Welcome to the Singles Social Club: a vibrant place where life is less dramatic, yet full of sparkly champagne, and laughter. You see, being single doesn't always have to mean that the world is over. You never know what could be waiting for you just around the corner. Sometimes love makes the head dizzy and the sight blurry; however, when we’re alone, we’re more focused and motivated to achieve long-forgotten goals and dreams.

Whether you’ve gotten out of a relationship recently or you just want to meet new people, read on to find out the best locales for singles. To rank them properly, we’ve scanned the stats to see the percentage of the single people in a specific location. All in all, the following places are bursting at the seams with fun dating opportunities, from cozy bars and cafes to other populous spots. Additionally, such key factors always add a touch of excitement to the World of the Singles.

From Las Vegas to San Diego, these cozy places are not only perfect for singles but are a good starting point for new friendships. Now, without further ado, come and join us on our virtual tour through the best cities for single people.

22 Fayetteville, Arkansas

If you’ve not been in this part of the world yet, let us tell you why it's worth it, especially if you're single. Fayetteville boasts tons of unattached men, so it certainly a piece of heaven for the ladies.  Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville presents a wonderful blend of a thriving business hub and colorful culture. Best of all, these two key city characteristics turn this charming city into an outdoor haven, time.com says. Head to Dickson Street and you’ll soon reach the city’s university campus, and there awaits the real fun. The campus is lined up with cozy bars, shops, and restaurants, full of young, confident and friendly people. So, ladies, this charming city seems to be the perfect place to let off the steam for once.

21 Somerville, Massachusetts

This fantastic little town, located north of Boston’s lively city center, is quite popular with students. Best part – you don’t have to be a student to fit in, though. Somerville boasts a pulsating nightlife that centers on Davis Square, time.com reveals, and it’s also home to dozens of modern bars, cafes, boutiques, live music venues, and even theaters. Every spring, hundreds of young, positive and single people come here to celebrate the Independent Film Festival of Boston. And if that’s not the perfect chance to meet new people, then we can hardly think of a better idea.

20 Los Angeles, California

You may not know this, but Los Angeles, California, is one of the best places to find Mr. Right. This gorgeous city boasts a lovely climate and over 735,000 single men, datingadvice.com shares. The city provides the ultimate diversity, allowing for the perfect summer romance. Apparently, there's a reason why Los Angeles is considered one of the happiest cities in the U.S. But best of all, the city is packed with modern bars, cafes, nightclubs, cafes, etc.  So if you're looking for a little fun-in-the-sun action, Los Angeles sounds like the best place to make it happen.

19 Houston, Texas

Apart from being home to hundreds of companies, Houston is also home to at least 328,070 single people. The city offers lots of cool dating opportunities and thanks to the lower cost of living, people are more likely to go out on dates.  Also, the high employment rate makes people want to let off some steam for once and enjoy a drink after work. According to datingadvice.com, Houston also happens to be full of great tourist attractions, from unique museums to parades, rodeos, to cool theme parks. Evidently, Houston certainly provides excellent outdoor opportunities when you feel like going somewhere.

18 San Francisco, California

The charming city of San Francisco is yet another place with a thriving dating scene - and that's quite perfect for the single ladies. According to shape.com, the city boasts one of the best urban areas, so it's simply great for a short getaway from the monotonous life. Also, the area draws many people thanks to its beautiful and well-maintained Tamalpais State Park. But besides being quite a modern, vibrant city, San Francisco has been ranked as the best place to meet single men. In fact, the statement has been made based on the city’s single male “Golden Ratio” of over 140%. So, girls, if you've got no plans for the weekend, you know where to go.

17 Clifton, New Jersey

With New York City no more than 20 miles away, the town of Clifton seems to be a perfect place for some fun outdoor activities. Interestingly, the area is well known for its considerably modest home sale prices, time.com reveals, and low crime rates. When it comes to the area’s recreational offerings, Clifton attracts young people with its beautiful landmarks and tourist attractions, such as Clifton Arts Center sculpture park - it’s regularly packed with young people. So, go ahead and take a stroll through the center and blend in with the friendly crowd.

