Being the child of a world-famous parent is a tough job, but someone has to do it. When celebs get to jet off to exotic locations at the drop of a hat for their work or just because they can, their offspring normally get to tag along with them, which officially makes celeb kids the luckiest ones in the world. Leave aside the fact that these kids probably get bigger birthday bashes than 20 of ours put together, or a Christmas present list as long as a football pitch, they also get to see the world before many of us even leave the country in our lifetime!

When you realize that celeb toddlers and pre-schoolers have managed to rack up more miles than you have in 30 years on this planet, it can be a bit of a depressing thought! But such is the life of a jet-setting celeb family. Some of the amazing places the following famous tots have seen in their brief existence are giving us serious wanderlust envy and are frankly making us reassess where to book our next vacation.

We might envy the amazing travel scrapbook these pint-sized celeb globetrotters have already created, but it’s hard to stay mad at them when their moms and dads post such cute travel pics on their Instagram. It’s good to know that celebs enjoy a family vacay as much as the rest of us. Here are 22 celeb kids that have traveled more in diapers than we have in decades!

22 Blue Ivy Carter - Paris, Puerto Rico, Caribbean

The music power couple of the world are known for whisking each other away to lavish locations – sailing around the Caribbean, sunning themselves in the Med etc – and whether Bee and Jay Z are celebrating a romantic cruise, they’re normally never without their other precious bit of cargo, daughter Blue Ivy.

Long before the twins Rumi and Sir came along, Blue tagged along while mommy and daddy toured around the world and kicked back on more polls, beaches and private yachts with nana Tina Knowles than any top business exec will in a lifetime. Paris, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic are just a few of the stamps on 6-year-old Blue Ivy’s passport already.

21 Apple & Moses Martin/Paltrow - Mexico & Indonesia

When your mom’s an A-List actress and your dad is lead singer-songwriter of a worldwide hit-making band, chances are that traveling the world (and often) is inevitable. 14-year-old daughter Apple and 12-year-old son Moses have had many an awesome family vacation with their famous parents Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and since the ex-couple are still on such great terms, the jet-setting lifestyle has only increased.

When Paltrow wasn’t taking her son and daughter to kid-friendly resorts in sunny Mexico, the family also shared fun times in the Hamptons and amazing cultural trips to Indonesia where they hiked with Komodo dragons and slept under the stars. Wow.

20 Haven & Honor Warren - Cabo, Paris, Italy

The super cute daughters of equally gorgeous couple Jessica Alba and Cash Warren are a fixture of their Instagram page and this only increases when they’re traveling. As well as routinely taking her daughters Haven & Honor to Disneyland, the girls have also seen trips to Cabo and Paris whenever Alba attends fashion week.

When the couple’s eldest daughter Honor turned the big 1-0 earlier this year, Alba took the two of them for an adorable Mother-Daughter trip in Italy (Amazing mom goals right there). Alba’s infant son Hayes has already had express tours of LA and New York in Mommy’s work schedule. It won’t be long before his older sisters are taking him on cute sibling vacays too.

19 Tennessee, Ava & Deacon Phillippe - the Bahamas

Actress and proud mom of 3 Reese Witherspoon is struggling to keep up with how fast her kids are growing. She recently celebrated her two eldest Ava and Deacon graduating high school this summer, but instead of feeling that empty nest syndrome, she has her adorable toddler Tennessee to keep her company everywhere she goes.

Witherspoon’s youngest son Tennessee may have barely turned 5 years old, but he is already clocking up as many miles as his older siblings put together! Reese has taken many family vacays to the Bahamas and has snapped many a cute pic of her and little Tennessee on the gorgeous white sands of the Caribbean together. Sweet!

18 Luna Simone -Indonesia & Italy

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend seem to be the ultimate romance goals celeb couple and as a result, they’re always seen snapped at some beautiful part of the world together, taking their adorable daughter Luna Simone along for the adventure.

2-year-old Luna has already joined the couple in secluded and breathtaking Lake Como in Italy, and most recently to super exotic Bali, Indonesia, where the couple was also joined with their new addition to the family – 3-month-old son Miles. It can take some of us 3 months to plan an epic vacation – this kid is in paradise before he can talk!

17 Everly Tatum - Puerto Rico, LA & Michigan

Magic Mike star Channing Tatum and ex-wife Jenna Dewan are parents to 5-year-old daughter Everly and while the pair may be separated, they have kept things amicable for the sake of giving Everly plenty of amazing and fun vacations to look back on.

