Back in the 90s the home-life of a pro wrestler was more sporadic and across the US. However these days it is more than likely that a wrestler resides out of the Florida area, whether it be Tampa Bay or Orlando. A lot of this has to do with the Performance Center being nearby. New wrestlers or NXT talent report to the facility frequently. Once they get promoted it is pretty common for the talents to stay in the area because after all, living in Florida isn’t the worst thing especially due to the weather. Chris Jericho, Big Show, Shawn Michaels and Hulk Hogan are just some of the veterans living out of the area these days.

In this article we take a look at those who decided to live elsewhere. Basically if you’re not living in Florida or California, it's considered off the map for a WWE star. Don’t get us wrong, places like Brooklyn and Toronto are by no means off the map – they just are for a WWE Superstar. We’ll also feature locations that you wouldn’t expect some of these talents to live as well, given their gimmicks on-screen.

For the most part, these talents choose to live off the map simply because it’s the place they’ve called home their entire lives. As for Brock Lesnar, well his 'off the map' location has more to do with his love for ranches and downright need for some solitude! Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend! Let’s get started!

20 Seth Rollins – Davenport, Iowa

You would think given his involvement with FCW and NXT early on that Seth Rollins might have decided to move to the Florida area permanently. However Rollins made the admirable decision to move back home to his Iowa roots. Seth loves to live the private life and he also values his relationships with both his long time friends and family – all of which are in the Iowa area.

On his days off Rollins also runs and operates his very own wrestling school that also features a variety of gym equipment for the kids. Why leave the Iowa area when he has all that he needs back at home?

19 Brock Lesnar – Maryfield, Saskatchewan

He grew up in South Dakota but he would later move to Minnesota. He grew up out on the farm during his earlier days. Moving to Minnesota, Lesnar would become a standout university wrestler and it would earn him a scholarship. Shortly after the WWE came calling.

He’s taken steps backwards in-terms of his personal life. Similar to his earlier days Brock now lives on a secluded ranch. The only difference is it isn’t in the US; instead, he chose the cold climate of Saskatchewan, Canada. Looking at the history of WWE wrestlers, there aren’t very many hailing from these parts. Combining his love for farming along with the fact that he isn’t the fondest of human interaction, moving off the map makes a lot of sense.

18 AJ Styles - Gainesville, Georgia

On-screen AJ is full of charisma and without a doubt the most talented WWE star in the business. However off camera he’s just a quiet family man residing in Gainesville, Georgia. Despite the WWE call-up, the 41 year old remains in the area.

He married his high school sweetheart and the two share four children. During his days off from the road Styles enjoys time with his children, whether it be taking his boy to his softball games or spending some bonding time with his daughters. However Styles likes the simple things in life like just kicking back and playing video games!

17 Kevin Owens – Montreal, Quebec

Montreal isn’t a destination regarded as being 'off the map'. However when it comes to WWE Superstars of the past and present, residing in the area definitely is. Wrestlers born in Montreal typically move to the more common areas such as Florida. Owens however chooses to do both, having homes in Montreal and in Florida. Kevin returns to Canada quite often.

He recently took part in wedding festivities along with enjoying time at Mont-Tremblant during the holidays. He is fond of the Florida area as well. Owens enjoyed lots of success with NXT (which is situated in Orlando) and it also helps that various Disney related locations exist in the area. His wife and children are massive Disney enthusiasts.

16 The Miz & Maryse – Austin, Texas

It isn’t uncommon for a WWE star to reside from Austin, Texas. Both WWE legends Mark Henry and The Undertaker now call the destination home. However most wouldn’t expect Miz and Maryse to reside in the area, therefore it is considered off the map for the “It Couple."

The two previously resided in the California area, however due to safety concerns and the arrival of their child they decided to move. Miz’s hometown of Ohio was an option. The couple went to see some homes in the area during an episode of Total Divas. However Austin, Texas was ultimately deemed as the ideal spot for the two.

15 Jeff & Matt Hardy – Cameron, North Carolina

It is hard to believe but both the Hardy Brothers are now in their 40s. They’ve done so much moving around in the past. Let’s take Matt for example; he started with the WWE in the early 90s touring with the company. Following his WWE release in 2010 he would continue on out on the indie scene with various promotions all over the map.

