20 Ways Leonardo DiCaprio Spends His Millions All Over The World

With an acting career spanning over the course of nearly 30 years, Leonardo DiCaprio has emerged out of Hollywood as one of Tinseltown's biggest stars. Before he had a brand name that precedes him more than even his reputation, DiCaprio was but a young lad in 1989 when he had his first roles on television screens, some of which were uncredited. Before he knew it, he caught his biggest break yet in 1993 in the show stealing role as young mentally handicapped Arnie Grape in What's Eating Gilbert Grape. The rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward 25 years, five Oscar nominations, and one Oscar win later, and Leonardo DiCaprio is one of today's most easily recognized and distinguished leading men on the planet. With all of that critical praise and success he has received over the course of 29 years, surely, one would not be wrong to assume that all of this praise should translate into financial success. One would assume correct, as DiCaprio has a net worth of $245 million.

With all of those dollars in his bank account, now all we wanna know is how exactly does someone of DiCaprio's caliber spend all of that money? Here's how:


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Anyone who has been to Disney World should know that Disney World is not a cheap trip by any stretch of the imagination. Tickets to Disney World can range close to $200 alone. Factor in the number of tickets, plane tickets to get the family to and out of Florida, buying food and memorabilia, and a hotel room or two for a reasonable stay. That should altogether run a couple thousand dollars.

For a guy who makes $25 million per starring role, a couple thousand dollars is nothing for Leonardo DiCaprio. He has used his money to thrill the kid inside of him by attending theme parks like Disney World. Although, one year, he went a little too far according to a Disney World water park lifeguard, who once said that DiCaprio was escorted off the premises for going #1 down a waterslide.


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It's hard to believe that Leonardo DiCaprio never used his relationship with former Catch Me If You Can collaborator Steven Spielberg to insert himself into any of the sequels for Jurassic Park.

We say that because - apparently -DiCaprio is a big fan of dinosaurs, seeing as he seems to have himself a collection of dinosaur bones, or at least a handful of skulls.

Back in 2007, he tried to buy a dinosaur skull at an auction held in the I.M. Chait, but was outbid by Nicolas Cage. DiCaprio then went on to buy the skull of a Mosasaurus aquatic lizard carnivore worth the price of between $35,000 and $40,000. He sold the mounted skull to Russell Crowe in 2008, who auctioned it away in 2o18.

18 Exotic PETS


No matter how old or rich any of us get, we will never be too old or rich to have a pet. The warmth of an animal by our sides is a comforting feeling, and it's a feeling that none of us could get tired of. Not even Leonardo DiCaprio, who when he isn't cozied up beside a bath of money, he's curled up next to a tortoise.

Well, not just any tortoise. It has been reported before that DiCaprio attended a Reptile Breeders conference in LA with a friend, and was so wowed by the sight of all of the exotic animals that surrounded him, he decided to take a detour to a California pet store and bought a ten-year-old sulcata tortoise.

17 lavish PROPERTIES


On top of being quite the exceptional actor of his era, DiCaprio also happens to be quite the smart businessman as well. Rather than put all of his chips in acting, DiCaprio has chosen to invest into being a home proprietor in real estate.

More recently, DiCaprio bought Moby's Los Angeles property for $4.9 million. He also sold a Malibu property that he originally bought at a very young age. He earned more than $10 million from that house. Just imagine how much he can make off of the six-time Grammy award nominated artist's home when he decides to sell it.


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We are all familiar with Leonardo DiCaprio's career as an actor, but few of us are aware that he also happens to maintain a side hustle as a movie producer.

For those who aren't so savvy with the ever complicated life of a producer, they oversee the production of a film, usually to invest money into it to ensure that the film turns out to be as successful as possible. Sometimes, DiCaprio needs to pull out huge wads of cash just to buy the rights to a film.

He produced The Wolf of Wall Street, and most recently bought the film option for Liz Nugent's Unraveling Oliver novel, which DiCaprio hopes to adapt for the big screen.


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All boys love their toys, and like most boys, Leonardo DiCaprio's favorite toy of choice is the average 4,000-pound motorized speed demon of the road that we call a car.

