It's a bird, it's a plane, oh wait—it's just a drone.

Drones have really changed the way we look at places since it gives us a completely new perspective. They've become increasingly popular over the last few years and it's really not hard to see why. They're an awesome way to get a different shot you'd have no way of getting otherwise.

When traveling, we see everything from our perspective. But these drones go above and beyond the norm in order to get the most epic aerial shots imaginable.

People are always attracted to seeing things from a unique perspective so it makes sense why drones have taken off as much as they have already (pun intended).

See some of the world's greatest landscapes in a different way. From glacier lagoons in Iceland and sea green lakes in Lebanon to mountain ranges in Norway and tickled pink lakes in South Australia.

The world has so many breathtaking places to experience and admire, both in photographs and in person.

Drone photography is so popular that there's even an Instagram platform completely dedicated to it, appropriately named Dronestagram.

Check out some of the most awe-inspiring landmarks you see on the pages of travel magazines or scrolling through Pinterest from an entirely new vantage point.

Seeing these drone images may just inspire you to travel to places you never even thought to go to before. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore some of the world's greatest destinations.

23 Glacier Lagoon - Iceland

Iceland is easily one of the most prevalent destinations seen on bucket lists. It has such a unique landscape filled with a tremendous amount of natural beauty which is what gives it such mystery and charm.

Explore the country's rushing waterfalls, volcanoes, geysers and if you're lucky enough you could even see the iconic Northern Lights. This Glacier Lagoon seen from above doesn't even look like its real. The iceberg against the green backdrop of water is a breathtaking sight to see. This image is absolutely striking as it gives us a glimpse into a view we wouldn't otherwise get to see.

22 Bai Tu Long Fishing Village - Vietnam

Vietnam has such a rich and vibrant culture with the friendliest of people you will find. This photograph shows how quaint and serene this charming little fishing village in Bai Tu Long is.

The green waters, the rugged rocks surrounding it and the hazy sky all make for an incredible image which is taken to new heights thanks to the drone who captured it. If you haven't traveled to Vietnam yet, you're going to want to after seeing this photo. It's definitely a bucket list destination you don't want to miss out on.

21 Falougha Lakes - Lebanon

Want to feel inspired? Look no further. Travel to Lebanon to experience the most magical Falougha Lakes. The series of blue and green waters make for an epic photograph, especially when shot from above, like this one captured by a drone.

This aerial picture of the Falougha colorful water reserves shows why this place needs to be on your radar. Pictures don't even quite do it justice. There's so much to do in the area, especially if you're a nature lover. Go for a hike or snowshoe to these pristine lakes for a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won't soon forget.

20 Hellbrunn Monatsschlossl - Austria

One of the most enchanting places you can visit in the Fall. The stunning Fall foliage will sweep you right off your feet.

This beautiful shot features a small castle in Hellbrunn surrounded by the beautiful autumn colors of Salzburg. With the vast fields, gorgeous mountains, clear skies and charming architecture tucked in between the trees, this place made for the perfect photograph. You wouldn't be able to capture such a striking image without the use of a drone. Austria is full of breathtaking spots that seem surreal—you should definitely add it to your list ASAP.

19 Cork - Ireland

Discover the luck of the Irish at this whimsical spot you have to see to believe. A drone captured this unique perspective of James Fort, Kinsale, in County Cork.

While you won't find leprechauns here, you will be immersed in the most beautiful nature. With the lush green shrubs, grass and the intricate stonework, this image is absolutely breathtaking. The drone really shows the entire landscape in a whole new way which makes us want to explore it even more.

Cork is just inland from Ireland's stunning southwest coast. It's a place you must experience at least once in your life.

18 Autumn Forest - Lithuania

Fall foliage at its very finest. Thanks to the drone who took this image, we're able to experience what birds look down on. These stunning trees of red, orange, yellow and green show the best of the season.

Autumn in this Lithuania forest is to die for. I mean, just look at it. As you can see there's a winding road driving through these beautiful trees which would make for the most scenic journey imaginable. Lithuania should not be overlooked when plotting new travel destinations, it's absolutely stunning with a lot to offer.

17 El Nido, Palawan - the Philippines

The quaint town of El Nido is just one of the breathtaking places you can see while in The Philippines. It's a small but idyllic destination that will blow your mind with its deep and turquoise blue waters. The island is full of limestone cliffs, beautiful white sand beaches, mangroves and pristine nature.

While here, you should explore Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon and Nacpan Beach—just to name a few. If you're a lover of the outdoors, then this is definitely the place for you. Don't miss out on exploring this spot.

16 Blue Eyed Forest - Sweden

This drone caught one of the most epic shots of a forest and lagoon in Sweden. The lush trees of the forest surrounding the mystical blue waters make for a stunning image.

But trust us, this place is even more magical in real life. Which is why you should probably book a ticket there ASAP. Sweden is known for its thousands of coastal islands, inland lakes, glaciated mountains and vast forests. The Scandinavian nation has something to offer every traveler and is one the most inspiring places to get back to nature.

15 Pink Salt Lakes - South Australia

Yes—this is a real place you can travel to and not just a dream. The pink lakes are an absolutely stunning sight to see, especially if you love the colour pink. If this place isn't on your bucket list now, it has to be. There are actually five pink lakes in southern Australia: Lake MacDonnell, Lake Bumbunga, Lake Eyre, Lake Hart and Lake Albert.

