Most people hit up Costco to get great deals on bulk items. From generous portions of potato chips to enough ketchup to last you through next summer, the store is packed with piled-high shelves and aisles of abundance. It’s fun to make a trip out of the shopping excursion and many parents bring the kids along for an afternoon of adventure.

Not only is the giant store itself impressive, but the experience is just as rewarding. Who doesn’t enjoy all those free samples and stocking up on stuff you don’t really need? Sure, having lots of paper towels may be a must, but six dozen oatmeal raisin cookies aren’t exactly on the food pyramid. Then again, those giant canisters of cheese balls are too good to pass up.

So yes, we all know about the bulk that Costco offers but what else are they selling? Let’s just say the selections are strange. Here are 22 things Costco sells that you probably never knew about. Weird and wacky, but wonderful!

22 A Vacation Package

Why bother to book a vacation all by yourself when the good folks at Costco can help you get a great deal? From Disney to cruises, the bulk store also offers some valuable vacation packages for families to have the time of their lives. Ask a rep at your local Costco to hook you up with someone to talk to so you can arrange a vacation the Costco way. Find awesome deals and exclusive packages thanks to special partnerships. You may have stopped in for enough eggs to make an omelet that could feed fifty, but you’ll leave with airline tickets and a hotel reservation.

21 An Engagement Ring

Costco may not be the place Beyoncé was singing about when she suggested men “put a ring on it,” but if she knew about the dazzling deals on their diamonds, the song may have had a few new lyrics. Sure, Costco may not be the most romantic place on Earth, but they do sell some “bling” - even diamond rings. It’s a far cry from Tiffany, but the prices are much more affordable. While you’re loading up your cart with toilet paper and plastic cutlery, show that special someone how you really feel by getting down on one knee in the check-out lane.

20 An Inflatable Boat

C’mon, who doesn’t need an inflatable boat? It’s a no-brainer, no? OK, so an inflatable boat isn’t exactly a staple on most folks’ shopping lists, but when you’re at Costco and have some extra dough to throw around, an inflatable boat seems like the perfect purchase. Perhaps you plan to do some camping by the lake or live on the water. In that case, an inflatable boat would be a sensible purchase. Luckily, Costco sells ‘em, so why not live a little? Boating done the blow-up way is convenient and cool. Stock up on sunscreen while you’re at the store and you’re all set.

19 A Pool

Take a dip in your brand-new Costco pool this summer. They sell above-ground pools that are nicely priced and ready for installation. We’re not talking about a kiddie pool here…these are the real deal. You’ll probably have to get your new pool delivered (it won’t exactly fit in your shopping cart), but once it arrives, the family will be splashing around and swimming in no time. Invite the neighbors over for a Costco-themed pool party and get all your food and drinks at the store while you’re there. Who knew Costco was the place to make your backyard more like a beach club?

18 A Coffin

Did someone recently pass away or is a family member on death’s door? If this sort of trouble has recently emerged in your life, let Costco be there to ease your pain. While you’re there buying Kleenex in bulk to wipe away your tears, consider getting a coffin to properly contain the remains of your loved one. Sure, the idea seems a tad unseemly, but a good deal is a good deal, even when it comes to the dearly departed. We’re not sure if they sell gravestones too, but at least you can cross coffin off your funeral to-do list. Rest in peace.

17 A Toilet Bowl

If a toilet bowl is #1 or #2 on your shopping list, find your “royal throne” at Costco. We all know they sell toilet tissue, feminine products, air freshener, and all the other must-have toiletries at the store, but did you realize they sell the whole kit-and-caboodle too? Why flush your hard-earned money down the toilet when you can find a decent deal on a new bowl at your favorite bulk retailer? When your toilet bowl is not functioning at full capacity, don’t wait until it fully poops out. Grab a new one at Costco and wipe away your bathroom worries.

16 A Chicken Coop

Do your chickens need a new home? Look no further than your hometown Costco for a coop to keep them feeling safe and secure. You may not have considered Costco as the place for purchasing items for your feathered friends, but the superstore seems to sell just about everything. Your chickens will no longer run amok when they are enjoying their time inside their shiny new Costco coop. You’ll feel like Old MacDonald when you surprise the family fowl with a new dwelling. Get ready for lots of fresh eggs and plenty of clucking as they thank you for your generosity.

15 A Car

They may not be free a la Oprah, but YOU get a car, and YOU get a car when you go to Costco. Yep, the store can help you land your next automobile or at least help you start the process of securing one. There’s no time like the present to get a new set of wheels, so why not get rolling with a Costco connection? Perhaps you’re in the market for a sports car or something for the family like a sedan or a minivan? Whatever you want to drive, let Costco help you start the engine. The next time you drive up to a Costco, it will be in your shiny new car.

14 Russian Caviar

Fancy schmancy! Costco is more than a place to get piles of pretzels and ten tubes of toothpaste. You can also stock up on some gourmet goodies too – Russian caviar, for example. While the other shoppers are buying jars of junk food and stacks of paper plates, you’ll be loading up your Costco cart with something more culinarily creative. Host a dinner party and serve some of Costco’s finest. While you’re there, be sure to get some crackers to go with your fancy fish eggs. Just don’t tell your guests where you got the caviar. It may put a damper on the dining experience.

