The inspiration for this article came a little over a month ago when Triple H posted his travel schedule via different social media platforms. Hunter’s grueling fall schedule started in Seattle and would finally finish back at home after 13 pit-stops if you can believe. And of, these weren’t pit-stops that were nearby. Melbourne, Australia, and London, England aren’t exactly in Hunter’s neck of the woods! We’ll elaborate on that grueling schedule during the article.

Stephanie is no slouch herself in the travel department. As the Chief Brand Ambassador, it is Stephanie’s job to represent the company globally with numerous investors from around the world. As if that wasn’t enough of a task on its own, she is also traveling sporadically with RAW as a talent and taking care of three daughters back at home. Wrestlers rarely get credit for the rigorous travel schedule, it is such an underrated part of the operation.

Triple H knows all about that life. He started traveling way back in 1992 when he first broke into the business. As a wrestler, he traveled around the world for more than two decades. Today, that still holds true and it’s even worse actually given all of his responsibilities. In this article, we’ll highlight the pros and cons of Triple H and Stephanie’s travel routines. For the most part, these are routines that fly under the radar. Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend.

22 25 Minute Drive From Their Home To The WWE HQ

Once they're finally back home, the work schedule doesn’t stop for both Stephanie and Triple H. In fact, the couple resides in Weston, Connecticut which is only a mere 20 to 25-minute drive to the WWE Headquarters located in Stanford, Connecticut.

Both Triple H and Stephanie put in lots of hours at the office along with the boss himself Vince McMahon who also lives nearby the WWE HQ. When Hunter’s not at NXT or taking part in a RAW show backstage, he’s likely at the HQ discussing future plans with his father-in-law.

21 Triple H Travels To Orlando Almost Weekly

He might live in Connecticut however in truth, Triple H spends most of his time with NXT these days over in Orlando. When Triple H officially changed his wrestling gear for a corporate suit, one of his biggest goals was to improve the developmental system. Although he succeeded at this point and more, it has also caused a crazier travel schedule.

Nowadays, along with his RAW and sporadic SmackDown appearances - Hunter has to fly the extra miles to NXT not only helping to put on the shows but also furthering his relationship with the talent, aiding in the developmental process.

20 Stephanie Currently Has A Lighter Schedule

Stephanie’s travel schedule can get just as hectic as her husband’s. Especially during WrestleMania season, not only is Stephanie appearing on all the shows but she’s also working as the company’s ambassador, making various appearances.

That title still holds true. However, when it comes to her on-screen schedule, that has been dramatically reduced as of late. She’s on television sporadically and spending lots of time back home with her children and likely, working at the WWE HQ in her office which is just a short drive away.

19 Travel Meals Usually Pre-Made

This is a usual question among WWE fans. How do both Triple H and Stephanie manage to stay in shape given their crazy travel schedules? In particular when WrestleMania season comes around, not only does their travel increase but they also take their physiques to the next level.

According to Triple H and his Instagram posts, a lot of that has to do with meal preparation. Both Hunter and Stephanie make a large batch of pre-made meals the night prior, those meals usually last both of them a couple of days.

18 Triple H Travelled To Massachusetts Which Started Off His Career

Long before most wrestling fans were even born, Triple H was starting in the business. As a youth, he had two passions, bodybuilding and pro wrestling. Early on during his teens he was all about bodybuilding both competing in tournaments along with working at a gym.

However, in 1992, Triple H officially decided to switch gears flying to Malden, Massachusetts and joining Killer Kowalski’s wrestling school. Shortly after, he signed his first deal with a prominent wrestling company, World Championship Wrestling in 1994 - he joined the WWE a year later.

17 They Usually Travel Home After The Show

The norm for a WWE Superstar is one of two things. Either they go to their hotel room and fly back home the next day after a show. Or, they drive to the next show right after and call it a day at the new location.

This doesn’t apply for both Triple H and Stephanie. Once the show is done, both usually take their own private jet and head back home to Connecticut. Vince McMahon does this as well. Hunter and Stephanie are also known for traveling with a massive RV during WrestleMania season. It basically looks like a luxury hotel on wheels.

16 Stephanie Travelled To New York For Her First WWE Job

As a youngster, Stephanie was encouraged to get a proper education despite her family background. She did exactly that earning a degree in Communications and Boston University.

As one might expect, her first official job would come with the WWE. Stephanie traveled to New York working a job as the company’s Account Executive. She would do reception work during that time as well.

Shortly after in 1999 it would all change for Stephanie. Thanks to head writer Vince Russo, Stephanie was asked to join the company’s on-screen product as a character. As they say, the rest is history.

15 Stephanie Does Most Of Her Travelling As The Company’s Brand Ambassador

As of late 2013, Stephanie’s position within the company changed. She became the official Brand Ambassador, helping to put WWE on the map globally with other investors.

Given the WWE’s mass appeal worldwide these days, it is quite clear that Stephanie has thrived in the position. A cool aspect of the title is that she gets to travel a lot - such places like Cannes, France makes the position that much more worthwhile. In large part thanks to Stephanie’s contributions, the WWE is on a grander global scale today.

14 Triple H Also Travels Like a Brand Ambassador

Triple H doesn’t have the title of Brand Ambassador however it is quite clear that he acts like one behind the scenes. When WWE has an important press conference overseas or in the US, Triple H is usually the chosen one to host these types of events. Nowadays, we’re seeing Triple H more than the boss himself, Vince McMahon.

Hunter is clearly someone that wears lots of hats for the company these days. Promoting the brand worldwide is just another one of his roles and one that allows for an even greater traveling schedule.