Before the company closed its doors in 2014, Leo was a big fan of Fisker Automotive. He invested in the company as its brand ambassador before the company went bankrupt, but it wasn't just a clever business endeavor for DiCaprio. He actually loved their cars, at one point pitching in about $100,000 for a Fisker Karma Hybrid.

The Hollywood superstar has also been known to drive a Toyota Prius and a Tesla Roadster.


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It seems like for most well-paid celebrities, the go-to thing to buy would be a yacht. We usually see the hottest celebs in the world on a yacht at some point in their careers, and Leonardo DiCaprio is no different. DiCaprio has been spotted often at the head of an expensive giant boat as if he were still playing Jack on top of the ill-fated Titanic.

What does distinguish DiCaprio from most of these celebs who go all out on pricey yachts is that DiCaprio does not actually buy his yachts. In order to save a bit of his coin, he opts to rent out his yachts instead. Although, renting a yacht is still pricey. He once rented the world's fifth largest yacht - for $678 million - just to watch the World Cup with his buddies on the boat.



We are not sure if any of our readers have noticed this, but Leonardo DiCaprio wears sunglasses a lot. DiCaprio wears sunglasses so much - both on the street in his day to day life, and in his movies - that it's rare that we even see the Golden Globe winner's eyes nowadays.

We're not sure if he's trying to keep a low profile behind shiny lenses, or if he's subconscious about his eyes or something, but it's gotten to a point that we sometimes forget what he even looks like without sunglasses.

No matter what day of the week we catch him wearing shades, we can bet that he's wearing the most expensive sunglasses from the top designers in the world. This would include Persol's Malcolm McQueen glasses, which cost $250.


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For men - well, actually rich men in particular - a watch is always more than just a watch. A watch can actually be considered by many to be a symbolic exclamation of status, power, and wealth. To some, the more expensive the watch, the richer that someone looks.

Apparently, Leonardo DiCaprio must believe in that sort of philosophy as well given that he buys watches that cost $2,600. At least that's how much his Tag Heuer costs, which he's served as a brand ambassador over the years. He also has been seen wearing the Carrera Calibre, which is worth $4,500.


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As an actor who always naturally gravitated towards film and theatre arts, it makes sense that Leonardo DiCaprio would also find himself hypnotized in the direction of the finer arts. DiCaprio has pitched in millions and millions of dollars on paintings, and over the years has managed to build up a respectable art collection for himself that any collector would be proud of. He once bought a groovy sci-fi inspired painting by Jean-Pierre Roy for $38,000 during VOLTA at Cophenhagen's Gallery Poulson.

Leo took his art obsession one step further when he decided to become an investor and advisor for the Magnus Art app back in February 2018.


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One of the most prized art possessions which Leonardo DiCaprio once had in his collection was a rare drawing by Jean-Michel Basquiat called Redman One. We say "once had" because since Leo first bought the piece for $9 million, he was forced to hand it over to the FBI.

Unbeknownst to Leo and Co., he bought the piece with money from his Red Granite production company, which reportedly received illicit and stolen 1MDB funds. In light of the misunderstanding, Leonardo DiCaprio personally offered to hand over the Basquait drawing and everything else he bought through these funds over to the federal government.



In addition to being a major movie star, Leonardo DiCaprio is also naturally a huge movie fan. He grew up watching classics like The Wizard of Oz, and when he grew to an age where he had enough cash to buy the swag from the sets of his favorite movies, he jumped on the opportunity. He continues to jump on such opportunities whenever he pops up at a classic movie auction.

Speaking of The Wizard of Oz, one of his most notable pieces of movie memorabilia was when he bought Dorothy's ruby red slippers to be featured in The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. Prior to the auction, the slippers were estimated at a value of $3 million.


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Whether it be by air, by sea, or by concrete, Leonardo DiCaprio always seems to find a way to ride with style. Considering that a man of his caliber has a job that demands him to travel to every end of the world to work, it would be safe to assume that his most frequent choice of travelling is through the air.

