If anybody has earned a vacation, it's the Disney princesses. For almost a century, many of them have entertained and inspired viewers of all ages to live out their own personal fairy tales. They show us that kindness, patience, strength, and positivity make anything possible!

So where would they find rest, relaxation, and adventure if they had the same vacation options as we do? Where would Ariel take Eric if she were truly part of your world? Where would Aurora choose to lay her head if she had all of the world's luxury hotels at her once-pricked fingertips? We have some ideas.

From the glacial waters of Iceland to the tropical heat of the Cayman Islands, we’ve sourced 22 luxury destinations that fit the personality or personal story of each individual princess. Most of their stories originated from traditional German or French fairy tales, but we’ve reached far beyond the boundaries of their storylines to find the real-world destinations that suit them most.

While some princesses are suited to age-old castles, the modern day princess is more commonly found in a five-star resort. Look to pop culture royalty like the Hadid or Kardashian sisters for proof that today’s it-girls prefer state-of-the-art accommodations. Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Moana, and many more of Disney’s beloved princesses would deserve no less!

Read on to learn which 22 destinations (and their corresponding princesses) we think would make the best backdrops for modern day fairy tales. It is a whole new world, after all.

22 Rapunzel at Hotel Esencia, Mexico

In Disney's Tangled, we learn that Rapunzel's hair is so powerful because it has magic from the sun contained within it. If she were to vacation in our world, we're certain that a bright, warm, sunny climate would be her number one priority when choosing a place.

Hotel Esencia is a favorite of today's A-list celebs, like Lupita N'yongo, Kate Bosworth, and Gwen Stefani. They go there to soak up the Mayan Riviera's famously gorgeous sunshine while chilling out at the hotel's chic five-star accommodations. Amenities include a five-star spa, which would be useful in case the salt water doesn't agree with Rapunzel's hair.

21 Pocahontas at The Amangiri Resort in Utah

If Disney's version of Pocahontas was around today, we think she would choose to escape from chief's daughter duties at the spectacular Amangiri Resort in Canyon Point, Utah. It's a luxury hideaway in the Great American Plains, and also happens to be the place where Kim Kardashian West decided to spend a birthday.

We know that Pocahontas wouldn't be one to spend too much time lying down in Amangiri's poolside daybeds, but this resort also has amazing opportunities for adventure that would keep this energetic princess busy. Canoeing in a handcrafted boat? Check. This resort has plenty of Pocahontas-style experiences just around the Riverbend.

20 Mia Thermopolis in Monte Carlo Beach Resort, Monaco

Mia was living that Megan Markle fairy tale way back in 2001. A live-action Disney princess (played by Anne Hathaway) she went from average girl to certified royal in The Princess Diaries. Where would the princess of Genovia choose to vaycay? We choose the one-of-a-kind Monte Carlo Beach Resort in dazzling Monaco.

Genovia was fictionally located between France and Spain like real-world Monaco is today. The country's five star Monte Carlo Beach Resort has been a favorite of Monaco's high society since the 1920s. It's got Michelin-starred dining, individually designed suites, and a private beach where celebs like Grace Kelly would dodge the paps. This sounds perfect for Disney's accidental princess.

19 Esmeralda at The Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, Mexico

We meet Esmeralda in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. She's a French leading lady with a kind heart and caring nature. She also has an emerald dangling around her neck, which inspired her name and also our choice for her dream destination.

The Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort is as quaint and colorful as Esmeralda herself. It's an award-winning accommodation in Mexico's popular Mazatlan region. The resort's neoclassical-inspired architecture would make Esmeralda feel right at home, and its spa has been voted one of the best in the entire world. Maybe she could get a foot treatment or two, after all, that dancing in the streets of Paris.

18 Sofia on a Disney Cruise

Sofia The First is a new generation Disney Princess, and the only Disney princess who also happens to be a little girl. Her TV show's storylines are not about finding a prince to marry or country to conquer, but small victories like making friends. As a young princess, we think she would choose to vacation on one of Disney's own kid-friendly cruises.

A five day Baja Disney Cruise has everything this little princess could ever want. Sofia could live it up in the cruise's kids club, plus hang out with all of her favorite Disney character friends. Disney cruises can be a fun time for everyone, but kids like Sofia are made to enjoy them.

17 Elsa at ION in Iceland

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel is futuristic, eco-friendly, and utterly Icelandic. We think this place is like a real-world version of Elsa's self-made ice palace. It's made of glass and concrete, jutting out from Iceland's spectacularly stark landscape. A-list guests love this luxe accommodation especially deeply for its views of the northern lights.

