Autumn is coming. You know it's true! Whether or not you're a summer person, you must be noticing that the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, and the leaves are starting to hold a bit tighter to their branches. And you know what? We're not mad about it!

To everything, a season, and this season has been a beautiful one. We hope you've enjoyed every sunny day, every blue sky, and every opportunity for adventure. If not, get moving! The official last day of summer is September 20th, so you have a few more weeks to make the most of the hottest weather of the year. If you're ready to start looking ahead to fall, however, we have some suggestions for you.

The best travelers pride themselves on always having a great trip to look forward to. They embrace the seasons ahead by planning fun day trips - or even major international trips - that take advantage of the best things the world has to offer.

Here's a list of 21 unforgettable fall trips to start planning ASAP! It features the best autumnal adventures in the best places to have them, but feel free to try the activities in any destination that inspires you. Whatever floats your canoe!

Best of all, every one of these trips is fall fashion approved. Some require you to cozy up under cute layers and sip hot cider. Others involve sturdy yet stylish knee-high boots. Pull out your favorite cable-knit cardigan and let's get started.

21 21. Pick Apples in Quebec

Apple picking season is from early August to late October, so now is the perfect time to book an upcoming visit to a cidrerie. There are dozens of orchards in communities just north of Montreal, so travelers can literally have their pick without venturing too far from a major metropolis.

These orchards are in towns where locals speak mainly French, so you might feel like you're taking a bigger trip than just a jaunt within North America. You can enjoy the region's European countryside feel without breaking the bank because most orchard admissions are less than $10 per person. You'll walk away with bushels of fresh apples, along with your choice of pies, jams, and maple treats the orchards offer.

20 20. Watch Shakespeare Outdoors in London

What's in a name? Shakespeare In The Park, Shakespeare By The Sea, Shakespeare In The Ruff - dozens of outdoor Shakespeare festivals are hosted annually around the world. The one we recommend you check out is in the capital of William Shakespeare's very own motherland: Regent's Park in London, England.

It's free, outdoors, and perfect for a cute night out. This season the park is showcasing "As You Like It," Shakespeare's comedy about two wanderers escaping into the Forest of Arden. You'll feel all the foresty vibes in Regent's Park! It's one of the Royal Parks of London, featuring fountains, foliage, and free events like this Shakespeare play. Check it out for warm laughs outdoors in chilly Britain.

19 19. Go Ziplining in Northern Vermont

Vermont's Stowe Mountain Lodge is a great place for any autumn lover to stay, with state-of-the-art modern amenities in its rustic multi-bedroom suites. The best parts of a trip to Stowe Mountain are definitely its outdoor activities, though. It has North America's longest zip line! Ziplining joins mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, and aerial treetop adventure courses to keep every visitor completely entertained.

What better way to appreciate New England's changing leaves than by surrounding yourself with them, and even gliding through them at top speed? If your speed isn't quite as adventurous, the Lodge also has a relaxing wellness spa that you can enjoy alone or with a friend. This trip has fun options for pretty much everybody.

18 18. See the Fire Dragon in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's Mid-Autumn Festival is an ancient tradition that celebrates the fall harvest, kind of like American Thanksgiving. It's a gorgeous street party celebration where locals and tourists feast on the most delicious seasonal foods, watch spectacular displays of dancing and singing, and partake in carnival attractions.

This festival falls on a different day every year, all depending on when September's full moon occurs. This year it's scheduled around September 24th. Diverse travelers are welcome to share in the festivities especially because the moon's round shape symbolizes unity in Chinese culture. Visit to behold the Fire Dragon dance, eat some mooncakes, and gaze up at the lantern-lit night's sky.

17 17. Ride Your Bike Around Lake Geneva

Switzerland is famous for being friendly to cyclists. Visit it in the autumn and see why! From major city infrastructure to thoughtful lakeside paths, you can happily get around wherever you need to go within Geneva by bike. To make the most out of this stunning slice of the world, we recommend taking your own bike trip around Lake Geneva.

The lakeshore paths are nice and flat, while still offering you access to views of the Alps and the Jura mountains. By taking the cycling route 46, you're able to see 200 kilometers of pristine French and Swiss natural beauty! Plan your trip for mid-autumn to encounter the least amount of tourists and the mildest temperatures.

