There comes a time in everyone's life when the need to travel is no longer a desire, but an absolute must. The need and want to taste new foods, learn new languages and skills, meet new people and explore new beaches. When it comes time to booking a fun-in-the-sun vacation, the destination is usually based on how gorgeous their beach is. Is the beach crowded? Is it riddled with litter? Is it mandatory to wear a bathing suit or can you show off your birthday suit?

That's why it comes as no surprise to find some of these countries and beaches on the list, and it will come as a surprise to find certain countries on this list as well. Whatever the country, whatever the reason, pack your bag and load it up with your favorite bikinis and tankinis, your sunscreen and tanning lotions. Don't forget to pack your oversized straw hat to protect your eyes from the hot sun, and bring your multiple water tumblers, because these can be filled with either water, breakfast smoothies or even some cocktails (it's 5 o'clock somewhere!) and enjoy your time away from home.

24 Aitutaki, Cook Islands - It's Time To Pack Your Bags

The Aitutaki beach is one of the most secretive beaches around. Have you ever heard of it? Exactly. This is due to the sweet factor that Aitutaki beach is located on the private island of the Aitutaki lagoon, in the Cook Islands. Similarly to this unique beach, Cook Islands is a place that people haven't heard of either, but let's break the notion and mention that the Cook Islands is in the Oceania part of the world - nearby the French Polynesian islands (think Moana meets a private island.)

"Wow!!!! This resort is perched right on the edge of the most breathtaking lagoon I have ever laid eyes on! Every year we travel to a different tropical island and this is the only one we want to come back to. There is cheaper & more expensive, but none more beautiful." - Chris, Aitutaki Private Island

Vacationers can book a romantic stay at a cozy and quaint beachside bungalow. While there are some more simple rooms, there are others that will take your breath away. However, travelers will want to book their rooms early, as the bungalow and resort on the Aitutaki Lagoon is the only resort on the island at all.

Here's a fun fact about the Aitutaki Lagoon, they actually invented the color blue! The exact shade of blue is the "Ode to Blue," so grab that box of Crayola crayons and try to find the one that matches this description.

23 Beef Island, British Virgin Islands - Make Sure That Camera's Charged!

Before Hurricane Irma occurred, Beef Island was a hot spot for business deals and business ventures. Back in December, the first cruise ship to bring vacationers and business deals finally made an appearance to the island, and the locals are totally thrilled about it. Above the cruise lines, they are also bringing over a yacht to entertain the wildest of vacationers.

And, while you may be traveling to the British Virgin Islands for fun in the sun, the locals are there to welcome you with open arms as they could definitely use the economic boost. So while you're there, book the yacht experience (how many times are you going to go on a yacht, let's be honest) and order that fifth margarita (who cares, you're on vacation), and above all, don't forget to tip those who have helped you throughout your stay.

"We also saw two kinds of baby sharks, fascinating jellyfish, and held white sea urchins. It's a unique experience and highly recommended. Take bug spray - apparently, it's not normally needed but it was the day we went out." - MadEnglishmanAbroad, Trip Advisor.

Best of all, if you're looking for thrill-seeking adventure, then look no further because Beef Island has some of the most amazing windsurfing, kitesurfing and catching the British Virgin Islands' waves on a mega surfboard. These excursions are some of the cheapest you'll find around. For example, $6 will get you an hour of kitesurfing, compared to Norwegian cruise lines where they charge $142 per person (as per So, while you may think it's not worth dishing out the extra change, just remember that to you, it's pennies that can create a lifetime of memories.

22 Nassau, Bahamas - The Thrill Of The Jetski Awaits

There are many reasons to travel to the Bahamas, from the locals to the gorgeous accents, the music, the beaches... my oh my I have some severe Bahamian fever right now. As a Bahamian native, and one that has sailed the many sails to the gorgeous island, I can vouch that traveling to the Bahamas is definitely worth the adventure and weeks off at work. It's close enough that you won't feel like you've crossed over many oceans or face some major jetlag that forces you to miss out on days of fun-filled sun times.

Ever heard of the swimming pigs? The Bahamas has them for you. Crispy (or grilled, whatever floats your boat) chicken and fresh seafood. Let's not forget intertwining the two and making some delicious crispy crab cakes (oh my... crab cakes.) Besides the food, the waters offer lots of fun activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling through the coral reef system which is AMAZING. 