It's got a spa that's to die for, with hot baths that would melt any Nordic ice princess' heart. ION also has plenty of outdoor space for guests to explore, and we know that Nesjavellir's chilly temperatures wouldn't be an issue for Elsa. The cold doesn't bother her anyway!

16 Anna at The Rockhouse in Negril, Jamaica

Anna is a bit more adventurous than her sister, wanting to get further away from her isolated mountain home than most people would (considering it's a gorgeous and glamorous castle.) Why not Jamaica for a nice change of scene?

We bet that Anna would love a stay at The Rockhouse. It's a favorite hideaway for Rita Ora and her pals Bella Hadid and Hailey Baldwin, making it an it-girl approved destination for a strong sister and girl-power icon like Anna. It's another environmentally responsible resort, with understated tropical vibes and all the glam girl-time spa treatments you can imagine. Its heat would suit Anna, too.

15 Megara at Hotel Vitale in San Francisco

Disney's version of Meg isn't technically a princess, but she is the partner of a demigod (Hercules) so we feel like that totally counts for something. She's smart, sassy, and self-confident, with a mind of her own that can sometimes get her into trouble.

She could find her bliss at Hotel Vitale, a sweet downtown San Francisco destination that's as hip and down to earth as she is. It's San Fran's only luxury waterfront property and features a penthouse suite as high and mighty as Mount Olympus. Wonderful views? You bet. And Meg would love settling into the rooftop spa after days of exploring San Francisco's streets.

14 Princess Kida at The Cove Atlantis, Bahamas

You might not remember Princess Kidagakash Nedakh, aka Princess Kida. She's the princess of Atlantis: The Lost Empire, a Disney animated movie from the early 2000s. The film was based on the legend of the lost city of Atlantis, and so is The Cove resort, so which match could be as perfect for an Atlantean princess?

We can easily picture her swimming with the dolphins and get her life at The Cove's own waterpark. She could also enjoy real 21st century amenities like infinity pools, king-sized beds, and reliable air conditioning as a nice break from the Bahamian heat. Who wouldn't?

13 Giselle at Burg Colmberg, Germany

Giselle is the lovable princess from Disney's 2007 part live-action/part animated film, Enchanted. She's played by Amy Adams and given an unshakable optimism that carries her through the ups and downs of her New York City adventure. We think that Giselle would enjoy a place, like her film, where fairy tales an modern life combine.

A castle hotel in the Brothers Grimm's homeland of Germany would be perfect. There are plenty of historic castle resorts to choose from, but Giselle's perfect fit would be Burg Colmberg. It has original medieval exteriors and interiors with such fascinating modern features as WiFi. Enchanting!

12 Elonwy at Makepeace Island, Australia

Princess Elonwy happens to be one of Disney's least famous princesses because of some technical issues that the corporation faced in the late 1980s. She's a star of the Disney film The Black Cauldron, which was based on Lloyd Alexander's Chronicles of Prydain books. The film wasn't able to be promoted as widely or for as long as most other Disney films, leaving Elonwy to be forgotten by even the most dedicated Disney fans.

We think her long-deserved dream destination option would be Makepeace Island in Australia. It's the perfect hideaway for a princess who's taken a hard fictional journey, and a nod to our hopes that Disney will set aside old qualms and give The Black Cauldron a revival.

11 Aurora at Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico

Princess Aurora did technically sleep for 100 years after being cursed by Maleficent, but we're certain that she would still appreciate a good rest. The luxury suites at Moon Palace Resort in Cancun are the perfect place for this princess to lay her royal head.

When she's not under the moon at Moon Palace (like, when it's daytime) there are dozens of fun attractions for Aurora and her prince to enjoy and make up for lost time. It's got the ocean, a waterpark, a golf course, a spa, and more, all at its guest's disposal.  Even Aurora's three fairy godmothers would love it.

10 Tiana at Viceroy Sugar Beach, St. Lucia

Nestled within 100 acres of rainforest, Viceroy Sugar Beach is a step up from the similar yet swampier settings of Tiana's storyline in Disney's The Frog Princess. She spends the majority of that movie as a frog herself, so we're certain that she would feel quite at home among the diverse and colorful wildlife of the St. Lucian rainforest.

Private pools, beachfront bungalows, rooftop terraces, and butler service all make this destination an elegant tropical escape. By day, Princess Tiana can enjoy the "drive-in volcano" that is Sulphur Springs, an attraction just 5km from her hotel room. By night, she can kick up her feet and fall asleep in a warm seaside suite. Perfection.

