SATC feels so authentically New York! Even twenty years since the show's premiere, it's impossible not to feel moved by the presence of NYC in every scene. It's there in the rusty street signs, the yellow cabs, the parks, shops, and more. Unlike other shows set in the city, it's easy to tell that SATC's Manhattan backdrops are the real deal.

That being said, "I couldn't help but wonder..." are most SATC locations hiding in plain sight?

SATC-themed tours make bank every summer by busing excited tourists around the main locations featured on the show. This is one way to experience Carrie Bradshaw's Manhattan, but we think you don't necessarily need to buy into them if you know the show's locations for yourself. All it takes is a keen eye on your TV screen or a handy list like the one below.

Don't get us wrong: it's definitely fun to ride a pink double decker bus and sip Cosmos with other diehard fans! We're not knocking that experience at all. It's just also true that visiting these places on your own with just your own personal versions of Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte offers you more flexibility, more authenticity, and the chance to save the $50 you'd spend on a tour ticket (for shoe shopping).

Send this post to your three best friends, strap on your Manolo Blahniks, and plan your very own walking tour of these 21 iconic SATC destinations.

21 21. Two Boots

Two Boots pizza is a New York City staple. It's got a few locations within the city, but the one on the show is on 7th Avenue. It's featured when Carrie and Miranda hate the raw food at Smith Jerrod's restaurant and leave to find better fare. At this point in the series Samantha first notices Smith, and goes back to his raw restaurant the next day to nab him for good.

The decor in Two Boots is just as impressive as its New York-style pizza. Tables and walls are decoupaged with sparkly junk like baseball cards and comic book pages. And the pizzas are named after celebs! Buy them by the slice or by the pie.

20 20. Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle is a huge traffic circle in Manhattan with a statue of Christopher Columbus in the middle. It may not seem great at first sight, but this spot has served s the backdrop for many a big SATC moment.

Carrie and Aiden broke up in front of the Columbus Circle fountain after she cheated on him with cigarettes and Mr. Big. Feel free to re-enact that scene! More tempting is the re-enactment of the SATC opening credits. Get your tutu on and prance (carefully) around Columbus Circle to live your Bradshaw fantasy! Extra points if it's rainy while you're there.

19 19. SoHo House

SoHo House is one of the most exclusive clubs that the fabulous four visit throughout all 6 seasons of SATC. It's essentially a rooftop pool with bottle service. When Samantha can't move herself up the waitlist, she finds another way to get the girls in the door.

After finding and using a SoHo House member’s card, Samantha and crew are basically dragged from their poolside spots and ejected from the luxury space. When you visit NYC, you probably won't be allowed into SoHo House, either. It's still one of the world's most exclusive clubs! But swing by its 9th Street location just in case, and keep your eyes open for any member's cards on the sidewalk.

18 18. Pleasure Chest

For a show called SATC, most of the places the girls visit are pretty PG. That's not true for The Pleasure Chest. Visitors must be over 21 or accompanied by an adult to get inside. It makes sense when you consider the content of what they're selling. If you can remember the SATC episode "Turtle and the Hare," you'll know what we're talking about.

Local New Yorkers were customers of Pleasure Chest for long before it was featured on SATC. It's known for its tasteful displays and professional staff, who turn adult shopping into positive, educational experiences. The shop is on 2nd Avenue, so it's likely you'll pass by it if you're visiting Alphabet Village anyway!

17 17. Tiffany & Co.

Every bougie New York girl knows Tiffany & Co. Charlotte York is the queen of them all, so OF COURSE Tiffany's is one of the character's frequent fave shops. Even her engagement ring from Trey MacDougal is a Tiffany's original. Like Trey, the ring is classically beautiful but not quite the right fit for Charlotte.

There are now three different Tiffany & Co. locations in Manhattan. This makes it easy for you to get that classic Tiffany's selfie no matter which burghs you choose to spend time in. Look out for the jewelry mecca on 5th Avenue, Wall Street, and Greene Street in Lower Manhattan.

16 16. St. Mark's Comics

This comic shop is a marvel (lol) of NYC's East Village. It's been around since 1984 when comic book collecting was in its heyday. Unsurprisingly, this is the place where Carrie ultimately meets Wade "Superboy" Adams, her beau of one episode in season 3.