"[We] Did this on my second trip to Atlantis. The first time I booked a snorkel trip through Atlantis and it was not nearly as good as this one. We went to three sites, got to see the island where Johnny Depp was stranded. Another spot where a Scooby-Doo movie was filmed. Saw lots of fish and even swam with sharks at the third site." - Dennise F., Trip Advisor.

But, most importantly, the Bahamas is home to the traditional summer party, the motherload of all Caribbean events - Carrifiesta. If you've never heard of Carrifiesta (also known as Jump Up or Carnival,) this is the most anticipated party of the year. The locals dress up in masks (full costume) and they grind and shake to the best Caribbean music of the year. Most large cities and towns will celebrate this event, like Montreal or Toronto. However, it's always best to celebrate the root of the source, the motherland, the Bahamas.

21 Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa - It's Not Just About The Jungle

Nature lovers rejoice! Though Africa offers lots of great attractions to sightsee, Africa offers more love and happiness in their natural habitat. Yes, dear readers, the locals do have gorgeous cities and lodging (some traditional and some hella-big mansions), but what the country has to offer in terms of scenery and greenery will blow your mind.

"This beach looks like smaller version of Copacabana! It is clean and pleasant to stay! It is surrounded by private houses and mountain behind so it has an amazing view! There are no restaurants nor public toilets!" - Eat-Pray-Love-7, Trip Advisor

Let's begin this e-trip with a discussion about the jungles and the animals that roam them. The trees crackle from large elephant herds stomping through, the water is sipped on by trail-blazing gazelles, and the tree branches are swung on by families of monkeys. The oceans are homes to large Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales (lions aren't the only large animals you'll be able to see.)

Alongside some of the largest mammals, the deep blue sea has to offer, houses Great White Sharks. Though stories say Great White sharks are man-eating fish, this is often times not the case. In fact, a studied showed that you have a great chance of being involved in a plane crash than being eating alive by a shark. Simply know when peak season is for these sharks to venture off to and mate or when they get closer to shore to eat, and you'll be dandy! Conversely, ocean and jungle animals are not the only ones to roam Africa. You'll also be able to find a beach riddled with penguins.

But, if you're a tree hugger who wants to visit Africa for the greens, then finding an abundance of gardens and hiking trails will be easy. The Garden Route stretches 300 meters of landscapes with a gorgeous bridge (don't forget the view!) to help you cross over to the other side. Though you may be an experienced traveler looking for adventure, going on a guided tour may be your best and safest bet. Best of all, if you're going to travel to Africa, don't forget to visit the vast wineries. It's true that Africa makes some delicious wines!

20 Captiva Island, Florida - Bet You're A Little Surprised That This Made The List

Leave the cellphones behind and travel to Captiva Island. This Florida island has many side islands that have never been touched by skyscrapers, pollution or people for that matter. This tropical island is the perfect destination to capture the beauty of palm trees and seashells. In fact, the Captiva Island is home to some of the most original and unique seashells, where travelers from near and far come to collect for their leisure purposes. The white sandy beach is considered to be an "international shelling destination," according to Odyssey.

"Southwest Florida has some of the really nice beaches. Captiva beaches are some of my favorite beaches. Waves from the Gulf of Mexico, soft sand between your toes, lots of nice shells, and at the end of the day a beautiful sunset." - ShoreProud, Trip Advisor

Whether you're a local trying to get some dinner, or a traveler trying to bring some dinner back to the resort (that, of course, has a kitchenette) Captiva Island offers the greatest fishing experience a fisherman could ask for. Seeing as though it is considered to be a tropical island, even though it's in Florida, many of the ocean's tropical friends will make their way through Captiva Island to get to their point B direction. So, pull up those rubber fishing pants and grab that Tilley's hat, don't forget your fishing permit and sunscreen, and enjoy the silence of Captiva. Remember up above when I mentioned leaving your cell phone behind? That's because Captiva Island has poor phone reception, making it ideal for travelers who want to fish in silence or vacation without any interruptions.

19 Cayos Cochinos, Islas De La Bahia, Honduras - Live Like The Locals

Talk about a quiet beach, Cayos Cochinos is home to only 100 people! Even though this destination isn't bursting with ample amount of people, this does allow for travelers and locals alike to snorkel and scuba dive in the big blue sea. The reef system is one of the most gorgeous scenes to look at since it has rarely been touched or looked at, by the lack of party life that's happening.

