Born in July 1990, Margot Robbie is still a very young actress by Hollywood standards. Meryl Streep is almost 70 and she is still one of the most sought-after people in the business. Sandra Bullock is 54-years old and right now it seems like she is just starting her career. With an Oscar nomination and an array of roles that scream flexibility, range, and chameleon-like transformation skills, Margot Robbie is shaping up to be one of the best ever young actresses of this generation.

A local Queensland girl, Margot grew up with three siblings and learned how life really is at a young age. She was working three jobs a 16 to provide for herself and her family. But look at her today. She is an A-lister, not just a famous actress, but one that’s right there at the top of every list. She was very lucky to be cast in 2013 as Leo DiCaprio’s onscreen wife in Martin Scorsese’s Jordan Belfort biopic, The Wolf Of Wall Street. Then, a lead role opposite Will Smith showed the world that she is in Hollywood to stay. She proved how versatile she is in the films Suicide Squad and I, Tonya. Here are twenty things that prove Margot is an A-lister now, things she owns and places she’s been to.

20 20. Audi A6

Celebrities often have the coolest and most expensive rides. This is because cars are considered a luxury, and the more money you have, the more luxurious your ride is. Audi A6s go from $49,000 to $72,000 today, and this is one of the rides people have seen Margot get out of. The inside of this car is like what all the other luxury cars dream of having. Not too flashy from the outside, but it’s still worth a shiny penny. Hers is a white Audi A6, and we gotta admit, the car looked nicer with her than any other owner we’ve seen ever. Maybe that’s just how all cars look when she gets to ride in them.

19 19. Cadillac Escalade

One vehicle that kind of fits celebrities and their social standing is the Cadillac Escalade. This car is a beaut, a large luxury SUV, with large cabins for comfort and ease. The 2018 model has a 10-speed automatic transmission, upgraded from the previous 8-speed. This vehicle ranges from $74,000 to $100,000. That’s how much one pays to get a ride as handsome as this. Margot just classes it up some more when we saw pictures of her with it. We don’t think she’d like to drive one of these, but if she ever does, that just upgrades the Cadillac Escalade two levels higher.

18 18. Nissan BladeGlider

Nissan has chosen Margot Robbie to be their ambassador for their latest campaign, it’s the car that’s every bit as pretty as Margot, but still not quite. The Nissan BladeGlider is the car of the future, the near future. It has zero emissions, a 100 percent electric car with speeds that tops all other electric vehicles out there. The shape is designed for speed, 0-100 kilometers in less than 5 seconds. It was said that as an A-lister endorser and ambassador, Margot could earn a million dollars (or more) with this gig, and she could also get one of these babies for herself, that would be so cool!

17 17. New Zealand

Z for Zachariah was a film adapted from a science fiction novel written by American novelist Robert C. O’Brien. The movie was released in 2015 and starred Chris Pine, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Margot Robbie. Most scenes were shot in New Zealand, in the region of Canterbury, where there is lush forests, grasslands, and rivers. This region was also used by Peter Jackson in his Lord of The Rings films. Margot Robbie could not be happier filming near her home, as New Zealand is just a shout away from Australia. The film would not generate much in terms of ticket sales, but the performances of the three actors as two Adams and an Eves in a post-apocalyptic romance-drama-thriller were commended by critics.

16 16. Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of the biggest stars in Hollywood for the last 15 years is Will Smith, and to be able to star in a film with him is an honor in and of itself. Focus was a 2015 film made with a budget of $50 million, small production when one sees the name Will Smith on the cast sheet. But it would turn out to be a big blockbuster film as it sold globally to the tune of $159 million, a 300 percent-plus return. The beauty of Buenos Aires and New Orleans and the chemistry of Margot and Will was enough to drive this one home.

15 15. Belgium

Europe is a place that’s not usually used by production companies to shoot in, they’d rather stay in Canada or the U.S. unless the story demands it. This was the demand of the film Suite Francaise.