13 Your Own Vending Machine

Vending machines are the perfect solution when you’re in the mood for a simple snack. When hunger pangs kick in, getting that quick fix is always a thrill. Whether you prefer something sweet like a Hershey bar or something savory such as a bag of nuts, the treats in a well-stocked vending machine never fail to satiate. Now imagine a vending machine in your own home or office. The good news? You can buy one at Costco! If you put one in your basement, when pals come by to hang out, you can make a few bucks off them when they slip in a dollar bill in exchange for a bag of chips. You’ll make your money back in no time!

12 A Custom Painted Portrait

These days, selfies are all the rage. But there was a time when a custom painted portrait was considered cool. Bring back the nostalgia of the olden days with a Costco-created custom painted portrait. When you see yourself or a family member on canvas, you’ll be delighted with how well the piece turned out. Photos are fine, but the hard work that goes into a portrait can’t be matched. Hang yours above the fireplace or find someplace else in the house to display the masterpiece. Friends and family will marvel at the magic of artistry done with patience and paint.

11 A Sauna

Need a little R&R? Nothing is quite as soothing as a nice soak in a sauna. And you don’t have to go to a specialty store to purchase one for your home. Costco sells saunas and you’ll leave the store more satisfied than ever. While you’ll have to wait for its delivery, just knowing your sauna is on its way is reason enough to take the plunge and purchase one. As the other shoppers fill their carts with less indulgent items, you’ll be thinking about slipping into your swimsuit and setting the mood for an afternoon or evening of satisfying stress relief.

10 A Grand Piano

If you take pride in tickling the ivories, consider buying a new grand piano at Costco. Better known for selling low-priced pantry items and economy packs of tube socks, the store also stocks musical instruments. Make music the Costco way with a giant piano purchased at your favorite bulk store. You may never become the next Beethoven or even Billy Joel, but then again, they can’t say they got their first piano at Costco. Whether you are new to playing or you have been practicing for years, you will be sure to enjoy the sounds of Costco with every chord.

9 An Urn for Your Loved Ones Ashes

Sorry for your loss, but why not do your loved one proud by purchasing an urn at Costco? They sell the appropriate vessel to store your dearly departed relative’s ashes, so pick one up the next time you stop in for a sheet cake or a 12-pack of canned yams. While an urn isn’t exactly an impulse purchase, there may come a time when you’ll need one, as sad as it sounds. Costco can be your shoulder to cry on as you find the perfect urn for your deceased family member or even a beloved pet. Let’s just hope this is one Costco item you don’t need in bulk.

8 Wagyu Beef Worth over $1,000

Meat eaters know that one of the finest cuts of beef is Wagyu. It’s expensive and indulgent, but for those with a gourmet palate, this beef is the bomb. Vegetarians can skip this entry, but for those who delight in a dinner that came from a cow, Wagyu beef is the best. And lucky for you, Costco sells some of the priciest cuts, worth more than a grand! Perhaps you are looking for a special dinner for a date or just got your yearly bonus check. Spend that dough at Costco and pick up a hunk of meat that won’t disappoint. Why buy basic burgers when Wagyu is so wonderful?

7 A Home Wine Cellar

A bottle of red, a bottle of white…How ‘bout lots of bottles of all sorts of fine wine? And you can store these special blends and bubblies in your home wine cellar, created and crafted by Costco. They can help you design and install a wonderful wine cellar for your home, allowing you to store your selections at just the right temperature in the perfect wine environment. If boxed wine is your go-to, such a purchase may not be for you, but if you’re something of a wine expert, consider heading to Costco for a new addition to your home. Cheers!

6 A Chandelier

Costco can light up your life when you brighten your home with elegance and sophistication. Buy a chandelier at Costco for a look that says luxury. Plain old lamps and basic bulbs are no match for a delicate chandelier you can hang in your entryway or family room. The beauty of an elaborate chandelier will turn any room from blah to breathtaking. A chandelier certainly won’t be the cheapest thing you’ll buy at Costco, but it may just be the nicest. The next time you switch on the lights in your living room, you will have Costco to thank. How exquisite.

5 A Greenhouse

If you have a green thumb and love plants and flowers, having your very own greenhouse would be the ultimate thrill. Thankfully, you can get one at Costco, the same place you buy garbage bags and marshmallows in bulk. Once you get your new greenhouse all set up, you can begin growing plants, herbs, flowers, even fruits and veggies. You’ll spend so much time in your greenhouse that you’ll feel like it was money well-spent. Plus, you won’t need to go to the grocery store anymore for your lettuce and parsley. Go to Costco and go green. A (green) thumbs up, indeed!

4 A Custom-Built Garage

If you are a car aficionado and care about keeping your precious automobiles looking their best, parking them in a garage is important. Maintaining their shine and protecting them from the outdoor elements keeps cars looking like new, so rather than parking them out by the curb or even in the driveway, pull yours into the garage. But for the true car lover (who has some cash to spare), you can create a custom-built garage, care of Costco. They can sell you tons of stuff in bulk, but you’ll only need one great garage. Now only if they offered at-home valet parking…

3 A Massage Table

Perhaps you have a sore neck or your shoulders are feeling the effects of stress. There’s nothing like a nice massage to work out those knots and kinks. But you’ll need to find a place to stretch out if you want a decent massage. Costco had the right idea when they decided to sell massage tables. Buy one at your local Costco and bring it home. The thing is, they don’t come with a masseuse. You will have to hire one on your own, but at least they won’t have to lug along a bulky table. If you’re lucky, your loved one will give you a back rub every now and then so you get the most out of your Costco purchase.