You might remember Wade as the guy who taught Carrie that she should never date younger men. He still lived with his parents, making for some awkward moments when Carrie would visit. Stop by St. Mark's Comics to browse all the graphic novels, collectibles, and comic merch you can ask for. You might even have a very SATC meet-cute among the shelves! Just learn from Carrie and steer clear of man-children like Wade.

15 15. The Staten Island Ferry

After Carrie sits on the judge's panel for Staten Island's (sadly fictional) firefighter calendar finalist competition, the girls take a memorable trip home to Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry. While riding it home, Charlotte shouts to the world, "I'm getting married this year!" - and it turns out, she was right.

The boat used in this season 3 episode was the real deal, not a set! You can't fake that kind of New York authenticity. Best of all, the real ferry is completely free to ride. It's a great way to have a 25 minute long view of Manhattan, including a close peek at the Statue of Liberty herself. Don't miss it.

14 14. Russian Samovar Restaurant

Were you ever rooting for Alexsandr, or were you always a Big/Aidan fan? Carrie had lots of dates with memorable American man, but only one Russian ever made the club. Alexsandr Petrovsky was a mysterious artist who swept Carrie off her feet in the show's final season, tempting her away from her beloved NYC to join him and live in Paris.

Although their relationship (spoiler alert!) was not meant to be, it certainly had a beautiful start. Carrie and Aleksandr shared their first date at Russian Samovar, a chic gourmet restaurant in Manhattan. Fun fact: Mikhail Baryshnikov, the famous dancer who played Alexsandr, is really part-owner of Russian Samovar! Give him your business if you think Carrie missed out.

13 13. Buddakan

This is yet another restaurant that sets the scene for Carrie's love-life saga. It's the place where, in the first SATC movie, Carrie and Big hold their wedding rehearsal dinner. Miranda freaks out there, Big tells her about his cold feet, and it all results in a big old mess (which we tackle further in item 3 on this list).

It's a shame that the dinner didn't go well, but it really had nothing to do with the delicious Chinese food and trendy vibes of Buddakan. It's a great place to get authentic Chinese food in Manhattan's Meat Packing District, still located on 9th Avenue. Stop by for your own drama-free dim sum.

12 12. The Paris Theater

“The most amazing thing about living in a city like New York is that any night of the week you can go to Paris,” says Carrie in season  She chooses to spend some "date nights" alone at the theater, watching whatever film it happens to be playing.

The Paris Theater is a single-screen theater full of antique glam. It usually shows artsy foreign films in their original languages. It's even got a balcony seating area! Pretty swish for a cinema. You can find it at number 4, West 58th Street, where it's sat since way back in 1948. If old school romance is part of why you love SATCthis is a landmark you shouldn't miss.

11 11. Onieal’s Pub

This was the place used for scenes at Steve's pub, "Scout." It's a cute bar/restaurant in Manhattan's Little Italy with a whole lot of history. It was once a speakeasy with a tunnel connecting it directly to the NYPD headquarters across the street! The local history alone is enough to convince us that this pub is worth a visit, but the Steve connection confirms it.

Everybody loves Steve! As a bumbling baby daddy and loyal Miranda-worshipper he won us over way before the couple got married in season 6. Don't miss a chance to pop into this sweet character's beloved pub (or the pub that was used to represent his pub) if you happen to be strolling near 174 Grand Street.

10 10. The Plaza Hotel

At the end of season 2, Carrie runs into Mr. Big at the entrance to this iconic NYC hotel. He's just had his engagement party with the good-looker but bad speller Natasha. Carrie confronts him, asking why he never proposed to her. Only a major landmark could have served as the backdrop for this emotional scene.

The Plaza has been part of Manhattan's landscape for more than a century. It's the hotel with turrets and pale brickwork that makes it look like a little castle or chalet. You can't miss it! Whether you choose to pass by for some pics or purchase your own room during your NYC stay, this five-star hotel won't disappoint.

9 9. The Brooklyn Bridge

The SATC movie offered an epilogue to the storylines in the TV series. We learn that Miranda and Steve are still co-parenting Brady but it isn't paradise, and eventually their relationship breaks. When Miranda misses Steve and realizes that she's been at fault in many of their arguments, she asks him to meet her at the middle of Brooklyn Bridge if he's up for trying their relationship again. He does!

