What if we told you that some of the world’s most beautiful cities had poorly functioning airports? You’d probably think that it's a joke, wouldn’t you? Well, realistically, you can never know what to expect once you arrive at a particular destination; and sometimes, what we do get is a throbbing airport headache instead of a pleasant flight.

So, whether you’re on a business or a romantic trip, you should remember one thing – the following airports may look quite modern and even futuristic; however, even their fancy appearance couldn’t save them from receiving poor reviews.

From poorly maintained bathrooms to extra-long security lines, below you'll find the world's worst airports. Now couple that with the outright rude personnel at some otherwise famous airports, and you’ll surely have quite an unforgettable flight experience.

Apparently, there’s no such thing as perfectly operating airports no matter where you are. And to rank them adequately, we’ve put our trust in critical factors, such as overall maintenance, airport transit, and on-time arrival performance. So, if you still have to fly to or from these airports, read on to find out what to expect once you get there.

21 Crete-Heraklion International Airport, Greece (HER)

Have you ever been at Crete Heraklion International Airport, Greece (HER)? Well, if you haven’t then we must assure you that you’ve hardly missed a lot there. Similarly to Fira, Santorini, this Greek airport also struggles with densely packed gates, poorly maintained bathrooms and check-ins with no air-conditioning whatsoever, www.sleepinginairports.net details.

Eventually, travelers wrangle their way through the airport security lines, but they’re also forced to wait in another stuffy room. All in all, this whole experience at the airport doesn't sound the least bit exciting.

20 London Luton International Airport, England (LTN)

London Luton Airport might have gone under a series of substantial renovations and reconstructions; however, it doesn't exactly cut down the time you spend inside the airport. But even if you’re lucky enough to go through the gate pretty quickly, you won’t be rewarded with a seat once you get there, www.sleepinginairports.net reveals. But most surprisingly, London Luton Airport has been recently dubbed “The Aftermath of a humanitarian disaster”. Well, that can certainly affect London’s otherwise fancy appearance in one way or another.

As you head out of the airport, spend a bit of time considering the irony that your experience between getting off the airplane and now walking out of the airport was actually longer than your flight, www.sleepinginairports.net says.

19 Berlin Tegel International Airport, Germany (TXL)

Although Berlin Tegel Airport has been operating international flights for years, it couldn't prevent it from becoming the Worst Airports anyway. Apparently, Berlin Tegel Airport couldn’t solve the issue with the pricey dining options, erratic temperature control or frustrated passengers. Worse still, the airport features pretty uncomfortable chairs and disorganized eateries. Sadly, it hardly sits well with the travelers. Unfortunately, Berlin Tegel Airport is just as bad as the French one.

 Terminal C would be fine if it were located in some secondary city of a third world country; Terminal D is also like a converted car park, www.sleepinginairports.net says.

18 Rome Ciampino International Airport, Italy (CIA)

Generally, Rome Ciampino Airport caters to most budget airlines, so maybe this is why chairs at CIA are quite cheap and super uncomfortable. As a result of that, you may often spot travelers sprawled out on the dirty floor instead of relaxing on the chair.  But as you can suggest, there are hardly any comfortable seats at the CIA. Furthermore, another problem that drags Rome Ciampino Airport towards the bottom of the list is the lack of food choices. Not only are they pretty bleak, but they are quite expensive as well. To save more cash on airport food that’s not even fresh or delicious, locals normally use the nearby vending machines,

More seats at the gates wouldn’t hurt. Most people are standing rather than sitting, www.sleepinginairports.net reveals.

17 Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport, Iceland (KEF)

Another big airport that fails to impress tourists is the Keflavik Airport in Iceland. In fact, KAI was even rated as the worst European airport for sleeping, but that’s not all though. It turns out that passengers may even face fines if they accidentally fall asleep while waiting to board the plane. Additionally, the capacity of restrooms is rather small, but it doesn’t stop it from welcoming tons of people on a daily basis. Ultimately, all of this can only make people even more frustrated with the maintenance of the airport and its bizarre policies.

Staff started to ask people not to fall asleep or use their sleeping bags in a rude and offensive way, www.sleepinginairports.net states.

