Coupons are fantastic for budget shoppers. It helps you justify making lots of purchases that you don't need and makes the necessities more affordable. As a budget shopper, you probably spend a lot of time looking for coupons for your favorite stores and products.

But when it comes to travel, coupons are few and far between. This is particularly true for flights, which is often the most expensive aspect of traveling. There is no coupon website where you can find discounts on your favorite airlines, unfortunately.

That being said, there are still ways to save money on flights. The savvy traveler has a few key websites bookmarked for budget travel, including websites that help you save money on flights.

These websites don't offer coupons per se, but they still help you find the most affordable option for your travel dates and destinations. You can also compare and contrast flight option on multiple websites to make sure you've covered all your options.

If you fly often and are tired of paying top dollar, add these websites to your list.

22 22. Priceline - A Familiar Name in Cheap Airfare

Priceline is your typical travel agent website that allows you to book a complete vacation, including airfare, hotels, and transportation.

Priceline wasn't designed to be a budget flight finder, but it can be if you know how to use it. Using filters, you can ask the site to search only the most affordable flights. You can also search by dates to find more affordable departure days.

You're probably pretty familiar with this tool, and it earns its popularity. It has a great price match guarantee and free cancellation within 24 hours of booking.

21 21. Jetblue - An Airline with Great Prices

Unlike many websites on this list, JetBlue is an airline. It's worthy of this list, however, because it's one of the most affordable airlines on the market. You can find excellent prices on both domestic and international flights, and their fares aren't always listed on an online travel agent or cheap flight deal websites.

JetBlue isn't always available in your area, however. Because it's a smaller airline, some airports don't service JetBlue, so you won't always be able to find the cheapest flights from your preferred airport.

20 20. Kayak - An Effortless Comparison Tool

The only way to truly know you're getting a great deal on flights is to compare it with other prices. You could open several different tabs and manually check airline websites for prices, or you could let Kayak do it for you.

Kayak uses artificial intelligence bots to search multiple deal websites to help you find the best deals on flights. You can choose which websites you want to search and see a side-by-side comparison. It requires very little effort on your part and helps you find the best flights every time.

19 19. - Search Flexible Dates and Save

Although not as well known as some of the other major flight websites, Cheapair boasts some of the most affordable prices on flights across the web. It specifically targets budget airlines so that you see affordable results.

It also has a "flexible dates" setting. When engaged, it will bring up a calendar view to show you the most affordable days to fly based on your destination and the time of year. If you're not nailed down to a specific itinerary, this is an excellent way to save money.

18 18. Hopper - Advises You When to Buy

Hopper not only searches budget flights and lets you compare your options, but it also tracks flight prices in real time. It will notify you via email or text when you should buy based on market trends.

It's perfect if you know ahead of time that you're going to be traveling somewhere. You can engage the "Watch" feature, which requires no account and will notify you when you should buy to get the best price.

The interface is easy to use, showing you a color-coded calendar to help you select the most affordable price.

17 17. Google Flights - Easily Searchable

Accessing Google Flights is as simple as entering your starting and ending destination into the Google search bar. The search results will show average prices for that destination based on the time of year you're searching in, and then you can select your dates with the calendar feature.

As you scroll through the calendar, you can see if there are cheaper dates than the one you selected. You can also filter by price, the number of stops, airlines, time of day, and other criteria.

Google Flights will also track prices for you and send you an email when you're advised to buy. It's incredibly searcher-friendly and easy to use.

16 16. ITA Matrix - A Simple, but Powerful Search Engine

Here's a little-known website that frequent flyers use to score the best deals. You wouldn't know it at first glance, but this fantastically simplistic search engine is actually very powerful.

It was developed by a group of MIT computer scientists and is now owned by Google. It uses artificial intelligence bots to scour the internet for the best prices and help you save a ton of money with its comparisons.

To help save you money, ITA Matrix doesn't allow you to book flights through the interface, but it will give you a step-by-step process for booking a flight through an agency, airline, or travel agent.

15 15. Skiplagged - Locating Loopholes in Airfare Pricing

Skiplagged uses an advanced algorithm to identify what they call "loopholes" in typical airfare pricing. It identifies hidden-city flights at a significant discount. It usually does this by having flyers skip extra legs of their journey, reducing airfare.

For example, if your final destination is Chicago, you would book a flight through Skiplagged that flies from Houston to Chicago to New York City. However, you only pay for the first leg, which can save up to 80 percent on your flights, according to the makers of the tech.

14 14. Airfare Watchdog - Snagging Deals As Soon As They're Available


Rather than relying on a complex algorithm like many flight websites, Airfare Watchdog has real people running the site. They hang out on airline websites, watching for flash sales and deals that customers can take advantage of.

Site visitors can be notified by email and snag these deals as soon as they come up. It's best if you're not tied down to a certain destination or travel date. Flexible travelers can score amazing deals!

Airfare Watchdog also offers pricing for smaller airlines like Allegiant or Southwest that often don't show up on sites like Kayak. You can often save big money using these smaller airlines.

13 13. Skyscanner - Set Alarms to Notify You of Pricing Changes

Skyscanner is another website that will notify you when the price on your chosen destination changes. It will let you know when the prices go down and when they're likely to increase. Skyscanner uses an algorithm to predict when prices will rise so that it can warn users before it's too late.