Despite all the crazy and hectic movement throughout the years, Hardy still finds himself back home in Cameron, North Carolina. Jeff has also stayed in the area. The only difference is that both are now proud family men. Matt and his wife Reby, have two boys while Jeff and his wife Beth are raising two daughters.

14 Bobby Roode – Toronto, Ontario

Like Montreal, it isn’t uncommon for a wrestler to hail from Ontario, nor is it uncommon for the WWE to visit Toronto. It is one of the most commonly visited cities by the WWE.

However like Montreal, it is rare for a wrestler to live in the northern province while taking on a full-time gig with the company. In fact, back in his TNA days Roode resided in Virginia. This likely changed to Orlando during his successful NXT days. However given a photo that recently surfaced of his son playing hockey in Ontario, it seems as though Roode decided to go back home. An admirable decision and one we’ve seen countless examples of.

13 R-Truth – Indian Trail, North Carolina

Age 46 and in the business since 1997, R-Truth recently returned to television starting up a feud with SmackDown Live’s Cien Almas. Vince McMahon has always had a soft spot for Truth. His longevity in the business is quite admirable rarely taking breaks in the last couple of decades.

Outside of the ring he lives a quiet life in Indian Trail, North Carolina. It appears as though the Hardy brothers aren’t the only ones living off the map in the area. Truth is a family man with a daughter alongside his wife Pamela Killings. He also has four other children from past relationships.

12 Rusev & Lana - Nashville, Tennessee

No, both Lana and Rusev are not residing in Bulgaria or Russia. As a matter of fact although Lana does have some Russian heritage, she is actually from Gainesville, Florida.

The couple married back in 2016 and they went off the map purchasing a home in Nashville, Tennessee, not the most common area for wrestlers to reside out of these days. Of course Jerry Lawler is an exception to that rule hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. Most might expect WWE Superstar Elias to be residing in the area but it’s a little off-putting that both Lana and Rusev call it home. They haven’t been shy about it either being featured during various Nashville Predators games.

11 Karl Anderson – Fairfield, Ohio

The Miz might be envious of the place Karl Anderson calls home. The squared circle veteran is now residing off the map in Fairfield, Ohio. This wasn’t the case just a couple of years ago back in 2016. Anderson was doing lots of back and forth between the US and Japan. He was enjoying the greatest run of his career overseas, however the travel aspect took its toll. Anderson wanted a WWE contract and he would get the opportunity following the signing of AJ Styles.

These days he’s a lot happier given the proximity of his work. While off the road he’s keeping busy as a father of four. And oh yeah, they’re all boys!

10 Dean Ambrose & Renee Young – Las Vegas, Nevada

Is there a hotter couple in the wrestling business at the moment? What’s in that Vegas air? Ambrose is now back in the WWE with an all-new look. Renee enjoyed a historical promotion becoming the first ever female voice of Raw. And hey, Vegas isn’t doing too shabby either – in their first NHL season the team made it all the way to the cup finals! Perhaps more wrestlers should be moving to the area?

Like others on the list Dean likes to keep to himself and he’s kind of wacky as well – this makes Vegas the ideal destination. Both himself and Renee Young took part in lots of Golden Knights festivities throughout their lengthy NHL play-off push.

9 Heath Slater – Fort Mill, South Carolina

His “I got kids” gimmick isn’t just a persona. Slater actually has two children, who he spends lots of time with while off the road. Born in West Virginia Slater now calls Fort Mill, South Carolina home.

The 35 year old has enjoyed remarkable longevity with the WWE. He wrestled only a couple of years away from the company and he hasn’t missed a bump since inking a developmental deal back in 2006. He did some moving around early on with both Deep South and FCW. His role with the Nexus proved to be his ticket to the main roster.

8 Kane – Knox County, Tennessee

Surprisingly Kane isn’t from the US at all. The WWE star was born on an Air Force Base back in Spain. He would later grow up in Missouri.