16 16. Take Your Dog to Canada's Rockies

The Rocky Mountains are beautiful in every season, but they strike an exceptionally spectacular silhouette in the fall. And dog walking is one of the best things you can do to fully appreciate the amazing nature of autumn! If you don't normally get excited about the sights, sounds, and smells of fall, a dog is certain to make sure you do.

Bringing a dog to some parts of the Rockies will be fun for both you and your pup. Imagine them running free across the gorgeous off-leash parks and jumping for joy among lush mountainside hedges. This area is a dog's dream. For you, the views, shops, and trails through and around Banff are sure to impress as well.

15 15. Ride a Ghost Bus in Dublin

Ireland is a country full of legends and mythology, and Dublin is one of the most storied cities within it. If you're up for diving into the spooky vibes that autumn offers (we're looking at you, October) a ghost tour in this historic and ancient city is your ideal choice.

Dublin has so many stops with interesting spooky history attached to them that you can even choose to save your feet from getting tired and decide to ride the city's popular Ghostbus Tour. Hop aboard to learn all about the city's most notorious criminals, medieval graveyards, and even mysterious vaults that lie beneath Dublin Castle.

14 14. Listen to Seasonal Strings in Prague

Nestled in the Czech Republic is Prague's world-famous Strings of Autumn music festival. It lasts an entire month (from mid-October to mid-November) giving you weeks of opportunities to catch musicians of multiple genres playing their hearts out on violins, cellos, guitars, and the like.

Strings of Autumn has been running annually for 21 years now, combining classical music with jazz, experimental, and modern music to the delight of its locals and the travelers who attend. The surrounding hillsides are awash with beautiful autumn colors. Take them in with a quick trip from the festival venues to Karlsteijn Castle for your best views of this part of the world.

13 13. Tailgate a Football Game in Austin

Any given Saturday during football season, you'll find football fans across America gathering in stadium parking lots to celebrate their hometown heroes. These diehard sports fanatics sacrifice their weekends to the games that their favorite teams play, and if you're cool to rub shoulders with shirtless strangers, they'll be happy to welcome you into the fold.

Football culture is fun, loud, and thoroughly autumnal. The best part is that celebrations seep out of the stadiums all season long, so you don't even need to buy a ticket to enjoy a game. Tailgate (stadium parking lot) events in cities like Austin Texas are uniquely American ways to celebrate football with true fans. Just make sure you're cheering for the right side!

12 12. Go Mushroom Picking in Poland

Have you heard of the "Golden Polish Autumn?" It's the lovely, sepia-toned haze that seems to descend over parts of Poland at that time of year, thanks to oak and birch tree species with leaves that turn yellow and orange. To experience the lovely turning of the leaves in an authentically local way, take a trip to Poland and join in on the prawdziwki and podgrzybki picking.

Mushroom picking is a seasonal tradition practiced by loads of different families across Europe, but we recommend heading to Lagiewniki Forest in Poland to enjoy the best variety of fungi to forage for. Visit in Spetember and you're sure to encounter locals who will help you along the way.

11 11. Ride a Hot Air Balloon over Arizona

Visit the Flagstaff area of Arizona to book your own unforgettable hot air balloon ride over the vast expanses of autumn wildlife. Most of the region is deserts and mountains, but you will notice colorful patches of forest around, too! A hot air balloon is the most relaxed, unique, and romantic way of catching Instagram-worthy aerial views of this one-of-a-kind part of the world.

Coconino National Forest is a beautiful protected area that you'll love to see from above, and easily accessible from a Flagstaff takeoff point. Cozy up with people you love and cruise thousands of feet in the air with nothing between your feet and the ground but the basket-weaved bottom of a hot air balloon. Wild!

10 10. Taste Wine in Germany

Throughout September, the savvy traveler knows that Germany is a great place to visit for a good glass of wine. Both small villages along the Moselle River and major cities throughout the country host wine festivals then, which you can access easily by train and even bicycle.

Germany is a fantastic place to visit at any time of year, so be sure to add it to your bucket list if you've still never been. The vineyards are gorgeous in autumn, and the grapes harvested from them make for some of the most delectable wines you'll ever taste. Enjoy a finely aged Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, or Spätburgunder in style.

9 9. Go Canoeing on The Algonquin

There's a reason why Canada has more than one destination included on this list. When it comes to gorgeous sweater-weather climates and vibrant multicolored autumn nature, this massive country has plenty to offer. One of the best ways to see Canada's most beautiful seasons is by canoe along the Algonquin River, very near to the country's capital city.

