It may be easy to pinpoint the most affluent and visited metropolises in the world; however, it’s far more difficult to identify the most luxurious neighborhoods and suburbs. But with the help of the United State Census Bureau, and the real estate site Trulia, TheTravel has eventually come up with quite a unique selection of such posh neighborhoods. This list largely consists of well-to-do cities with the most expensive communities, starting from the posh mansions of Short Hills, New Jersey, to the opulent estates of Los Altos, California.

Indeed, you may think you know what luxury looks like, but today you’ll realize that it has got at least a dozen other nuances. To determine the top 21 neighborhoods and suburbs that deserve to be featured on today’s list, we’ve also put our trust in Engel & Volkers – a real estate firm that zooms in on such exclusive areas that can even appeal to wealthy celebs, like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Some of them look so lavish and expensive that it’s probably just a matter of time before other celebs claim a property there as well. Now go ahead and take a closer look at these pricey areas that actually smell like money.

21 Los Altos Hills In California

Best known as one of Silicon Valley's most luxurious and esteemed residential enclaves, Los Altos Hills in California boasts rolling hills and marvelous bay views.

Bordering San Jose, this posh neighborhood easily attracts celebrities and even baseball legends, such as Barry Bonds, says.

As of 2018-2019, the population of Los Altos Hills goes a little over 30,000 and the median home sales price goes around $3.45 million.

But most shockingly, even the immensely gifted Beyonce also fell in love with Los Altos Hills, California. The charming singer is known to have rented an Airbnb mansion in the Silicon Valley that charges $10,000 per night.

20 Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg

Speaking of such posh quarters, Assiniboine Park is home to the great Winnipeg’s zoo - an awesome place where visitors can admire red kangaroos. For the rest of the residents, though, who prefer a more trimmed, manicured version of nature, Winnipeg has got a pretty cool 18-hole Tuxedo Golf Course, details.

Similarly to the previous examples, the average house price in Assiniboine Park goes over $600,000, while the average annual household income runs below $300,000.

Well, after all, Assiniboine Park is also home to the Shaftesbury campus, which is a considerably fancy addition to the neighborhood as a whole. So maybe, this can justify the high house prices there.

19 Westlake, TX

Nestled on the beautiful outskirts of Dallas, some of the most eminent residents of Westlake include the retired MLB player Jorge Piedra and his beautiful Swarovski heiress wife, Vanessa, reveals. Interestingly, Glenn Beck occupies a gorgeous 8,000-sq.f, mansion, previously owned by none other than the same MLB star.

Among the most extravagant properties is a luxury Mediterranean-style home that’s worth at least $4 million.

Often referred to as Texas’s best community, Westlake houses a whole myriad of exclusive private clubs, not to mention that the prestigious Westlake Academy, Fidelity Investments and Deloitte University are also located there.

18 Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Rancho Santa Fe has made the headlines around the world as a lavish location that houses a slew of wealthy folks. Among the notables who’ve purchased land there is the baseball bigwig Bud Black, reveals.

But wait – there’s also another top celebrity known for purchasing $18-million horse ranch in Rancho Santa Fe, and that's Bill Gates.

Similarly to the businessman, other eminent guys, such as NASA astronaut Pete Conrad, filmmaker Howard Hughes, and golfer Phil Mickelson, have also taken a liking to the area. Eventually, they decided to cut ties with the high-tech world and busy city, so they can finally purchase a house in the quiet neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe.

17 Old Tuxedo, Winnipeg

Winnipeg’s Old Tuxedo – yup, that’s its real name - boasts unique houses dating from the pre-World War II era. The residents, though, have got nothing in common with the old-school vibes there. In fact, most of the house buyers are a fresher-faced crowd, with big families and kids, according to In this neighborhood, Sunday cyclists are the typical sight, and it sure makes the place even more peaceful and charming.

The average house price starts at $1 M while the average annual household income is a little over $500,000.

Aptly named after its founder – Fredrick William Heubach – Old Tuxedo, Winnipeg, features some of the most luxurious houses for sale.

16 Terrell Hills, TX

With a population of 5,088, Terrell Hills happens to be just a few minutes away from the vibrant city of San Antonio. Also, the area is known for its rich cultural legacy, iconic landmarks, such as the Witte Museum, Riverwalk, and Alamo. Add the peacefulness to the big picture, and you’ll surely get a fantastic location in southwest Texas, reveals.