16 New York City, New York

After all, there’s a reason why New York is known as the city that never sleeps. Once you’ve visited it, you’ll surely want to return here over and over again. The city of the Big Apple is not only one of the most populated cities in the U.S. but is perfect for anyone who’s single. In a nutshell, New York abounds in awesome outdoor opportunities, datingadvice.com says. So whether you’re a party person, or you prefer leisurely walks in the park, you’ll surely have the chance to meet many new people here.  But even if you’re not exactly interested in dating anyone right now, you can simply enjoy the bright lights of New York, as seen from the Empire State Building’s viewing platform.

15 Portland, Oregon

In a town where everyone helps the environment, you can only expect to see super fit and husky guys. Indeed, Portland is really starting to sound like a fantastic place for new sporty couples. Often referred to as a tiny slice of hippie heaven, Portland is actually a pretty good destination to visit in 2019. Beyond its food trucks and tattoos, the city is also recognized as a wonderful eco-friendly place. Perhaps this curious fact can explain why the city is so richly packed with gyms and fitness centers. But when you think about it, it turns the city into a paradise for sporty people.

14 San Diego, California

San Diego is much loved by travelers for its mild climate and laid-back atmosphere. Also, this pretty city has got the shortest average commute time - it's about 20-25 minutes on average. So ladies, if you've ever wondered what to do in your spare time, the answer is pretty obvious. Take a stroll around the city in the evening - San Diego's dating scene will be waiting for you. Also, next time you're riding the subway, do not be too shy to chat up the charming guy sitting across from you. Believe it or not, San Diego is actually considered the third best city in California for single ladies. Well, now you know where to go and what to do to revive your dating life.

13 Boston, Massachusetts

With over 2,500 acres of beautiful ponds, groves, and meadows, Boston sounds like a place full of romance. But for those of you, who are not spoken for, it could mean finding the prince on the white horse. If we turn back to the statistics, the city of Boston ranks third on the AHDI, shape.com reveals. This metric measures a few key city characteristics, such as life expectancy, education, etc. Although Boston’s public transportation is hardly the best one, it still doesn’t stop the solo visitors from coming here. All in all, Boston is full of fun outdoor activities and major tourist attractions, such as the beautiful Fenway Park. In fact, this park is regularly filled with joggers and sporty people as a whole – it’s a great starting point to meet new people and make new friendships.

12 Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is literally awash with parks and fitness centers full of sporty young people. Thanks to the small gender pay gap in the city, women are able to afford to attend more events and even use the help of certified personal trainers, shape.com reveals. Frankly, that’s quite good news for the all the guys out there. They are finally able to meet more independent women who work hard and take good care of themselves. The area’s best parks are the 800-acre Great Falls Park, and Rock Creek Park. Each of them is regularly visited by young and confident people who look super friendly and talkative.

11 Chicago, Illinois

Although Chicago is known as the city that always works, you'll be stunned to see the nightclubs and bars, full of chatter. But if you wonder when Chicago is at its best, it's in the summer. Here, you can only expect a wonderful vacation, time.com details, and it will certainly make you forget about the bitter winter. And much like the weather, Chicago's residents are just as lovely, fun and pizza-savvy. Next time you're in town, do not forget to take an evening stroll in the busy downtown area. If you're lucky enough, maybe you can even meet somebody nice and friendly. Ultimately, Chicago boasts over 500,000 single people.

10 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Best known as a city with tons of historic sites, Philadelphia greets thousands of visitors every day, and probably over 40 million per year. By the way, Philadelphia is one of the safest U.S. cities – it boasts a considerably low crime rate, datingadvice.com shares.

As far as natural disasters are concerned, Philadelphia is pretty safe as well; however, if you’re in town for a few weeks, then watch your back – your future partner might be right behind you.

