Is there anything more romantic than a honeymoon? It's all about you and the love of your life trying new things together in an exciting world-class destination. When it's done right, a honeymoon becomes a special trip with plenty of meaningful intimate moments, fun memories, and sweet experiences between the two people involved.

When it's done wrong, however, a honeymoon can be a big inconvenience (or even embarrassment) to the people around you. Locals and fellow travelers don't always love sharing accommodations or travel destinations with honeymooners. Their freshly anointed eternal love can lead to genuinely awkward moments!

Smart and considerate honeymooners know how to make sure that their special trip doesn't impede on the vacations that other people are having around them. They know how to respect the cultures they visit, interact politely with the people they meet, and save some things for their honeymoon suites. Unfortunately, not all honeymooners are smart and considerate. Some are downright selfish in their use of honeymoon privileges to outdo other travelers, whether on purpose or as an accidental symptom of their love-addled brains.

If you want to avoid creating awkward moments by going all goo-goo-eyed on your own honeymoon, we've rounded up a list of habits to avoid at all costs. Here are 21 awkward things to avoid if you want to enjoy your own honeymoon without offending or embarrassing the people around you. Newlyweds, take note!

21 21. When He Carries All Her Luggage

When a married couple has four arms between them, it’s ridiculously awkward to watch one person go bag-free while the other hobbles through an airport with his arms overly full. There are other ways to prove your undying love than risking your own health via the crushing weight of multiple wheelie suitcases.

This habit also tends to slow down the progress of other airport pedestrians who are all carrying a portion of their own personal baggage, like normal people do. If you love your spouse as much as your recent vows proclaimed, give him a hand and save both of you from a honeymoon featuring ice packs and physiotherapy.

20 20. Snuggling Up on Planes

An airplane cabin is a hard place to cuddle somebody. There are armrests, limited legroom, and fellow passengers to consider! Honeymooners who sit together in close proximity to an awkward solo passenger might as well have invented the term the ‘third wheel.’

This is especially bad when couples use seating tricks like booking two seats that aren’t beside each other (leaving one seat empty in the middle) in the hopes that nobody will book that empty seat. Ideally, this would give them more room and privacy. In reality, often that seat DOES get filled and they need to haggle with its occupant for a swap in order to actually sit together. Yikes.

19 19. Bad Sidewalk Etiquette

Newlyweds can be in a world of their own, completely oblivious to what’s happening around them. This is never clearer than when they’re standing side by side, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, and holding hands in a way that makes them a literal obstacle to every other pedestrian around them.

Slow walkers aren’t just a personal pet peeve, they’re a real nuisance for the rest of the people (including everyday locals) in major honeymoon cities like NYC or Paris who actually have places to go. Get a move on, honeymooners! At least break your hand-holding for the few seconds that it takes to let a busy person through.

18 18. Laughing Loudly at Inside Jokes

Congratulations on finding somebody who thinks llamas are just as hilarious as you do. Like every other inside joke, sliding fun secret llama references into a conversation is not funny to anyone other than the people who were there when you decided the references were funny in the first place.

Engaging in conversations with a certain kind of honeymooners can include a lot of these awkward moments, as another symptom of them spending so much prolonged time one-on-one. If you want to break into their conversation bubble at any time during their honeymoon, be warned! You might not understand anything in there.

17 17. Baby Talk in Public

Honeymooners might feel like the world is all their own, but there are plenty of other people in it. And these people have ears. Please don’t punish them by interacting with your pookie, pumpkin, or snugglebear using mainly baby talk.

This is the kind of thing that travelers appreciate if you’d keep to yourselves, preferably within quiet and intimate conversations or within the walls of your honeymoon suite. We might be asking for the impossible here, but we encourage any soon-to-be newlyweds to practice keeping the baby talk to a minimum while they travel. Your flight attendants, hotel workers, and waitresses will be glad you did.