Since she was as little as 6 months old, Everly Tatum has been lapping up the luxe life in places like Puerto Rico, glamping it in Michigan and just six weeks after their split earlier this year, the actress and dancer Jenna celebrated Mother’s Day with 5-year-old Everly shopping together in LA. In support of his ex, Tatum sent out a sweet Mother’s Day message for the pair on his Instagram.

16 Harper Seven Beckham - France & Africa

The Beckham clan has steadily grown in number over the years. First there were the two apples of Victoria and David’s eye, handsome boys, Brooklyn, and Romeo Beckham and now that youngest son Cruz is well on his way to becoming a man, it’s left to 7-year-old daughter Harper to get all the attention from her loving brothers and revisit all the vacation spots they saw as kids.

When she’s not joining mommy at fashion shows and glam catwalks in cities around the world, Harper Seven is enjoying chill time with the whole family in the likes of Morocco, France and most recently at a safari trip around Africa.

15 Monroe & Moroccan Cannon - Ibiza, Israel & Aspen

Mimi has and always will be a diva when traveling – the best private jets, the finest entourage and the most OTT travel accessories money can buy – so it naturally follows that her two kids would get the same VIP treatment when traveling too. Wherever Mariah goes, extravagance goes too!

Mariah Carey's adorable twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon that she shares with ex-hubby Nick have lived the high life since they were in strollers. Before and after they split, Mimi has taken her twin boys to the likes of Disneyland Florida, Ibiza, Israel and has always made it a family tradition to take them for the perfect winter wonderland holiday to Aspen each year.

14 Jayden & Sean Federline - Florida, Hawaii & Vegas

Do you remember when going to Disneyland was something you’d pray for as a kid? And even if we got our wish come true, this was once in a blue moon kinda vacation, right? Not when you’re Britney Spears’ kids. Brit’s offspring get to hang out with Mickey on the regular- #They’re so lucky# as her old hit used to go!

Britney either likes revisiting her Mouseketeer roots or just seriously spoiling her boys, Jayden, and Sean Federline, since she’s taken them on repeat trips for their birthday treat and other times just for the heck of it. On top of this, Brit’s boys have seen other magic kingdoms in the form of vacays to Hawaii and frequently to Vegas before wrapping up her Planet Hollywood shows.

13 Flynn Christopher Bloom - New Zealand, Mexico & Bora Bora

Aussie model Miranda Kerr admits that she travels “at least once every 10 days” for her job, and with two young sons in tow, this adds up to a lot of mini family vacations throughout the year. The gorgeous supermodel recently welcomed 4-month-old Hart into the family with new hubby Evan Spiegel, but her 7-year-old Flynn Christopher that she shares with ex Orlando Bloom has seen plenty of sights in his time.

It’s no surprise that as the son to a model and actor, little Flynn Christopher has traveled pretty extensively – rocking up in places like New Zealand, Bora Bora, Mexico, and New York. Jelly!

12 Ripley Lawley - New York, LA & Miami

The stunning Sports Illustrated model Robyn Lawley gets to see plenty of amazing places around the globe on shoots and glamour spreads, and her lucky young daughter Ripley gets to tag along every time! 3-year-old Ripley had a pretty glam start to her life by joining mum on a cover shoot in Australia and has plenty of other locations under her belt too.

Young Ripley has also joined her supermodel mom on trips to New York, Los Angeles, Miami and all across Europe on modeling assignments. Robyn also has a bucket list trip in mind to take with Ripley one day – to go to New Zealand and have a tour of Hobbiton. Adorable!

11 Mason & Penelope Disick - The Amalfi coast

Eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney has been no stranger to jetting off to far-flung corners of the world in her time and since her kids came on the scene, traveling hasn’t stopped. In fact, it’s only given her more reasons to spoil her brood with surprise trips away.

When Kourtney K and her latest beau Younes like to get away from it all for a family vacay, 6-year-old Penelope and 8-year-old Mason go with them. The family has been spotted living it up in the gorgeous Italian village of Positano on the Amalfi coast among other places. Enjoying a gelato while riding the seas of southern Italy is just a reg morning for these kids!

10 Future Zahir - Shanghai & Mexico

RnB stunner Ciara has certainly been burned when it comes to relationships, but with new hubby Russell Wilson and her adorable son Future Zahir in tow, it seems like the singer is finally getting to play happy families. Ciara’s little man is clearly her world and she certainly loves taking him around it!

In recent years, 4-year-old Future Zahir has sampled the delights of Disneyland Shanghai on a family trip across China, has sunned himself in Mexico for a mini Memorial Day vacation and even surprised Future with a much-requested helicopter ride around Seattle for his birthday. Cute celeb family goals!