Adventuring off into the island will allow you to get a glimpse into the world of how locals go about their day-to-day lives. The Honduran people are all the more willing to help you and guide you through their homeland, as new people are considered a treat. For the more adventurous backpacker, being able to travel the world and live the way the people do is the infinite dream, is it not?

So, before you backpack across Honduras, especially to this underpopulated land, try visiting there first or connecting with a local on a social media platform. This way, you will be able to ask them if it's okay to stay with them, learn how the live and how it's different from your everyday life. This is also the perfect time to excuse to try real local cuisines. Do you really think a city with 100 people will have a McDonalds with a special menu for Honduras? So take chances, learn the way they live and learn how to master their skills.

But, that's just when we're talking about those who have months and months to spend. If you're like me and you're probably only going for a week, maybe two, then snorkeling in this undisturbed sanctuary is truly a blessing in disguise. Considering the fact that not many people go there, let alone large polluting cruise ships, their salt water life and sea creatures live mostly in their natural habitat (mostly, thanks global warming).

18 Destin, Florida - The Perfect Getaway Destination

Florida, home of the American tropics, large attractions (face it, Americans know how to make a couple bucks), Disney World and the craziest Spring Break parties of the year. Though Florida is already a hot spot on its own, the beaches are what drive the tourists across the Florida coast. If you're traveling with children or teenagers, you're probably going to Orlando. If you're traveling with a couple of gal pals, or dudes for a stag, or maybe just a weekend to party and get away, then you're probably flying straight to Miami. But, if you're looking for a quieter experience (while still pretty busy) with the most beautiful beaches in all of Florida and the most amount of excursions, then you've probably booked a vacation to Destin, Florida.

Destin has a few beaches to explore, but Destin Beach is the way to go. This beach has an animal friendly section (though, you'll definitely want to make sure you're wearing trousers, John, we see you in your birthday suit.) Which leads me to my next aspect of the beach, a part of this beach (way down on the other end) is a nude beach. I mean, I can see the attraction for a nude beach, but my only reason for going would be so I won't get any tan lines.

Above all, this beach faces the Atlantic ocean, which is home to warm blooded animals, like Dolphins. This is also considered an attraction, if you're willing to take the leap and swim with one of the ocean's smartest and kindest creatures. While some of the travelers reading this section may consider swimming with the dolphins to be cruel, there are others who are totally up for the once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, if you watch Animal Planet some time, you'll know that dolphins truly do love the human contact experience, just as much.

"This tour was so fun! The captain made the boat ride so fun and the weather was absolutely beautiful! We saw several dolphins swimming in pairs and a few stragglers! We even got to see a few small sharks! I highly recommend this tour ! It also gives you a glimpse of crab island!" Dennise S., Trip Advisor

17 Peninsula Papagayo - Live Life In The Beautiful Solar-Powered Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been in the headlines lately for being able to survive on 300 days of solar power to power the entire island. Incredible, isn't it? That's why it comes as no surprise to be able to find an eco friendly resort, which is rarely seen in buildings, let alone hotels. But the Four Season, in the Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica, has much more to its attraction than just the eco friendly living.

Tying the knot in 2019? The Four Season Resort houses one of the quietest and cleanest beaches in Costa Rica. Though, CR is already in clean and gorgeous in itself, the reason this beach is perfect will blow your mind. The Four Seasons actually gets fresh meats and produce delivered daily. It's not like some other restaurants or hotels that will buy in bulk and store in the fridge or freezer until it is needed. Instead, farm fresh chicken, beef, pork, and even fish (no, fish don't come from farms,) will be delivered that same morning. Take a look down at your seasoned chicken and veggie filled breakfast burrito, it's totally taste different, right?

After your 5th Pina colada of the morning (it's 5 pm somewhere!) get your feet out of the sand and head on over to a jungle safari. This safari will include attractions like monkey watching. That's right, you get to take out those binoculars you promised your wife you'd wear to Mexico all those years ago, but instead of watching birds, you can watch monkeys swing feet above your head, from tree to tree. When you're done that, relax in the beaches of Costa Rica to cool off and unwind. The evenings are chillier, leaving just enough refreshing ocean mists to quench that sun heat.

