Staying at a hotel seems like part of a dream vacation. You are able to leave the house and have your own special getaway. No chores, no cooking, no bother at all. Sounds fantastic! You can leave the bed unmade, place dirty dishes outside the door, and pile up your bath towels on the bathroom floor. What could be better?

While some hotel stays go smoothly, there are times when your vacation is something closer to a nightmare. Sometimes things are not what you’d hoped for and you wind up getting taken for a ride. Hotels can swindle you, leaving you short on cash and even shorter on patience. More of a bummer than a day at the beach.

Before you book your next hotel stay, consider these 22 sneaky ways hotels try to swindle people. If you are not sure if the hotel you plan to stay at could be one of these sneaks, look online and check the reviews. You’re sure to see postings from pissed off guests who got fooled by the folks they thought they could trust. Be proactive and plan a stay at a place that is known to be upfront and honest. Don’t be the next to be swindled.

22 Mini Bar…Maxi Prices

Wow! Those peanuts cost how much? For small snacks and tiny bottles, you’d expect the price to be petite too. But no such luck. Those mini bars are like a piggy bank for the hotel. But they’re so tempting that you’re willing to shell out your bucks for a bite. Paired with the beverages which usually cost even more than the food, your mini bar bill could cost more than a dinner out. Do yourself a favor and bring your own snacks to the room. When your belly starts to grumble, reach for your own goodies rather than funding the hotel’s minibar bank.

21 Laundry Costs More Than the Clothes You Need to Clean

When you pack for vacation, there is always an item or two that you want to wash and wear again. Nearly every hotel offers laundry service, but don’t think this comes for free. If you stain your blouse or trousers, be sure you brought some extra money to get your clothes cleaned at the hotel. They’ll be glad to take care of your items, but the cost will be more than you’d bargained for. Perhaps forget washing your shirt and buy a new one at a store nearby. It’ll probably cost you less. Wash your own stuff when you get home.

20 Whoa! Wi-Fi Costs What?

In this day and age, being without internet is like not being able to breathe. When we travel, one of the first things we want to know is, “What about the Wi-Fi?” Hotels will allow you to log into their service, but if you think this connection is free, you’re kidding yourself. Some hotels do include free Wi-Fi, but unless you know this for sure, consider that you’ll need to pay to check emails and surf the web. It would be nice for your hotel to provide free Wi-Fi, but they know you’ll be willing to shell out the money so you can remain “on the grid” while you’re away.

19 Pay More For Parking? Puh-lease

If you drive to your hotel, be it via your own automobile or a rental, you will obviously need to park there. As a guest, one would assume that parking would be free of charge – something that goes along with the rate to rent a room. Not so. Many hotels charge extra for parking, making your bill more than you thought it would be in the first place. What to do? Perhaps park on a side street nearby or try to negotiate with the folks at the front desk. But if they won’t budge and there’s nowhere else to park, be prepared to pay up.

18 If You’re Late to Check Out…Check Your Bill

Sometimes things take longer than expected and you fall behind. That may mean you don’t wind up checking out of the hotel at the time indicated. Some hotels will give you a little leeway and allow you to remain in your room for an hour or two longer, but others want you out so they can turn over the room for the next guests. Whatever the hotel’s policy may be, be prepared to see an additional charge on your bill if you check out late. You may not even realize the charge was added until you get home. You can try to dispute the extra charge, but you’re better off living and learning and check out when you’re supposed to the next time around. So much for pressing snooze!

17 Want a $25 Turkey Club Sandwich? Order One From Room Service

Room service is one of those fun and indulgent things we look forward to when we stay at a hotel. But the price for eating in bed while watching movies is nothing to pass off as pocket change. Room service menus are known for being ridiculously priced, even for items that don’t seem particularly fancy. Sandwiches, salads, muffins, and fries all seem to like foods that shouldn’t be expensive, but hotels have no problem jacking up the prices. If you really want something brought to your room, you better finish the whole thing. You won’t want to waste a nibble once you get the bill.

16 No Ice? Too Cold! Some Hotels Have No Machines…So They Charge You for Cubes

What happens when you go into the hall looking for the ice machine but there isn’t one in sight? You may check out another floor, but you’ll have a hard time finding one there too. That’s because some hotels don’t have ice machines at all. But what about chilling your drinks? No problem, the hotel will bring ice to your room for you. Seems OK, until you learn they’re charging you for it! Yes, ice comes with a price…at least at a hotel. Do you really need your Coke over ice when the ice costs more than the soda itself?

15 False Advertising – Your Room’s the Size of a Shoebox

When you booked your room at the hotel, you had something lavish in mind. The brochure and website made it look like the room you selected would be spacious and chic. But once you arrive, you realize it was all an advertising scam. The room is half the size you had expected and that really cramps your style. Yet, you’ve already paid for the room, so it is too late to make a change. Photos can be deceiving, so next time, ask the reservationist how big the room really is. It’s no fun paying a lot and getting a little.

14 Don’t Drink That! Cleaning Staff Doesn’t Always Replace the In-Room Glasses

See those water glasses on the bathroom countertop? They may look spic and span, but they may not be too clean. Just because they sparkle doesn’t mean they’ve been adequately cleaned. If the glasses appear to be unused, the cleaning staff may just wipe them with a towel and put them back in place. Sounds gross, and it is. If you choose to use a glass that’s in your room, you may want to give it a rinse before taking a swig of something. Who knows what kind of germs may be lurking inside? And you don’t want to get sick in order to find out.

