Actor George Clooney and his amazing wife Amal are one of today’s hottest couples. They’re rich, famous, fabulous, and seem to vacation all the time. The couple recently had twins, but that hasn’t stopped them from traveling the world. They visit some of the most exclusive spots on Earth, spending a lot on lavish accommodations and living it up as only A-listers can.

Not only does the Clooney couple travel in style, but they seem to know they’re being photographed while they’re away. How else can we explain why they always look picture-perfect even when the paparazzi catch them off-guard? They are both unbelievably attractive, with mega-watt smiles and an all-over glow. Perhaps they look so good because they get lots of R&R while staying at the world’s finest hotels with A+ accommodations.

From dining to boating to relaxing under the sun, these two know how to make the most of their many moments away from home. They are surely lucky to have the dough to make their dreams come true as they go all over the globe. We could be envious of their lifestyle, but instead, let’s look through these pics of their many adventures and congratulate them on their success. Perhaps if we hit the jackpot, we can afford to travel to a Clooney-approved destination too.

23 Italian Adventure

A trip to Italy is sure to be amazing. The scenery is spectacular and the cuisine is delicious. From the buildings to the people, the country is filled to the brim with excitement and adventure. There’s shopping to do, restaurants to dine at, and people to bond with. The wine is flowing and the visitors feel at home. It seems like the Clooneys fit right in when they visit Italy. Amal looks like she just stepped off the pages of a fashion magazine and George is the epitome of Hollywood royalty abroad. The people of Italy must enjoy spotting this celeb couple while they’re visiting. And from the looks of it, the Clooneys are just as happy to see their Italian friends.

22 Lovely in London

London looks good on this dapper couple. Amal is a vision in yellow and George looks simply gorgeous. As the London sun shines on this super couple, they bask in the glow of good fortune. It appears they are attending a special event, perhaps the recent royal wedding. While the bride was breathtaking, there’s something about Amal that’s just as extraordinary. She always looks chic and sophisticated, polished and put together. With her husband George by her side, she only gets better. London is a lovely place to visit, and these two seem to be pleased to be there.

21 Attractive in the Afternoon

Amal can simply peer over her shoulder and she looks like a million bucks. That’s what going on multiple vacations can do for a gal. And George surely seems happy to be away for a while. This jet-setting duo is delighting in a splendid afternoon with no cares in the world. The sun is out and they are ready to take on the day. Dressed comfortably yet looking every bit the Hollywood duo, the Clooneys never fail to impress. Whatever the day may bring, these two are ready and able to make every moment count.

20 Boating Beauties

It must be nice to afford the luxury to spend time in such sublime surroundings. This beautiful couple seems to enjoy being out on the water, and the boat that is taking them around must be worth a whole lot of money. No rickety vessels for this charming pair. George is protecting his peepers from the sun with some stylish shades, and Amal uses her wide-brimmed hat to make sure her supple skin doesn’t wrinkle or burn. With beautiful weather and the day to spend together, these two lovebirds are having the time of their lives.

19 Cabo with Cindy

Just when you thought the Clooneys were the best looking couple around, along comes their close friends to challenge their status. Cindy Crawford and her handsome hubby are good pals with the Clooneys and they often vacation together as a fabulous foursome. These four look happy and carefree as they soak up the sun on a lovely vacation. Crawford has traveled the world as a top supermodel, but it must be even more fun to relax with friends without posing for pictures. Seeing these four together must be a treat for fans who happen to be in the same city.

18 Ready to Board

George has his passport in hand and Amal looks like she is ready for adventure as the Clooneys get ready to travel internationally. Wherever they are headed is sure to be special, and they look anxious and excited to get there. Amal’s colorful dress is delightful and George looks casual and cool in his rugged black leather jacket and T-shirt sporting his tequila company’s logo. Surely these two are traveling by private jet or at least have first class tickets on a commercial flight. Coach for these A-listers? Not in a million years or at least ‘till pigs fly.

17 Va Va Voom in Venice

Wowza! If there was any doubt that this duo wasn’t anything short of spectacular, this photo proves just how wonderful they truly are. Dressed to the nines and looking totally in love, the Clooneys are taking their vacation to the next level by looking the part. Lovely in lavender, Amal shines like a star and her famous hubby is as handsome as ever. The crowds must be going wild for this perfect pair, hoping to catch a glimpse of their gorgeousness. Vacationing as the Clooneys do means doing it up and doing it well. It doesn’t get much better than this.

16 Happy and Holding Hands

Spending an afternoon together while on vacation is keeping these lovebirds tuned in to one another. They delicately hold hands by the window, keeping their connection strong and their love on the radar. Maybe it’s time for a cocktail or some coffee as they figure out what their plans are for the evening. As always, they both look terrific, Amal in stylish stripes and George subdued and sophisticated in his designer suit. George’s giant smile shows just how smitten he is with his beautiful wife and she surely feels the same. Jet-setting is just the icing on the cake.

15 Lucky in Love

Amal is looking deep into her lover’s eyes and it shows how much she cares for him. And George is just as enamored with his “better half.” These two are not only lucky to have one another, but are fortunate to be able to travel the world and see things most of us never will. They may be out for a meal or just enjoying one another’s company, but whatever they’re doing, they are doing it with smiles on their faces. Folks thought George would remain a bachelor forever, but by the way, he looks at Amal, it seems he was simply waiting for his fairytale ending.