Of course, our boy Leo can't just take a regular old plane, or else he'd get bombarded by fans and paparazzi throughout the whole flight every time he took a plane. Understandably, he opts for private jets, which he probably rolls out a hefty $200,000 for, since that's the price of the average private jet.


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It is common knowledge that Leonardo DiCaprio is a smoker - mostly because he is always seen smoking something in public whenever we see him - but since the guy happens to be an activist and a self-professed health nut, he takes the safer approach to smoke that is better for the environment.

As such, he's typically seeing smoking e-cigs or vaping. He's more infamous for vaping, since he's been seen at high profile award shows - like the SAG Awards - with a vape in his mouth. Vapes aren't expensive, but he's probably bought a lot of them to satisfy that habit of his.


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A little-known fact about Leonardo DiCaprio is that he happens to be a big fan of collecting action figures. But not just any old action figures, from what we've heard.

Word on the street is that our pal Leonardo DiCaprio is a huge Star Wars fanatic, and gets his rocks off from collecting Star Wars action figures. Little is truly known about DiCaprio's super secret action figure collection - if he even still collects to this day - so apparently, he keeps this sort of thing on the low. What we do know is that there was a point where Leo owned over 150 Star Wars action figures, approximately 200 space robots, and over 200 superhero toys. His Star Wars Vinyl Cape Jawa reportedly costs $18,000.


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Leonardo DiCaprio is a big fan of Bono. Then again, the rest of us are, too, and it's hard to blame Leo for being such a big fan. The guy wrote "Sunday Bloody Sunday" with U2, and that song is amazing. It solidified U2 as the best rock band of all time, and Bono as the best rocker ever.

Ok, we're getting carried away now with the Bono love. Let's stop gushing over Bono for a second and go back to Leo.

Most fans buy tickets to their favorite rock band's shows or buy their albums, but not Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio buys his favorite rocker's instruments. He bought Bono's guitar for $100,000 at a charity auction to raise money for Haiti in wake of the country's 2010 earthquake.


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Among all of the things featured in his ever so well impressive Hollywood movie memorabilia collection, Leonardo DiCaprio once acquired the famous piano from the 1943 Best Picture winner, Casablanca. The same piano which actor Dooley Wilson (better known as Sam) used to play and sing the much beloved and acclaimed song "As Times Goes By."

While attending an auction at Sotheby's in New York, DiCaprio teamed up with his billionaire businessman friend Stewart Rahr to kick out a $600,000 bid on the piano. After winning it, the duo decided to give it away and donate the piano to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


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As a real estate property owner, Leonardo DiCaprio has not just stopped at buying properties on typical city land. He's bought his own private islands, although he has bigger plans for his island acquisitions.

DiCaprio bought an island for $1.75 million that resides off the coast of Belize, and now hopes to use it to build an "eco-resort." The resort will be called Blackadore Caye, A Restorative Island, and is expected to open in late 2018. The island will feature 36 estate homes and another 36 resort bungalows. The whole thing promises to be powered by 100% renewable energy harvested from solar panels.


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For one of his multi-million dollar condos, Leonardo DiCaprio installed his shower with Vitamin C infused water.

Bathing in pure vitamin C comes with a number of health benefits, including guaranteeing healthier skin, hair, and nails for whoever decides to bathe in such a thing. The trick is that a vitamin C infused shower is supposed to neutralize chlorine in the tap water and instead enhance nutrients and antioxidants that the body needs to survive.

No wonder Leo's skin looks so crystal clear for his age! That vitamin C infused water must be drained straight from the fountain of youth itself!


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When he is not buying fancy watches, eco-resorts off the coast of Belize, or his next blockbuster movie franchise, Leonardo DiCaprio tries his best to give back to the community.

Outside of his work in front of the camera, DiCaprio is perhaps most renowned for the charity work which he does from behind the camera. When he isn't pouring his heart and soul out for his latest movie, he is spending his time funding the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is dedicated to all things related environmentalism. This would include concerns of climate change, indigenous life, and woodland conservation.

Most recently, DiCaprio celebrated its Foundation's 20th anniversary. In that time, the foundation raised $100 million to save the planet.

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