Traveling around the world is a dream that many people share, but many of us don't ever get the opportunity to see the destinations we want. With the costs of airfares, hotels and other expenses, traveling can be outside the average person's reach, but there are ways around the cost. From volunteering in exchange for room and board to teaching English in other countries, there are lots of ways to get paid to travel. Some of these may only get you basic travel while others may have salaries to go with them. With some discipline, creative thinking and ingenuity, you could find yourself enjoying a different locale regularly. Check out these unique and out of the box methods of getting paid to travel. You may have to do some research to find them, but with a little time, you may line up several gigs that give you the chance to see the world on someone else's tab. You will be able to indulge your desire to travel, make new friends, build a lifetime of memories and earn a good income at the same time. Give some of them a try and pack your bags for a lifetime of new adventures and a new outlook on your career.

20 Teaching English

This is one of the most widely known methods of being paid to travel. Native English speakers can find an abundance of offers to teach in other countries. Programs like EPIK (English Program In Korea) and pages like Dave's ESL Cafe offer ways to find these jobs. While some require a degree, many offer tutoring positions that only require the job seeker be a native English speaker. You might have to do some research and set up profiles, but if you get a foothold in the industry, you can find yourself in different countries, teaching and getting to enjoy a lifestyle many only dream of having. If you enjoy talking to other people while helping them learn, and have a desire to travel at the same time, look into teaching English in other countries. Grab your laptop, your passport and your suitcase, then head out to educate and inspire others as you explore the world.

19 House Or Pet Sitting

When you think of vacationing or traveling, do you ever think of staying in someone else's home? If not, you might want to. This idea definitely offers an option most people don't consider. There are companies out there that help match sitters with jobs worldwide. Most of these don't pay for travel itself, but with the ability to save money on accommodation, it will put the dreams of traveling the world a lot closer. This means that you'll be able to put more money aside for flights, food and fun in the amazing destinations that you'll be given a chance to live in. If you love pets, have a flexible schedule and don't mind waking up in different cities around the world regularly, set up a profile and see how you can help others take a vacation while you get one yourself. You'll have grateful clients, a full passport and a chance to experience life on a global scale.

18 Volunteering

For those that want to combine traveling and volunteer work, there are some options that allow both. It may not be common, but there are some legitimate companies that help match up volunteers with trips. Compensation may come in a lot of ways ranging from a small payment to stipends for flights, room and board. Many companies that offer these services have fees, but they are often modest and designed to help with the costs of the program. Although these trips may not be free, with the costs being supported in exchange for volunteer work, they are usually much less expensive and you'll get to see some incredible places. Once you arrive, you'll be immersed in the culture and have a trip unlike anything you could have planned in a tourist-type setting. If you have the opportunity to travel as a volunteer, it will let you discover places and meet people in one of the most personal ways possible.

17 Adventure Work

Wouldn't you love to kayak down rivers in the United States or hike in Peru and get paid for it? For the thrill seekers and outdoor lovers, being an adventure tour guide could provide the perfect way to get free vacations. This job isn't easy and may require several tours before you get a break, but you'll get the experience of seeing some of the most stunning places on the planet. You can spend several months in one place or you might decide to hop from country to country, offering to lead a variety of different tours. You'll meet a lot of new people, help them have amazing vacations, and explore the world in this incredible job. If you have a sense of adventure, a great ability to communicate with people, and the desire to live a nomad life, check out the adventure tour industry and be paid to have fun.

16 Work At Hostels

This may not sound like being paid to travel at first, but here's how it works: You find jobs at hostels in cities where you want to check out or are currently visiting. These jobs pop up quickly and disappear even quicker. If you can get to know the staff at some of the local ones, you'll have a better chance of working there. You might not make a salary, but in most cases, you'll receive free room, food and possibly drinks as well. With those savings, you'll be able to spend a bit more on traveling. Your schedule may be busy, but you'll still definitely have time off to enjoy whichever beautiful city you're staying in. You'll also get to meet incredible people and build friendships in a way a planned vacation might not allow. If sharing space with a larger group of people doesn't bother you, then living and working in a hostel is a perfect way to travel a bit more affordably.

15 Travel Photography

If you have a flair for photography and want to travel, why not let your passion pay your way? This is not a guaranteed job for just anyone. You need the skills and the proper equipment as well as the patience to pursue it, but if you do, you could certainly make a good living. After building a portfolio, you'll be able to get higher paying clients and therefore have more money to travel. Some clients might even offer to cover the travel expenses as well. You'll be venturing to beautiful locations and capturing some of the most stunning scenery around. This is not an overnight career. You will have to spend time building a reputation and a great body of work, but it can be done. Working hard and improving your photography skills could be the ticket to your worldwide journey. As a bonus, you'll have all the photos to remember an amazing career that you built off of your passion.

