Have you ever been shopping inside of a retail store and saw the weirdest item? Can you remember the exact item that you saw that was so weird? There are thousands of items, but I can almost bet money on the fact that you remembered the strange item that you saw. You probably laughed at it or tried it on and shared it all over your social media. I’m sure you have seen the silly music videos or funny pictures that your best friend, your aunt, your mom, or your best bud posted on social media.

Stores are notorious for adding odd items into the inventory because it may sell well or draw attention to the store. One of the most popular stores is Target. Target is the second-largest department store in the United States. There are over 1,800 department stores that spread all over the United States. Target is recognized for meeting “the needs of its younger, image-conscious shoppers”. The only competition for Target is Walmart, but Walmart’s theme is “always low prices”. With all of that being said, there are definitely weird items that hit the shelves from time to time. Below are 20 weird things that are found in Targets from across the United States.

20 20. Pet Stroller

You generally hear of strollers being used for your children or your baby. However, pet Strollers are used for multi-purposes. If your pet is getting older and is beginning to have joint pain or arthritis then you can put your pet in the stroller and still take them for their evening walks. It would just be a stroll rather than a walk. Strollers are also great if your pet is having surgery. If there is nothing wrong with your pet, then you can use the stroller as an easy-to-use crate. You can buy a pet stroller with a zipper or without a zipper to prevent your pet from unzipping it. The pet stroller is just one of many weird things you can find at Target.

19 19. Creepy Octopus Knick-Knack

Knick-knacks are always cute to place around your house for décor. You can find almost anything you're into changed into a knick-knack. Target has a decorative aluminum lively octopus in chrome. It is a whimsical accent for any countertop. If you have an indoor aquarium or are into sea creatures then this knick-knack will be perfect for your home. It is easy to clean since it is made of aluminum. You can use the octopus as a bookend in your bookshelf, paperweight on your desk, or use him on your kitchen counter as a conversation starter. However, most houses don’t have an ocean theme. This odd knick-knack is one for the books.

18 18. Tiki Head Bubble Machine

Bubble machines are supposed to be cute for girls and cool for boys. However, Target has a tiki head bubble machine that is just plain creepy. It will scare off any of your bubble friends. It is on Target’s shelves for $40 too. If you enjoy tropical themes then it would be perfect for luaus, birthday parties, and other fun occasions. It holds over 60 ounces of bubble solution and will blow approximately 100 bubbles per minute. This tiki head bubble machine is worth $40. It is definitely an odd item but is a wonderful conversation piece for any party.

17 17. 3D Darth Vader Night Light

Do you have children that absolutely love Star Wars? Well, I have good news for you. There is 3D Darth Vader night-light on the shelves of Target. It is the helmet of Darth Vader. The way the light is mounted, it makes the Darth Vader light appear as though he is breathing through your wall. It is a battery-operated light. It features LED lights and a convenient on or off switch. It will definitely be a hit if you're into Star Wars, but if you’re not and find it creepy to have a head hanging on the wall then it is a very strange item.

16 16. Spooky Pumpkin Fogger

There are spooky decorations and then there are real spooky decorations for Halloween. Are you prepared for Halloween yet? No, not yet. Well good news, Target has a Halloween sinister pumpkin fogger fog machine. This pumpkin is absolutely creepy. It looks just like a pumpkin that had a face carved out of it. The spooky pumpkin lights up. Also, it does have a manual panic button. Personally, this pumpkin fogger is too scary looking for me to have on my porch. Target really “outdid” itself when it put this spooky machine on its shelve, because this pumpkin is oddly strange.

15 15. Giant Inflatable Flip-flop

I know you have seen all of the ginormous floats that are being shown off on all social media platforms. You might have seen swans, rainbows, ducks, and more. Oddly enough, Target has come out with a ginormous float that might out beat all of the floats being posted on social media. Target is selling a huge inflatable flip-flop. The flip-flop will be the center of your pool party as each guest poses with it to take selfies or to post pictures on social media. I don’t think it can get any stranger than floating on a flip-flop on the beach.

14 14. One Direction Themed Record Player

Record players are a thing of the past, or so we thought. Target has added a record player onto its shelves. Not just any record player. It has added a One Direction themed record player. This record player is a 3-speed turntable with the One Direction logo. It has a picture of the boys Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam on the inside of the lid. So if One Direction is one of your favorite bands, then show off your fan side and buy one of the One Direction themed record player. For fans, this record player won’t be so strange, but for non-fans ,it is a weird item.

13 13. Stuffed Rhino

Do you enjoy pillows for décor? Or do you like sewn décor? Target has a stuffed rhino that is perfect a safari themed room for your child. The stuffed rhino is a white fabric that is stuffed and seamed with bright pink thread. The pink thread is for a handmade quality for any animal-themed bedroom. You can even hang the rhino up on the wall, because it has a loop of fabric to hang it up. Target has added stranger things on its’ shelves, but it would be weird to walk into a room with rhinos hanging from the wall.

12 12. Elf Slippers

Do you love Christmas? Do you love Santa Claus? I know if you love those two things that you have to love Elves. Elves are Santa Claus’ helpers. They are tiny in size, but they have a ginormous heart. Target has added a special slipper for Elf fans. Target added a pair of elf slippers. The slippers are mostly green in color with white trim around the ankle. Also, the slippers have a gold bell on the tip of the toes. The bells are to warn any ba-humbugs you are coming to enjoy Christmas. These slippers are odd for Target, but are fun if you’re a huge Elf fan.

