24 Images Of The Craziest Christmas Decorations Around The World

It’s that time of year again. Winter has arrived and the Christmas spirit is being felt all over the world. One of the most fun things people love to do come Christmastime is to decorate their homes with cheerful displays. Most people keep it simple – a string of lights and perhaps some lit-up lawn figurines. They set up their tree in the living room and sit back to sip their hot cocoa.

Then there are those Christmas fanatics who wait all year to go over-the-top with their holiday decorating. In their cases, more is more. They want their home to be the talk of the town thanks to its Christmas creativity and lit-up loveliness. From thousands of lights to decorations that draw crowds, these homes put Santa’s Workshop to shame.

As neighbors attempt to one-up one another and social media catches wind of the most wonderful homes decorated to the nines, each year, folks turn their homes into holiday palaces. Here are 25 images of some of the craziest Christmas decorations from around the world. If these don’t get you feeling joyful and jolly, nothing will. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! Check these pics out, and next year, see if your house makes the cut.

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24 Florida Winter Fun – More than 150,000 Lights and 100s of X-Mas figurines at the Hyatt House

Image via: www.elist10.com

When we think of Florida, the winter wonders of Christmas don’t generally come to mind. But the folks at the Hyatt House will have you changing your perspective. With thousands of lights and hundreds of fabulous figurines all over the impressive property, this fantastic Florida home channels the Christmas spirit of the south. While palm trees may not be what Santa’s used to, these are decorated so well that The Claus family may just consider moving their permanent address to someplace tropical. Look out Disneyland, the Hyatt house may be the most fabulous place in Florida this winter!

23 Legoland Toy Tree – This “tree” in Carlsbad, CA is composed of nearly 250,000 Legos

Image via: www.travelandleisure.com

Kids have been playing with Lego blocks for years, but nothing any kid has ever created can match the elaborate Legoland Toy Tree in Carlsbad, CA. Made up of approximately 250,000 Legos, this colorful “tree” is a real crowd pleaser come Christmastime. Whimsical and adorable, the creativity and concentration it takes to put this display together is truly something to admire. The ornaments only enhance the already amazing tree and the other decorations round out one of California’s most fun-to-see spots. Now taking it apart must be a hassle, but the work is worth the trouble.

22 Lawn in Lights – Cranbury, NJ is home to this lavish lawn

Image via: www.usatoday.com

They say the grass is greener on the other side, but in the case of this lit-up lawn in Cranbury, New Jersey, there’s far more than green glowing. Colors like red, blue, and yellow light up this large lawn as the family looks out on their creative creation. The home is decorated too, but nothing compares to what they’ve done with their front yard. Passersby must do a doubletake when they see all the lights shining brightly and boldly. You can’t miss this house while driving by. Let’s just hope they don’t let the dog “do its business” on the lawn until Christmas is over.

21 Baltimore Block Party – Everyone participates in this 34th St. spectacular

Image via: www.elist10.com

The festive spirit on 34th Street in Baltimore, MD is evident as all these connected homes get into the Christmas mood with lovely lights and other hung holiday decorations. When the night sky is pitch black, all the bright Christmas lights really shimmer and shine. The weather outside may be as cold as ice, but seeing this tasteful display warms everyone’s heart. So maybe the Grinch isn’t quite as thrilled as the rest of us, but even he’ll come around when these lights are twinkling ‘till dawn. Santa will definitely make a special stop in Baltimore this season.

20 Sand Tree – No snow but plenty of sand in Palm Beach to make this 600 ton, 35-foot “tree”

Image via: www.thepalmbeaches.com

Christmas and snow go hand-in-hand, but for the people of Palm Beach, snow is not something they’re used to seeing. But sand? They’ve got plenty of that. So why not create a Christmas “tree” made of the stuff? This 600 ton, 35-foot sandcastle was created to look like a Christmas tree, intricately designed with decorations and detail. The workmanship is impressive and elaborate, a feat that likely took a long time to get just right. Crowds gather to see this Santa-friendly sandcastle and hope it holds up if a rainstorm sets in.

19 Philippines Photo Op – The Dalisay Family makes their Manila home a hit

Image via: www.elist10.com

If you’re in Manila and want your Christmas to be even merrier, stop by this lit-up home and see what all the excitement is about. The Dalisay family loves to get into the Christmas spirit by decorating their home with beautiful lights. People come from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the glitz and glam of this holiday-themed home. The look is tasteful, nothing gaudy or goofy. With the dark sky in the distance, the home shines as bright as the moon. Perhaps this family wants to be sure that Santa doesn’t skip by their place with all his presents.

18 UK Winter Wonderland – It takes the owner a month to set up his Melksham display

Image via: www.elist10.com

Starting in November, the merry Melksham family gets into the Christmas spirit when they get going on their elaborate holiday decorating. The home and front lawn are maxed out with cheerfulness, and the attention to detail is one of the UK’s best. Their home turns into something of a winter wonderland, prompting neighbors and visitors to stop by to see the seasonal spectacular. It must be hard to fall asleep with all those lights aglow, but then again, why sleep when you can take in this splendid site? But does taking it all down take a month to do too?