14 Work As An Au Pair

This type of work is a wonderful idea for people to become truly immersed within a foreign country. As an au pair, you become a part of your host family, so you'll feel like a real local. A contract between the host family and the au pair will cover what the expected duties are, what the compensation will be and the length of the contract However, the au pair is not a domestic worker, instead being similar to an exchange student. In return for helping with the children and light housework duties, like any family member would be expected to, they are given food, lodging and pocket money while they stay with their host family. This mutually beneficial setup is a great way for someone just out of high school or college to spend some time experiencing life in another country and forming a relationship with a family that could last a lifetime.

13 Work Exchange

This type of gig won't completely cover your travel expenses, but by volunteering your services for a few hours a day, you'll cut down on your costs. There are companies that will help pair you up with a host job that compensates you with accommodation and food. Some even offer a small cash allowance. By finding a free home base and spending minimally on food, you'll be able to travel on a smaller budget. Most of these jobs require just a few hours a day, which will leave you plenty of time for local travel and relaxation. You'll also have the chance to hang out with local people and truly get immersed into the culture. For people who are willing to give up a few hours a day, the work exchange option turns a  vacation into a chance to truly live in another city, even if only for a short while. You'll become part of a community and build an experience that will never be forgotten.

12 Mystery Shopper

This is not an easy trade to get into, and there are dozens of scams all over the internet, so be careful. But, if you find the right companies, some amazing travel opportunities await. These gigs might not provide a lot of money so don't count on it for a steady income. You will be getting to spend time in gorgeous hotels, enjoying luxury spa treatments, and eating fantastic food as you evaluate the locations. The best known name for this type of work is Coyle. They offer plenty of opportunities for their evaluators to be reimbursed and receive a fee. Although this is not going to pay for you to travel, it will help fund it as you do. You can apply for projects as you travel and be reimbursed for the expenses. You might have to pay up front, but this could turn into a way to get discounted adventures. You'll get to see countless great places and help them make their customer service even better with your evaluations.

11 Travel Blogger

When people think of traveling and being paid for it, travel blogging or writing is one of the first things that come to mind. This is not an easy or get-rich-quick option. You will spend a great deal of time building an audience and establishing influence before you get to the level of income that you might be dreaming of. But if you put in the work and take the time to create your audience and platform, you could start making a decent living and gain enough clients to travel for free, or even be paid to do so. Some clients could offer to fund your trips in return for a review, while others will pay to advertise on your blog. You will be working full time to build this career, but once you're established, it truly becomes one of the most location-independent careers you can imagine. You'll be your own boss, without geographical restrictions, and witnessing some of the most amazing places around.

10 Remote Worker

This isn't actually one career, but a term that applies to a range of location-independent options. The internet, high speed connections, video conferencing, cell phones and laptops have all worked together to create an environment where working from a remote location is easier than ever before. Many companies are offering this option to their employees and it works. It's also a must for international companies to grow and expand. With the right skills, you could be hired by a company with multiple locations or you could create your own business offering your services on a contract basis. This will allow you to grab your computer, suitcase, and passport and set up office anywhere. If you're brought in by a large company that boasts a worldwide presence, there may be opportunities to travel and work in their sister offices worldwide. Many of them offer exchange programs to let their employees spend time in other offices. With remote work, you'll never face the problem of limited vacation time when you want to explore somewhere new.

9 Social Media Influencer

Social media is a huge part of everyday life and some have taken it to professional levels. As a social media influencer, you could ultimately get to a point where you could be paid to travel. Like any other remote business, it takes time to build your platform to this extent, and you'll have to start on the micro level. Many influencers have gained clients that want to place ads and hashtags on high performing social media accounts. You may also be asked to post about products after you try them. This could be something small like makeup, skincare or culinary products but could grow to sharing your experiences at hotels, restaurants and spas. At the elite levels of this industry, you may be invited to grand openings, beta-testing and other exclusive opportunities. This is not a guaranteed income, but you could see some savings with it. It's worth taking something you're already doing and seeing if you can monetize it.

8 Performer

For those travelers that have a flair for the creative, performing is one method to consider to earn a little cash. Ranging from traveling with theater or dance companies to setting up on a busy street corner, performing for money has been a staple for the creative community for generations. If you aren't working with a company, you could check with hostels and other locations to see if they would agree to hosting a live musician. This is a great method for someone with musical talent. You can also make money by busking, which is the act of singing, playing, or performing on public streets for tips. This type of performance can still be seen in many cities. Just make sure that you know the busking laws before you put your hat out and strum away. As long as you aren't breaking the law, decent money is there to be made. So, if you are musically or theatrically inclined and have no problem putting yourself out there, you could pay your way around the world.