11 11. GoPro Chest Harness

Have you heard of GoPro? GoPro is one of the top leading companies for producing cameras that are very durable in almost any situation. GoPro has come out with a GoPro Junior Chesty for the GoPro Hero3 Camera. In English, this means that you can add a harness around either your chest or your pets chest to capture those special moments. This camera is great for catching ultra-immersive footage of your favorite sports, activities, festivities, slides, swings, and so much more. You can attach one around any small child or small pet with an adjustable harness. Luckily, this harness is compatible with all GoPros.

10 10. Magical Crystal Ball

Is it odd to place magic balls inside your garden? Whether you answer yes or no, Target has provided a magical crystal ball that you can place in your garden. I’m not sure if frogs are going to test out the magic ball or if your bee friends will, but it is an option on the shelves of Target. There are several different options for your crystal ball. You can get the legs in a longer size or in a smaller. I’m not sure what is more odd- the magical crystal ball sitting in your garden or the knomes that are there?

9 9. Devious Minion

Do you love minions? Minions are known for the expressive faces. They are yellow creatures that were first filmed in a movie called “Minions”. They were a huge hit sensation as soon as the cute little creatures evolved. Target has added a devious minion on its shelves. It is not just a cute little minion smirking, but it is a minion that takes your money too. It is a minion coin bank. Maybe you would rather have a minion bank than a mini pig for a piggy bank. Even though the minion is cute, it is still odd how it smirks at you.

8 8. Decorative Twine Ball

I can understand decorating your house with all sorts of knick-knacks, art, pictures, paintings, and so much more. However, I do not understand how a person takes twine rolls it in a ball and sells it as art. Oddly enough, Target sells an $11 twine ball on its shelves. It is just twine rolled up into different size balls. You can add it as a simple décor to spruce up your home into a desert chic look. The decorative twine ball is very odd, but could look good if done right inside of your house. This is one of many odd items that Target sells.

7 7. Flower Tape Dispenser

Have you always had an ugly and plain tape dispenser on your desk? Do you enjoy flowers sitting on your desk, but tired of them dying on you everyday? Or do you spend way too much money on buying new flowers every day on you’re your desk? Well, Target sells a scotch flower tape dispenser for $12. It ensures that your everyday flowers won’t die, while giving you something light and fun to stare at all day. This is one of the less odd items that Target will add to its shelf. It is odd because how many desks have you seen a flower tape dispenser on?

6 6. Mini Picnic Table For Your Condiments

One of the oddest items I have found in Target is a mini picnic table for your condiments. It consists of a small picnic table, a slot for ketchup, a slot for mustard, a slot for salt, and a slot for pepper. You can enjoy a picnic on your picnic. The item is called Mr. Bar-B-Q Picnic Table Condiment Set and is sold $12. It even comes with the condiment containers. When you sit down for your picnic, you can enjoy staring at a picnic on your picnic. This set is definitely odd and not sure how many people will buy it, but Target sells it on its shelves.

5 5. Sunscreen Flask

When you hear of a flask, you generally think of someone drinking alcohol or using it for some kind of drink. However, Target is selling a flask that is used for sunscreen. It is a cute orange flask that holds 8 ½ ounces of liquid and looks like a container of sunscreen, but in the shape of a flask. This item is odd because it might be confusing if you are drinking. Be careful not to mix up your flasks. That could make for a really bad beach trip that ended up in the hospital. This is definitely one of Targets weirdest item.

4 4. Baby Banana Brush

We all have to use a toothbrush at least once a day, but preferably twice a day. Even babies have to use a toothbrush. Target has a double-edged toothbrush that is perfect for babies. It has a baby banana toothbrush that can be used as a baby teether. The banana shape is supposed to be easy for the baby to grip it. The soft bristles help gently cleanse your baby’s teeth and it relieves gum pain. This item is BPA free. It is dishwasher safe and can be frozen to help cool sensitive gums. This item is only odd because of the shape it takes on, a banana.

3 3. Bluetooth Jump Rope

Do you enjoy Bluetooth? Do you enjoy jump rope? Target is selling a Bluetooth jump rope. However, Target is selling the jump rope for $60. This high-tech jump rope will count every step you jump. It also counts how many calories you have burned. It gives you interval-training recommendations. Also, you can sync the rope with Smart Gym. Smart Gym is a mobile platform to monitor your progress. This makes it very easy to compete with your friends in a simple game of jump rope. The Bluetooth jump rope is an odd mixture of two items, but it can be very useful if you are into that thing.

2 2. Gold Bird Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers were meant to be simple and non-distracting, but lately, tape dispensers have been created on a whole new level. First, we saw a flower tape dispenser that came in multiple colors. I don’t know who makes all these tape dispensers, but someone has created a gold bird tape dispenser. The gold bird tape dispenser would look good on someone’s desk with an animal theme, but wouldn’t the gold be too distracting? This odd item is one of many that is on Targets shelves. I know I couldn’t handle a gold bird tape dispenser on my desk. The gold would be too bright, but maybe if you love birds it would be perfectly suited for you.

1 1. Pokemon Union Suit

Do you enjoy sleepovers? Do you like Pokemon? Why not have both of those things as your new favorite item. I have seen onesies all over social media for the perfect sleepover. Adults and children alike are dressing up in multiple kinds of onesies. Target has reached out further into the oddness and is selling a $25 Pokemon Union suit. Ultimately, it is a large onesie in the shape of Pokemon. It is made for adults and for children. It is a large yellow looking onesie. You can enjoy snapping photos of your dad, best friend, brother, or sister in your favorite Pokemon suit. Overall, Target has come out with items that are quite odd.