But best of all, most of these sights and attractions are at arm’s reach for lucky residents, such as Oscar winner Tommy Lee Jones.

Here, the most expensive and lavish house for sale features four bedrooms, five baths, and a whopping price tag.

15 Paradise Valley, Phoenix

Although Paradise Valley used to cater to farmers, today the area is known as one of Phoenix’s most luxurious and coveted neighborhoods, details. Not only does it house a great number of pricey resorts and must-see sights and attractions, but it’s also framed by beautiful mountains.

Take a walk around Paradise Valley and feel the peacefulness around you; however, try to stay calm if you happen to come across celebs, such as Mike Tyson and former U.S. Vice-president Dan Quayle.

Marvelous properties for sale usually include over 6,000-square-foot villas and houses that cost at least a few million dollars.

14 Bryn Mawr, PA

In Welsh, Bryn Mawr translates as a “great hill” and it's conveniently located in an expensive region, known as the Main Line. The posh stretch of land is found about 10 miles outside of Sunny Philadelphia and boasts top-notch boutiques, high-end dining restaurants, cozy cafes, and distinguished schools, explains.

To give you an idea of how expensive it is, median home sales price usually goes between $500,000-1,000,000; however, these numbers are probably nothing when compared to the most lavish homes there that are worth over $4 M.

Among the wealthiest people who live in Bryn Mawr is former President Woodrow Wilson. Pro Football Hall of Famer E. Tunnell and Katharine Hepburn also seem to have taken a liking to the area.

13 Southside Place, TX

Best known for its family-friendly environment and close proximity to Houston, Southside Place offers an abundance of noteworthy public schools, and perfectly maintained parks. All in all, the area seems pretty much great for families with kids. The posh community, running for at least 10 blocks, is quite a fantastic way to say goodbye to the bustling city.

As of 2013, the population was 1,784, but oddly enough, the median home sales price started at $1, 253 M.

According to, the most expensive and luxury home for sale is a Prairie-style mansion with four baths and bedrooms and is priced at over $2,205 M.

12 Glencoe, IL

Bordered by Lake Michigan, Glencoe is a quaint community that lies only twenty miles north of Chicago, Il. This charming area, details, is home to film actors, including Lili Taylor and Bruce Dern, Judge James Wilkerson – the man who actually sent Al Capone behind bars.

The median home sales price goes around $1.3 M, and that’s thought of as quite a great deal.

Other famous names who have purchased a house in Glencoe are the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Archibald MacLeish as well as the so-called Vacuum Cleaner King, E. Hoover. In Glencoe, the price tags are just as gigantic as they usually are in such posh areas, like Southside Place.

11 Bel Air, CA

Nestled at the foothills of Santa Monica Mountains, Bel Air is certainly a favorite of countless Hollywood stars, like Jennifer Aniston, film icon Al. Hitchcock, and other notable figures in the country, such as Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth Taylor. From a modern standpoint, Bel Air also seems to attract lots of business magnates, such as Tesla CEO and founder Elon Musk, explains.

For instance, Jennifer Aniston spent $21 M on her gorgeous 8,500-sq.f estate while Elon Musk’s property is much “cheaper” – it was only $17 M.

Most of these eminent people have spent tens of millions of dollars to have such a lavish property, located in Bel Air.

10 Bronxville, NY

A few miles north of New York rests one of the most beguiling regions in Westchester County. The close-knit spread measures about a square mile, however, it doesn’t stop celebs from daydreaming about it.

This lavish part of the Big Apple features a distinct style that resembles a typical English village full of all sorts of neat shops, cafes, and restaurants, shares.

Additionally, Bronxville is home to two collegiate institutions, one of which is Sarah Lawrence College. In fact, Frank Abagnale – the man who inspired the creation of Catch Me If You Can – also lived there.

9 Stoke D’abernon, UK

With an average house price of £870,383 (which is a little over $1), Stoke D’abernon in Surrey, UK, presents the magic formula that includes lovely atmosphere, convenient location, and a whole myriad of outdoor activities as well.