9 Luca Cruz Comrie - Hawaii & Bahamas

When you’re the child of Hilary Duff, you’re guaranteed an exotic vacation on the regular no matter what. The former singer and mom of 2 have made it a priority to get away from things on her annual trip to Hawaii and in recent years, she’s had some extra company with her too.

Duff’s six-year-old son Luca Cruz Comrie was spending his sixth annual vacation in the beautiful Aloha state to keep mom company on her babymoon in expectancy of his soon to be little sister. The soon to be family of four have also taken Luca to the Bahamas with them in previous years. Lucky kid (and lucky bump!).

8 Axl Jack Duhamel - Kihei, Hawaii & LA

Much like Hilary Duff and family, another celeb and their offspring to be in love with the Aloha state are singer Fergie and her son Axl. The former Black Eyed Peas singer and her ex-hubby Josh Duhamel made pretty regular trips to Hawaii before their recent split, spending New Year’s in the quiet town of Kihei and soaking up the rays together on the beach for their 8 year anniversary.

Despite the memories the place must hold for them both, they haven’t let that get in the way of revisiting Hawaii with son Axl whenever they can. As well as taking 5-year-old Axl on trips to white sandy shores and palm trees, Fergie also makes a point of taking her son to the LA zoo when she’s off-duty.

7 Ryder & Bingham Hawn - Greece & Mexico

Kate Hudson likes to keep it in the family when she goes on vacation, as evidenced by her recent trip to Greece with three generations of the Hawn women – legendary actress mom Goldie Hawn, Kate and her soon to be a baby girl (the daughter inside her ever-growing baby bump!). Before even coming into the world, Kate’s third child can tick off the beauteous Greek islands on her travel list!

With teen son Ryder and 7-year-old Bingham from her previous marriages to Matt Bellamy and Chris Robinson, Hudson has also had her fair share of vacations with her boys – one of which was her pre-birth ‘babymoon’ trip to Mexico with ex-beau Matt. And judging by her recent Greece escapes, baby bump vacations have become a ritual for Kate!

6 Aoife Belle - Jamaica, Spain & LA

As one-fifth of pop girl group The Saturdays, Una Healy has been to many glamorous places while on tour and on exotic music video shoots, and her beautiful daughter (and mini-me) Aoife Belle is always there with her for the ride. The Irish beauty and pop singer took a much-needed vacay to Jamaica with the young Aoife while expecting her second child, and doubled up the holiday as a mini ‘babymoon’ for her and then hubby Ben Foden.

Mom Una has also taken her 6-year-old girl to the sunny island of Formentera in Spain and back and forth to Los Angeles whenever band life called for her to make trips to the US. The hard life of a celeb kid!

5 Frankie & Olive Barrymore - Florida, LA & New York

If Drew Barrymore can help it, she doesn’t like to travel without her kids, after her 5-year-old daughter Olive took it badly when she was out of town once. “She’s five going on thirteen” mom Drew explains, and has the attitude to go with it.”

Ever since Barrymore has vowed to take her girls along with her for work-related adventures, and what kid wouldn’t be tempted by a “come to work with mommy” day when that day could be at Disneyland Florida of all places? As well as taking her girls Olivia and Frankie to see Mickey once in a while, Drew has committed to a lot of “staycations while working around LA and New York.

4 Ava & Hero Quinn - Mexico

When British TV presenter and musician Myleene Klass isn’t on duty, she’s usually making the most of her free time with her daughters Ava and Hero Quinn. At 7 and 11 years old, Myleene’s brood can be quite the handful and have even been known to throw a few tantrums in public. But Myleene has a solution to keeping them happy. A quick dash to Mexico anyone?

The stunning I’m a Celebrity USA host finds the best way to bond with her kids is by the sun, sea, and gorgeous white sands. Klass shared some cute family snaps on Instagram of her daughters in well-behaved holiday mode on a relaxing trip to Mexico, captioning it “Playing pirates and mermaids #paradise” Don’t feel too envious of Myleene – these kids can’t have kept it feeling like paradise for long!

3 Ben & Vivian Brady - Costa Rica & Qatar

He’s a quarterback for the New England Patriots, she’s a world-famous supermodel – together Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen make a stylish celeb couple, but they must make even cooler parents to their kids Ben and Vivian. With their respective jobs taking them to all corners of the globe, these kids have seen more vacations before school age than most of us will ever get to!

8-year-old Ben and 5-year-old Vivian Brady have been spotted jetting off to Qatar as part of a World Cup charity event and once dad was off duty, it was off to the beach for sandcastles and camel rides in the desert. The family also have a holiday home in Costa Rica, which probably means weekend trips there at a moment’s notice too. Alright for some!