9 Merida at Gleneagles, Scotland

Merida is a Scottish princess who lives for adventure and chasing her own personal destiny. We think that if she lived in the modern day, she would chase down a room at the ruggedly glamorous Gleneagles resort in Auchterarder, Scotland.

This princess isn't really one to stay indoors, so even though Gleneagles is beautifully decorated in traditional Scottish styles, Merida would be more interested in this hotel's outdoor adventure options. Golf is one of Gleneagles' specialties, but it's also got 850 acres of space perfect for archery, riding, hiking, and other traditional Highland hobbies. It's one destination fit for a princess who also likes to get her hands dirty.

8 Mulan at the Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

When Mulan is getting ready to meet her Matchmaker, her grandmother gives her "beads of jade for beauty." In Chinese tradition, jade is a significant stone that holds a lot of meaning (along with being generally gorgeous to look at). We bet that if Mulan took a luxury vacation today, it would be at the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia.

After fighting those Huns and surviving a cold winter in her country's rural mountain regions, she deserves a nice warm break. She would find it in one of the Jade Mountain Resort's 24 infinity pool sanctuaries, or in their open-air daybed lounges. Whether or not she'd bring her beau, we can easily see her at peace in this paradise.

7 Belle in Manhattan, NYC

Everybody knows that Belle loves nothing more than reading a good book. In the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast, the Beast wins her over by giving her an entire library as a gift. What better place for Belle to visit than Manhattan, where countless literary attractions converge.

Belle would be in book heaven after walking past Patience and Fortitude, the lion statues that sit guard at the public library in downtown NYC. She could spend hours browsing its floor-to-ceiling collections and romantically decorated reading rooms. Travelers without library cards can't check out the books, but right down the street is Strand Bookstore, boasting 18 miles of books for sale. College libraries abound in NYC, too. Books galore!

6 Jasmine on The Orient Express Luxury Train

Princess Jasmine knows a thing or two about luxury accommodations. She is one of the few Disney princesses who actually grew up in a castle! She also knows about flying first class, as Aladdin's carpet has shown her the world from a private seat in the sky. We think she might appreciate a different kind of trip, and there's no more luxe way to travel than on the Orient Express.

A quick trip to Istanbul and she can be on her way across Europe in a cabin fit for a princess. The train's cabins are currently restored to their former Gatsby-era glory, with rich craftsmanship and state-of-the-art seating and sleeping features. In its grand suites, champagne flows freely and the cross-country views are unbeatable. So glam!

5 Snow White at SoHo Farmhouse, England

Snow White is into simple pleasures, but the SoHo Farmhouse is like the seven dwarf's cottage got a major luxury upgrade. It's a must-visit place in the English countryside where guests get a taste of country living without the smelly farm animal aspect - although some animals might follow Snow White in.

SoHo farmhouse is a favorite of royal celebs like Megan Markle, so it's already got the princess stamp of approval. We can easily picture Snow White and her charming prince enjoying the views of rolling hills and shabby-chic interiors of this unique five-star hotel. It's the coolest hotel in the Cotswolds!

4 Ariel at Orpheus Island Lodge, Great Barrier Reef

As we learned in The Little Mermaid 2: Return to The Sea, you can't keep a mermaid away from the ocean for long. Even though this Disney princess' story ended with a wedding on land, we know that there's nothing Ariel would enjoy more than a good swim. The Orpheus Island Lodge on Australia's Great Barrier Reef would be her dream destination.

It's an assortment of luxury villas on an island fit for a princess, with the wonder of the Great Barrier Reef literally at its doorstep. Its onsite restaurant offers the very best dishes you can have with a dinglehopper. They'll even cook anything you catch while you're snorkeling (though we're pretty sure Ariel would be a vegetarian).

3 Moana at Kimpton Seafire Resort, Cayman Islands

Moana is an island girl! An adventurer, a risk-taker, and the daughter of a chief, she loves nothing more than exploring the world and soaking up the sun. If she were taking a break from her duties in the modern world, we think she would choose to relax and recharge at the world famous Kimpton Seafire Resort in the Cayman Islands.

It's nudged right up against the Caribbean Sea, featuring attractions that were built to showcase the natural beauty of the area. Moana could spend her days swimming with sea turtles and parasailing, and then cozy up next to an open-air campfire on the resort's private beach. It's like Motunui without the responsibility! Moana would be thrilled.