Travelers that have done both (all-inclusive resorts and hotels) in the past are well aware that a resort and a hotel have a lot of key differences. Just imagine booking a hotel that includes free water bottles all day long with a free mini-bar. To those that travel often and basically live out of a suitcase, this would be a dream come true. Instead the harsh reality is that a water bottle costs triple the price of a regular one while a snack is also heavily priced and not free either. Most travelers might have to do more traveling to get these items by crossing the street and visiting a 711. On a resort, there is just no need with almost everything included.

In this article we take a look at various other things travelers can get at a resort that they won’t at a hotel. It could be the little things like providing the guests with an umbrella. However it can also be the larger things, such as free alcohol access (that’s another part of a hotel stay you won’t get in the price of a room). Extended checkouts, resort entertainment, breakfast variety, restaurant variety and on-site entertainment are just some of the differences we’ll discuss in this article.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to share this article with a friend. Without further ado here are 22 things travelers get in all inclusive resorts that they won’t get at a hotel. Let’s get started!

22 Free Mini-Bar

This would be a dream come true for those that typically stay at a hotel. Just imagine opening up that pack of almonds after a long day of traveling and it being completely free. This, as opposed to the ridiculous fee you might have to pay otherwise (of likely more than $6)!

At all-inclusive resorts the mini-bar is not only completely free, but is also packed to the rim on a daily basis. No need to dish out money for that Diet Coke, because on a resort you can have as many Diet Cokes as you want! The items aren't limited either, as there is a wide variety that includes alcoholic beverages as well. That's something hotel-hopers dream about at night.

21 Free Water Bottles

The word free isn't really common at hotels. Just think about those water bottles in the mini fridge. The cost is usually exaggerated. In all likelihood you can find that same over-priced ESKA water bottle across the street for less than half the price.

No need to worry about such a struggle on a resort. Due to the warmer climate the resort makes it a priority to regularity fill up the water bottle supply in every room. Some go as far as to offer both small and big water bottles. In the event that they aren't filled up, a simple call to the front desk will fix that up instantly. At a hotel you'll be forced to cross the street and hit up a 711.

20 Secluded VIP Areas 

Yes, hotels have VIP areas, however they aren't normally secluded. Unless you're Justin Timberlake and block off an entire floor – normally that just isn’t the case for normal folks that want a little bit of privacy. Even in the hotel VIP areas, you’ll be next to others that might be a little too noisy for your liking.

Resorts make sure that this doesn’t happen to VIP travelers. The VIP areas are usually completely secluded from the common areas and in an isolated section. No need to worry about other travelers blasting music or yelling, VIP areas give the travelers enough space so that this isn’t an issue.

19 Towels Are Always Re-Stocked

You definitely won’t run out of towels on a resort. Towels are easily accessible both on the resort and in your room. The cleaning crew re-stocks them every morning. Out on the beach, towels are also so easy to find.

This isn’t the case at a hotel, especially for those that are attached to a beach. Typically travelers must bring their own towels. This is especially annoying due to all the room it takes up in a traveler’s bag. At a resort you won't have to worry about that in the slightest.

18 Activities For Children

If you’re bringing children along chances are a hotel won’t have too many activities aside from TV-watching and the pool. However even at the pool it isn't always a guarantee that a lifeguard in on site.

This isn't a problem at a resort, especially for those resorts that are children-friendly. A couple can easily enjoy the day while the children spend time at the numerous activity spots the resort has to offer. This can make a resort trip that much more relaxing comparable to a hotel. For those who want to enjoy some quality time without the kids, a resort can definitely provide this. From fun games in the water to various games on the beach, it'll be a memorable trip for both the parents and children.

17 Complimentary Room For Late Check-Out

When it’s time to check-out, resorts don’t kick you off the island. Instead, a free complimentary room is provided and you’ll also be able to enjoy the beach until the ground travel accommodations come pick you up.

It isn't the same at a hotel. Extended checkout rates are absolutely ridiculous. Also, once you check-out the hotel takes the room keys from you so there really isn’t much to do in the hotel. All they'll probably do is watch your bags while you leave the hotel and go find other things to do while you await the transportation. Waiting on the beach resort sounds like a better idea, wouldn’t you say?

16 Unique Fitness Facilities

Yes, (most) hotels do have gym areas. However resorts tend to offer so much more than just an actual gym facility. Certain resorts go the extra mile by also providing an outdoor fitness area. This is usually composed of various mats, bands and weights. This is a perfect location for an aerobic type of workout.

Especially for fitness fanatics out there, this can be the perfect change one needs while on vacation (as opposed to their regular gym routines). The area can also be one to relax the mind as well as a place for meditation. What better way to meditate than by the water and beach in an area provided by the resort? You won’t get that sort of treatment at a hotel!

15 No Vending Machines

Need a snack at a hotel? They've got that covered, but the catch is you'll have to buy one via the various vending machines on the site of the hotel. Here's the best part when it comes to a resort. There is no need to carry around a couple of dollar bills for the vending machine. Instead, everything is completely free at the snack bar.

You can find the same items in that vending machine and the true kicker is that the snack bar is typically opened 24 hours a day. Vending machines just aren't needed at a resort and that's definitely a plus.

14 Breakfast Variety

No, we're not just talking about a complimentary breakfast muffin or a piece of cold toast. We're talking about some real variety when it comes to all inclusive resorts!