16 Pisa Galileo Galilei International Airport, Italy (PSA)

Similarly to Reykjavik-Keflavik International Airport, Iceland, travelers are simply not allowed to get inside the airport and spend the night there. So, they usually end up outside the terminal because the airport doesn’t open until 4 am. Unfortunately, though, the lawn outside isn’t as good for sleeping as you might’ve imagined it to be. In fact, the airport staff doesn’t even allow passengers to sleep on the landside, and that’s just another reason for PSA’s regular poor reviews. Apparently, the airport hasn’t been functioning properly for years.

They turn on the sprinklers even though it rained during the day, just to keep people away, www.sleepinginairports.net reveals.

15 Venice Marco Polo International Airport, Italy (VCE)

Venice is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful and fantastic cities on Earth. But realistically, even such gorgeous places have got pretty weird sides as well. Flight delays, early departures, and dirty toilets are pretty much the most typical thing there. Indeed, Venice Airport isn’t really much of a travel hub, especially when it comes to dealing with long-haul flights. To make it even more unpleasant, passengers are often disturbed by police officers asking to see their plane tickets. Well, we can only guess that it happens due to some necessary security protocol; however, the whole experience must be quite distressful for newcomers. Evidently, VCE isn't at all the best functioning airport in Europe.

Just before they locked up, a massive invasion of homeless people showed up. Once in, the doors could not be open in any direction, so they were home free, www.sleepinginairports.net shares.

14 New York City La Guardia International, USA (LGA)

LGA is probably most known for the high number of canceled flights on a daily basis. But even if that wasn't the big problem there, passengers loathe LGA for its super uncomfortable chairs. In fact, many suspected that these low-quality chairs were initially made for homeless people. Even though LGA has been renovated, the airport still provides little to no comfort or support at all. Some say that it’s way much better to opt for the dirty floor right off the bat.

The welcome center is usually packed with people trying to sleep in their chairs. Many more were sleeping on the floor. It is unsanitary, inhumane, and very uncomfortable, www.sleepinginairports.net reveals.

13 Geneva Airport

With its poor quality of service and passenger sentiment, Geneva Airport is also considered pretty chaotic. Admittedly, it’s quite conveniently located – only a few miles outside of the city center; however, the perks stop there. According to farandwide.com, Geneva Airport is not only super disorganized but is also outdated and poorly maintained. Most bizarre is taht the lines and security area don’t seem to be in a better state either. Every kiosk is pretty much understaffed making it all look like a total mess.

“The security area is extremely inefficient and outdated, and the whole place is so small that every room is jam-packed with people,” farandwide.com says.

12 Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Well, frankly, Stockholm Arlanda Airport may seem to be a super convenient and modern airport; however, just wait until you to find out how poor the on-time performance, passenger tolerance, and service quality are. As a matter of fact, Stockholm Arlanda Airport has got a total overall experience of 6.62 (out of 10), farandwide.com says. Last year, over 2 million passengers traveled through Arlanda — but it doesn’t really mean that these people actually enjoyed the journey. This otherwise famous airport regularly gets dinged for its moody personnel, constant flight delays or toilet shortage in most gate areas.

11 John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice

Situated a few miles from the city center of Krakow, this huge airport is known for serving an area with over 8 million residents. John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice may not be the worst airport in the world; however, passengers have also experienced some odd moments there. Even though the airport has recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, John Paul II Krakow-Balice Airport cannot solve the problem with its extremely dirty facilities and outright rude personnel.

10 Moscow Domodedovo Airport

Unlike some of the other airports, Moscow Domodedovo Airport is doing well with the quality of its services; however, when it comes to the overall experience and performance, Moscow’s airport was even dubbed “The Crowded Horror Show”. Although the airport is conveniently located just 30 miles from the city center, it’s still not that favored by international travelers. Another downside is the unfriendly staff at the gate areas.

“There’s just not enough seating available and you’re not allowed to sit on the floor. Not sure whether it’s just the Russian language barrier or something else...” www.farandwide.com notes.

9 Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport seems to be yet another airport that doesn’t offer a memorable flight experience. But even though it’s certainly not the worst one, it definitely needs improvement. Not only is this airport ill-famed for its extremely poor customer service, but it’s often referred to as a place with some general disarray. According to farandwide.com, Eindhoven Airport has got a pretty average on-time performance while having a considerably low passenger sentiment. Sadly, the overall performance of this airport goes around 6.3 on the scale of 1 to 10. Apparently, Eindhoven has got a long way to go before it becomes a perfectly functioning airport.

