Many guys want to take their girlfriend someplace off the beaten path. Doing the same thing day in and day out is not only boring but shows a guy isn’t putting much thought into the relationship. The same restaurant, movie theater, dive bar, etc. may be familiar and somewhat fun, but once you’ve been there dozens of times, familiarity turns into downright dull. Before long, you’ll both be sitting on the couch eating frozen microwave dinners while watching reruns.

Guys who want to impress their special girl with a new adventure will surely get kudos for trying to spice things up. That said, there are some places that are not going to win them any points. Adventure and excitement come to a halt when the place you go to is weird, wacky, scary, or even dangerous. Many ladies like to travel but not when the destination is a disaster.

Here are 21 places that guys should never bring their girl…or else. Before booking a flight or even considering someplace that seems a bit off, guys need to peruse this list and select another destination that their girl will appreciate. Don’t trip up when planning what ought to be a romantic trip. Happy dating!

21 Accident, Maryland – A visit here is just an accident waiting to happen.

Planning a date in another state can be exciting, but a trip to Accident, Maryland is a terrible idea. It’s a silly name for a city, but the novelty will wear off fast and you’ll be hanging out at some local diner eating cheesy fries realizing your date plans were nothing more than an unfortunate accident. If you think the name of this particular place is amusing, share the info with your girl, but don’t take her there just for kicks. Doing so may result in her declaring that dating you in the first place was the real accident.

20 Roswell, New Mexico – The UFO sightings only prove men are from Mars…

You’ve surely heard that there have been claims of UFO sightings in Roswell, New Mexico. Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, taking your girl there will be sure to freak her out. Unless she is really into aliens or loves all things outer space, a trip to Roswell will not go well. Perhaps a UFO will fly overhead or even land steps from where you are. Do you want to risk the chance that your girl will be abducted and taken to their leader? You’d be better off watching E.T. and sharing a bag of Reese’s Pieces in the comfort of your own home.

19 Colma, California – Filled with cemeteries, you’ll give your girl the creeps.

Colma, California is chock-full of cemeteries. Of course, people die and need to be buried, but why take your girl to a place where so many people are six feet under? She’ll surely think you’re crazy, perhaps a murderer. Unless it’s Halloween or your girl suggested she’d like to visit Colma, your vacation idea will kill your relationship the moment you step foot into the first cemetery. If you have a loved one buried in one of Colma’s many cemeteries, then be sure you explain this to your girl so she doesn’t think you’ve crossed over to the dark side. Pay your respects and then do something less creepy.

18 Gibsonton, Florida – Fun only if you’re a Big Top freak or want to run away with the circus.

Want your girl to think you’re a total clown? Then take her on a trip to Gibsonton, FL where being part of the circus is all the rage. This town loves to clown around with all sorts of circus-themed sights and sounds, making it the “big top” of the south. Unless your girl is a fan of floppy shoes and bright red noses, if you take her to Gibsonton, she’ll be laughing at you, not with you. You may even be inclined to join the circus just to get away from her.

17 Monowi, Nebraska – Population:1. You and your girl will make it “three’s a crowd.”

There’s a (very) small town in Nebraska where the population is one. Yes, one. One person officially resides in Monowi, making for what must be a very lonely life. At least there’s no trouble with the neighbors. That said, if you think a town of one is a fun place to take your gal pal, you must have a rather odd sense of adventure. There must not be much to do in this town aside from visiting its sole resident, and who knows if he or she even wants to see you? If you want to visit a small town, at least be sure they have a stoplight.

16 Elista, Russia – The entire town is chess-obsessed. Bore your girl to bits.

Like chess? Then Elista, Russia is your home away from home. Just make sure your girl is into the game too, or else she’ll be checking out another mate. This town is known for being chess-obsessed, strange and fascinating at the same time. Sure, lots of people play chess, from the beginners to the pros, but would they want to live in a town that’s all about chess, 24/7? Even the biggest chess fans take a break now and then. If your girl has never shown signs of being interested in the game, a visit to Elista is sure to be a bad move.

15 Swastika, Ontario – Named before WWII, but you’d think they’d rename the place.

Just no. Heading to Swastika, Ontario is a terrible idea on so many levels. Surely the townspeople have gotten used to the name, but living there must require a good deal of explaining to those who have never heard of the city. And why would you want to go there, much less take your girl? Two tickets to Swastika does not seem in any way romantic, fun, or even morally correct. By now, you’d think the government would have petitioned to change the name of the city to something less controversial. Canada’s a great place, but this city’s name is a letdown.

14 Lily Dale, New York – Residents communicate with the dead. Enough said.

If you “hear dead people,” perhaps you live in Lily Dale, NY. Here, it’s said that the residents can communicate with the dead. But if you don’t live in Lily Dale, yet you think you have some unfinished business with someone who has crossed over, planning a visit to the New York town may be on your bucket list. But your girl may not be such a fan of chit chatting with ghosts. If you want to scare her silly, go to Lily Dale, but don’t expect her to sleep well at night.

13 Coober Pedy, Australia – The whole town is underground. Your girl needs sunlight.

If you or your girl sunburn easily, then a visit to Coober Pedy, Australia may be the vacation of a lifetime. See, the whole town was built underground – no sunlight…ever. For most people, this would not be an ideal living situation or even an interesting place to vacation. It seems dark and dreary, not to mention claustrophobic and kinda creepy. A quick walk-through would be tolerable but a whole week of sunless seclusion? No thanks. Australia is such a lovely place. There are plenty of spots where the sun does shine.

