Starbucks has long been filling people’s bellies with sweet goodness. They have introduced the world to some crazy concoctions that really probably should not be consumed. Frapula’s, unicorn frappuccinos and of course the pumpkin spice craze. So how else can Starbucks outdo themselves? How can they tingle our basic taste buds even more than usual? They can release better or more interesting drinks across the globe that will probably NEVER make it to Canada or the United States. We are talking about weird fruit combinations, drinks that mirror bubble tea and desserts made into who drinks. We have to admit that there would probably be a lot of red tape in order to bring some of these drinks across the pond. But, shouldn’t Starbucks be willing to take that risk for their loyal customers?

Some of the drinks on this list would do just fine in Canada or the United States but we can respect the fact that they just don’t see how progressive they would be outside of the United Kingdom or overseas. That being said, it won’t stop us from being huge fans of the coffee franchise. It also won’t stop us from lining up for sugar-filled drinks that will possibly give us diabetes. Really, what else are we going to do when everyone else is Instagramming drinks that look like something that no human should ever consume?

20 Cherry Pie Frappuccino

Only available in Japan this decadent drink was served with a literal flaky pie crust as the cover instead of a real lid. It came out in April of 2017 for a limited time, of course. It had a cherry compote a vanilla flavored cream base and of course whip cream. The compote was placed in the bottom of the cup and then topped off the drink. The official name of the drink was “American Cherry Pie Frappuccino,”. However, it was never sold in the US and probably ever will be. We can only imagine that this drink was tasty AF and had about a thousand calories.

19 Grape Mulled Fruits

Yes, Starbucks in London had a freaking Grape Mulled Fruits hot drink. The drink was described as a “hot spiced grape with chai, finished with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick". However, this drink went viral not for its uniqueness but its high AF sugar content. 99 grams of sugar per venti serving. It stirred up quite the debate online and even had some folks enraged at how their local Starbucks was attempting to fatten up their community. The drink is no longer available and we can suspect it didn't do that well, to begin with. 99 grams of sugar? Even the biggest sugar addict can’t get past that.

18 Mazagran

Back before Starbucks was doing the absolute most with their drinks, they were experimenting with bottled drinks. The company produced a lightly carbonated bottled coffee. The sweetened cold coffee lasted about a year on shelves. A carbonated coffee? That sure is experimental. They called it Mazagran. This is actually a much-loved drink that originated in Algeria and Starbucks went ahead and screwed it up. It was sold in the United States and let’s just say, it was something that Americans didn't appreciate. In Algeria, it’s served in a glass with a lemon, it’s not as dark in color and it’s been called the “original iced coffee”.

17 Sakura blossom cream latte

An ode to the cherry blossoms festival that takes place every year in Japan, this drink was also available in Frappuccino form. This limited-edition drink was cream based and blended with a sauce made from cherry petals, condensed milk, and white bean paste. Of course, both versions are topped with whip cream and little pink crunchie things. Even the cups were adorable. Watercolor cherry blossoms painted on the hot drink cups. The frappuccino made its own design within the cup. This drink was only available in Japan but America and Canada have had similar versions. But ours were certainly not made with sauce from cherry petals.

16 Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

In the United Kingdom, this Coffee Jelly Frappuccino was a hit or miss. One would expect that a drink like this would show up in Asia because of the jelly which is a typical thing to put at the bottom of a decadent drink or dessert in Asian countries. It’s kind of coming off like a bubble tea but let’s be clear, the only thing special about this drink is the jelly at the bottom. The rest of the drink is a caramel Frappuccino blended with the norm; milk, coffee, and ice. And, of course, like all coffee based Starbucks drinks, it is finished with whipped cream.

