20 Ways Kylie Jenner Loves To Spend Her Billion Dollar Fortune Around The World

We've been keeping up with her famous family the Kardashians for years now, and Kylie Jenner totally holds her own when it comes to having a massive fortune. Forbes called her "the youngest self-made billionaire ever" since she was granted that title when she was 21, and she is said to have $1 billion.

That is a really wild number for most of us to wrap our heads around, but when we see photos of Kylie on vacation, we see that the celebrity is definitely dropping some serious cash when she's got some free time. Does she take the most incredible vacations ever? We would have to say yes.

Here are 20 ways that Kylie Jenner loves to spend her billion-dollar fortune around the world.

20 Kylie Got A Wildly Expensive Yacht In Italy For Her 22nd Birthday

via Yacht Charter Fleet and IG

According to Business Insider, when Kylie Jenner turned 22, she celebrated her special day on a yacht in Italy. It cost $1.2 million a week.

That's totally a regular amount of cash to spend on your birthday, right? Don't we all do that? And we thought that renting out a room at a fancy karaoke place for a few hundred was a big expense.

19 The Star Had Pillows, Eye Masks And Cups Made, Plus A Private Plane That Said 'KylieSkin'

both images are via IG

W magazine says that for Kylie's vacation with her good friends this past summer, she had all kinds of stuff made with her name on them. For example, there were pillows, eye masks, cups, and this private plane.

It would be pretty cool if we went on a fancy trip and our friend was able to do this... but that might be out of the price range of anyone that we know.

18 She Paid $150,000 To Book L.A.'s Six Flags When It Was Travis Scott's Birthday

via E! News and People

Cheat Sheet says that Kylie made sure that Travis Scott had an amazing birthday by paying $150,000 to book Six Flags in Los Angeles.

We probably show our boyfriend or girlfriend that we love them by making them dinner or maybe throwing them a surprise party, but we can totally relate.... kind of...

17 Kylie Rented A Beautiful Beachside Villa When Stormi Turned One

both images are via Elle

According to Elle.com, Kylie ensured that Stormi was able to have an epic and magical first birthday by renting a beachside villa. No one knows where it was and people say that's probably so they could have a nice time away from the public and the paparazzi, which makes sense.

16 She Has Houses In Various Locations That She Paid $40 Million Total For

via E News and Irish Mirror

Cheat Sheet says that Kylie Jenner has several houses and she paid $40 million in total for all of them.

It's definitely not surprising that Kylie spends her billion-dollar fortune on real estate as many famous people do, but it's still cool to hear about. We can live vicariously, right?!

15 In Turks And Caicos, Kylie Spent $1,498.99 A Day On A 'Nautique' Boat

via Hello Magazine and Us Weekly

According to Cheat Sheet, "On a recent Kylie Skin trip, Kylie and her crew were seen lounging and hanging out on a 'Nautique,' which costs $1,498.99 per day to charter, according to Boatsetter."

Of course, that seems like a lot of money to us... but we can see that this is pretty small potatoes when it comes to Kylie Jenner's billion-dollar fortune.

14 Kylie Got A Pricey Jet Ski In Mexico When She Was Only 18

both images are via People

Refinery 29 mentions that when Kylie Jenner had her 18th birthday, she got a pricey jet ski when she was on vacation in Mexico. It seems like the star has definitely been spending her money in these lavish ways for a few years now, even before she was called the "youngest self-made billionaire ever."

13 She Paid $4,000 For A Dress For Her Italian Birthday Celebration

via Buzzfeed and IG

According to Bet.com, Kylie paid $4,000 when she wanted to find a dress to wear to her Italian birthday bash. We love her photos from that Italy trip and think that she looked nothing less than totally fabulous. And sometimes it does cost some serious dough to look really good, right?

12 People Say Kylie Stayed At A Cannes Hotel That Is 550-2100 Euros Nightly (Which Is $604-$2,309 USD)

via Celeb Mafia

Refinery 29 also notes that when Kylie Jenner was in Cannes, her hotel stays were super expensive.

Hey, we totally get it, though. If we had that kind of cash, we would want to stay in a fancy, nice hotel. We've all stayed in not-so-great places either out of necessity or because we were trying to cut costs and probably regretted it.