12 Cat Island, Japan – Only 100 people live here – the place is overrun with cats.

Love cats? Then Cat Island, Japan may just be your “meow” heaven. But too much of a good thing can turn paradise into purr-adise. This island is full of cats, and more keep coming. Barely any humans live there, but the cats surely have made this island their home. If your girl loves cats, perhaps you can surprise her with a new kitten. But after a trip to Cat Island, she may never want to see another cat again. Play it safe and play with your own cat. The cats of Cat Island probably want to be left alone anyhow.

11 The Bermuda Triangle, North Atlantic Ocean – She’ll probably disappear as everyone else has.

If you want to be the next person featured on the “Most Wanted” list, then take your girl on a dangerous trip to the Bermuda Triangle. Tales have been told time and time again of how nobody makes it out of there…they simply disappear. Perhaps your girl has a wicked sense of adventure, but even this is just too much action for a date. And no decent travel agent will help you plan your trip to this region. If you love mystery and stories that have baffled people for years, watch a decent documentary on the matter. But stay home and stay alive.

10 The Catacombs, Paris – Quarries are overloaded with bones and skulls…this isn’t a horror movie.

Your girl will have a bone to pick with you if you take her to The Catacombs in Paris. The quarries in the area are piled high with skulls and bones. Sounds good for a Halloween nightmare, but bad for romance. She’ll think you are crazy, she’ll be scared senseless, and will wish she never agreed to take a trip to Paris with you – this was not what she expected. Hoping for flaky croissants and pleasant walks through the countryside, instead your girl will be screaming in horror as she sees another decomposing body part.

9 Intercourse, Pennsylvania – Located in Amish Country, your girl may get the wrong idea.

Yep, there’s a town called Intercourse. And the ironic part is that it’s in the Amish Country of PA. Surely passersby joke about the town’s name, cracking up as they pass the exit sign on the highway. The Amish must be used to the name by now, but if it’s new to you, have a chuckle and forget about it. There is no reason to drag your girl to Intercourse…it won’t get her “in the mood.” If you enjoy visiting Amish Country, that’s one thing, but don’t think the Amish folks will be interested in hearing another Intercourse pun. Then again, it’s par for the course.

8 Middelfart, Denmark – The joke will wear off quickly, then you’ll be stuck in this podunk town.

Taking your girl to Denmark just to visit a town called Middelfart really stinks. It’s no way to charm a gal into thinking you’re whisking her away to someplace special. Denmark has lots of interesting places to see, but Middelfart is more of a punchline than a dreamy destination. Have your laughs at the unfortunate name, but jokes are not meant to be taken seriously. Don’t toot your own horn over finding out about this place. Book a flight to Middelfart and make it a one way trip for you, because your girl won’t want to return with such an immature guy.

7 Pee Pee Township, Ohio – Named after the Pee Pee River…your girl will not be amused.

Pee Pee Township, Ohio is a real place, named after a real river…and no, it’s not actually filled with pee pee, although it’s safe to say that more than one person has likely relieved himself into the stream when nature came calling. Pee Pee Township does induce a chuckle, but taking your girl there won’t even make her crack a smile. She may think the town’s name is as funny as you do, but her laughing doesn’t signify that she’s interested in traveling to Ohio for the sake of silliness. The only pee pee she’s interested in is the one she can do in the privacy of her own bathroom.

6 Lake Natron – Petrifying Lake, Tanzania – Animals calcify in this lake. A day out boating could be your last.

Tanzania isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when guys are planning a getaway with their girl, but if for some odd reason you’ve heard of Lake Natron AKA Petrifying Lake in Tanzania, don’t get any “genius” ideas about taking your main squeeze there. Word has it that animals have calcified right in the water due to its unusual chemical makeup. The last thing you need is for your girl to accidentally slip into the lake and turn to stone. If you want to visit someplace by the water, find a spot that’s not quite so surprising.

5 Slope Point, New Zealand – Possibly the windiest place in the world, your girl will be blown over…and not in a good way.

Your girl may blow you over with her charm and good looks, but don’t return the favor by literally blowing her over. A trip to Slope Point in New Zealand may just be the windiest place on Earth. Not good for conversations outdoors and certainly a no-no for freshly done hairdos. A nice breeze can be refreshing, but a full-on grand gust will ruin your vacation as soon as you get there. New Zealand is full of excitement already, a windstorm isn’t necessary to have an enjoyable trip.

4 The Doorway Railway of Hanoi, Vietnam – The train comes inches from storefronts, making shopping risky business.

It is useful to have public transportation available while on vacation, but Vietnam makes their trains a little too accessible. The Doorway Railway of Hanoi in Vietnam runs right through the streets and in some areas comes mere inches from local storefronts and shops. One false move and you’ll be maimed! Window shopping goes from a carefree afternoon activity to a dangerous and frightening scare when a train nearly snags your slacks. If you’re into trains, take your girl on a nice cross-country Amtrak trip. It seems a whole lot safer.

3 The California Wildfires – Danger and destruction are not date-acceptable.

You’ve surely read or heard about the massive wildfires burning in California. People have lost their homes and some, their lives. It’s a devastating situation for those who live there and those who have friends or family who has lost so much. Needless to say, this is not the place you should bring your girl. Not now, anyway. It is not only dangerous but incredibly sad. If California is your dream date destination, go someplace else in the state, someplace that is safe and free of fire. Unless you are a firefighter, steer clear of this area until further notice.

2 The North Pole – Unless you’re Santa, this idea will leave her feeling ice cold.

Santa may think the weather’s just fine, but your girl won’t enjoy The North Pole one bit. Unless she absolutely loves frigid temps or is crazy for all things Christmas, The North Pole is not a good vacation destination. Not only is there nothing much to do there, but the temperature will have you shivering in your shoes. The idea may seem like a good one this time of year, but even Mrs. Claus would rather go someplace tropical. Buy your girl something nice to stuff in her stocking, just don’t make it a plane ticket to The North Pole.