13 Pet-Friendly? Sure, But It’ll Cost Ya

If Fido is coming along on vacation, you will have to find a pet-friendly hotel. Some hotels are more than happy to have your furry friend stay with you, making you and your pet feel at home. Just because a hotel is pet-friendly does not mean they won’t charge more so you can vacation with your beloved creature. You may be billed more than a person in a room just like yours who is pet-free. You may have no choice if you must bring along your little buddy, but you can search around for a hotel that doesn’t add a fee for “man’s best friend.”

12 Sleep In Past 11 AM and Your Room May Never See Maid Service

When you are on vacation, sleeping in is part of the R&R. Who wants to set an alarm when there’s no work to do? But if you sleep too late and don’t leave the room before the late morning or early afternoon, you may miss the chance for housekeeping to pay your room a visit. Not many hotels have maid service 24/7, so if you decide to keep your “do not disturb” sign on the door for too long, the cleaning crew may pack up for the day. Hopefully, you saved a few towels and didn’t make too big a mess!

11 Resort Fees Slip In Without a Warning

Some hotels sneak in a “resort fee” when they total up your bill. This amount is not included in your room rate, and unless you read the fine print, you would never know you’d have to pay extra for your stay. You’ll be annoyed at this extra charge, but the hotel will convince you that you signed on the dotted line with the knowledge that this additional fee would be applied. You may want to argue that you aren’t going to pay, but there’s not much you can do at this point. Next time ask about resort fees ahead of time so you’re not stunned. Plus, you can factor this cost into your overall trip budget.

10 Add Another Guest to Your Room and Pay for Having Friends

Who knew that adding another guest to your room would be the reason for the hotel to add an additional charge to your bill? Why should they care if you don’t mind a crowd? The room already costs enough; if you want a pal to squeeze in, what’s the big deal to the hotel staff? Unless you are cramming a dozen people into a room for two, what’s one more guest? Apparently, hotels want you to keep your inner circle to a party of two. Next time meet your friend at the café but don’t offer them a place to sleep.

9 Early Check-In Guest May Get an Early Surprise…A Fee for Being a Morning Person

Just like a delayed check-out can cost you, if you check in too soon, the hotel may add a fee to your bill all the same. They may be able to accommodate your “morning person” mentality, but because they may need to tidy up your room in a jiffy, they’ll have no problem adding that cost to your check. You are better off hanging around in the lobby or taking a walk until the pre-set check-in time to avoid paying up for arriving too soon. If you’re eager to get to your room right away, consider the cost and see if unpacking asap is really worth it.

8 Use the Hotel Safe for Your Valuables and See it Itemized On Your Bill

If you bring valuables along during your trip, you’re not going to want to leave them in a hotel room drawer or on the dresser. Putting your prized possessions in a safe is a smart idea to avoid theft. Nearly every hotel has a safe where you can stash your precious jewels or other valuable items while you are out for the day. But don’t think the hotel will let you use their safe free of charge. Add another line item to your hotel bill when you use their safe. Sure, it’s cheaper than if your goods were to get stolen, but what a bummer to know that the hotel can’t just let you borrow their safe since you’re a valued guest.

7 In-Room Coffee Makers Can Come with a Cost

Most people can’t start their day without that jolt of caffeine. Many hotel rooms come with an in-room coffee maker so you can brew a fresh pot in the morning. You’d think this would be a perk the hotel offers free of charge, but some hotels will add a fee to your bill if you decide to brew. If you knew they’d charge you for making your own coffee, you’d go down to the café instead and get a latte. It’s not like the hotel room coffee is anything to write home about. Suddenly Starbucks is looking a lot more economical.

6 Bypass Using the Business Center… Or Pay Up

Need to get some work done at the hotel? Rather than staying in your room, you may opt to head down to the business center so you can better concentrate on the task at hand. While you are busy working, the hotel staff is readjusting your bill, adding on a fee for your use of the center. What a rip-off! You thought the room was free for guests of the hotel but you didn’t bother to ask. Now you’re stuck paying extra just for trying to get ahead on your work obligations. Life’s not fair. Maybe your boss will reimburse you.

5 Not Only Will You Pay for Mini Bar Treats But You’ll Get Charged for a Restock

If you enjoy the hotel room mini bar and eat and drink many of the goodies awaiting inside, not only will you be charged for the items themselves, but you may get hit with a restock fee…then you’ll pay even more for the next round of sweets and treats. As if the mini bar delights aren’t expensive enough, now you’re paying even more for the room service crew to come by for a refill. Do your best to resist temptation and you’ll save a ton of dough. Are those $12 Gummy Bears really worth the price? Save your cash and head to the mini-mart for something far cheaper.

4 Some Hotels Suggest You Dine at Restaurants They’re Affiliated With…More $ in Their Pockets

You’re sure to ask the person at the hotel front desk to recommend a restaurant nearby. You’re excited to try something delicious in the area and think you can trust the staff to suggest something they think you’d enjoy. But many hotels are affiliated with a nearby restaurant and lead you to head over there. It may not be what you were in the mood for, but they assured you it would be wonderful. Little did you know the only reason they want you to eat there is because it lines their pockets even deeper. Hopefully, the food is decent.

3 That Newspaper at Your Door? It May Not be Complimentary

Good morning! Oh, and look…a newspaper is awaiting you at your hotel room door. What a nice gesture on the part of the hotel staff. A free paper so you can catch up on the latest headlines before heading out for the day. But not so fast. This paper may not be free at all. Your hotel may be secretly charging you for a newspaper you never even asked for. When you check in, if you’re not interested in paying for the daily paper, let it be known. You can find out everything you need to know on your smartphone anyhow.