11 She Paid For A 29-Person Staff On A Yacht In Italy

via Daily Mail and Hollywood Life

According to The Guardian, when Kylie Jenner celebrated in Italy for her birthday, she also paid for a 29-person staff.

Yup. 29 people. We totally get wanting to have some staff on your yacht. After all, if you're going to go to the trouble of renting a yacht, you need some help. But 29 does seem like a lot, right?!

10 She Got A Private Plane For $1 Million And Travels The World On It

via Zimbo and HawtCelebs

Msn.com says that Kylie Jenner has a $1 million private plane. This is something that we're probably pretty envious of.

Flying commercial is often the only way to get to our preferred vacation destination, but it can definitely be stressful and time-consuming, not to mention when your flight gets delayed and you have to wait until the morning for a new flight.

9 She Dropped $15,952 A Night On A Mexico Villa

via People and NewsWireNGR

When it comes to how Kylie Jenner spends her fortune around the world, we know that she likes to spend a ton of money on fancy places to stay. Whether a private villa or a beautiful hotel, money is truly no option for the star.

Cheat Sheet says that Kylie dropped $15,952 each night in a villa in Mexico. While that sounds like a ton of money, we can see from the pic that it was truly worth it.

8 She Booked A Massive House For Her Girls Turks And Caicos Getaway

via Pinterest and Sassy Daily

Elite Daily mentions that when Kylie Jenner took her friends to Turks and Caicos recently, she made sure to book a massive house.

If we had a pal like Kylie who was spending her fortune by paying for a really great vacation home, we would definitely be pretty excited. The house looks so beautiful and peaceful.

7 Kylie Took A 2017 Family Vacay And They Splurged On Helicopter Rides

via Daily Mail and Pinterest

We know that Kylie Jenner goes on some amazing and epic girls' trips, along with getaways to celebrate her birthday. The star also goes on some cool vacations with her famous family.

According to Cheat Sheet, they went on a trip in 2017 that included helicopter rides. The publication says it's $300-500 an hour per person. Wow, that's a lot of money...

6 Kylie's 22nd Birthday Included Her Yacht Going To The South Of France Plus Shopping

both images are via IG

According to Observer.com, when Kylie celebrated her 22nd birthday, she not only had a yacht that she rented in Italy but she added on another special part: going to the South of France and shopping.

We think that Kylie always looks great and she has a flawless fashion style, so it's no wonder that she picks up amazing clothing all over the world. We totally would, too.

5 She Paid For Flight Attendants To Have Certain Outfits

both images are via IG

Betches mentions the outfits that the flight attendants on Kylie's private plane that said "Kylie Skin" on the side. It seems that this is another way that the star spends her billion-dollar fortune around the world. We think that it's pretty cool and also has a retro vibe to it.

4 She Makes Sure She's Wearing Amazing (Yet Pricey) Clothes

both images are via E News

When Kylie Jenner heads all around the world for her elegant and expensive vacations, she definitely makes sure that she looks the part. And part of that is wearing amazing clothing.

According to E online, the purse that she's carrying in the photo on the left is $485, and the sunglasses that the star is wearing in the picture on the right are by Prada.

3 She Once Treated Friends (Like X-BFF Jordyn Woods) To A $50 Million Vacay

both images via Travel Insider Magazine

Travel Insider Magazine says that back when Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner were the very best of friends, Kylie treated her, along with some other pals, to a $50 million vacation.

And we're happy if our friend buys us dinner (or even surprises us with a latte). It would be amazing to have a friend like Kylie.

2 Kylie Had No Problem Dropping $21,000 A Night In Australia

both images are via Pop Sugar Australia

According to Travel.nine.com.au, Kylie and Kendall Jenner went to Australia and Kylie spent $21,000 a night on the hotel.

When we think of a pricey hotel, we would probably say that paying $500 or more a night would be pretty crazy and out of the question. But, of course, when you're a Kardashian-Jenner, you're going to shell out quite a lot more than that.

1 And She Once Paid To Have A Club All To Herself For A Bday Bash

via OK Magazine and NY Daily News

Okmagazine.com says that Kylie spent one birthday in a club that she had paid to make sure that she had it all to herself. And she also spent her fortune in another way: on her dress that was $10,000.

We'll always be fascinated by the ways that Kylie Jenner spends her fortune... but we definitely can't say that we relate to it.


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