With over 300,000 single people in Philadelphia, you can easily find unattached guys. If you’re in luck, you may even go back home together after the vacation is over.

9 Phoenix, Arizona

The charming city of Phoenix, Arizona, has got something special for anyone seeking the luxury side of life. Come to the capital of the state of Arizona to explore the lavish nightlife, rich culture and stunning desert scenery. The city will not only save you from the big city traffic but will help you deal with the loneliness. According to datingadvice.com, there are nearly 300,000 single people in the city. Besides, the city boasts a fantastic range of cool tourist attractions, such as the Desert Botanical Garden or the famous Papago Park. Thanks to all of these great outdoor activities, Phoenix easily turns into a fantastic place to live and date.

8 San Antonio, Texas

Known as a lovely city with historical roots, San Antonio can be found west of the so-called Texas Triangle. Here, tourists can explore the unique culture and cuisine of this place. But besides San Antonio’s humble charm, the city is also home to some unique attractions. The city boasts lots of fine wineries and great museums, such as the Witte Museum or The DoSeum. With over 220,000 single men in San Antonio, Texas, this charming city instantly becomes a magnet for all the unattached ladies out there. Thanks to the city’s diverse restaurants and bars, any visitor will certainly have a lot of fun here.

7 Dallas, Texas

With over 200,000 single people in Dallas, Texas, this city is quite perfect for short winter getaways. This fabulous place offers all the extras you may need when visiting. Dallas presents a wonderful blend of culture and history, so it surely provides something for everyone, datingadvice.com says. But most interestingly, the city is also famous for the high number of single people out there; and that’s great news for anyone who’s interesting in dating as well. Indeed, Dallas, Texas, is certainly a fantastic place where you can relax and forget about all those insignificant everyday problems.

6 Detroit, Michigan

From great music to amazing sports teams, Detroit in Michigan has always been known for its lively spirit. What most do not realize, though, is that these two are only a small part of Detroit's "real face".  For years, Detroit has been trying to bounce back from a slump with a few start-up businesses; and thankfully, we can finally see certain progress. Gladly, the city seems to be ready to begin a new chapter, datingadvice.com details.  The atmosphere is quite fresh and healthy, which is partly due to all those single young people in the city.

5 Austin, Texas

One of the things that make Austin a great place is the low cost of living. According to datingadvice.com, this charming city boasts an amazingly high quality of life as well. Now couple that with the abundance of single people there (over 150,000) and you’ll certainly want to get there asap.

But this adorable city has got much more to offer than that. The city promises excellent cuisine, live music, as well as other great sports events every year. So next time you’re traveling solo to Austin, you can just blend in with the locals, have fun and make some new friends.

4 Indianapolis, Indiana

Often shortened to Indy, Indianapolis is a typical Midwest city that lies southwest of the beautiful Lake Michigan. But the lake isn’t at all the only interesting thing about the city. Indy offers a considerably low cost of living and crime rate. Also, if you’re currently single, you’ll surely appreciate the fact that there are over 140,000 unattached ladies and men. Another great reason that makes Indianapolis great is the low traffic, datingadvice.com shares. In fact, there’s literally no traffic there, and it definitely makes it easier to explore the city’s best sights and spots.

3 Jacksonville, Florida

If you’ve never been to Jacksonville, you should know that the city promises fantastic weather. Jacksonville also comprises of lots of cool tourist attractions, such as Amelia Island, Kingsley Plantation, etc. That's not all, though. This charming city boasts abundant waterways and beaches that appeal to everyone, visitjacksonville.com. shares. Also, Jacksonville happens to be the most populous city in the state of Florida. Besides, it’s almost perfectly positioned along the Atlantic Ocean. Well, this surely makes this place a natural paradise for singles. No wonder why it’s also full of sun-lovers who cannot wait to sink their toes into Jacksonville’s sandy beaches.