World Wrestling Entertainment is a sport and an entertainment show all rolled into one. It really doesn't matter anymore if it is real or scripted, what matters is the happiness it brings to the millions of fans that keep watching and follow the WWE universe. In a sport dominated by men, it is rare to find a star that could represent what women can do in wrestling. Both athletic and beautiful, this person is Nikki Bella. Together with her real-life friends and her twin sister, Brie Bella, they also have a reality show called Total Divas on E!, now in its 8th season.

John Cena and Nikki Bella have been the WWE's power couple and a celebrity couple in the entertainment world. Their relationship lasted 6 long years. John Cena even proposed to Nikki during a WWE event, in Wrestlemania 33 back in 2017. But it was not meant to be, Nikki and John officially called their relationship off according to US Magazine. The news was recently released in July, and the whole Bella Army was shocked. Months later, we see Nikki living her new life, single and strong, and traveling to places her ex would be jealous of.

22 25. Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is always busy, the Strip, the casinos, the premier hotels, and the 24-7 shows and events. Nevada’s most popular tourist attraction is called Sin City for a reason, and John Cena’s face would turn red if he found out what Nikki did in Las Vegas. A city of gambling, entertainment, and non-stop partying. Nikki Bella did nothing wild or anything, she just attended an event at Sugar Factory. Nikki looked beautiful in a white dress during the said event.

21 22. Ontario, Canada

Ontario is a beautiful city in Canada. It’s one of the biggest and major cities in the country, having a population of 14.5 million as of 2017 according to Canada Population 2018. It is located in the south of Canada and borders the US states of Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and New York. Ontario is the home of the popular CN Tower, an attraction as famous as any other landmark in any other city in the world. Nikki Bella may have visited the tower in one of her WWE trips in the city.

20 21. Miami, Florida

This Florida trip was taken for a Total Divas taping. The crew of the show and the whole cast was there to record for the WWE reality show Total Divas, and that included Nikki Bella. Beaches and nice hotels, it’s a recipe for great jealousy on John Cena’s part. It was like a girls night out, only it’s a whole weekend and it was a newly single Nikki Bella in a place that’s begging her to display that great body of hers in a bikini.

19 20. Denver, Colorado

The Pepsi Center in Colorado sold thousands of tickets to this WWE event that featured the likes of Nia Jax, Dolph Ziggler, Dean Ambrose, Jinder Mahal, Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns. Of course, the Bella twins were in attendance along with their loyal Bella Army. Denver looked so good with the twins exploring the city and enjoying the scenery. Unfortunately, they lost their match in this event, but this was without Ronda Rowdy Rousey. Will they ever team up again, we wonder?

18 19. Columbus, Ohio

They say there’s nothing much to see in Ohio except for a visit of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But when the WWE visited the city of Columbus last September for WWE Monday Night Raw, rock and roll were unleashed in the United States Schottenstein Center. It was a memorable event started by the Bella twins up against Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. After their victory, there were 6 more bouts with the main event between Braun Strowman and Finn Balor.

17 18. Chicago, Illinois

Illinois is a state located in the midwestern part of the United States, surrounded by the states of Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, and Missouri. The state capital is Chicago, and it’s one of the biggest and most popular cities all over the country. After their WWE Monday Night Raw event, Nikki Bella headed out to the ACE Comic Con in Chicago’s Navy Pier. Nikki even managed to linger and snag a Wizarding World goody bag while she was there.

16 17. Paris, France

This trip to France was more of a vacation than a work trip for Nikki Bella. Paris is a city very close to her heart and is memorable for her with or without John Cena. She was with her girls on this trip, and that included her best friend and twin sister, Brie Bella. Didn’t the Eiffel Tower look good with the twins in front of it? It was a great vacation and one where the pictures are only going to be a TOTGA moment for John Cena.

15 16. New Orleans, Louisiana

In another WWE event, the athletes and the crew headed out to New Orleans for Monday Night Raw showcase at the United States Smoothie King Center in Louisiana. Nikki Bella was able to take time off in the wondrous city and enjoyed a nice meal with her mom and family in one of those cozy veranda suites overlooking the streets of New Orleans. It was a great trip with family and capped off with a solo win against Ruby Riott.

14 15. Biscay, Spain

Biscay is a province located in the northernmost part of Spain, the WWE traveled to Europe and held an event in Biscay’s capital city of Bilbao. This province is as beautiful as any other European destination. Witness the magical Gaztelugatxe, an islet in Basque Country with a medieval church sitting alone in the middle of the island. The Guggenheim Museum is an architectural wonder that is worth visiting in Bilbao as well. Spain is a beautiful country and Biscay is one province to check out there.

