20 Ways To Travel Non-Stop (Even If We're Not Loaded)

Exploring new places is something many people love to do. Travelling from city to city or country to country sounds like a dream vacation for those who have been bit by the travel bug. However, it is no secret that travelling can be very costly and is definitely not cheap. Many people steer away from travelling because they think it is too expensive and they could never afford to go anywhere. However, just because travelling is expensive it does not mean you cannot keep the vacation going. There are many ways to save money a long the way to ensure you never have to stop exploring. With many tricks and tips travelling can be manageable for anyone despite the amount of numbers you have in the bank.

Travelling non-stop can be possible even if you are broke. There are many things a long the way you can do to save a few dollars. Things like flying at night to save money on a hotel or live like a local and shop at markets instead of eating at fancy restaurants every mea. These tips can help keep your wallets full and allow your trip to continue.

From travelling light to earning free flights, here are 20 ways to travel non-stop even if you are not loaded.

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20 Always Keep A Budget

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When planning a trip the first thing you should do is create a budget. Look at how much money you have and how much money you are willing to spend. This way if you know how much money you can spend you will plan around the budget. There is a better chance that your money will go farther if you know that you are not over spending. It will be easier to enjoy your trip knowing that you are able to afford everything without going into debt. Just make sure you count things that go beyond your flights and hotel, expenses such as food, entertainment and souvenirs. Having a budget and sticking to it will allow you to keep on travelling.

19 Work Overseas

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Working overseas can come in many different forms. One being that you have a job that allows you to work remotely, therefore you can take your work on the go and travel while still making some kind of income. Or you can find a job whether is be a part-time job just to subsided your travels. Jobs that are popular amongst travellers are working in hostels, working in a bar or restaurant or working at a casino. Just make sure you have the proper documents to be working in another country. Some people find this option hard, but if you keep an open mind and are not too picky with job opportunities you will be making enough money to get you to your next travel destination.

18 Earn Free Flights

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When travelling the word free is your best friend and who does not like free stuff! You can earn free flights by signing up for credit cards that allow you to earn points that you can use towards flights. If you already use a credit card often then you should benefit from doing so by earning points for a free flight.  If signing up for a credit card is not for you, you can also sign up for miles reward programs. Most programs give you welcome points which allow you to get free flights sooner. When signing up for these miles programs sign up to their emailing list. Sometimes they have events that double your points by shopping at certain places or after doing some call to action.

17 Couchsurf or Use Airbnb

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Using Couchsurf connects travellers with people who are willing to let them sleep on their couch for free. Some places actually offer a bed to sleep in so if you are lucky you do not have to sleep on your host's couch, but who is going to complain it's free accommodations. With this site you will never be asked to pay for anything. It is also a great way to meet locals. Another website that provides alternate accommodations is the website Airbnb. This website provides traveller with either a shared area or a private place to rent, however unlike Couchsurf you do have to pay for the service. However, with hotels being one of the most expensive costs when you travel these alternatives can help lower the cost and keep the trip going.

16 Visit Free Museums and Walking Tours

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According to Hostel World, one of the best ways to explore a new city is by taking a walking tour. Most cities offer free walking tour that are led by experienced locals. With these services being free who would not take advantage of that! Also, cities like London and Berlin have many free museums. Taking advantage of things that are free are a great way to not only explore and learn about a city, but it is a great way to save money. Some countries even offer discounts and have designated day that are free to visit places. Doing a little bit of research before going to a place can be very beneficial.

15 House Sit

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Another great way to not have to pay for accommodations is to house sit. There are many websites that people put their homes up on the site and have people watch it for free while they are away. It may no be for everyone to have strangers in your house while you are away, but it is a cheap alternative for the traveller who are willing to do it. Watching someone's house while they are away is great because you have the comfort of a home and a kitchen so you can prepare your own food. It is a win win situation, the home owners know that their house is safe while they are on vacation and the sitter is able to have their own vacation for free!

14 Try WWOOFing

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WWOOF stands for Willing Workers On Organic Farms. This organization sets you up with a farm where you will work and get free room and board. However, you do have to pay to get to the farm, but once you are there everything else is covered for you. The perks about this is that you can find farms all over the world and you do not even need previous farm experience to get the job. Working on a farm may not be for everyone, but if you are up for something new or a challenge WWOOFing is worth checking out. You cannot go wrong with free room and boarding while living in a new place.

13 Avoid Eating Out All The Time

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Spending money on food can be costly while travelling, especially since it is something that you absolutely need to survive. The best way to save money when you are travelling is to avoid eating out all the time. It is best to cook your own food at any time it is possible. If your accommodations provides you with a kitchen then it is best to buy food at a grocery store and cook it yourself. If you do not have a kitchen you can also just make sandwiches and other food that are easy to bring on the go. Bringing food on the go also saves time when searching for a restaurant to eat at and time spent at the restaurant waiting for your food to be prepared.

12 Get Travel Passes

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If you do not want to be stuck to a time schedule you can purchase travel passes. For example rail passes can save you around 50% of the cost of a train ticket. If you plan on taking trains a lot during your trip then purchasing a rail pass will save you a lot of money. Also if you are planning on seeing a lot of sights in a city, getting a city tourist card is also a great way to save money. Some city cards also include the use of public transportation, which means you are saving on transportation within a city. Getting a city tourist card also give you discounts on major attractions and stores.