16 16. Sitting on Each Other’s Laps

When they use each other’s bodies as chairs (or ladders – looking at you, concert-going, shoulder-sitting honeymooners) they can occasionally look cute doing it. More often than not, however, it makes moments awkward for their restaurant waiters, fellow concert goers, and other people trying to go about their days without seeing legs stacked on top of one another.

This kind of personal contact is even considered to be criminal in some countries when it happens in public! Thankfully this isn't true for most places honeymooners visit, but it only takes one look at the couple who got arrested for getting too close in Dubai to warn us of the habit.

15 15. Posing for Pictures…Everywhere

We get that you want to remember this trip forever. It’s a great time of your life! You may even have lingering effects from the beauty treatments you got in preparation for your wedding, making you extra photogenic. It’s not cool, however, to take tacky selfies at every possible moment.

Posing with landmarks is one thing. Posing with employees at the restaurants and activities you go to is quite another. Even worse are the posed photos that honeymooning couples take in busy areas where they make the crowds move even slower, or not at all. It’s understandable, but we’d prefer to live without it.

14 14. Bringing Other Friends or Family Members

A honeymoon is traditionally a special time for just the bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom to share together after their wedding. It’s a time for sharing new experiences and embarking on a married life together. Part of the appeal of a honeymoon is that you get to spend time almost exclusively with your significant other for days on end.

Some couples, for reasons unknown, choose to bring their kids, parents, or even close friends (like best men and maids of honor) on their honeymoons, while still expecting the romantic honeymoon treatment at hotels and restaurants. We prefer when couples keep their honeymoons on lock.

13 13. Refusing to Change their Currency

Most travelers know that it’s best practice (and just correct) to use a country’s own currency while you visit it. Some people don’t change their currency while on honeymoon, whether out of principal, laziness, or forgetfulness, and service workers know it’s more common than you think.

For example, some newlyweds traveling to Canada for their honeymoon from the United States assume that they can use American dollars to pay for what they need. In some border cities like Niagara Falls, Ontario, shops will grudgingly accept American dollars at par but always give Canadian change. As you might expect, this upsets both parties and just isn’t worth it.

12 12. Cozying Up in The Hotel Spa

Bad spa etiquette is unforgivable, even when you're in love! Add (or subtract) bathing suits and the whole thing has the opportunity to get a lot more awkward for everyone around.

It's fine to take advantage of a hotel's spa or wellness center with the person you love. Most spas even have special packages for you to enjoy together in a private space, like couples' massages or couples' facials. If you're just in the hotel's general spa area, however, it's impolite to the people sharing your pools and saunas to get too close for their comfort. Put yourself in their shoes (flip flops?).

11 11. Taking the Best Table at the Restaurant

Honeymooners often talk their ways into getting the best seats in the house, complete with candles and a window view. This is a major honeymooning couple perk that often gives other travelers the shaft. There's nothing worse than being booted from your table so that a pair of newlyweds in love can slide in and take advantage of a restaurant's hospitality.

It's awkward for other diners, but we can't fault this honeymooner habit too hard. That's why it doesn't quite crack our top ten on this list. It does make us pretty jealous, though! Who says single people wouldn't enjoy a nice view and some lovely ambiance, too?

10 10. Going Bare

Body confidence is fantastic! But even if your new spouse thinks you have the most spectacular body in the universe, the rest of the universe really doesn’t need to see it. Walking around a city (even a warm coastal city) in a just bikini or speedo isn’t advisable for anybody, not even people who are madly in love.

Besides being questionable streetwear, these fashion choices can be really uncomfortable outside of the beach. Have you ever watched somebody try to sit politely at a patio table while wearing less than one square foot of fabric? It’s tricky. It’s also how sunburns happen!

9 9. Spending Too Much Money

This one isn't awkward for the service people who reap the benefits of honeymooners spending too much cash, but it can be super awkward for the people around them who know them best. After hosting 'Stag and Doe' fundraising and accepting cash from family and friends at their wedding, it can come across a bit gauche to go on spending sprees while you're on your honeymoon.