13 14. Wales, the United Kingdom

WWE Entertainment ventured off to the United Kingdom for a series of shows and one of their stops is the country of Wales. The event was held in Cardiff at the United Kingdom Motorpoint Arena. Wales is one of four countries in the United Kingdom, the other three are England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. One should not miss the following attractions in Wales, Snowdonia, a beautiful mountain range, and the Brecon Beacons National Park for the hiking enthusiasts and nature lovers.

12 12. Trinidad and Tobago

In one of the Bella twins social media broadcasts, Nikki traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for a visit to the exotic island. This was broadcast on their YouTube channel, now with almost 2 million subscribers, and documents Nikki’s travels and adventures. There was one clip where she was looking for the perfect coconut with her friend Eileen, and another one where they trek the jungle riddled with tarantulas. They were special guests at Trinidad and Tobago’s Decibel Festival and had some documentary time before the event.

11 10. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge, a city along a stretch of the Mississippi River. World Wrestling Entertainment held an event there last year at the United States Raising Cane’s River Center. Tourists who visit the city take tours at the Old State Capitol, a Gothic-revival castle built in 1847. The retired USS Kidd is resting comfortably in the Mississippi River and is one of the city’s popular tourist sites. Visitors can climb aboard for a tour of the historic ship.

10 9. Kansas City, Missouri

WWE Smackdown presented a 5-way championship bout between Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Carmella, Natalya, and of course Nikki Bella. This match was held at the United States Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri. Nikki did not come out victorious as Becky Lynch took the belt home that day. It was one of those busy seasons for WWE stars, as they went on a WWE Live Holiday Tour and stopped at Kansas City for an event for their diehard Missouri fans.

9 8. Napa Valley, California

It seems that one of Nikki Bella’s favorite places in Napa Valley. There is an abundance of photos with Nikki Bella having a good deal of fun there, some with John Cena, and more recently, others with her friends and twin sister. Her last visit was a family trip with Brie and Daniel Bryan. She tagged along, newly single, but still looked radiant and genuinely happy. In one of her pictures, we see her walking along the pathway surrounded by the vineyard.

8 7. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is another hot tourist destination in Europe. It is located in the northeastern part of Spain facing the pristine waters of the Balearic Sea. During a WWE Smackdown tour, Nikki got a chance to enjoy the city of Barcelona. She may have taken a trip to the Sagrada Familia, or the Giant Basilica in Mallorca and may have walked the streets of Las Ramblas, the most famous street in Barcelona. The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is another popular tourist site in the city.

7 6. Scotland

Nikki got a chance to visit Scotland by way of WWE in an event that was held at the GE Oil & Gas Arena in Aberdeen. Scotland is a beautiful country, serene and peaceful. It’s the perfect venue for a much-needed rest and quiet reflection. Unfortunately, she was there for a show and a show she put on, winning a tag team match with Naomi. Popular tourist attractions in Aberdeen, Scotland, are the St. Machar's Cathedral and the Brig o'Balgownie, Scotland's oldest bridge.

6 5. Toulouse, France

Toulouse is a lovely city in France. It’s a city in the south of France and near the border of its neighboring country of Spain. The city is also known as The Pink City, La Ville Rose, because of the dominant color used in most of the buildings in the city, the terracotta bricks. The most iconic building here is the Capitole de Toulouse, the heart of the city. Nikki defended her belt during a WWE event held at the Zénith De Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées.

5 4. Mexico

Nikki Bella’s trip to Mexico was a mix of business and pleasure. She went to Mexico for a WWE shoot for the documentary show Total Divas, then she and the crew headed out to Cabo San Lucas, stayed at a nice hotel, or Cabo, and enjoyed being single women with her lady friends. The show documented their journey going to Cabo San Lucas, complete with the boat rides and the fun in the water. Cabo San Lucas is located in the southern tip of that adjacent stretch of land on the left side of Mexico in Baja California Sur.

4 3. Manchester, England

Manchester is a city in England most famous for its football, oh sorry, it’s a soccer team, Manchester United. But this city offers more than just the famed sports team, it also has a lot in store for the visiting tourist. A walk in Castlefield is sure to make your day, enjoy the Bridgewater Canal and the Roman Fort in this park. For culture and history fanatics, the Manchester Cathedral and the Museum of Science and History are sure to quench that thirst.

3 2. Madrid, Spain

Madrid is another city in Spain that is surely a tourist magnet. But in the Barclayland Center, WWE fans all over Europe were attracted by the event that transpired in the arena. It was a WWE Live Smackdown event featuring Nikki Bella and other WWE stars like AJ Styles, The Miz, and Randy Orton. As usual, Nikki won again in her match. Top tourist spots in Madrid are the Buen Retiro Park, the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, and the Prado Museum.