The thought of the Wedding Day has always made couples go weak at the knees, and so has the idea of the spotlight, shining out for the two lovebirds. But even though the Big Day alone evokes a whole spectrum of beautiful emotions, most wedding ceremonies are painfully trivial and even prosaic. Where has the element of excitement gone these days, right?

Undoubtedly, it's long bitten the dust for most people, but thankfully, it's still alive and thriving for the non-traditionalists featured on today's list.

From underwater weddings, which will literally take your breath away, to ceremonies in the sky, get ready to dive into the most unusual places where people tied the knot. Whatever they wanted to prove with this, it's pretty clear that these guys were fearless enough to go the extra mile. But ultimately, you don't get married every other Sunday, do you? So why not make it quite spectacular and memorable?

Gladly for all romantics out there, these couples have absolutely followed the orders of the heart and mind. Now read on to find out more about the world's most unusual examples of newlyweds who tied the knot in the most unexpected locations.

22 An Under-The-Sea Wedding

Getting married in a beautifully adorned church is really nice; however, it sure is a little old-fashioned for some couples, including the two lovebirds in this picture. Generally, underwater weddings come in an abundance of creative packages, reveals, from aquariums, surrounded by manta rays, sharks and other underwater creatures, to actual shipwrecks and deep-sea shark cages. All those daredevils, who cannot wait to live out the wedding of their wet dreams (literally), there are even more exotic locations, waiting to be discovered just off the coast of Cancun, Mexico, Nassau, in the Bahamas, and nearby Fort Lauderdale in Florida.

21 Getting Hitched At The Top of Mount Everest?!

Yes, it's as real as a day, and yes, it's quite spooky. Just imagine the girl saying: "Hey, honey, I've finally found the perfect location for our wedding - it's Mount Everest!" Indeed, we can only try to imagine the guy's shocked reaction to this overly creative idea. But as you can see for yourself, this daring couple from California turned the "I feel on the top of the world" metaphor into a freezingly cold reality. In March 2017, Ashley and James became the first couple to have married at Mount Everest Base Camp, reveals. For the Magical Day, Ashley donned a gorgeous wedding gown, while James, her husband, looked trim in an elegant tuxedo.

20 Get Married In Scotland — Just Before Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping isn't at all for the heart-fainted couples but for all those daredevils who always live on the edge. Perhaps, these two guys, Ross Basham, and Hannah Phillips were so fed up with the 100-year old wedding ceremony that they decided to "take the plunge" instead. This couple's nuptials absolutely added a bright new nuance to the old-fashioned concept of the traditional marriage. And what better way to do so than with a tandem-jump, right? The two lovebirds fell about 140 feet together while wearing their wedding attire, details. Well, at least that's quite the way to jump straight into marriage.

19 Get Hitched In Space?

Sometimes we're so head over heels in love with our partner that we almost feel like they're out of this world. But could they have actually come from outer space? Wait, what? Indeed, there was a couple that actually got married in outer space. Meet the world's first zero-gravity wedding that ever happened aboard the Vomit Comet. The lucky ones that actually got hitched aboard the comet were Noah Fulmor and Erin Finnegan, details. But aside from the magical, almost surreal space-like wedding, it's still quite mysterious how they were physically able to kiss each other after the big old "I Do!".

18 Get Married At A Taco Bell In LA For A What Happens In Vegas Vibe

The Big Day has finally arrived for the two lovebirds, named Dan and Bianca. Similarly to the other non-traditionalists on today's list, Dan and Bianca have always desired to add a special vibe to their Wedding Day; and, as a matter of fact, they actually did it. And much like in the 2008 film, What Happens In Vegas, the couple took the "I Do" phrase to a whole new level. Dan and Bianca really became the first couple to have ever get hitched inside a taco bell in Las Vegas. Once the wedding was over, the two were eventually crowned the winners of the Love & Tacos Contest, details.