The honeymoon overspending problem is an issue that a lot of couples face, and we can all understand why. It's your special trip! But keep things in perspective if you want to avoid awkward post-honeymoon conversations with your parents about where their wedding gifts have gone.

8 8. Not Respecting Cultural Norms

A great example of this honeymooner faux-pas is smiling at strangers in Russia. It might seem second nature for newlyweds in love to beam at everyone they pass by, but the reality is that some cultures don't see their smiles as friendly and innocent greetings.

Some Russians "see smiling as an intimate gesture," according to Readers Digest Canada. Smiling too much at the service people and strangers with whom they interact can make honeymooners seem insincere, flirtatious, or completely insane. It's best to read up on the cultural codes of your honeymoon's destination before you get there and to respect them as best as you can.

7 7. Ordering Each Other's Food

Some advice to honeymooners about ordering food is pretty awkward. Ordering for your partner instead of for yourself is one way to make sure you don't get exactly what you want to eat. Even couples who know each other's preferences quite well aren't guaranteed to guess right.

It can also be awkward for your waiter to endure, especially if the restaurant is otherwise busy and they have things to do. Keep it quick and polite by ordering for your own stomach, and reduce your chances of your waiter getting your meals mixed up. Who ordered the chicken?

6 6. Telling Everyone it's Your Honeymoon

We get it. You love each other. You're married now. We also know that you will probably continue to be married for a long time and that hundreds of people get married worldwide every day. It's all wonderful, but there's really no need to shout about it.

You can guarantee that greeting every person you meet with a "we're on our honeymoon" while honeymooning in Paris won't always elicit friendly congratulations. In cities that host lots of honeymooners, newlywed tourists are blasé. Try to avoid telling people who aren't in active conversations with you (or who don't have any special honeymoon offers to share with you) about your new marital status.

5 5. Breaking the Accommodation Rules

Honeymooners are notorious at resorts for sleeping in, staying late, and missing their check out time. More symptoms of living in a bubble of love? We think so. It can be hard to keep track of little things like hotel policies when you're laboring under the weight of an undying love. Do try, though.

Staying too late in hotels is awkward for the hospitality staff responsible for tidying up your space. It can also lead to awkward transition times between guests. If you haven't vacated a honeymoon suite by the time another couple has booked and reserved to use it, you might need to explain yourself to a couple deserving as much love and special consideration as you do.

4 4. Taking Multiple Honeymoons

Honeymoon perks are extra awk when you discover that the couple receiving them has already been on a honeymoon before - twice. And we're not talking about honeymoons with past spouses, we're talking about multiple honeymoons per couple! Some couples have so much love for each other (and for traveling, which we can understand) that they take second and even third honeymoons over the course of their relationships.

The special treatment that honeymooners expect is kind of understood to be a one-time thing. If you want that special table at a restaurant, for example, restaurateurs are ready and willing to provide you with it because it's your special trip. Having multiple special treatment trips, however? Less cool, guys.

3 3. Commenting on Each Other’s Honeymoon Posts

Endless online back and forths between couples can be a total cringe. Their Facebook or Instagram lives are not quite private and not quite public, leaving a grey area that some couples choose to fill with overly personal comments and sickly-sweet emoji marathons.

To be honest, we DO want to see pictures of your amazing luxury honeymoon in paradise. Your followers probably do, too. But we draw the line at a couple walking down memory lane in their own comment sections together. Weren’t you both there? Aren’t you both together in person right now, too? No need to flaunt your romantic conversational skills online.

2 2. Public Displays of Affection

This is so close to being the very most awkward thing that honeymooners do. It happens to most newlyweds, especially while they’re on vacation in new and exotic places where they’re unlikely to run into anyone they know. PDA is a major issue, people! Not everybody wants to see the insides of your mouth.

Couples kissing, cuddling, and grabbing at each other in public can be unsettling for absolutely everybody around them. This is especially true for people honeymooning in areas with traditionally modest cultures, like Japan, Dubai, and even some parts of North America. It’s more considerate to locals (and fellow travelers) if you save some things for your honeymoon suite.