The Brooklyn Bridge is worth visiting whether or not that scene brought you to tears. It's an architectural marvel, part cable-stayed and part suspension bridge. You can walk over it any day of the week for great views of both Manhattan and Brooklyn.

8 8. The Lake in Central Park

One of the more memorable moments in Carrie and Big's on-again-off-again relationship is their visit to the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. They meet each other for lunch in the boathouse alongside the lake and - as you may remember - both fall into the water when Carrie tries to dodge a kiss from Mr. Big.

Definitely make time to visit this picturesque lake while you check out Central Park, but be careful! As Sarah Jessica Parker revealed in SATC: Kiss and Tell, the famous lake scene was gross to film: “I actually cut my foot at the bottom and they had to give me a tetanus shot right afterward.”

Did you know that Charlotte was more than a NYC socialite? She was a working girl! True fans know that throughout the duration of the series, Charlotte works as an art dealer in SoHo. The specific gallery where her scenes were shot was the Louis K. Meisel Gallery, which is still open today.

You can easily find this gallery when you visit NYC if you check out the SoHo neighborhood. It's located at 141 Prince Street, and features plenty of interesting art pieces for you to peruse. While Charlotte's character dealt mainly with paintings, the gallery showcases mainly contemporary art and photorealism pieces these days. Check it out if Charlotte ever inspired you to become a "gallerina!"

6 6. Jefferson Market Garden

When Miranda marries Steve, nothing is traditional. She is the one who proposes to him. She refuses to wear anything close to white on her wedding day, opting for a burgundy skirt suit. She doesn't want anything to be cliché or over the top, which made finding the wedding venue a difficult task.

Finally the couple chooses a little community garden in the city. Jefferson Market Garden is still just as lovely as it was when the wedding scene was filmed there in season 6. As a bonus, it's next to the public library in the West Village, so you can visit two local landmarks for the (free) price of one.

5 5. Bleecker Street Boutiques

A list of SATC related must-sees would never be complete without mentioning some of the character's favorite stores. It's a lucky coincidence for travelers that many of these shops are located along the same stretch of midtown Manhattan street. It won't take you any time at all to enjoy a shopping spree (or two, or five) in a wide range of SATC's top shops.

Bleecker Street is home to designer boutiques including Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Toosh, James Perse, Brunello Cucinelli, Lulu Guinness, Mulberry, Olive and Bette, Jack Spade, MAC, Burberry, and much more. Keep a close eye on your screen and you'll notice plenty of Bleecker shops in the background of SATC episodes.

4 4. Patricia Field's Store

This item on our list is a little different from the rest. It isn't a place that the characters ever visited - it's the real shop of the real designer who put together all their filming wardrobes. Every outfit worn by a character on SATC had the Patricia Field seal of approval. She was the visionary who dressed Carrie in all those punchy, cutting-edge, and creative looks that got the show noticed for its fashion.

Since enjoying her SATC success, Patricia Field has opened her very own boutique in the Bowery district of Manhattan. Stop by for some shopping that will take your SATC fan status to the next level. Look out for her custom name-plate necklaces!

3 3. New York Public Library

Carrie and Big's love story was made for the history books. It had major romance, entertaining ups and downs, and the occasional major tragedy. One of these tragedies happened after Carrie chose the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue as the setting for her wedding to Big in the SATC movie.

He doesn't show up, embarrassing Carrie in front of all of Manhattan. We promise that you can visit the scene of this crime without getting bummed out, though. The library is so stunning that it's also featured in classic films like Breakfast At Tiffany's. We recommend admiring its massive study rooms and galleries without sparing a thought for Mr. Big.

2 2. Magnolia Bakery

Carrie and Miranda were ahead of the cupcake craze when they made a habit of eating them way back in the show's third season. It aired in the year 2000! While we were sleeping on the trend, they were chowing down on cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery in almost every episode.

These days the bakery has a bunch more locations, but for the authentic SATC experience you need to visit the Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street. The vibes are homey and rustic and the cupcakes are to die for. Grab one of their "cupcakes of the month" and eat it while chatting about your life's dramas with your number 1 BFF.