14 Done with Dining

The Clooneys are leaving the La Tavernetta restaurant after what was sure to be a scrumptious meal. They are dressed in coordination in black and white and look like they are fully enjoying their vacation. Amal looks super modern and fashionable (as always) in her strappy mini dress and tie-up heels. George keeps it classy and casual in a button-down shirt and summery slacks. While it seems to be pitch black outside, perhaps these two are not quite ready to call it a night. The dinner was surely decadent, but there’s always room for a nightcap or a little dancing.

13 Caught Looking Casual

While the Clooneys usually dress more formally, here we see them looking sporty and laid back. Perhaps they were out for a game of tennis or golf while on vacation. They manage to stay in great shape, so being active must be on their agenda regularly, even while away. Getting dolled up and doing elegant things is something these two are familiar with, but they can be down-to-Earth to and get a little sweaty sometimes too. After their active afternoon, they can shower and change into something more stylish for supper. Not that they don’t look great looking more like the rest of us usually do.

12 Sweeties on the Sea

Once again, we see the couple enjoying their time boating. With the waves surrounding them and the sun warming the atmosphere, these two are living the good life. Amal is as pretty as ever, dressed in a floral number that goes well with their outdoor activity. George is keeping it classic in a suit and tie, accessorized by his dark sunglasses to keep the glare out of his eyes. While their boat is small, it seems like a high-end model, polished and pristine. If this is the way the couple gets from point A to point B, they surely have it made. Then again, could you imagine them taking the subway?

11 In Love in Italy

Holding hands and headed out, the Clooneys are ready for another afternoon exploring Italy. Amal never fails to impress us with her fashionable flair, this time in a long sleeveless dress with a high neck and intricate pattern. George keeps it subdued so his wife gets all the attention. Italy seems to be one of their favorite places to visit, and surely the people of Italy enjoy having the A-listers around. Maybe they are heading out for a light lunch or some shopping in the city. They may not have much on their agenda, but with all, there is to do in town, the Clooneys will be sure to make the most of the day.

10 Stylish and Smitten

While on vacation, there’s always an occasion to get all decked out and head out for an exceptional evening. George is looking black tie-ready, and Amal is red hot in her strapless studded dress. As they look into one another’s eyes, it is evident that this couple is madly in love and couldn’t be happier. The people around them may be fixated on this fine couple, but as for George and Amal, nothing can distract them from each other. Have they headed out to a special event or just dinner for two? No matter what’s on the agenda, these two are sure to have a nice night.

9 Hot at the Hotel

As George and Amal leave their hotel, they walk out the door with an air of confidence and coolness. As far as A-listers go, the Clooneys are at the top of the list, always looking like the picture of perfection. They are dressed to impress and seem to be excited for what’s to come. They are lucky to afford the opportunity to travel abroad, do and see special things, and spend time as a couple. It seems like they are headed out for dinner, probably to a five-star spot. And when they return from their evening out, the paparazzi is sure to be waiting to snap their pics once again.

8 Off to the Airport

It’s time to travel once again. Here we catch the Clooneys in the car on their way to the plane. It looks like they are chatting and laughing, getting excited about their vacation yet again. Their bags are packed and the hotel is booked. Where they’re headed, we aren’t sure, but when it comes to where the couple go, only the best of the best will do. Without the twins in tow, this trip can lead to romance and reconnecting. They certainly look happy to be headed somewhere, and they never get tired of taking so many trips. Bon voyage!

7 Looking Good in L.A.

Many of George and Amal’s trips are overseas, but here we see the pair living it up in L.A. Looking California cool and dressed for success, the couple is spending the day closer to the rest of Hollywood’s elite. They stand in front of the Palm restaurant, where they may have just enjoyed a delicious lunch together. Amal looks summery in her pretty dress, strappy shoes, and cool shades as she holds onto her colorful bag. George often seems to go for shades of grey, looking handsome in his suit as always. After lunch, maybe the couple went shopping or had something else on their agenda. It could be that George is in town for filming. Whatever the reason may be for their visit, these two must cause a stir when they’re spotted on the street.

6 Ibiza and Friends

Once again we see the Clooney's with their famous (and fabulous) friends. This fine-looking foursome couldn’t be better, causing a stir when they’re all together. Amal steals the spotlight in her glittery mini dress, shining like a star and showing off her enviable legs. Not that Crawford isn’t equally stunning, but her black dress seems dull in comparison to Amal’s golden goddess vibe. The two men are keeping it low-key in simpler looks, letting the ladies have their moment to be noticed. With their tequila showcased in the background, these couples combine work and play. Cheers to that!

5 Splashing Under the Stars

Boating in the nighttime is such a spectacular way to experience the seas. George and Amal look absolutely stunning, dressed for an evening out and getting there in style. Let’s hope they don’t get splashed and their clothing gets wet, as they look too good to be damp for dinner. Amal could pass for a fashion model with her hair done up and her shoulders bare. Both are dressed in black from head to toe, making us believe they are headed to an elegant black-tie affair. An evening on the ocean is nothing short of outstanding.

4 Pampered Pooches

Not only do the Clooney twins get to travel, but apparently the dogs get to come along too. These adorable canines are not only cute but super lucky to be owned by these A-listers. They must have lots of room to run around, and we bet the Clooneys buy them the tastiest treats and lots of toys. That floppy-eared dog surely loves his poppa, and both furry friends are content as can be. They may not love traveling by air, but when they get to go by private plane, it’s a far better experience than being cooped up in a kennel. These dogs live a finer life than many humans do. Not so ruff at all!