A 2015 period piece, Suite Francaise was set in World War II and no studio in America can match the genuine landscapes of Belgium and France, especially if it was set in the 1940s. Margot strutted her stuff in Belgium and showed her co-stars, Michelle Williams and Ruth Wilson, what a 24-year old Australian actress is capable of. The film was released in UK theaters but was released on cable TV in the US.

14 14. Derbyshire, Great Britain

Apes, jungles, and man, this is the premise of one of the oldest stories adapted over and over again in film, television, and animation. One more adaptation wouldn’t hurt the ever-increasing Edgar Rice Burroughs fans, and it would only do good things if Jane was portrayed by Margot Robbie. They mostly shot the film in the Warner Bros. Studios in England, but used the Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire as the beautiful mansion of John Clayton, or Greystoke Manor. Working closely with Alexander Skarsgard, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson only made Margot the actress that she is now, an A-lister no doubt.

13 13. Budapest, Hungary

Revenge is the center point of this crime thriller film that’s proud of its all-star cast. Margot Robbie mixes it up with Mike Myers, Simon Pegg, Dexter Fletcher, and Max Irons. Whenever directors shoot a film noir, using a location would help with the mood that the director wants the audience to feel. In this film, Budapest was that place. Budapest is Hungary’s capital, a city that can trace its history from the Celts. The landscape, even the interior of some of the older buildings, can speak to the viewer. The film is titled Terminal, and was released on May 11, 2018.

12 12. Edinburgh, Scotland

Year in and year out, there is always some kind of portrayal of Queen Elizabeth on film. In 2016, Penelope Wilton did it in The BFG. In 2015, the Minions movie had Jennifer Saunders voiceover as the Queen. Of course, our personal favorite, Helen Mirren in the 2006 film The Queen. So, 2018 will mark the year where Margot Robbie takes a shot at playing Queen Elizabeth II in the film Mary Queen of Scots. Set to be released in December, the film also stars Saoirse Ronan as Mary. Edinburgh was one of the filming locations, as this was shot almost entirely in the United Kingdom.

11 11. Sydney, Australia

An Academy Award nomination, no matter how cliche it sounds, is really an honor for every actor in the business. Having been chosen out of the hundreds, even thousands of films made every year all over the world is a distinct recognition of an actor’s talents. Margot Robbie received that honor in her performance as Tonya Harding in the film I, Tonya. Released last year in September, Margot traveled really close to home when she toured Australia and had a premiere in Sydney. This film cemented her place in Hollywood today as an A-lister. Now she’s working on Quentin Tarantino’s latest film.

10 10. Hong Kong, China

Mainland China is kind of boring because there is no Hong Kong there. Most of the fun is in this small island south of the mainland. This is where Margot Robbie traveled to a Hugo Boss flagship store opening. She is friends with Jason Wu, a New York fashion designer and Hugo Boss’s artistic director of womenswear. In this Hong Kong event, Magot flew to Hong Kong to support her friend in the flagship store opening of two Hugo Boss stores. Margot would then travel to Hong Kong a few times more for future film premieres, promotional tours, and fashion events.

9 9. Paris

‘A first time for everything’ is a saying that works for every kind of person, even an A-lister like Margot Robbie. She was no A-lister when she started, of course. Just like any other actor in Hollywood, Margot started at the bottom. She even remembers her first time at the Oscars, it was in 2014. But she recalls it was a night that did not end after the ceremonies. Right after the event, she was on a flight from Los Angeles straight to Paris. It was for Miu Miu’s Fashion Week in Paris, and she was with big name celebrities like just-now Oscar winners Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto, which she would work closely within Suicide Squad.

8 8. Tasmania

Peter Rabbit was an animated and live action film released just this February 2018 and made millions of dollars in the box office. It was a valiant Sony Pictures Animation effort starring James Corden as the voice of Peter Rabbit and Margot Robbie as the Narrator and Flopsy Rabbit. Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne are also part of the live-cast. After a promotional tour of the film in Australia, Margot Robbie was able to free up some time and visited the MONA in Tasmania. Tasmania is an island south of Australia, and MONA is the Museum of Old and New Art located on the island of Tasmania.