The region is also nicely packed with sports clubs for cricket, archery and tennis fans.

According to, Stoke D’abernon once featured old houses that dated back to the sixties; however, they were eventually replaced by 6,000sq ft to 10,000sq ft mansions, and needless to say, each is quite lavish and expensive for the average family in the country.

8 Woldingham, UK

Perched atop North Downs, Woldingham is yet another beauty inside the M21, and it’s about 20-30 minutes from Victoria. Interestingly, the late Lord Craigmyle once lived here, and upon his final hours, he donated the recreation ground, known as The Glebe.

The area is now known for its symbolic church and over 700 glorious leafy acres, reveals.

All in all, Woldingham is set in a wonderful area of unparalleled beauty and regularly beckons to the wealthiest Englishmen. The average price of homes here goes around £767,630, while over 17% of the buyers have purchased a house that’s over £1 M.

7 Hadley Wood, UK

With its fantastic Georgian clubhouse set on the hillside, Hadley Wood is the perfect place for devoted golfers. Here, the wealthiest of them can unwind with a relaxing golf game that will surely set the tone right. The area, filled with fine floodlit courts, football and bridge clubs, was also rightfully dubbed the “smugly luxurious residential satellite" in Hertfordshire, Barnet, UK.

According to, the average price of houses here goes over £765,311 or $967, 327.

Most of the houses along the edge of Green Belt feature a wonderful interior and exterior design, inspired by the last century’s styles.

6 Loudwater, UK

Set in wonderful green lungs right inside the M25, Loudwater provides easy access to the motorway network as well as a fast escape from Heathrow. The River Chess, details, meanders right through the countryside, so Rickmansworth is no more than a mile away with the Metropolitan Line.

Here, you can expect to see five-star hotels, such as the fantastic Grove Hotel & Golf Course covering over 300 acres.

It also happens to be the ideal spot to breathe in some fresh air. But to enjoy all of this luxury, most of the Loudwater’s residents had to fork over £715,335 or $904,228 to get the home of their dreams.

5 Radlett, UK

Unlike the previous example, Radlett presents considerably cheaper homes for sale. But still, the price tag doesn’t become less of a burden for most families with an average annual salary.

In fact, you can purchase a lavish property for over $500,000, shares.

When it comes to Radlett’s outdoor opportunities, it’s actually known for its sports activities, from playing tennis and squash to practicing cricket. Often referred to as the caricature of suburban preoccupations, Radlett rests happily among hedgerows and green hills. Another curious fact about Radlett’s society is that it zealously protects the Green Belt.

4 Pratt’s Bottom, UK

Stranded inside the M25, Pratt’s Bottom is to be found in Green Belt right on the slope of the North Downs. Quiz nights and carol concerts are the typical outdoor activity in the area, but all in all, Pratt’s Bottom is quiet and peaceful.

The area is also great for families with kids since it boasts top-rated schools, shares. Additionally, Pratt’s Bottom is home to two awesome parks, Farnborough Park and Keston Park.

In fact, most of the houses there date as far back as the early 90s, however, most of them were either knocked down or fully redesigned, explains says David Hughes, of Alan de Maid.

3 High Wood Hill, UK

In High Wood Hill, the average house price starts at £677,339 while sales over £1m have been made by only 16.8% of the buyers.

Exotic wildlife abounds in the area, and is therefore fiercely protected by its wealthy residents, says.

All in all, High Wood Hill is widely known for its beautiful ponds, farms and nature reserves, so it’s only natural that it’s full of lavish properties for sale. But while many famous folks, football players and pop starts opt for detached villas, we’ve learned that Arsene Wenger – Arsenal’s manager – has recently bought a five-bedroom house packed with all luxury amenities.

2 St. George’s Hill Envi Rons, UK

In a place like St. George’s Hill Envi Rons, houses go out of date faster than cars do, says Simon Ashwell of Savills.

“We sold the most expensive house this year at £10·5 million. The drive to secure land means the price of an acre has risen from £2·5 million to £3·5 million in the last 12 months."

In the past, though, houses weren’t nearly as lavish and unique as they are these days. The unattractive old houses get replaced with much bigger and better ones with unique architectural designs, shares. Eventually, such luxury homes sell like hot cakes even when priced at over half a million dollars.