7 Stagehand

For all those that don't have the skills to be in front of the lights, don't worry, you could still get paid to travel as a stagehand. With bands, theater, and other types of touring groups, there will always be a need for those people who are able to help keep the show going and get it down the road. This is not a full time gig and you may have to look for other options if you want to make it continuous. Often people begin by working for local shows and doing some free work before getting picked up. You can also travel from city to city offering to be local crew. This type of lifestyle is more suited to a nomad life than one for just short vacations. You'll have to work hard and it's unsteady, but it can be done. In cities that are more open to art, theater and live music, you might find more venues available. This is probably one of the most uncertain methods, but you can make it happen.

6 Instructor - Fitness, Yoga And Other Activities

If you've taken time to train as any type of instructor, you'll find doors opening for you to get paid to travel. Fitness and yoga instructors will find an amazing array of options ranging from cruise ships to resorts. These locations will pay well to have someone that can bring fitness to their guests. You can also find jobs as a personal trainer. Clients who travel for work may want to take a personal trainer with them to stay on top of their fitness regime. Yoga instructors will also do well. Spas, hotels and retreats that offer yoga as part of their packages may be willing to help good instructors relocate. As a certified instructor, there's potential for short term contracts with locations in several different countries and therefore several months of travel. You worked hard for the training, now the training can work for you.

5 Fight Attendant

This job is the first one that comes to mind when you think travel. The idea of flying all over the world and seeing gorgeous cities may seem like a dream. The truth is that this is a hard job. You will work crazy schedules, be on call and deal with demanding customers. You have to work your way up through the seniority levels to earn the really good schedules and the layovers may range from about half an hour to overnight. Many flight attendants mention the unstable schedule, plus the toll that jet lag and time zones can take on the body as the biggest cons to the job. But one of the greatest perks is the generous travel benefit. Semi-frequent layovers will allow you to explore and you'll earn a great deal of personal travel time. If you're willing to deal with the realities of the job, working as a flight attendant will truly give you the opportunity to see more of the world.

4 Travel Agent

The job of a travel agent says it all; you're paid to set up travel arrangements for your clients. But if you're an independent agent, you'll also have to scout locations to offer. The job is not as glamorous as some would think, but there are clear perks. You will see some of the most luxurious locations in the world and you'll be getting a lot of things discounted or free. This career doesn't have office hours. You have to be available at all times for your clients because they're all over the world across multiple timezones. But you'll build an incredible clientele if you do the job right. You'll become familiar with hotels and restaurants all over the world and will always be welcome in them. This is a very busy career that requires a definite people person, but you'll have a life that will leave others envious and in awe.

3 Bartender

Most people may not think of bartending as a travel career, but it can actually be one of the best. Ranging from local taverns to five star resorts, you'll find bars in practically ever locale. If you have the skills, knowledge, and personality that make you stand out, you'll never struggle to find a job. Many bartenders start locally after going to school and build their skills before heading out. With a good resumé, you'll be able to find work all over the world. You'll make friends, see some fantastic places and pay your way around. This location independent career will make you the star of the show and a hit with every place you stay. Stop in the small towns and offer to pick up a shift or two so you can get to know the people who live there. You'll be immersed in the culture and enjoy a side of traveling people normally don't discover.

2 Chef

This job is ideal for creating an international career for yourself. Hotels and resorts pride themselves on offering the best cuisine possible to their guests and they'll all be thrilled to see you. Take time to build your skills and your cuisine base, then start looking for places to offer your talent. The key to this is taking the time to gain the skills necessary to meet the hiring requirements. Many traveling chefs work for several months and then take a few months off. If you are looking to find the higher paying offers, you'll have to commit to a longer contract. You could take a job on cruise ships or at hotels and be able to see more locations. One of the best ways to truly see the world is to go from resort to resort. This may require some research and networking, but it is a viable way to see the world and be paid for it.

1 Translator

If you have a flair for languages, that talent can write your ticket to travel all over the world. The need for translators will never disappear and as international companies continue to grow, there will always be work. Initially, you may not make a great income as it takes time to build a clientele. Once you do, the ability to work from anywhere makes this a great career. You can work as a translator for documents if you want something that will be able to be done behind the scenes, or you can choose to act as a translator for companies when they have language barriers. The more languages you know and the more proficient you are with translating and word processing software, the more work that will be available. You will certainly be able to find work globally with this skill. If you are multilingual, this is a guaranteed way to support your travel habits.

Traveling can be an expensive dream that you might feel is beyond you, but it doesn't have to be. If you can showcase marketable skills or a desire to help people, there are plenty of options that pay for travel. It won't always make your travel free, but it will put it in a much more affordable range. Think outside the box, look at what you have to offer, and consider some nontraditional methods to make money. If you're willing to do that, you may find yourself setting out on your first adventure sooner than you planned. Grab your suitcase and see where it takes you.