8 Newark Liberty International Airport, NJ

Besides being known as a pretty dirty place, NJ’s Newark Liberty International Airport is usually quite chaotic as well, so it’s quite normal that it frequently receives lots of complaints. From extra-long lines to less tolerant staff and lack of renovations, Newark’s airport merely fails to impress most travelers. Every year, over 40 million passengers travel through it and a great part of those people aren’t really excited about Newark’s upgrades. The airport was first opened in the early 90s so maybe it really needs to see more renovations and updates in the future, www.farandwide.com says.

7 Bordeaux-Merignac Airport

Situated a few miles from the city of Bordeaux, this French airport has got high marks for its on-time performance; however, it’s definitely lost many points for the quality of its services and cleanliness. In fact, most of the complaints are about the unfriendly staff and its low passenger sentiment. Well, it’s still true that we all experience a fair share of good and bad days. But after all, there should be a visible line between personal and business matters. But apparently, Bordeaux-Merignac Airport still makes tourists get that overall unwelcoming feeling. Also, the security process and unclean restrooms are known to have been dubbed “primitive”, farandwide.com reveals.

6 Edinburgh Airport

While Edinburgh is often referred to as the place where Scotland meets the whole world, the official airport is actually quite unimpressive. According to AirHelp’s recent analysis, Edinburgh’s official airport got terrible marks for its low passenger sentiment. Therefore, it received low marks for its pretty poor overall performance as well. From the look of things, this airport seems to be quite tricky to navigate, farandwide.com reveals, and it’s mainly due to the poor organization and mismanagement. Another downside is the lack of enough seats to accommodate tourists as they wait to board the plane. As a result, most passengers wind up sitting on the floor.

5 Boryspil International Airport

With a total on-time performance of 4.3 out of 10, Boryspil International Airport sounds like another bad flight experience. Indeed, if you’re planning a trip to the shiny city of Kiev, Ukraine, the chances are that you’ll be going through one of the worst airports in the world, farandwide.com notes. Here, travelers are simply unimpressed with the mega slow wi-fi connection as well. Additionally, when they get thirsty, they need to find a drinking fountain only to fill their empty bottles with water. But worst of all, the restrooms are pretty much in a catastrophic condition. All in all, Boryspil’s restrooms are merely shoddy, and the toilets are pretty much falling apart.

4 Manchester Airport

When it comes to Manchester Airport, people seem as though they actually like to complain about it. But most of all, they’re particularly frustrated with the overly negative passenger sentiment. In fact, this happens to be number 1 reason why this airport is featured on today’s list. Most recently, passengers have thrown shade at the airport and it’s partly due to the new charges – there’s a new fee for passengers' drop-offs, farandwide.com reveals. Apparently, the new drop-off parking charge is pretty much considered a strange money-grabbing ploy, farandwide.com explains. But frankly, people had disliked it even before these charges became a thing.

3 Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport

Although the on-time performance is slightly higher, Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport still receives a fair amount of complaints on a daily basis. Interestingly, most travelers actually love the architectural design of the airport; however, they still don’t forget to note the fact that the check-in process is super prolonged. Another fact that drives most people crazy at the airport is the lack of technology as a whole, farandwide.com says. All in all, Lyon-Saint Exupery may offer a pretty unique canopy over the rail station, but outside of that, it’s yet another mismanaged airport on today’s list.

2 Beauvais-Tille International Airport, France (BVA)

When it comes down to this otherwise lavish place, you’ll be quite surprised to learn how disorganized Paris Beauvais-Tille Airport is. Last year, this exact French airport was even dubbed “The Worst Airport in Europe”. But the biggest problem with the airport doesn’t only deal with the poor state of the bathrooms - it’s mainly logistical. It turns out that the terminal is almost an hour away from the actual airport. Another problem that arises is related to the BVA’s working hours. The French airport closes at night, and that leaves travelers with little to no alternatives at all. They either have to splurge for a hotel or leave the shiny city at such an unpleasant hour. Either way, it certainly sounds like a pretty unpleasant tourist experience there.

They should probably open some room or place, where people can stay at night, especially in the cold period of the year, www.sleepinginairports.net says.