Visit one of them or visit them all. One thing is for sure, you will be tickled pink. It also just may be the perfect place to capture the best Instagram photo for your feed.

14 Guillamene Swimming Cove - Ireland

Here's another gorgeous drone image that captured a popular public bath in Ireland. The amazing rugged rock face mixed with the blue-green waters make for a stunning sight to see.

The swimming cove is just one of the awesome things you can do and see in Ireland. For more things to check out, visit the Burren, the Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, Blarney Stone, Dublin Castle, Kylemore Abbey and the Skellig Islands.

Ireland is full of welcoming people, medieval castles and vast landscapes that will definitely take your breath away.

13 Mt Stetinden - Norway

This amazing drone shot was taken at noon just north of the polar circle in the incredible Norwegian light on a grueling hike to Mt Stetinden.

Visit the Nordic country for a truly memorable experience that will give you memories for a lifetime and hopefully some great pictures. Stetinden is Norway's national mountain and is an awesome place to capture some great shots on a hike of epic proportions. Outdoor enthusiasts from across the globe will flock here for some relaxing time in nature breathing in that fresh mountain air that can't be beaten.

12 The Sky Of Russia Festival - Russia

What better way to capture a hot air balloon festival than by having a drone soar high above.

This is one of Russia's most sought-after events and is worth checking out. Seeing multiple hot air balloons fill the sky is a truly magical experience whether you're in a balloon yourself or just a spectator down below. Soak up the beautiful sights this incredible event has to offer in the gorgeous country of Russia. One thing is for sure, you will have incredible photos to share of your amazing travels. What are you waiting for? Get exploring!

11 Chapel - Romania

Visit Romania for an incredible trip of a lifetime. This is definitely a spot that needs to be on your bucket list with so many places to discover. The southeastern European country is known especially for its medieval towns, fortified churches, impressive castles and much more.

A drone was able to capture this gorgeous landscape photo of clear skies, mountains, vast fields, and a charming little church. It looks like such a quaint, calm and peaceful spot to spend some time during your travels so start plotting a trip here soon. Once you go here you'll want to keep coming back.

10 Rushing Waterfall - Iceland

Another drone shot from the serene and magical Iceland, this image definitely does not disappoint. With the rugged rock face and rushing waters, it's easy to see why this image is so powerful.

Iceland has so many beautiful landscapes to explore and photograph. It's full of natural wonders like geysers, volcanoes, glaciers and waterfalls. If you love hiking and being outdoors, this is definitely the destination for you. This is also one of the best places in the world to take images with drones because there are so many vast landscapes to capture.

9 Transa Outdoor Festival - Switzerland

A breathtaking scene that looks more like a painting than a photograph. With the stunning colours of the Fall leaves surrounding the aqua blue waters—it's a little slice of heaven.

The drone image shows a stand-up paddle boarding workshop at the Transa Outdoor Festival in Switzerland. The water is so clear you can see the rocks underneath for a truly mesmerizing experience. Switzerland has more places to explore than just skiing the Alps and this photo proves it. Fall is a great time to explore Switzerland if you're thinking of when to plan a trip there. But really, any time of the year here is magnificent.

8 Sveti Stefan Hotel, Montenegro

This drone gives us a birds-eye perspective of the popular Aman Sveti Stefan luxury resort in Montenegro.

The resort is situated right on the water, making it a unique and truly memorable experience. The deep blue waters and the stunning architecture of the resort are hard to beat. Montenegro has so many things to do and see with its rugged mountains, medieval villages and a strip of beaches nestled along its Adriatic coastline. If you're looking for a magical vacation that is unlike any other place you've been then this is the spot for you.

7 Winding Road - Southern Poland

This image is so picturesque, it looks like it should be on a postcard. A drone captured this serene image of snow-capped trees and mist encompassing a very windy road in Southern Poland.

The Eastern European country is best known for its heritage and medieval architecture, which will make your jaw drop. Visit the capital city of Warsaw for its incredible shopping and nightlife.

The underrated country of Poland has a lot to offer tourists no matter the time of year so you should definitely plan a trip here as soon as you can.

6 Rodeando el río, Spain

Spain has got to be on everyone's bucket list. It's full of history and some of the most stunning architecture you will ever find in the world.

When in Spain, there are so many incredible spots to explore. You should definitely visit Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, and Seville—just to name a few. This drone shot really captures the unique landscape and proves why Spain is such an amazing spot to travel to.

5 St Michael’s - United Kingdom

This photo is so beautiful it looks like it's a scene from a popular rom-com. The drone captured the perfect perspective showing a little bit of everything that makes this landscape so awe-inspiring.

The pink and blue in the sky, the serene waters, lush trees and of course—the incredible architecture of a medieval castle. This gem is St. Michael's Mount, a quaint tidal island in Mount's Bay in Cornwall, England. The UK is a charming and historic place to travel to and if you're in the area you should definitely explore Cornwall because it has a lot to offer.

4 Leucate Beach, France

There are a lot more things to do and see in France than the Eiffel Tower, art galleries, cafes and museums (although all of those are awesome reasons to go to France).

For example, this place. Leucate Beach is a stunning spot nestled in the south of France. It lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the lagoon Étang de Leucate. The result is amazing with a strip of land in between the two bodies of water. Because of its unique landscape, a drone is the perfect tool to help capture the image and show how incredible it really is.