and tests. This odd place, which also happens to be located about 65 miles north of Las Vegas, Nevada, would also house famous spy planes, such as the ferocious F-117 and mighty U-2.  Since the late 90s, this site has fallen victim to all sorts of jaw-dropping conspiracy theories, such as the existence of UFOs inside its doors and all the like.

22 The Flying Saucer In The Roswell Region May Not Have Been A “Weather Balloon”

Apparently, all those theories about actual nuclear tests taking place at the technology research site aren’t enough to keep people's imagination turning. In 1947, Roswell Daily Record’s front page read “RAAF Caught A Flying Saucer On Ranch” and, as you can imagine, it quickly made everyone scratch their head. Afterward, the government tried to refute this major claim as it later explained that this weird crashing object was just a weather balloon. Well, if you ask many conspiracy theorists, they insisted that it was actually something else that surely resembled an alien spacecraft. Whatever it really was, people arrived at the scene and quickly prepared it for transportation to the infamous Area 51.

21 What’s With Those Delayed UFO Claims?

In spite of the head-scratching balloon crash in 1947, the area didn't exactly gain an extraterrestrial fame until 1980. There was a man, Robert Lazar, who had to make a guest appearance on a TV station where he actually shared that he worked at a super bizarre place called S-4 where weird things are believed to have happened. Strangely, though, this S-4 site also happened to be near Area 51. Robert didn’t also forget to mention that during one his “missions” he was supposed to reverse-engineer and take care of the crashed flying saucer.

Normally, such a revelation from an insider would certainly cause a little stir, and this is what has happened. In the end, Robert was jobless and the case was nearly forgotten.

20 No Visitors Are Allowed Within The Parameter

Area 51 may be actually marked on the map, but you may not find it that easy. Not only is it a super bizarre site, shrouded in mystery, but it’s also a restricted area with heavily armed guys standing guard nearby the fences. Also, the guards there are widely-known as the Camo Dudes since that’s the uniform they wear when patrolling by the fences and within the parameter. And when you think of all those powerful warplanes that could be there as well, this level of secrecy isn’t really that odd at all. Well, sadly for all those curious minds out there, Area 51 is absolutely off-limits to the public.

19 The Moon Landing Might Have Been Staged At Area 51

As if all those UFOs stories weren’t enough, many conspiracy theorists still believe that Area 51 – this spooky U.S research center - was where the actual moon landing was staged.

On top of all, there was another conspiracy theorist, Bill Kaysing, who shared in his 1974 book, “We Never Went to the Moon: America's Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle," that NASA astronauts have never really stepped on the Moon, let alone explore it and accomplish all of those missions there whatsoever. Also, according to Bill Kaysing, these astronauts rarely made it to space – meaning that the actual moon landing could have happened at this infamous site, known as Area 51.

18 What About The Air Force Affiliation?

Another baffling fact about Area 51 concerns the Nevada Test and Training Range, which happens to be affiliated with the NAFB (Nellis Air Force Base). In fact, NTTR is widely known as the biggest combined air and ground space used for “quiet” military operations. Well, this probably means that the U.S military force runs all sorts of operations there. According to List25.com, this specific ground space spreads out across three million acres or over 1.2 million hectares while running for about 5,000 square miles (or almost 13,000 square km) of extremely restricted airspace.

17 NTTR Is Believed To Be Used For Training And Testing New Aircraft Crews

Apparently, this ultra-restricted area, known as "The Nevada Test and Training Range" is mostly used for training relatively new aircraft crews in realistic combat situations. However, what most people probably don’t know is that these rookie guys also have to go through live munitions training sessions and operational testing.  According to the Air Force, the site has actually been used to develop new warplanes, helicopters, unmanned drones, specialized military aircraft, as well as other military devices and technologies. An excellent example of such is this ultra-high altitude aircraft - also known as the powerful U-2 spy plane – that was used for reconnaissance.

16 Was There A "Nuclear Balloon" Over The Base?

According to most conspiracy theorists, the reported cases of UFOs might have been just a “nuclear balloon” that looked like a flying object in the distance; however, this simple concept somehow fails to explain why in the world the Air Force insists that all of it should be kept under the wraps. Maybe the military forces don’t really want the public to realize how great their spa capabilities actually area.

For the most part, all of these UFO sightings at the base were said to be U2 test flights. Well, this doesn’t really make much sense and most of the hobby and commercial pilots would probably support this statement as well. All in all, such big and massive U2 machines fly much higher above the regular air traffic and that clearly shows that maybe these U2 tests weren’t at all what we think they were.

15 Extended Activities At The Base?

Apparently, there’s still some military activity going on at the base even after the so-called U-2 plane program was finally wrapped up. In fact, the secret Area 51 still works as a testing ground for other spy planes, according to the Air Force, so the site doesn’t miss a single opportunity to test spy aircraft, such as D-21 Tagboard as well as other planes like the jaw-dropping Lockheed A-12 Oxcart. Also, the NBC News states that Google Earth Views show a pretty tiny yet neatly cluster of buildings nearby the site and some of them could really work as evidence of new construction over the past few decades.

14 Area 51 Could Work As A Trap For Daredevil Tourists

So far you’ve learned that no visitors are allowed to explore the base, let alone pass through the gates; however, there’s still a way for civilians to drive up to the back gates of the area. Actually, we don’t see why anyone would risk being caught trespassing and face the potential consequence of doing a six-month prison sentence anyway; but if you really insist on doing it, you can actually leave your car in Rachel, Nevada, and head for the back gates from there. However, you should probably know that this bold move may also result in a $1000 fine (if not even more). But again, the whole trip may sound like a thrilling experience, but just imagine what may happen if you get caught by the guards. Also, there’s no gas station in Rachel – after all its population is less than 100 people – so before doing anything silly, we strongly advise you to mull over the possible consequences of your actions.