The site also offers great deals on flights that you might not be able to find on other websites. It's super simple to search and compare pricing, and you never have to wonder if you're getting the best deal.

12 12. The Flight Deal - A Knowledge Database of Deals

The Flight Deal specializes in helping flyers become more acquainted with the travel world. It not only allows you to search for flights to your chosen destination but also offers tips and support to help you navigate the world of airlines and travel. The knowledge database has been very useful for many flyers.

It also features unique deals coming out of major cities. It's harder to find flights out of smaller airports on here, but you can save big if you're willing to travel. For example, one deal featured a round-trip $496 flight from Phoenix to Denmark, including taxes. That's a steal!

11 11. Scott's Cheap Flights - Get a Newsletter of Incredible International Flight Deals

Scott Keyes is the founder of Scott's Cheap Flights. He's a travel expert who's a master at finding cheap flights. He once booked a trip around the world, including stops in 13 countries, without paying a cent. Now, Keyes creates newsletters featuring the best flight deals for international travel.

All you have to do is enter your email, and you'll be added to his mailing list. You can also pay a small yearly fee for the premium newsletter, which features more deals and customization so you see only the destinations and airports that are most relevant to you.

10 10.Vayama - One of the Oldest Online Travel Agents

Vayama has been around since 2007, making it one of the oldest online travel agents on the web. However, it's not very well known today.

Being around for so long has its perks. It has great filtering options and it's easy to search. You can also see the best prices for three days before and after your trip, which can save you money.

The only downside is the hefty booking fees that range from $25-$5o. You can often find cheap enough prices that it balances out, but don't forget to factor in the fees when booking.

9 9. Jetradar - An Awesome Price Map

Jetradar is your typical booking site that searches multiple websites for great deals, but there's one thing that sets it apart, according to expert travelers: the Price Map.

The Price Map is designed for travelers who want a budget vacation but don't necessarily care where they go. You can search the Price Map looking for travel destinations and dates in your price range. It's an easy way to find rock-bottom prices on both international and domestic flights, as long as you're not picky about where and when you end up.

8 8. CheapOAir - Buy Flights Nearly at Cost

CheapOAir is basically a flight wholesaler. They purchase large blocks of tickets from airlines and then allows you to purchase them. They purchase tickets for an extremely low price, and they only raise the prices slightly when you look at them. They're still making a profit without charging you excessive fees.

CheapOAir features a lot of great deals that you can't find by purchasing directly from the airline. It doesn't have as large of a database as some websites, but it's worth checking out for a great deal.

7 7. WhichBudget - Plan an Overseas Trip with Local Airlines

You'll have to use other travel sites to book your overseas flight on a budget, but once you're there, WhichBudget makes it more affordable to travel from place to place. It uses local, budget airlines of the area to help you land great deals on flights.

WhichBudget features obscure, affordable airlines that only fly out of a few select airports. It's possible that you've never heard of some of the airlines on there, such as Hainan Airlines or China Eastern. It's more popular in Asia, but you're likely to see flights in Europe and other continents as well.

6 6. Secret Flying - Uncovers Secret Fares on Twitter

Secret Flying is a database very much like The Flight Deal. It offers tips and tricks for budget flying as well as awesome deals on flights from major cities. It's completely free, and the sources are credible, so you don't have to worry about misinformation or security risks.

Secret Flying also has a Twitter account that you can follow to discover even more deals. Travel lovers can see great deals while they're scrolling through their Twitter feed. You'll find fantastic flight deals when you least expect it.

5 5. Yapta - Track Fare Price Drops After You Buy

When you book a flight on certain airlines or through certain booking sites, the airline advertises that if you find a more affordable price or the price drops suddenly, they'll refund you the difference. They usually won't pay out cash if it's not within 24 hours, but you can get flight vouchers and travel credits.

Airlines are banking on the fact that you probably won't continue watching prices after you've made your purchase. However, Yapta is an app that will watch price drops for you. When it identifies a cheaper price, it will give you a step-by-step guide for obtaining your refund from the airline or booking service.

4 4. Kiwi - Bundling Airlines for Cheaper Service

Most flights with stops are with the same airline, but Kiwi finds you the cheapest flight by bundling together multiple flights, regardless of the airline. You might fly on Southwest for one leg and United for the second and then return on Delta and Alaska.

This is an awesome tactic for finding cheap flights, but there are risks. When you bundle with the same airline and your flight is delayed or canceled, they'll make sure you reach your final destination for free. You don't have that guarantee with Kiwi.

However, Kiwi will reschedule you on the next flight if possible or refund your unused ticket. It creates an uncomfortable potential hiccup in your travel itinerary, but it will save you money.

3 3. Hitlist - Find Cheap Deals Based on Your Airport

Hitlist is another budget website that's perfect for travelers who don't have a specific destination in mind. It's more geared for those who only want flights out of specific airports.

After you enter your preferred departure airport, the site will show you a variety of options for destinations you can take out of this airport. It will also show you the cheapest times you can get there.

The visuals help to set this site apart from others, with color-coded pricing lists and price trends that help you plan your vacation based on the most affordable time of year to travel.