17 Neon Noel – This Connecticut home is lit up like a nightclub

Image via: www.usatoday.com

Love neon? Then this super cool Connecticut home is sure to tickle your fancy when you’re feeling festive. When the night sky turns dark, this interestingly decorated home lights up with nifty neon-rimmed windows and creative curved lawn decorations. Don’t forget to notice their shining Christmas tree too. This holiday home may not look like much during daylight hours, but once the sun sets and the evening rolls in, this place is pretty powerful. Drive by and stare in awe at the “Neon Noel” and steal some ideas for decorating your home next season.

16 London Lights – Playful and pretty, this London home is decked out for X-mas

Image via: www.theguardian.com

This London home is already a sight to see, but once it is all done up for Christmas, the breathtaking place really shines. From the fun figurines on the front lawn to the reindeer on the entryway, this holiday dressed home is a real “wow” for winter. See the blow up figures and the beautiful windows adorned in delicate white lights. The locals must look forward to December when this family gets into the Christmas spirit and makes their home as nice as the North Pole. Hopefully, inside, there are some cookies for Santa Claus!

15 Floridian Phenomenon – The St. Augustine district does Christmas right

Image via: www.travelchannel.com

If this picture doesn’t put you in the Christmas spirit, you may as well join the Grinch for a grumble. Down in Florida, the St. Augustine district is done up to the max with a merry display put up just for the season. Thousands of white lights turn palm trees into something much prettier, and the castle is simply magical. Every bush is bedazzled and the entire area is aglow with a big “hooray” for the holiday. Even Santa will pull up his sleigh to take a look at this Floridian fantasy.

14 Missouri Merriness – Branson residents get colorful for Christmas

Image via: www.travelchannel.com

Missouri is the land of “merry” when it comes to getting the Christmas spirit soaring. The town of Branson will bowl you over with its happy holiday light display and “Merry Christmas” sign that can be seen from all over. The vibrant colors and shining lights give off the vibe of the season, turning even the darkest of nights into a lovely light show. Putting up all these lights must take teamwork, but isn’t that what the Christmas spirit is all about? For those who love a small town feel with a flair for holiday decorating, Branson does it best.

13 Fun with the Flintstones – Defiance, OH is where the stone-age family spends the holidays

Image via: www.popsugar.com

What could be more fun than Christmas with the Flintstones and other characters that make childhood so delightful? Defiance, Ohio is the place to be to see a super cute lawn display filled with Fred, Wilma, and the rest of the Flintstones gang. The Peanuts characters are here too to wish everyone a happy holiday. Along with the lawn decorations, the home is also lit up with strings of lights and the trees are covered too. Kids must love passing by this house to see all their make-believe friends enjoying the many pleasures of Christmas.

12 Newport Nighttime – This British home is amazing on its own, the lights make it a Christmas miracle

Image via: www.theguardian.com

This Newport home sure looks nice. Wrapped up like a Christmas present, this lavish place is one of the best Britain boasts come Christmastime. The home is quite elaborate as locals walk up to see the dramatic display. Everything is done with care, and many creative, well-thought out elements make this home a standout. Perhaps their neighbors decorate their homes too, but something tells us that this Newport pad is the best on the block. Once January comes, it must be sad to see all the Christmas decorations go, but the family can always start planning for next winter. But this display will be hard to beat.

11 British Christmas Creativity – Go to Brentry to see houses like this child’s dream

Image via: www.theguardian.com

Brentry is in the Christmas spirit…well, at least the owners of this home are. The Christmas display is a favorite among kids who can’t wait to see the bright lights and other decorative pieces once they’re put up for the season. The giant wreath is like the opening act for the show, filled with lawn decorations and amazing light fixtures. The signs and stars make this home look like a scene from a fairytale and if you look closely, you’ll spot Santa on the roof being pulled by his reindeer. Compared to the house in the background, this Brentry house is a holiday hit.

Mission Inn – This California inn makes Christmas a mission accomplished!

Image via: www.travelchannel.com

The Mission Inn in California gets all dressed up for the holidays, making it elaborate and energetic. The giant toy soldiers and beautiful lights create an inviting atmosphere that makes the season feel even more special. The long entryway gives visitors a chance to get the full picture of the work put in to make this place shine for the season. There may not be any Christmas trees in sight, but the other foliage and trimmings give off a Christmas vibe that’s just as beautiful. Too bad those soldiers can’t stick around through spring.

10 Electricity Overload – This Bolsover, UK home is lit to the max

Image via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Talk about a high electric bill this winter! This Bolsover, UK home is lit up everywhere - even the lawn is full of lights. But the bill must be worth the holiday cheer this home inspires, leading locals to check out the Christmas spectacular. The home seems compact, but the family sure knows how to make the most of every inch. The stunning colors and attention to detail make this UK home one to see, from the stars to the snowflakes to the Santa figurine. The lights are plentiful and must need lots of juice to power them up, so let’s hope this family saved some extra money for their sky-high electricity bill. Maybe Santa will help out with the costs.