"This place should be on everyone's bucket list.... This place is a living monument to Pura Vita " pure life" . This place is where optimism...happiness.. a sense of wellbeing

Exists on so many levels. Spectacular views...warm ocean water...sensual breezes...smiling faces...honest eyes and childlike discovery.  The food is magical, the service is royal and like it or not the abundant wildlife joins in. Everyone including the guests are all in the zoo is pura vita. Treat yourself. You won't be sorry." Nancy M., Trip Advisor

16 Hulalai, Hawaii - Fall In Love With Incredible Sunsets

There are many island to discover in Hawaii, but one that should be on everybody's bucket list is on the North Kona Coast, located on the larger Hawaiian island. The homes and hotels are on this island are treated to a panoramic view of the ocean front's sandy white beaches and crystal blue waters. Of course, we can't forget to mention that they also have large green leafy palm trees. Heck, I've sold myself this trip already.

Considering you're on one of the most popular travel destinations in the tropical islands, it comes as no surprise to know that there are countless different ocean excursions one could do. For example, if you wanted to ever learn how to surf and catch the waves alongside schools of dolphins, that's a possibility. Are you super adventurous and always wanted to be face to face with a large great white shark, then consider cage diving (just don't watch 47 Meters Down first.)

Then, there are other land excursions or at least shoreline, like snorkeling or scuba diving. Did you know that Hawaii was the first island to stop exporting yellow tangs and many other salt water fish? This means if you were to scuba or snorkel, you wouldn't have to swim through fisherman and boats of different countries. Instead, you'd be welcomed to the most gorgeous school of yellow tangs and tangs of different names, and even Manta Rays, and watch how they live through their natural untouched inhabitant. Once you're over being mesmerized (if there's such a thing), walk up the white sandy beach and let the Hawaiian salty air kiss your beach hair.

"Make this visit a must when traveling to the region: bring a chair and water: the view is incredible. Best to go in the morning or late afternoon." Pat G., Trip Advisor

15 Kuda Huraa, Maldives - Give The Four Seasons A 5 Star

Let's start this entry with the most wonderful reason to visit the Four Seasons in Kuda Huraa, the Maldives, which is something that has not been said on this list yet. FEEDING BABY TURTLES. I'll let everyone stop their fangirl screams and ooh's and aah's about feeding baby turtles, but at the Four Seasons in the Maldives this is a possibility for you to be able to achieve a dream.

Another reason to make this vacation a complete dream come true is to be able to ride the waters of the Maldives in a catamaran. A catamaran is a boat, in some countries they are more like yachts, and in other countries they look more like long kayaks that can seat a couple dozen people. However, at the Four Seasons in Kuda Huraa, these catamarans are more like traveling excursions, where they do seat about 10 people but also hold fishing equipment.

But, above all, we need to mention that there is also a swim up grill. This is called the Kandu Grill Restaurant and it offers access from the pool side, beach side and resort side of this trip. So take a swim, see the fish, and eat local and fresh food that is, literally, from the beach you're swimming in. Get those perfect grill marks with your perfect tan, and enjoy the freshest foods on Kuda Huraa beach. Best of all, why not take a private jet to this gorgeous island, because that's a thing and it's an affordable thing too!

"The food on KH was excellent. We were treated to some of the most beautiful tables you can imagine while at KH including twice on an elevated platform over the waves of the ocean at the main restaurant." PJA09, Trip Advisor.

14 Frente Al PUNTO Beach Club - It's Time To Say "I Do"

The gorgeous beach is located on a club beach front, where it's time to party ALL the time. This gorgeous Mexican beach offers a nostalgic vibe and has been considered one of the best beaches to the knot on. This beach also gives travelers and honeymooners alike access to the internet (those Instagram followers will start to worry where you've been), bar, grills to BBQ on, and lots of floor space to get your grove on.

But, while the beach may be offered with the basic necessities (even though they're off the chain), the genius owners of this beach also offer some interesting factors. For example, there may be some spring breaker who may or may not have had too much to drink, or you're just intrigued by the circus, there are hanging ribbons to practice your inner Cirque du Soleil enthusiast.

