20 Weird Things That People Can Only Experience In Dubai

Dubai seems like the perfect place to plan a vacation. It is a place of fast cars and luxurious stays. Dubai can be one of the best places to visit as everyone probably has an idea of what to expect when you think of visiting Dubai. Perhaps, you want to experience the many malls that fill Dubai or possibly you just want to hang out in one of the many luxurious hotels for your whole stay. Whatever the case, Dubai makes for one of the most popular vacation spots in the world. While many people already know what to expect when it comes to visiting Dubai there are many things to do in Dubai that may not seem as obvious to anyone who hasn't done their homework yet.

Dubai is a large city and it stretches out far beyond the many malls and hotels in its walls. For one the desert that surrounds the city of Dubai is a wonder in of itself. If you want to visit Dubai and simply hang out within the walls of Dubai there is nothing wrong with that, but many forget that they are in a city that is in the middle of a large desert. If you are traveling to Dubai you may want to take a day to see what is outside of the city limits.

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20 Go On A Safari Through The Desert

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As mentioned before seeing Dubai from the outside may be a good change of pace from all of the luxuries you will be enduring during your visit. However, if you do decide to take a tour through the desert there are a few things you may want to prepare for. For starters, the day usually starts out with you and your group traversing the desert in small SUVs then taking things a bit slower on the back of a camel. You can, of course, rent other modes of transportation like bikes or riding the sands on a sled. Tours usually are held during the day with a few night tours available according to the official website.

19 Experience The World's Largest Urban Zip-line

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Dubai is known to house some of the world's largest things and a zip-line is one of them. Dubai has the worlds largest zip-line that stretches to be 1km in length according to XDubai.com. If you want to get a bird's eye view of Dubai this is the perfect way to do just that. However, if you are afraid of heights you may want to skip out on this one as it reaches the heights of some skyscrapers. The zip-line glides over the Dubai Marina and can give you an edge when knowing where things are located in Dubai.

18 Rent A Yacht Around The City

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If you are traveling to Dubai chances are you are ready to live a life of luxury and you are ready to spend some money. If you think splurging on an Uber XL is something to brag about, wait until you find out you can rent a Yacht in Dubai. According to the website CharterClick, you can rent Yachts the cheapest at $100/hour. This, of course, goes upwards to $1000/hour if you want to live the real life of luxury. The best way to experience and afford this Yacht experience is to bring a bunch of people and split the bill equally. This way you can live the life of luxury without breaking the bank.

17 Enjoy Endless Amusement Parks

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As everyone may already know Dubai has its fair share of malls, however, it also has just as many amusement parks. So if shopping isn't really your thing you can take a look at the dozen or so amusement parks across Dubai. There is even a theme park that is created just for people who enjoy Bollywood. There is an amusement park for every kind of person. If you want to take your kid somewhere Lego Land is the perfect place. If you are a fan of movies perhaps Motiongate is more your speed. Like many other things in Dubai, most of the amusement parks are only open during the cooler months so keep that in mind before you visit.

16 Watch Movies On A Rooftop In The Winter

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Many people have experienced an outdoor movie. Perhaps, it was at a drive-in theatre. However, in Dubai, they take this concept and make it a little more luxurious. The roof of the Galleria Mall holds the theatre in which guests can watch films under the starry night sky. The theatre is open to the public and everything is included in your ticket purchase such as food and drinks. There is a wide range of seating available so if you don't like the typical movie theatre seats you can find a nice comfy bean bag to crash in.

15 Enjoy The Amazing Miracle Gardens

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Another one of Dubai's world's largest. The Miracle Gardens in Dubai is considered the largest natural flower garden with over 109 million flowers according to the official website. The use of flowers in the gardens is unlike any other garden in the world and they use their best use of creativity to set up the gardens. Not only is the garden the largest natural flower garden but it also holds the largest indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary. That is two world's largest in one place! However, you may want to note that the garden is only open between October and April due to the cooler temperatures of these months.

14 Experience The Most Luxurious High Tea

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If you are visiting Dubai you must experience at least one variation of High Tea. Many people hold the Al Fayrooz Lounge located in the hotel complex of Madinat Jumeira to high regard when it comes to high tea. High tea is like brunch on steroids and when you get situated, the wait staff will bring you round after round of teas and even pastries like scones. After that sandwiches are served which are followed by a round of desserts. Even though it is called high tea you will want to arrive with an empty stomach. The best part is that the items you choose to consume are unlimited so you can have as much as your heart desires.

13 Camp On The Beach

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If you are missing the surf part of surf and sand in Dubai don't worry as you don't have to go far to find a nice coast to set up camp. Banan Beach in Jebel Ali, which is only around 20 minutes away from Dubai Marina, offers a stay in one of many colorful tents that litter the beach sands. You can rent one of these tents and enjoy the night on the beach hearing the sounds of the crashing waves as you fall asleep. Not only that but you can also enjoy different beach activities such as swimming and participate in Yoga. Not to mention that you can even enjoy the company of others at the communal campfire according to the official website.

12 Discover Old Dubai On An Abra

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Everyone is probably aware of the luxury side of Dubai, but it can be nice to escape that and get a more natural and historical look at Dubai. Luckily Dubai has just the thing for this. If you head to Dubai Creek you can take an Abra (a boat ride) to locations known as Deira and Bur Dubai. These towns practice old ways of how Dubai used to be before it was hit with the money. Deira is more of the historical sector of Dubai according to USA Today. The overall cost of taking an Abra is fairly cheap as well, only setting you back around one dollar.