13 They Rarely Use Gym Facilities When Travelling

This goes back to how they manage to stay in shape while sustaining such tough travel schedules. Typically, WWE Superstars either train at the hotel gym or they visit a local hotspot in the area.

This doesn’t apply for Triple H and Stephanie. They save their workouts for home, creating an entire gym in their basement. As one might expect, these workouts take place in the wee hours of the night. According to both Triple H and Stephanie, by the time the kids are put to sleep and business is dealt with, the workout begins at midnight!

12 They Live Next To Vince’s Greenwich Home

As we discussed earlier, Vince McMahon also lives in the Connecticut area nearby the WWE’s head office. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Vince lives nearby Stephanie and Triple H – the distance between the two estates is just a short drive away.

If you thought Stephanie and Triple H had a bizarre schedule, it is nothing compared to Vince. According to The Game, McMahon trains late in the AM hours and he’s up at 7 AM ready to talk business! And oh, he’s 73!

11 Triple H Travels With RAW

Despite his position changing, Triple H still travels with the Monday night show RAW after all these years. He might not be visible on-screen most of the time, however, rest assured, he’s usually behind the scenes working the Gorilla Position alongside his father-in-law, Vince McMahon.

Whether the show is in Toronto, London or Pittsburgh, The Game is backstage traveling to whatever location on the regular. Surreal to think that he started taking part in the Monday night program way back in the mid-90s!

10 They Have Arranged Ground Travel

For most of the WWE talent, it isn’t that easy. WWE Superstars are responsible for their own ground travel which means, it is entirely up to them to rent a car once they reach the airport.

The same doesn’t apply for Triple H and Stephanie. Following their airport arrival, the couple is met by an arranged pick up service that takes them to the hotel or arena. As evidenced by previous examples, the ride is usually a blacked out Escalade.

Vince McMahon also uses the same luxury. However, McMahon appreciates the finer things in life. He has a private limousine usually waiting for him at the airport.

9 Triple H & Stephanie’s Trainer Drives An Hour Plus To Their Home

Not only do both Hunter and Stephanie know a thing or two when it comes to travel, the same applies for their personal trainer, Joe DeFranco. DeFranco drives in the wee hours of the night to meet up with The Game and Stephanie. As if driving at midnight wasn’t challenging enough, DeFranco drives an hour to reach Hunter and Stephanie’s residence. Now that’s dedication!

Especially during March and April the sessions usually ramp up with WrestleMania looming. Sadly, Hunter isn’t doing a lot of exercising these days since he recently sustained a pectoral injury. We can expect that to change once he recovers.

8 Late 2018 Travel Schedule Non-Stop

2018 was another crazy year of traveling for Triple H. Via Twitter, Hunter gave the fans a sneak peek into his drastic schedule. In October, here are some of the pit-stops made by Hunter before finally heading back home.

The schedule started with RAW in Seattle, he then went to Los Angeles and flew across the world to Melbourne for the Super Show-Down event. He would return to the US going to LA, Chicago, New York back to Chicago and then back to New York. And oh, he then hopped onto a flight that brought him to London. Then it was back to New York, Washington, Orlando and finally back home! Wow.

7 Triple H Also Travels To Meet Wrestlers

This one at times goes under the radar. Not only is Triple H developing talent in Orlando at the company’s Performance Center, but he is also involved with the recruiting process. When it comes to high end talent, Triple H goes out of his way to meet future employees.

An example of that was when Triple H traveled to LA in order to meet with Ronda Rousey. Hunter flew out to LA in order to confirm her WWE contract. This wasn’t the first time nor will it be the last time Triple H travels to meet a future company employee.

6 Traveling To The UK Is Common For Triple H

Triple H has always had a soft spot for certain locations. One of them happens to be the United Kingdom. Hunter respects the fan interest from overseas. So much so, that he decided to create an entire program meant for the UK audience.

Initially, Hunter created a UK Championship which was enough of a homage. However, he would take things a step further introducing an entire brand in the summer of 2018. Under the banner of NXT: UK, Hunter is often traveling to his UK wrestling hub in order to ensure that the promotion is on the right track.

5 Triple H Travels With NXT Sporadically For Live Events

As if Hunter’s time wasn’t limited enough, he also travels with NXT for their live events. Of course, he takes part in most of the tapings in Orlando at Full Sail University. However, it should be noted that those episodes are taped well in advance, making his travel schedule a little easier.

However, Triple H puts in the extra hours traveling with the brand for non-televised shows. It’s a good way for Hunter to help with talents and get to know his performers a little better.

4 Triple H Travels To Other Promotion To Scout Other Talent & Arrange Deals

Triple H continues to play a pivotal role in expanding the WWE’s pro wrestling empire. Vince McMahon wasn’t interested in working with the other independent promotions. However, Triple H has a different take. Hunter wants the absolute best from around the world; therefore, he is also typically traveling to other wrestling companies such as Progress and ICW.

Not only does Hunter scout other wrestlers but he also arranges deals to have his talents from NXT work on their shows. It might be a lot more travel, however, Triple H can tell you himself, it is worth every bit of those extra miles.

3 Stephanie & Triple H Rarely Spend Home Time Together

Stephanie admitted that the relationship can be hard at times given the limited amount of time they actually spend together. As you can tell from this article, finding the time really isn’t easier for either of the two. Triple H has one too many hats for the company while Stephanie also works a grueling schedule as a part-time television act along with the brand ambassador position.

Time is limited however they do make it a purpose to spend quality time together whenever it is possible.