11 Use Student and Other Discount Cards

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Even though you may not have all the money in the world at your finger tips, students can benefit from a lot while travelling. Some places offer student discounts to people who are able to prove that they are enrolled in a educational institution. Most places just require a student identification card in order to receive a discount. Many places also offer discounts to teachers and youth. If does not hurt to ask if the airline, hotel or tourist attractions offers any discounts to certain groups, you may be able to save a few dollars.

10 Be Flexible

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Keeping an open mind can be very beneficial when it comes to travelling. If you are flexible with destinations and dates then you have a better chance on getting good deals. Some days are cheaper to fly on so not having a set date can allow you to get the cheapest price offered. Also if you keep your destinations open then you are able to pick what airport is cheaper to fly to. For example flying to London Heathrow Airport for some airlines can be more expensive then flying to a neighbouring airport such as London Gatwick Airport. Keeping an open mind and being flexible can keep your vacation going without having to break the bank.

9 Travel In A Group

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Even though going on solo trips can be good for the soul, if you are looking to save a little money it is best to travel in groups. For obvious reasons travelling in groups can help you save a lot of money because everything you are paying for you are splitting it amongst those you are travelling with. Therefore, boarding and food can be cheaper. Unfortunately, there is no splitting flight costs. Some places do offer group rates which means you are offered tickets for attractions at a discounted price. It can also be a great experience travelling to places with your closest friends and family.

8 Take The Paths Less Travelled

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This may sound a little dangerous at first, however if you travel to places that most people are not going to then there is a good chance that it will not be as expensive as the places everyone is travelling to. Not only will it be less expensive it also will not be as crowded. Try going to places that people have never heard of or would never think of going to and there will be a good chance that your dollar will go farther. Also going to places during the off season can also be very beneficial because prices tend to be cheaper during the seasons when no one is really travelling. Try travelling to places in the cooler months instead of the summer months.

7 Always Book Everything In Advance

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When it comes to travelling being prepared is always a good thing. Even though you can be a go with the flow traveller, however buying things last minute can get expensive. For example in some cases it is cheaper to book plane tickets months before because they are cheaper than if you book them the day before. Same idea when it comes to train or bus rides. You also want to make sure you are getting the flight you want. When it comes to purchasing tickets for attractions some places offer discounted tickets if you book in advance and online. It is worth checking out their website before visiting to see if they offer any discounts.

6 Keep An Eye Out For Sale Events

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Everyone likes a good sale! The best time of the year to look for sales is on Black Friday. While everyone is out snatching TVs and game consoles, travellers are heading to flight sites. According to Hostel World, many travel sites offer sales on flights and hotels on Black Friday. So, skip the lines and head straight for your computer and book your next trip at a discounted price! To make sure you do not miss a single sale subscribe to these travel sites email list and keep an eye on your inbox for the next sale. Travelling can get expensive so these sales are crucial when you can to keep the vacation going.

5 Get To Know The Locals

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Living like a local has been easier now than ever. With sites like Airbnb and Homeaway, they allow travellers to stay in homes and apartments rather than staying at a hotel, which can get costly. Since you will be living like a local you should get to know the locals too. Getting to know the locals will allow you to know where the best food, drinks and bargains are. They can tell you where the markets are to help you save money on food and dining. They can also help you with public transportation, which is cheaper than using taxis all the time.  No one knows an area better than the locals!

4 Walk As Much As Possible

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Not only is walking free, but it is a great way to explore every part of a place. Taking a tour bus can limit you to what you can see. Not only will walking save you money, but it also allows you to explore everything a city or place has to offer. There is something about travelling that makes everyone turn into a walker. Everyone enjoys a nice walk when it comes to seeing new surroundings and taking in the sites and sounds of a place. No one wants to explore a city behind a window on a tour bus or drive through a city without getting the chance to stop. Walk as much as possible, your wallet will thank you.

3 Travel At Night

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When travelling long distance it is best to travel at night, especially if your means of transportation is by airplane or train. When you are travelling to another country and you fly overnight that is one less night you have to spend on a hotel room since you can sleep on the plane or on the train. When you travel overnight you arrive in the morning, most times, which means you have a full day. Therefore, not only does this method save money it also saves time. All you do at night is sleep anyways so why waste a day travelling when you can travel while you are sleeping and wake up at your destination.

2 Learn To Bargain

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Everyone loves a good bargain, but not everyone likes to bargain. In many places it is actually normal to bargain and ask for a cheaper price. The key to bargaining is knowing when to stop and pay the right price. Bargaining is a great skill to learn as a traveller because it will help you save money since you will not be paying full price. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but just know that you are not the only one who is haggling for a cheaper price. It is not always appropriate to bargain, but most markets are used to people searching for a good bargain.

1 Travel Light

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Another way to save money while travelling is packing light. Many airlines charge their customers a fee to check in their bags, therefore if you pack light and just bring a carry-on than you can avoid being charged any check-in fees. You also will not have to wait for your baggage when you land, which helps save time. Travelling light also makes it easier to travel from one location to another because you have less stuff to worry about leaving behind or losing. If packing light is not an option for you because you like to have options when travelling, it is always best to check airlines check-in policy before booking. See which airlines fees are cheaper.

References: Hostel World, CNN

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