17 Take The Ride Into Marriage At Cedar Point Amusement Park, Ohio, USA

While some couples still follow outdated wedding customs, others just want to have fun at their Wedding Day. Thrill-seekers are now actually able to add a touch of excitement to their magical day and literally ride into marriage. But in order to do it, couples must jump aboard the Coney Island Cyclone at the Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. There, at the platform, the lucky ones can say "I Do" in style before jumping on the Millennium Force Coaster. "When the guy made it through the proposal phase, she said "YES", and lots of tears were shed from both of them", reveals.

16 Pop The Question At A Voodoo Doughnut Shop

Indeed, love seems to be a little sweeter at the Voodoo Doughnut Shop in Portland. If by any chance you consider this super odd, just wait until you find out what else happens at this unique wedding venue there. According to, amorous couples are now able to say "I do" at this Portland-based doughnut shop, and that's exactly what these two have done. The wedding venue boasts an abundance of playing creations, romantic gifts, and other wedding-inspired goodies that can only make the big day twice as magical. In a quick sit-down with the co-founder of the Voodoo location, Mr. Tres Shannon, it became common knowledge that the weddings are tightly connected to old Voodoo traditions from the very beginning.

15 Don't Miss That Bargain Wedding At The 99 Cent Store!

Only you and your partner can decide how, when and where you'll tie the knot. Gladly,  the LA-based 99 Cents Store has come up with a super creative idea that allows couples to get married for 0,99 cents in total! In a nutshell, the owners of the store held a contest and almost 3,000 couples applied to get hitched in their store. When the contest was over, nine winners were randomly selected and were able to get married for only 0,99 cents in a ten-minute service. But most surprisingly, a local designer even created a discount decor and took care of the wedding attire for the couples, notes.

14 Kiss Your Partner On The Bank Of The Icy Yenisei River

If you've ever wondered what it's like to get hitched on the bank of the icy Yenisei River, then you've come to the right place. In 2010, random fishers unwillingly witnessed a unique marriage of these two guys right on the bank of the cold river. The couple said their vows while bracing the cold in a deserted area, just south of the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, REUTERS notes. Sergei Kaunov married the love of his life, Irina Kuzmenko, as they stood on a snow-covered rock over the icy river. While Irina wasn't exactly thrilled with the wedding concept, she agreed to do it due to Sergei's penchant for icy waters and exploring such wild places.

13 Make An "I-Promise" At The Apple Store

When you are such a devoted Apple fan, your world probably revolves around all Apple products. These guys were such huge fans of the brand that they ended up getting married at the newly-opened Apple Store in Singapore. At first, the couple was actually uncertain about the wedding photoshoot, but, according to, the tech-obsessed lovebirds celebrated their marriage with a bridal party and a walk down the aisle between the store's brand-new products and display tables. Once inside, Jermyn and Chia took their first photos as husband and wife; however, they didn't miss the chance to browse through their favorite Apple products.

12 The Costco Bulk Wedding

While some wedding locations were simply weird and non-traditional, this one is downright ridiculous. Most people actually enjoy stopping by Costco for a handful of party supplies since it's quite cheap; however, who could've known that this Californian couple would actually decide to get hitched inside the store. But from what we've learned on, Robert and Meredith Bonilla had their first encounter at the store, and more specifically, at the frozen food aisle. Eventually, the two married in 2015 and the store had to be closed for the day. But after all, this is how both wanted to get married because it simply made sense to Meredith.

11 The First Jetpack Wedding In History

While some folks dream about bungee jumping on their actual wedding day, others simply prefer to fly across the water before landing on the beach. In fact, this is exactly what Amanda Volf did on her wedding day as well. The girl flew across the water of Newport Beach, while Grant Engler, her fiance, flew in on a jetpack right on time for the wedding vows, reveals.  Going with the jetpack theme, the bride, Amada, donned her $90,000 contraptions on her backs, along with a wetsuit for Grant. But most interestingly, the couple didn't forget the most symbolic part of their wedding attire, namely the veil for the lady, and the white bow tie for the man.

10 Tie The Knot High Up In The Sky

Indeed, love really makes you feel like you've just landed on cloud nine. In 2008, another fearless couple decided to break the wedding stereotypes and hold their nuptials while in the sky. The two lovebirds even took it up a notch when they stepped on the wings of the plane at an altitude of nearly 1,000 feet. While the bride stood on the wing of her plane, the groom stood on the wings of his.  The officiant who performed the ceremony was on a third aircraft while trying to speak as loud as he could through loudspeakers, notes. Indeed, that's quite an unusual way to get married. Hopefully, they will remain on the wings of love for a very long time.