15 Matcha Espresso Infusion Drink

We swear Asia gets all the best combinations when it comes to Starbucks drinks. This Matcha Espresso Infusion Drink even looks beautiful. It’s a matcha tea/coffee hybrid and it’s Starbucks espresso layered with milk and matcha powder. The drink is literally separated until you stir it together and apparently the blend of flavors is super tasty. If you are into matcha that is. It’s certainly an acquired taste. This drink is so pretty to look at that you won’t want to drink it. And, it’s actually Instagram worthy. Some beautiful photos have shown up on social media of this drink. People have even changed up the flavors a bit. Don’t ask us how.

14 Creamy Caramel Latte

In Africa, the creamy caramel latte is all the rage. However, it’s important to note that this drink is also available in the UK, the rest of Europe and the Middle East. Only, in the UK it is known as the Butterscotch Brûlée Latte. We can’t imagine it tastes much different from the Smoked Butterscotch Frappuccino or even the seasonal Caramel Brulee Latte. So we in Canada and The United States aren’t really missing much here and this drink sounds easy enough to recreate. Honestly, it sounds mostly like a lot of caramel and some added stuff on top to jazz it up. The coffee version probably tastes better than the creme version.

13 Churro Frappuccino

Churros are a popular Latin American dessert so logic would tell Starbucks to certainly go ahead and make a Churro Frappuccino. The drink has cinnamon dolce and white mocha syrup, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of cinnamon. It sounds pretty darn basic but there is most likely no other way to get a closer taste to a churro than that combination. We have a sneaking feeling that Latin Americans might have had some negative things to say about this artificial drink and how much it did not taste like a traditional churro. They should probably just call it a cinnamon frappuccino.

12 Acai Mixed Berry Yogurt Frappuccino

Yogurt-based frappuccinos are so tasty and they honestly make us feel like we are drinking something somewhat healthy. Acai is a hot-button word in the health world but when you start to mix it with things that aren’t healthy all the health kind of goes out the window. It’s not even straight up acai berries it’s a yogurt infused with acai berries. At the bottom of the drink there are mixed berry pearls and on top, whipped cream as usual. This drink is available in Asia and we have to assume that it is quite popular because it is light and fruity and it has pearls at the bottom which is a big part of Asian desserts.

11 Chocolatey Banana Cocoa Drink

Bananas and chocolate is a classic combination. It only makes sense for Starbucks to make money off of a drink such as this one. They went all out on this one you can get it hot cold, with coffee, or without coffee. The drink is made with chocolate, whipped cream, banana sponge cake, and topped with chocolate sauce and chunks of sugar-roasted bananas. There also looks to be chocolate chips floating around as well. So clearly this one is only a treat once in a blue moon because it is way too sweet and calorie-riddled to drink every day. For us though, there is nothing to worry about because we will probably never get the chance to try it. It’s only available in Japan

10 Irish cream coffee pudding Frappuccino

This right here is a coffee lovers dream. Starbucks' take on a boozy drink without the booze. We will substitute booze any day for decadence. This drink is made with a coffee pudding base infused with Irish cream and topped with espresso whipped cream and loose espresso powder. Yummy! We aren’t quite sure what coffee pudding base is and we can only assume that it is that chunk of chocolatey goodness in the bottom. Literal chocolate pudding infused with Irish cream. But besides that everything in this drink sounds legit. Unfortunately, it is only offered in Asia which is kind of weird because we assumed a drink like this would be offered in Ireland.

9 Lemon Ginger Fizzio With Mango Jelly

Fizzios were a thing in America for a short time but they hated it. However, in South Korea, these drinks are all the rage. They have an assortment of flavors including this one the lemon ginger Fizzio with mango jelly. In Canada, a local coffee chain serves them and they are known as Italian Sodas but their flavors aren’t as enticing as these ones are. The one pictured here is made with lemon juice with hints of apricot and ginger. We can’t help but wonder what other flavor combinations they have come up with. Also, the fact that they have jellies to add to it is totally giving us bubble tea vibes.

