Cramped seats, waiting forever to actually take off, snoring seatmates, and many other things can make flying a terrible time. We would love to be able to pay for first-class no matter where we were traveling, and if money was no object at all, that's probably what we would do.

Unfortunately, that's not the reality for most of us and we do have to keep our budget in mind when traveling. And since plane tickets can really eat up a travel budget, flying first class isn't usually in the cards. This isn't the case for people who can afford to fly with United Emirates. They can pay between $2,000 and $20,000 for a ticket, and it's interesting to see how the other half travel.


Read on to find out the difference between a $2,000 fare in Business Class and paying $20,000 for a seat on United Emirates.

$2,000: A Nice Sleeping Experience, Toiletry Kits, And Great Service

According to the official Emirates website, when you pay for a business class ticket, you can convert your plane seat into a bed that actually has a mattress. This enables you to actually sleep during your flight. This is probably music to your ears if you typically struggle with sleep while flying, so this alone could definitely make the price tag worth it.

Traveling Tee Times says that their business class seat was really nice and it cost them a little more than $2,000 USD. They wrote, "Once I saw the business class cabin, I knew everything had lived up to the hype. The wood paneling façade, the boarding music, the smiles on the flight attendant's faces, it was everything." One thing that separates this flying experience from lower price tags is that you get an "amenity kit" with cologne, deodorant, and other fancy toiletries. This traveler really enjoyed it and mentioned being given nuts and champagne and then served a full meal. It seems like this flying experience involves a lot of luxurious little things that really add up to an awesome time.

Travel Associates mentions that there is really good service with Business Class. They wrote, "I felt like I had my own personal waiter. The cabin crew were courteous, helpful and friendly, and managed to be always available without coming across as intrusive." One Mile At A Time says that there are 76 seats with this airline's Business Class and talks about the different food offered: at the end of the meal, they could get cheese, fruit, or a dessert. Being able to actually decide something like that is definitely a big perk as usually, you get whatever is being served and cross your fingers that it's edible.

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$20,000: You Get A Shower, An Actual Bed, And Lots Of Privacy

There is really no comparison between paying $2,000 and $20,000 for a plane ticket with this airline. The higher price tag really does offer up a much more luxurious travel experience so it would be like comparing flying coach with flying first class. The main thing to note about paying thousands of dollars for this kind of experience is that you're getting things you might not have even thought of.

According to Thrifty Traveler, passengers are able to shower when booking an Emirates First Class A380 ticket which costs around $20,000. The Points Engineer paid $20,463 for this ticket and wrote of the shower, "A perk that sets Emirates apart from the other airlines. Although you can find a shower onboard Etihad A380 also, but Emirates was the first commercial airline to have fitted a shower in their aircraft."

What sets this flying experience apart is that you don't simply have a seat that can be turned into a bed. Instead, you have an actual bed in its own area, and you can close the door and get some privacy. As writes, this price point allows for "fully partitioned private suites, individual minibars, flat laying mattress beds, vanity tables, and even on-flight spa facilities!" The website mentions that flying from L.A. to Dubai cost even more than $30,000. They mention that you get your own mini-bar and that everything is gold, which is really special. says that your food is on china plates, the seats give you massages, and your meal has seven different courses.

Overall, it seems that this price tag will appeal to people who truly want to feel like they're all alone while flying. This area isn't just for anyone: says that 14 people is the cap for how many can actually purchase these $20,000 tickets. You really would feel like you were in your own little world. And if you can afford it, why not go for it?

Now that you know the difference between paying $2,000 and paying $20,000 for a seat on United Emirates, which one would you pick (if money was no object, of course)? Whether you want a shower and an actual bed or you're cool with fewer perks, the truth is that either flying experience would be truly wonderful.

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