In addition to showing your flexibility to the world, hanging from tall palm trees, you can also enjoy the opportunity to swing for the trees. Though this is not a traditional park swing, these colorful hammocks can be found throughout the beaches of Frente Al Punto.

"The grounds are lovely, the bathrooms spic & span, the beach is relatively quiet...a few vendors, but not nearly as bad as the main beach. We’ve spent five absolutely relaxing wonderful afternoons here & will likely go one more on our last day tomorrow. Highly recommend!" Vicki L., Trip Advisor

13 Gili Trawangan, Indonesia - Escape Into A World Of Your Own

The Gili Islands is not a place that many know about, but it is definitely a spot that should be visited. Seeing as though it is not widely known or explored, the airfare and hotel rooms are inexpensive and highly flexible. The Gili Islands can be found in the heart of Indonesia, which also houses multiple beaches dotted along the Indian ocean. Bali is a hop, skip and a step away from the Gili Islands, and we all know how breathtaking Bali is.

Travel-goers are offered varied ocean excursions and a gorgeous view. As one would expect, an Indonesian beach is considered a luxury to travelers. They are kissed by the tropical sun, are covered with perfect sand, have exceptional salt water fish inhabitants to be able to photograph and witness, and the locals and their culture are something that makes you want to pack your bag and officially move there. Could you imagine quitting your job and running an ice cream shop on the beach of the Gili Islands.

Cruise the ocean with fast boat (which is really like a jet ski but for a larger crowd). Or, one could travel through horse drawn carriage or even by cycling through the beach. With these modes of transport, travelers can find themselves at the Turtle Conservation.

"Such a peaceful and cruisy activity and would be fantastic for showing little people what's under the sea. The kayak was in excellent condition and the owner really helpful and friendly." Heather J., Trip Advisor

12 Veligandu Island Beach, Maldives - Simply Put, Welcome To Paradise

Welcome to Veligandu Island, a resort sporting the same name and surrounded by a clear turquoise lagoon. The Veligandu Island resort and spa is home one of the Maldives best spas. Their philosophy's and life mission is to nurture the body and clear the mind.

Whether you're traveling to the Maldives to celebrate a new engagement or marriage, a relaxing weekend away or just because you had some time off and wanted to pleasure yourself, this adventure will truly give you all the relaxation that one needs.

Of course, the trip wouldn't be complete without being able to snorkel through the incredible reef system, or scuba dive to a different level below the sea. But, what may be the most breathtaking piece to this entire island is really the people, and their rich and vibrant cultures, their authentic language and beliefs in spirituality. The locals are more than excited for foreign visitors to make their grand appearance into their village. The Maldives is a very bright and colorful region, where everything from their food to garments, schools and homes, beaches and religious symbols are filled with stunning pinks, blues, greens, yellows, various shades of reds and even purples.

Otherwise, for all those seeking adventure and new excursions that they cannot find elsewhere, being able to go deep-sea fishing, grab a picnic on the beach and even filming some Instagram live stories by plane, are all things that travelers can do to pass the tropical time.

"From the minute I stepped off the seaplane I knew I had arrived at a truly special place. The island was spotless and the staff amazing. Stepping into the sea straight from the water villa was such a treat. Morning coffee with the fish - never going to get a better coffee break." Kirsty H., Trip Advisor

11 Malibu, California - You Might Just Catch Some Celebs

Welcome to Malibu, home to celeb beachfront homes and star-studded beaches. Yes, celebs are everywhere and they are easily to spot. Although I cannot promise you that you'll be able to see Kim Kardashian, I can promise you a stunning view of the warmest sun and the breathtaking Pacific ocean and their mega mansions.

For those travelers that are deciding to stay local, Malibu is a spot that will definitely make those vacation feels come true, while being able to stay in American currency and being only a few hours away from home (fly or drive). Though you may be so close, Malibu has excursions that are quite not like other states or cities. For example, you may choose to park your umbrella by the beach and call it a day, being completely content under the sun. But, you may also choose to go to Malibu's wine county, tasting the different fermented grapes that have turned into wine. There many be other vacationers who may catch the waves on their brand new surfboard that they've been promising to use since the day they bought it, back in 1987, to strap up their hiking shoes and go on an adventure hike through Santa Monica's Mountain National Park. Whatever your preference, make it count.