8 Avocado Yogurt Blended Drink

Korea would have a drink that incorporated avocados somehow. This yogurt blended drink honestly just looks like a nutritious smoothie. However, since it is coming from Starbucks we have to assume that is can’t be that healthy. It does boast the title of healthiest drink on the Starbucks menu though. It’s made with avocado, kale, low-fat yogurt, and coconut milk. Wow, that does sound pretty healthy. However, we don’t go to Starbucks for the health benefits here. We will admit that with the health craze that Americans are on right now, this drink just might do well here. Especially since that new plant-based drink is for lack of a better word, garbage.

7 Double Chocolate Green Tea Frappuccino

Tea and milk chocolate are mixed together in this frappuccino to make this caffeinated drink. The drink is simply the green tea frappuccino mixed with milk chocolate sauce, java chips, and matcha powder. When blended altogether we get this concoction. Well not us, Australians do which is the only place this drink is sold. However, if you are dying to try this in Canada or the United States all you have to do is read out the recipe outlined. We have all the necessary ingredients it’s just not a drink that would do well over here. Try at your own risk.

6 Lúcuma Créme Frappuccino

The first thing you’re probably thinking is what is a Lucuma. We did the research for you. It’s a Peruvian fruit that has a custard-like flavor, mix this bad boy with a cream base and there you have it; Lúcuma Créme Frappuccino. This drink is only available in Peru because this particular fruit is only available in Peru. We aren’t quite sure but a fruit with a custard-like taste doesn’t sound that appetizing to us. Custard on its own is great and fruit on its own also great. But, together we have to question how amazing that would be.

5 Dolce Misto

A simple french roast and some dolce syrup. Something so simple and they only want to make it available in Vietnam? It’s both sweet and strong. A Dolce Misto is a pretty standard drink so it can easily be created at most Starbucks. It won't be the exact same because the coffee is kind of different but how can anyone go wrong with a little sweetness in their morning joe? The great thing about this drink is it can also be served over ice for those hot days where you still need a pick me up but don’t want the steam of a hot coffee blowing in your face.

4 Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino

Described as tasting like a creamsicle topped with an orange flavored honeycomb candy, this drink was in Indonesia and Singapore. In addition to it looking tasty, they decided to add that much-needed crunch once you get to the bottom and the whip cream and honeycomb is all that is left. In the United States, a version of this drink can kind of be re-created with an orange juice base. Obviously, it won’t have the honeycomb and it won’t have a potent orange taste but still, it’s better than nothing. We can only assume that his drink did not make its way here because honeycomb is not a big deal for us.

3 Date Macchiato

This drink may sound spectacular, you know, dates can be tasty. They are sweet and chewy and sticky just like candy. In the United Arab Emirates where this drink was featured a lot of the desserts are made with dates and date paste. A natural sweetener. But, don’t get too excited it was just a standard macchiato base and the only thing date-y about it was the sweet drizzle on top. Kind of a ripoff if you really think about. This drink spent a short amount of time in United Arab Emirates Starbuck locations along with maple and caramel macchiato.

2 Yogurt Pineapple Coconut Frappuccino

In Mexico, tropical fruit is just a way of life. We have to say, we are kind of surprised that their entire Starbucks menu doesn’t consist of drinks based on local fruits. However, they did do the country justice when they made this Yogurt Pineapple Coconut Frappuccino. This would be a great drink on a hot day, which is perfect for Mexico since it’s always hot. Can you imagine how much better it would have been if they actually used local, fresh produce instead of the juice bases and simulated flavor? But, really, it wouldn’t be Starbuck if they did that.

1 Christmas Panettone Latte

All the people of New Zealand, Singapore, China, and the Philippines had the pleasure of tasting what sounds to be a delicious treat from their local Starbucks. Panettone is an Italian bread normally made with egg, fruit, and butter. It’s generally served around Christmas time. The bread can be sweet or savory hence why Starbucks was able to turn it into a lovely latte. This dessert normally tastes great with coffee so combining the two was kind of a genius idea. The U.K. had the pleasure of sampling this drink when it made its way across the pond as a seasonal item. It was also available in a tasty frappuccino form.