11 Escape The City To A Private Island

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Just a short drive away from Dubai and you can find yourself on an isolated island away from all the craziness in the city. If you travel to the coast of the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi) you can find an island known as Zaya Nurai. The island is fairly small in size and you will see most of what it has to offer in under an hour. There aren't any vehicles allowed on the island, although you won't need them seeing as the island is so small. The beach itself that is located off the island is wonderful and truly breathtaking. If you want to spend the night and enjoy the island for a few days there is a resort there to stay in.

10 See The Country's Largest Mosque

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Speaking of United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), while you are there you may want to check out the country's largest mosque. The capital hosts the beautiful mosque known as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. According to the UAE, it is constantly being named people's favorite landmark when visiting Dubai. The architecture seen here is unlike any other building in the world. The mosque features marble stoned flooring and several rare and precious stones throughout the interior of the mosque. The best time to visit the mosque is around sunset when the mosque is perfectly lined up in the skyline for a breathtaking view.

9 Discover The Ripe Market

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If you want to get a taste of Dubai's version of a farmer's market then look no further than the Ripe Market located in Al Barsha Pond Park. The market takes place mostly at night according to DubaiCity.com. However, there are other day markets available in Dubai. The Ripe Market is more than just your average farmer's market as it not only offers healthy foods but it also offers many international foods in the way of food trucks parked around the market. You can also enjoy different stands that display art throughout the market. The night market really adds a charm to the farmer's market scene as you will be surrounded by beautiful lights.

8 Have Sunday Brunch Like No Other

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We mentioned brunch on steroids before but now we aren't joking. Dubai offers a Sunday brunch that you won't be able to experience anywhere else in the world. Chances are if you are visiting Dubai you are staying in a nice hotel. If you are staying in a hotel worth its stay, then you may come across an event that is important to Dubai's culture and that is brunch. Typically brunch is only had on certain days of the week, but in Dubai, if it is the weekend then there is a good chance there will be a brunch being had. For example, if you visit the Nikki Beach and Resort you will have the opportunity to spend the day at the pool or beach with endless options of foods and drinks making brunch an all-day event.

7 Seek Unusual Spa Treatments

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Chances are you are prepared to visit at least one spa when you are visiting Dubai. Dubai spas have a strange tradition in which you have the option of getting a 24-carat gold facial according to Time Out Dubai. Spa members will place a 24-carat gold leaf on your face after you have cleaned it to help release toxins from your face. While this process may seem a bit extravagant and unnecessary, there are many different prices for the gold facial. These prices range anywhere from the cheapest which is around thirty dollars to the most expensive which reach up to eight thousand dollars. If you are looking for a relaxing experience or a one in a lifetime experience you should definitely visit a spa in Dubai.

6 Take A Day Trip To The Mountain Hotsprings

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If you prefer to have a more natural spa experience perhaps you will want to journey out into the mountainous regions of Dubai. A city known as Al Ain is around an hours drive from Dubai and will offer some mountainous areas to help get away from the city life of Dubai. You can also visit Jebel Hafeet which is which is the second largest mountain in the UAE, according to visit Abu Dhabi.ae. If you do decide to visit Al Ain you can easily spend a couple of days there enjoying the hot springs and the town itself. The trip to the mountains can be exactly what someone needs when they want to escape the city of Dubai for a bit.

5 Endless Waterparks To Enjoy

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There is so much opportunity for choice when visiting Dubai. Similar to how there are so many amusement parks to choose from, there are just as many water parks to choose from. There are so many water parks that it may seem a little daunting to pick one at first. The most popular water park by far in Dubai is Aquaventure Waterpark which is attached to the Atlantis hotel. The park is located on a beach so if you get tired of the water park rides you can relax on the beach. Another popular water park is the Lego Land water park which is an extension on the normal Lego Land found in Dubai.

4 Barbeque While Tubing Down A Creek

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If you want to take a more relaxed attraction in Dubai, you should consider visiting the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club. You and a group of people will get into a circular boat/raft and float down the river while enough barbecue to feed a family of six is fed to you. The best part is that you can cook all of the barbecues yourself. They provide you with the meat and the charcoal and you can set out on the creek while cooking. The boat/raft doesn't travel very fast so you won't have to worry about holding on to anything or balancing anything as there is a nice table located in the middle of the boat.

3 Swim The Most Extravagant Hotel Pools

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As mentioned before you probably are going to be staying in a nice hotel if you plan on visiting Dubai. Even though you may not be able to afford the finest of hotels that doesn't mean you are totally out of luck when it comes to enjoying the finest hotels in Dubai. Many of the hotels in Dubai will offer passes to tourists in Dubai that will allow access to their facilities, mainly being their pools. The crown jewel here is to enjoy some of the rooftop pools that are available in some of the nicer hotels. This will give a nice view of Dubai's skyline and the sun setting over Dubai.

2 Stay The Night In A Palace

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You probably already planned to visit a palace on your vacation through Dubai. How can you not? Perhaps the best palace to visit is the Emirates Palace which is an hour and a half drive away from Dubai and is located in Abu Dhabi. The best part about Emirates Palace is the fact that it is also a hotel meaning that you can spend the night like royalty. There are large fountains out front of the palace that introduce you to the palace of dreams. There are also luxurious eateries around the palace that will make you feel like royalty when you dine.

1 Travel The World Within Global Village

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If you want to see the world in all of its glory perhaps a good stop is Global Village in Dubai. Global Village is an amalgamation of all the cultures across the world. If you want to try different international foods, see different international shows, or just explore different cultures, the Global Village is a great place to visit. There is so much to do in Global Village that you may want to try and visit it more than once, at least to try all the different variations of food they have. During the end of the winter seasons, Global Village offers huge discounts before closing for the summer according to khaleejtimes.

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