"Our tour guide was great, not only did he show us celebrity homes but he also gave us lots of celebrity and LA info. Beautiful drive from Santa Monica to Malibu, also drives along Malibu Dr. then stops at the beach there. This is definitely the celebrity home tour to do as I heard the Beverly Hills Home tour, you don't get to really see the houses". FP7020., Trip Advisor

10 Stone Island, Mazatlán, Mexico - An Authentic Village Feel

Take a look on the map and try to find Mazatlán, where would you initially look? My first guess would be to look through the Greek islands, Spain or maybe I would even go so far as to look through Jerusalem. But, unfortunately these guesses would be wrong as Mazatlán is actually in the Sinaloa town of Mexico. While you're there, make sure to check out Stone Island Beach and Old Town.

There is an array of different adventures to take and explore in the city of Mazatlán. As an old town, the current generation has found a way to keep this authentic village alive by preserving the language, the culture and the heritage in take. However, today's generation has added some spice of life to their homeland. While you sit on the beach of Stone Island, don't just on the beach, but zip line from one side to another. Or, maybe you'd prefer to go even faster and drive through the beaches of Mexico on an ATV. These are all possibilities that can make a trip worth a thousand words.

But, this is also a great experience and reason to get away for some of our older crowds. Granny is welcomed to go bird seeing or sight see the Monumento Mujer Mazatlán. The Monumention Mujer is a bronze sculpture that dates back to the Paseo times. Those who get to sight see this gorgeous attraction also are awarded with the most iconic view of the ocean, clear from islands, boats, and even birds. It's just you, the monument and the ocean.

"We had a great time on our zipline tour. Everyone was very friendly. We bought a beautiful ring in a very primitive village where we stopped for freshly made tortillas." Brenda T., Trip Advisor

9 Miami Beach, Florida - That Was Sort Of An Obvious One, Hey?

Miami beach, home of the spring breakers, the nightlife, the attractions, the hot sun and the gorgeous beaches. For our raw eating vacationers, they'd be lucky to travel to Miami Beach in June, where it's the annual watermelon competition by the beach. Otherwise, if you're not a watermelon eater, than traveling to Miami Beach on any given month is completely fine, because they have something going on every month and every week of the summer (which for Miami Beach, summer is every single month).

Visiting Coconut Grove and the many large yachts docked by the shallow end. If you're an envious type, this may not be the spot for you. The yachts are fairly large in size, I mean the types of yachts that have four bedrooms, maybe even two or three bathrooms, a large ensuite, full size kitchen (and I mean one that even Gordon Ramsay would go gaga over!)

Otherwise, visiting the Coconut Grove may be good for a relaxing and quiet picnic by the shoreline, and sight seeing large boats that you will never be able to afford. Another "must" spot is the growing trend of murals around the city. Tall buildings, floors on floor high, are covered with brightly covered paints that street artists from around the city have come together to paint their artistic dreams onto large buildings, instead of small canvases.

Foodies rejoice! Because Little Havana is popping in street food, trendy pubs with food that makes any picky eater want to try a buffet of foods. There is even a market guided tour, where travelers walk through the different restaurants and outdoor markets that Little Havana has to offer, sampling breads, oils, chicken skewers, and fresh fruits and veggies, and of course, the best wines.

"This tour is a 'must do' when visiting Miami/Little Havana area. There is so much interesting information shared on this culinary tour, the guide was friendly, and there is LOTS of food sampled along the way so make sure you come hungry." Annemarie E., Trip Advisor

8 Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka - It's Worth It Journey To Get There, We Promise

Welcome to Paradise, folks. And I mean, real undisturbed paradise. If you are thinking about traveling to Sri Lanka and aren't quite sure where to stay, than the Mirissa Beach is the tiny piece of treasure that many don't know of, and that all would be green of jealousy if you went. However, getting to this secret location is nothing short of easy, where it takes only two easy bus rides to get to.

While you sit on the beach with your coconut drink and tiny pink umbrella, look up at the sky. There are certain spots on the beach where you'll look up and you'll see nothing but clear blue skies. On the flip side, there are other spots where you'll be able look up and watch monkeys sitting in trees, eating mangos directly from the source.

The beach is super clean, one of the cleanest on this entire list. And the waves are large when needed and low for the perfect swim and the perfect excuse to take out that inflatable swan that all instagrammers are using today.