This is one of the best parts about an all-inclusive resort. The breakfast buffet has just about everything, from a pancake station to an omelette station. There's just about everything else in between as well – the options really seem endless. The same does not hold true at a hotel. Not only is the complimentary buffet limited but in certain cases the buffet might be an added charge, or the room service cost for breakfast might be ridiculous.

13 On-Site Restaurant Variety

Most hotels don’t have much variety in terms of restaurant options. Usually, the hotels feature a restaurant along with a room service menu. Unlike a resort, the restaurant isn't free and in the event that you are the biggest fan of the menu, you won't have much to choose from.

On a resort not only are all restaurants included but there is a variety of themes at your disposal. So if you feel like having some pasta or pizza, no problem. Maybe you're craving some sushi? Well there's likely a great restaurant for that on the resort as well. Typically, resorts offer three to five different cuisines on the resort.

12 Lunch & Dinner Buffet Variety

You won’t run out of options at a resort lunch or dinner buffet. At top resorts the amount of food at a buffet seems downright endless. This isn't always the case as hotel buffets tend to have limited options when it comes to the choices for the guests - in fact the buffet isn’t all that different between lunch and dinner.

Resorts avoid this by setting up different themes for their daily and nightly buffets. You’ll be eating different foods regularly without getting bored of the same stuff and limited options.

11 Beach-Side Massage Options

If a hotel offers a massage package, it likely won't be by the beach. For those that book a resort the ultimate relaxation trip tends to be of the top priority. We're not sure if it gets much better than enjoying a fine massage while watching the waves pile up and you're out on the beautiful sand.

Hotels don’t offer this, as massages might be given in the room or at the spa area. Costs also tend to be really elevated for a minimal amount of time. Maybe in front of the beach most would be willing to pay but not in a room while an episode of The Simpsons plays in the background.

10 Bathroom At Every Corner

Think of the last time you visited a hotel. Now try to think of the amount of public bathrooms you saw. Maybe one in the lobby area and that's about it? It can be such a nag having to search for a nearby bathroom only to have to use the one in your room at all times.

At a resort there is no such problem. Bathrooms are literally at every corner. There's one by the beach, pools, buffets and restaurants. There isn't anything more annoying than having to use a hotel bathroom only for the staff to tell you to dry off first. This problem won't take place at a resort with outside bathrooms literally everywhere.

9 On-Site Casino (Unless You're Staying In A Hotel In Las Vegas)

Unless you’re staying at a hotel in Las Vegas, chances are the place doesn't have a casino nearby. However at resorts you can find a variety with a casino either on the resort or just off the property. Some resorts also go the extra mile by setting up casino themed nights on the beach and lobby areas. This type of treatment doesn't happen at a hotel, unless a traveler pays one heck of a fee in the Vegas area. A Caribbean destination might be preferred especially for those who love a good ol' casino night!

8 Umbrella Provided In Every Room

There’s a lot to think about prior to a trip when it comes to packing a suitcase. What travelers typically tend to forget about is something as simple as an umbrella. Time and time again this leads to travelers needing to spend an extra couple of bucks on something that they have at home in bulk!

If you forget an umbrella while packing for a resort vacation, not to worry – the hotel has you covered. Umbrellas are always provided for guests.

7 Sports Bar

Hotels do include bars from time to time. However for sports fans in particular, a resort might be a better idea for this included option alone. Certain resorts offer a sports bar area. The area features multiple TV sets with various sporting events. The room is also a game room with lots of fun activities and of course, a bar.

This can be a dream come true for sports fans and heck, for the ladies that want to enjoy a peaceful day in the sun - this can be like dropping your man off at a grown-up daycare!

6 On-Site Entertainment

This might be what separates a resort from a hotel. The entertainment on a resort is unmatched – unless you plan on spending some major bucks at a hotel. Even a 4 star resort can have some worthwhile entertainment during the day and at night.

These activities can include anything from daytime aerobics in the pool to various games on the beach. The entertainment continues at night with more games along with specific themed nights (like a casino night). Some resorts might offer a live show of either a play or of a musical variety.

5 Balconies (With A View)

Think back to some of your best vacation moments. For some, it might be something as simple as enjoying the view from your resort balcony, whether it be watching that sunrise or sunset. It’s a moment travelers absolutely adore. Just relaxing out on the balcony after a long day is a worthwhile moment.

Unfortunately at most hotels you might have to compromise by opening the curtains and looking outside – which just isn’t the same. Some hotels do have balconies but for the most part, standard hotels to not. That's definitely a letdown.

4 +21 Area

The hotel might be the most lavish hotel there is, however the atmosphere of the location is what truly separates the experience. We can’t think of anything more irritating than hearing children screaming and yelling. All of this after paying top dollar for the hotel.

Such a problem doesn't exist at a resort especially for those that booked a 21+ hotel. This option exists for couples that are looking for a mature audience. This can also ensure that relaxation will take place without the hassle of having to worry about kids ruining the experience (however resorts can’t guarantee that same experience on a flight to the resort).

3 On-Site Reps For Activities And Excursions

At a hotel you’ll have to go out in the city in order to book an activity or an excursion. This can also be risky due to various forms of fraud taking place in these types of instances in the past. It might be a nag to find the area to book an activity as well.

At a resort this won’t be any trouble whatsoever. An excursion can easily be booked at the lobby area by one of the representatives. This is also completely legitimate and there won’t be any need to worry about fraud or anything like that. Booking an excursion will take a couple of minutes as opposed to hours at a hotel.