9 Snowman Convention – Visit Clayton, NC for a snowman showdown

Image via: www.usatoday.com

So that’s where all the snowmen are! Here in Clayton, North Carolina, a snowman-obsessed family has turned their home into the land of the snowmen. It’s certainly a cute way to celebrate the season, with their smiling faces and timeless top hats. As for the rest of the place, there are plenty of other seasonal goodies to admire. The lights on the rooftop look like a candy cane and the trees are glowing with bright colors. Luckily this home has a large lawn area so the homeowners can make the most of their “snowman convention” decorating theme. The best part? These snowmen never melt!

8 Japanese Joy – This Christmas light display in Kobe is a tribute to those lost in an Earthquake

Image via: www.travelchannel.com

Wow! This Japanese Christmas display is just breathtaking. Located in Kobe, this lavish light display was designed to remember those lost in an earthquake and gives hope for a brighter future during the holiday season. The beautiful and artistic display is truly remarkable. It is large and detailed, with a feeling of holiday magic throughout. People who see this amazing display must be in awe of its dramatic detail and sheer size. As people view and marvel at this memorial, they can send a Christmas blessing to the loved ones of those lost in the quake. Meaningful and monumental, this Kobe creation is a true gift.

7 Melbourne Magic – This Australian Town Hall is all wrapped up for winter

Image via: www.travelchannel.com

If you happen to head “Down Under” this holiday season, stop by this Melbourne Town Hall for a true Christmas gift. This place looks like a gigantic collection of Christmas presents, all wrapped up and ready to be handed out. The colors are vibrant and magical and the giant red ribbon ties it all together perfectly. Putting this display together must have taken tons of time, but the outcome made it all worthwhile. Seeing smiles on the faces of passersby is what the season is all about, and this Town Hall makes the holidays so much happier.

6 Glorious Gardens – Alabama’s Bellingrath Gardens makes the most of 3 million lights

Image via: www.thedailymeal.com

Alabama knows how to create a Christmas display that’s like none other. The folks at Bellingrath Gardens create a garden light display that is super creative and immediately captivating. Seeing the lit-up flowers and fish is amazing. When it is pitch black outside, these sea creatures look like they are actually swimming. It’s amazing how people can come up with such intricate and innovative ideas to decorate for the holidays. One of the most interesting tidbits about this garden show is that they use about 3 million lights to make it come to life! This display must be amazing in person considering how great the photo looks. Makes you want to head to “Sweet Home Alabama” for Christmas!

5 German Glitz – More than 1 million lights make this Bucchen home shine

Image via: imgur.com

If you happen to be in Bucchen this season, check out this German home all decked out for the holidays. There isn’t a spot on this house that isn’t lit up with bright Christmas lights. It makes the home almost look like it isn’t real. The front gate and bushes are also lit up, making the entire property a true Christmas scene. The vibrant colors and abundance of lights make this house pop. Do the neighbors mind? Hopefully they are in the happy holiday spirit as well and find this home to be a bright spot this season. Shine on!

4 Dyker Heights Holiday – Done up like a castle, this casa is ready for Christmas

Image via: kid101.com

This extraordinary home in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn is beaming with Christmas colors and light. The home itself is quite a palace, and when these holiday lights are added, the place looks even more fantastic. Getting those lights up top must have required lots of patience and practice, and all the detail and design look artistic and amazing. People in the area must think this home is more like a Christmas castle when its all done up for the end of the year. Too bad this home can’t stay this way from season to season since it looks so special.

3 Hamilton Holiday – This NJ home is as close to the North Pole you’ll get

Image via: kid101.com

For those who reside in the Hamilton, New Jersey area, stop on by this super cute home all decked out for the Christmas season. This charming set up is adorable with the figurines on the front lawn. All the snazzy lights and other features are kid-friendly and fun to look at. The weather is cold this time of year in Jersey, but that won’t stop people from getting out of their cars to see this seasonal display. It seems a bit crowded out on that lawn, but this family must have wanted to go all out this Christmas. Who knows where they store all this stuff at the end of the season?

2 Chicago Chick – The parrot is a bit peculiar but the rest is pure Christmas coolness

Image via: mykidlist.com

If a mega-sized parrot is your idea of the perfect holiday display piece, then this Chicago Christmas scene will be right up your alley. Aside from the sizable bird, the rest of the lawn pieces are more like what we’re used to seeing come to Christmastime. Cute snowmen, penguins, candy canes, and the like are perfect for portraying that Christmas feeling. Kids can walk around and get up close to these figurines and take photos to make memories that will last a lifetime. Chicago can be freezing cold come December, but if this bird can stay out all night, people can spend a few minutes outdoors to catch a glimpse of this fun display.

1 Outline in Owensboro – When the night turns dark, this house looks like an outline of outrageousness

Image via: shop.mooredeals.com/

This holiday home looks so adorable when the sky turns dark. Located in Owensboro, Kentucky, the unique way these folks lit up their home makes it look like an outline of a house when the sun sets. It’s a fun way to put up Christmas lights in a new fashion, causing people to appreciate the artistry – simple, yet so different. The colors are bright and the figures on the lawn are friendly. The house may not look like much during the daylight hours, but surely the folks inside are feeling festive. It’s obvious this family loves this time of year.

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