Above all, because after a few drinks we all need to satisfy the urge of food, the beach have different tents set up in place to be able to give you the freshest and most perfect grilled food that the entire Mirissa Beach has to offer. Though the food may be cheaper in the actual restaurant, for a couple extra bucks you won't have to leave your towel and umbrella, and continue to eat and tan like the cool people do.

"A large Lion beer on the beach is under $2, a few cents more buys you a cocktail during the evening happy hour. Chef’s pina colada and my mojito were both excellent. If you eat on the beach prices are relatively high. A tuna steak, chips and salad set us back just under $5, fish curry and rice $3, fried squid rice and salad $4." World Travel Family, travel blog.

7 Playa Viva, Mexico - Time To Get Those Zen Levels Up

Namaste to you all. Playa Viva offers an exclusive yoga retreat that takes place a couple times a year. Those who are looking for a retreat, whether in a group or to refresh themselves, they can be welcomed by the beach along with their yoga mats. Travelers can also be offered an exclusive access to their garden-to-plate services that retreaters can pick their own veggies where they'll be shared amongst the others for breakfast, lunch and suppers.

Most importantly, the Playa Viva resort offers high bamboo huts that are fully equipped with a small bathroom, luxurious beds and an open wall that gives you the perfect view of, both, the beach and the sunrise (or sunset, depending when you're looking).

Lastly, this resort also gives travelers a chance to meditate and breathe in Mexico's freshest and crispest air, in order to be able to get the best self discovery of the year.

"I left my heart and soul in Playa least that is what it feels like. WOW!!!! From the seamless transport to this magical location, the delicious basil margaritas, the food, the beach, the amazing staff, the turtles and the bioluminescence. I think I could write a whole book on things to love about Playa Viva." ElaineMarieShannon, Trip Advisor

6 Stingray City, Grand Cayman, Caribbean Islands - You Guessed It... Swim With The Stingrays!

What better destination to travel to than to a city that is literally called Stingray City. The reason behind this super cool city name is the fact that, at any given time, travelers and locals alike are entertained at the sights of large sting rays who come to feast or mate, but ultimately, they live and swim by the shoreline.

At Stringray City, vacationers are welcomed to grab a jet ski and jet off to the deeper ends of the ocean, but not too far away that lifeguards can't see you. Let's all take a moment to remember that this is Mexican waters, which are also home to some of the largest (and some of the friendliest) sharks.

A little further down the beach and you'll be welcomed to Turtle Farm, one of the largest turtle sanctuaries and inhabitants this world has to offer. Large sea turtles come to lay their eggs during mating season and continue on their merry way until they are ready to hatch. However, we do have to make sure that we make one thing clear to ALL tourists (and some locals who need a constant reminder.) JUST because the sea turtles are close to you and you are on vacation, remember to take pictures from afar. Sea turtles are endangered and very fragile, so keep your distance and enjoy life's creatures from a distance as well.

"This was so much fun. The stingrays are so plentiful. The Starfish were beautiful. Loved every minute of this tour. Thanks for a great ride. Would highly recommend this tour." Dolphin10, Trip Advisor

5 Seaside Town, Florida - Yeah, It's Seaside, But It's Also Wine-Side!

It comes as no surprise to me, nor our readers, to find that Florida has made this list a couple times. Though, we have explored Miami and Destin, we have not ventured off to the most underrated town in Florida, Seaside Town. Travelers will be able to find that each house and building, in Seaside, is actually a different pastel color, which perfectly brightens up the town (as if Florida needed any more color with all that sun). In contrast to the many different colors, each home also sports a white picket fence and/or a white balcony.

Although Seaside has its many beaches and excursions, one of the excursions that can be a welcoming break from all the sun and sand is to venture off to the wine country. Large vineyards of lush grape bushes and a zone designated for fermentation can be explored and tasted by everyone (of course, tourists have to remember that the legal age in the United States in 21.)

Otherwise, kick your sandals off and plunge your toes into the white, hot sand. This is the perfect location to get the perfect tan, and seeing as though you're in the United States, it makes total sense to be able to untie that bikini top and get a full back tan (with no string tan lines!)

"Wonderful white sands and typically calmer waves in the gulf. Seaside neighborhoods are worth a bike ride or walk through. Cute little place and not overly commercialized like PCB or Destin." Tonya T., Trip Advisor