Park workers are around to ensure that none of Canada's more aggressive wildlife creatures (like bears) interfere with your adventures, and to give you advice about exactly where and when to grab the paddle. Plan to camp along with canoeing and you'll earn real Canadian wilderness credentials in no time.

8 8. Saddle Up in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are the ultimate English countryside destination, and arguably the loveliest place in England to spend your autumn. They've got rolling hills dotted with sweet country cottages and patchwork farmland. Where there are farms, there are farm animals! Think fluffy sheep, gentle cows, and horses ready to be ridden.

Galloping through the mist of the Cotswolds on the back of a friendly pony is like living out a fairytale IRL. Plan a trip that includes visiting the Cotswolds Nature Reserve to get yourself a local horse, and then ramble along the beautiful trails and cobblestoned streets of the nearby village. There are even designated autumn trails to explore. Giddyup!

7 7. Catch Lobsters in Boston Harbor

Boston is an exciting destination for anybody who loves pizza, chowder, and, of course, fresh seafood. Its harbor pulls in loads of fish, oysters, clams, and lobsters depending on the time of year, and autumn is an awesome time to chow down on them.

Adventurous travelers can go out and catch their own dinners, but everyone is welcome to enjoy fabulous and gourmet lobster meals at Boston's best restaurants in any case. Buttery lobster rolls, oysters in a half-shell, and scallop ravioli are all on seasonal menus at top Boston restaurants like Mooncusser Fish House and North Square Oyster. Ocean to plate dining at its best!

6 6. Judge the World's Best Beards in Austria

Who could forget that November brings mustaches? "Movember" festivities are celebrated across the States, but truly impressive mustaches are grown and celebrated in Austria a full month before then. If you're a fan of festive facial hair, beards, and kistch, you need to plan a trip to Austria for early October 2018. The World Beard and Moustache Championships await!

These bring together dozens of competitors who work year-round to perfect their long, thick, or fantastically decorative beards and mustaches. They might look unusual, but celebrities like Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness are proof that the mustache has become a cutting-edge style choice for 2018! Get all the inspiration you could ever need at this famed Austrian event.

5 5. Road Trip Through New Hampshire

New Hampshire is perhaps the greenest state in New England, America's most beautifully colorful region in the fall. Along with gorgeous changing leaves and grasses, the state also has animals like moose and deer roaming wild across its forests and fields.

Combine this environment with the classic fall adventure option of a road trip. Perfect, right? Imagine inviting a handful of friends to drive with you through the roads of New Hampshire with the most spectacular views. Take Kancamagus Highway, a 56 mile long road through New Hampshire's White Mountain National Forest. We promise you and your car-mates won't be disappointed with what you find and see along the way.

4 4. Go Whale Watching in Maine

Who doesn't love whales? They're the world's largest living creatures! They sing! They could destroy every boat that passes them by, but they're peaceful creatures who would rather show off their backflips! There's no way we wouldn't put whale-watching on an autumnal adventure list.

Plan your trip out to mid-coast Maine for the best views of ocean wildlife in the fall. In October, they start to move south for warmer waters, so September is the best month to catch them before they go. Technically you'll find them frolicking about 20 miles from Maine's coast, but many boat companies eagerly accept tourists on whale-watching trips right from the coastal cities.

3 3. Celebrate the Dead in Mexico

If you're informed about Mexican culture and heritage, or if you've happened to catch Disney's smash hit film "Coco," you know exactly which festival we're talking about. This is Dia de Los Muertos, Mexico's Day of the Dead festival. It's a time for remembering those we have lost, honoring our ancestry, and celebrating it all.

This day happens in early November (the day after Halloween), but there's nothing creepy or menacing about it. Visit the Mexican island of Janitzio for an authentic and traditional version of Dia de Los Muertos celebrations, or head to Oaxaca for bigger and bolder street party celebrations. Take the opportunity to honor the dead while living it up among the living!

2 2. Tackle Oktoberfest in Munich

This is your perfect time to finally plan a trip to Germany's Oktoberfest! Don't wait until autumn is in full swing to start booking your flights and accommodations - this year's Oktoberfest in Munich starts on Saturday, September 22. Oktoberfest doesn't necessarily happen in October, people!

Munich's Oktoberfest is something that everyone needs to experience at least once in their life. It's a massive beer festival that involves ceremonial keg-tapping, music, live entertainment, and traditional German cultural events. Everyone is in high spirits and the streets are full of local brew stands, event tents, and colorful public art. It can't be missed!