9 Let The Sharks Witness Your Wedding

In 2010, Ap. Pignataro and M. Curry put on their lovely wedding wetsuits and dived underwater with expert divers to say "I Do". That's hardly the spooky part, though. According to, the couple wore special underwater breathing helmets as they explored the underwater world and a dozen sand tigers and nurse sharks. The actual wedding took place at the Long Island Aquarium, which has become quite famous for weddings over the years. But while most couples are satisfied with the actual wedding location, others simply desired to get inside a shark tank and get a close-up look at the underwater beasts. Eventually, the couple really got married underwater, while a minister on dry land performed the ceremony while being hooked up with radio communication.

8 The Nascar Wedding In LA

Did you know that you can actually get married at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway? Theme Las Vegas Weddings sure sounds like the perfect place for couples that are car enthusiasts as well. Since last year, the so-called Nascar Wedding has been offering many couples the unique chance to have a wedding right in the Victory Lane, adds. But the most exciting part is that you can have an ordained minister dressed in special Nascar gear to perform the ceremony as well. But aside from the actual ceremony, couples can also renew their vows as well while being surrounded by the fastest and most spectacular vehicles in the world.

7 The Beautiful Ice Chapel

Welcome to the ice chapel at the Hotel de Glace, situated just outside of Quebec. This unique place is well equipped with fur-covered ice pews as it also provides warm blankets and wraps for the guests to sit on. The walls of the ice chapel are entirely made of snow and ice; however, it's really not that cold in there. The internal temperature goes around 23 degrees, details, so couples can actually renew their vows inside without freezing to death. Every year, the accommodations have to be reassembled due to the delicate structure of the chapel. Generally, the assembly takes more than 30,000 tons of snow and over 500 tons of ice.

6 No Wedding Attire Required At The Cypress Cove Nudist Resort & Spa, Florida

Sometimes you don't even have to stress over the wedding attire and whether it's going to be what you imagined. Thanks to this wonderful place in Florida, couples can actually opt for a nudist wedding at the backdrop of Lake Toho. At the Cypress Cove Nudist Resort And Spa, guests can enjoy an actual nudist wedding at no cost for the ceremony; however, they should have an annual membership (starting at $120). Cypress Cove also features an on-site restaurant, called Cheeks Pool Bar & Grill, and according to, the motto here is "rest yours at ours".

5 The Romantic Cave Wedding

To those, who're interested in a unique cave-like wedding, we can absolutely recommend the Bridal Cave, located in the Ozarks, Missouri. Since the 1800s, over 2,500 lovebirds have tied the knot here, notes. Although the idea of getting married in a cave may sound a little crazy to most people, it can actually be quite lovely and romantic. In fact, there was a couple from the Virgin Islands that wanted to tie the knot inside the cave; therefore, they eventually decorated the whole place with candles and other marriage-like elements. Admittedly, they must have had the wedding of their dreams.

4 The Alaskan Glacial Wedding

The Glaciers of Alaska are, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful sights you can ever see. Everything about it is merely breathtaking, so it's only natural that more and more couples can't wait to get married at the background of the Alaskan Glaciers.  Somehow the same idea got stuck with Amy and Gregory Rhoden who wanted to have their wedding ceremony on an actual glacier, reveals. Their wedding guests took a helicopter to reach the iceberg while the rest of them arrived on a cruise ship. When it comes to the actual photo shoot, the two had to pose in such a way that their hiking boots with spikes had to remain out of the picture.

3 Say A "I Do" At The Grand Canyon

As one of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of Arizona, the steep-sided canyon, carved by the Colorado River, remains open for daily use. No wonder why this couple decided to trudge their way up to the top and get hitched when the area is less congested with visitors. All in all, The Grand Canyon is one of the most heavily photographed locations in the states, highlights, so it's only natural that it would attract couples as well. The two lovebirds were certainly yet another lucky couple who got hitched in such a unique and rare place.