13 What’s With That Mile-Long Landing Strip At The Nearby Area?

From the look of things, Area 6 happens to be quite an interesting section of the Yucca Flat Test Site. According to what Google Earth Images shows us there, Area 6 features a super weird landing strip that’s about a mile long. And guess what – it also sits northeast of the spooky Area 51. Additionally, there is a handful of small constructions there which almost look like hangars clustered at one end of the runway. Nobody really knows much about this Area 6 and its bizarre mile-long landing strip, but both look quite suspicious. Interestingly, The Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security announced that this Area 6 was mostly used for military testing and other similar purposes. How convenient, right?

12 There Was A Captured Aircraft At Area 51

Although there’s still no valid and official evidence that can clearly point to UFOs studies within the area, the U.S might have done some secret testing on Soviet MiG fighters which they “secretly” collected. According to livesscience.com and a bunch of declassified files in 2013, this spy aircraft was actually captured during the outbreak of the Cold War. It’s believed that the aircraft was most likely overtaken in the late 70s. The strangest part of the story comes with the following operations that were comically dubbed HAVE DRILL, HAVE FERRY, and probably the most ridiculous, HAVE DOUGHNUT.

11 The F-117 NightHawk Was Also Tested At Area 51

No, that’s hardly a joke, but a twisted reality that makes zero sense to us. Although it seems to be quite ridiculous, Area 51 is actually known as the Groom Lake. Well, this even happens to be the official terminology of this testing site for Lockheed A-12 Oxcart and D-21 Tagboard. According to the documents released by the CIA, the F-117 Nighthawk – a crazy-looking and extremely powerful aircraft made by Lockheed – is normally tested at Area 51 as well. The aircraft has started operating since the late 80s but was kept top-secret until 8 years later. Actually, this mighty nighthawk was often used in the Gulf War and during the war in Yugoslavia and Iraq.

10 Area 51 Was Previously Known As Dreamland As Well

Before the world got so intrigued by the mysterious Area 51, it was hardly even known as such a spooky place where all sorts of freakish things happen. No, that was hardly the case back in the day. But much to our surprise, this curious area that now seems to make everyone run for the hills was dubbed Dreamland. It’s ridiculous, we know, but why was it really nicknamed DREAMLAND? Well, it was supposed to be a “quiet” place where the workers could do their job without being considered antihuman or anything of the sort. But as we can now see, the name Dreamland just didn’t make it. Maybe, the Airforce finally realized that it’s quite a freakish name for a research center that’s seemingly used as a testing ground.

9 Area 51 Used To Be Quite Limited Back In The Day

If you think that Area 51 enjoyed such wild recognition during its first years of existence, then you’ve got no idea how wrong you are.

In the beginning, there was basically nothing at the site that would later become the world’s most mysterious research center and military base. Additionally, entertainment of any form was quite limited at Groom Lake or Dreamland. But later on, the area was given a much better appearance. All in all, Area 51 had a tennis court, bowling alley, and you could listen to the radio in the evenings. Well, it’s really hard to think of Area 51 as a place where people actually knew what entertainment truly meant; however, that seems to be just another weird fact about this site that nobody knew until now.

8 Area 51 And Its Presidential Recognition

Although the Airforce has always been trying to keep the world as far away from the site as possible, it seems that even the U.S. President was in critical “need to know more basis” about this bizarre place. How come the former President of The United States doesn’t know such important details, right? Evidently, most of them don't know everything that’s going on in their homeland. But unlike most people, who don’t even dare to make jokes about this place, some past president's have mentioned the area in passing, and yet no one is willing to go into detail about it.

7 Meet The Extraterrestrial Highway

While most people have probably heard lots of myths and theories about some extraterrestrial things going on at the site, they sort of missed this hugely important road sign. Unlike all those opinions, commentaries and theories, this Extraterrestrial Highway is absolutely no joke; it’s just as real as me and you. Additionally, this road sign happens to be sitting somewhere near Area 51 and is considered Nevada’s most mysterious state route known as SR-375. Believe it or not, the state officials actually agreed to put this sign there due to the never-lasting speculation about actual UFOs and alien sightings over Nevada and in close proximity to Area 51.

6 This Is The Area 51's Most Recent Spy Aircraft

We’ve already mentioned that spy planes aren’t at all a rare sight at Area 51. So now it’s the perfect time to introduce you to the easily recognized RQ-170 Sentinel - also known as the Beast of Kandahar. This tiny metal bird happened to be a spy aircraft and was probably used as a stealth drone constructed at Area 51. Another quite interesting thing is that this drone is also said to have played a significant role in locating Osama Bin Laden. Evidently, Area 51 is one hell of a military base where nobody can really know what’s happening behind closed doors.

5 Area 51 Has Got An Executive Immunity

Did you know that this exact place that makes so many people lose their sleep at night was actually given an executive immunity by the former U.S President Bill Clinton? Of course, the President has got the full right to issue and personally sign such executive orders protecting the site from any further investigation; however, it’s really weird that even he wanted to keep the door locked on Area 51. But still, it didn’t exactly make the society less worried about Area 51. Actually, it still is the other way around. The more you hide something from somebody, the more they want to know about it. Indeed, that’s what usually happens with such mysterious places.