7 7. Tokyo

Records all over the world will always tell people that the first ever actress who portrayed Harley Quinn on film was Margot Robbie. Apart from portrayals from a number of animated films, the first and the only (by far) screen portrayal of the villainous Harley Quinn is owned by Margot Robbie. Warner Brothers reportedly greenlit the Harley Quinn spinoff movie from the original Suicide Squad film. Starring again with Will Smith, Margot toured a lot of places for the premiere of this DC adaptation, one location was in Tokyo, where Katana’s fans emerged. Of course, there were also hordes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie fans in attendance.

6 6. Philippines

East of China and down to the south lies an archipelago of 7,000 islands called the Philippines. This country has hidden gems of beaches and islands unlike any tourist has ever seen. This was exactly the case when Margot Robbie had a much-deserved break from her busy schedule. She visited numerous places in the southeastern country, but could not keep her excitement as she shared in an Instagram a photo of how beautiful El Nido in Palawan is. She shared in the caption that she died and went to heaven. She also took time to help underprivileged kids and urged everyone on social media to help as well.

5 5. Nicaragua

Central American countries are popular beach destinations for tourists, especially Americans who want a quick vacation and a break from their daily routine. This is what Margot Robbie just did, and her destination of choice was the country of Nicaragua. The privacy offered by some of these resorts, like the Playa Redonda and the Pearl Cays, is enough for a busy A-lister such as Margot Robbie to have a tranquil and serene break from all of it. Nicaragua also has the best black sand beaches like Jiquilillo and the best-protected coves like the Playa Maderas. A tropical paradise not that far away from the US is Nicaragua’s tagline.

4 4. Utah, the United States

In Park City, there is an annual film festival held and it’s called the Sundance Film Festival. In 2015, Margot Robbie traveled to Utah to attend the festival for her film Z for Zachariah. Sundance films generally are not box office films, but this is where stars are born, directors are recognized, and acting performances are highlighted and praised. Some Sundance Festival winners are Whiplash with the masterful performances of Miles Teller and JK Simmons, and Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone. Park City transforms overnight for Sundance, and it’s like a fun checklist game of stars when a regular person happens to travel to Park City during the Sundance Film Festival.

3 3. Toronto, Canada

Out in the cold and up north is where Margot Robbie and her castmates traveled for the world premiere of I, Tonya. It was held at the 2017 Toronto Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. Toronto is the capital of Ontario, and tourists vacationing there should visit the CN Tower, Toronto’s most famous landmark. A trip to the ROM, or the Royal Ontario Museum is also well worth the admission fee. For a short time travel back to medieval times, there is Casa Loma, a castle in Austin Terrace. Margot Robbie looked fabulous walking the red carpet at the premiere of I, Tonya in an Erdem dress.

2 2. London, Britain

US and UK box office results are the first to be measured when determining the success of a particular film. This is why stars and films make it a point to premiere not only in the US, Los Angeles, and New York usually but also in London. Apart from Canada, the cast of I, Tonya also flew to London to have a premiere night for their United Kingdom fans. Her co-star, Allison Janney (who won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for this film), was in attendance too. At the London premiere, Margot Robbie wore a glittering Louis Vuitton dress and looked golden, Olympic golden.

1 1. Beijing, China

Sometimes world premieres are held in other countries, too. Being the most populated continent in the world, it just makes sense to spend time in Asia and promote a film to generate more at the international box office. Of course, the best place in the Asian continent to do it is China, for population reasons. A film company targets a country to have a premiere in with literally a billion of moviegoers in it. Two years ago, Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard traveled to Beijing, China’s capital city, to hold a press conference and a premiere of their film The Legend of Tarzan.

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