He would spend most of his time in the Tennessee area, but who would have thought that he’d become the mayor of Knox Country, Tennessee one day? This is the same dude that attempted to stick cables on Shane McMahon’s private parts... However if you ask his fellow peers this was never out of the realm of possibility. Ask any of his former co-workers and they'll tell you that Kane is typically regarded as one of the brightest and most intelligent minds behind the scenes. He definitely had most of us fooled with his previous gimmicks.

7 Scott Dawson – Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Scott Dawson is a great example of why you should never give up on your dreams. With the arrival of his daughter, Dawson was willing to leave the business behind. Signs of a WWE contract were not on the horizon. So instead he decided to take on one more overseas tour before calling it a day. Following the tour out came an email from William Regal and as they say, the rest is history.

These days not only is Dawson still living in his home-State but he’s able to provide for his wife and kid while doing what he loves the most. Does it get any better?

6 Finn Balor – Brooklyn, New York

Perhaps not even Finn Balor himself could have envisioned ending up in Brooklyn, New York. Finn is from Ireland. He would later call Japan his home training at a Dojo during his earlier days. This would all lead to Balor becoming a top name outside of the WWE with New Japan.

After years of interest Finn finally accepted a WWE deal. He joined the developmental brand of NXT. Balor would call Orlando his new home for the run with the brand. He is now on the main roster. Unlike most developmental stars that stay in the Florida area, Finn decided to once again pack his bags and move to Brooklyn, New York. A common area for WWE shows, but not WWE residents.

5 Mick Foley – Garden City, New York

Not too far from Finn Balor is retired wrestling legend Mick Foley. The 53 year old recently returned to WWE programming and he is now set to join Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman as the special referee for their Hell in a Cell match.

Foley has called New York home for quite some time now. Mick has a complete family living in his household comprised of three boys and a girl, Noelle. His son Dewey is now out on his own working out of the WWE HQ.

We got a little insight on Foley’s home life. Among the more bizarre features is a room entirely dedicated to the Christmas holiday. Unsurprisingly this was Mick’s idea and he considers it his happy place.

4 Randy Orton – St. Charles, Missouri

He was born in Tennessee, however Randy got his start in the wrestling business out in Missouri, the same place he currently calls home. Randy’s earliest days however were spent in Ohio as a developmental talent. Orton was part of one of the finest developmental groups in WWE history featuring himself, Brock Lesnar, Batista and John Cena.

Orton’s personal life has changed dramatically through the years. Following his divorce Orton started a new family alongside his wife Kimberly Kessler. The couple has a daughter together. However Randy also plays the role of step-dad to Kim’s three boys from a prior relationship.

3 CM Punk & AJ Lee – Chicago, Illinois

Of course CM Punk is forever linked to his hometown of Chicago. He got some of the loudest pops in WWE history at the location. Punk was also rumored to appear at the ALL In event due to it being in the area, however it did not come to fruition.

These days Punk continues to live in the Chicago area alongside his partner AJ Lee. Punk is also a massive Chicago sports fans; he loves the Cubs and the Blackhawks. As for AJ, she’s a Jersey girl born in Union City. She also briefly lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin – Tilden, Texas

Austin made a couple of bucks during his peak run with the WWE. So much so that he enjoys dual residencies these days. The most impressive has to be his stunning ranch over in Tilden, Texas. The property size alone is absolutely ridiculous.

However he made another purchase most recently and it’s the opposite of a ranch, a home in Malibu, California. According to the LA Times his new home didn’t come cheap;

“Tropical landscaping, mature trees, hedges and lawns fill out the 6,000 square feet lot. Steve Austin bought the home in Marina del Rey's Golden Triangle section for $1.49 million in a deal completed off-market.”

1 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon – Weston, Connecticut

It makes sense for Vince McMahon to reside out of Connecticut given that it's the home of WWE’s headquarters. However given Hunter’s constant involvement with NXT in Orlando you would assume he moved to the area but this hasn’t been the case. Instead he’s doing constant back and forth rounds on his private jet.

Both Stephanie and Triple H live nearby Vince McMahon. The area in Weston is a gated community and one that features a stunning amount of land. The couple’s three daughters and two dogs take full advantage of the land size. It’s definitely a home we dream of but one that’s definitely off the map as well.