Single or not Jennifer Aniston is one of the most beautiful and loved women in Hollywood, and has been for over twenty years. If you don't go through Twitter or even Instagram for your news, or you're just not caught up with the stars then you probably don't know that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux divorced after two years of marriage and seven long years of dating. It's heartbreaking and we wish both of them well. We know we were sad and we think the whole world was crushed. Everybody has been wanting to see Jen happy since her messy, controversial split with Brad Pitt back in 2005. Someday we know Jennifer Aniston will be happy even if it is while she's single and traveling the world.

We always want to know about our favorite celebrities and their travels, because they travel to such amazing places and we like to live vicariously through them. Scrolling through Instagram gives us the feel of a holiday even when we're in our routine lives. Jennifer Aniston has been a beauty and fashion icon for women since she became a star (in our hearts) as Rachel Green on Friends. For two decades women, men, and people everywhere have crushed on Jennifer Aniston and looked to her for her beauty routine. In this article, we not only get to discuss Jennifer and her beauty routines but the 20 different ways she travels around the globe now that she's single and ready to mingle (we assume)!

20 Romantic Getaways

Okay so we're not kicking off this list with her first trip as a single woman, we are taking it back to when Jen and Justin were at their happiest. Their happiest was traveling around the world like a true romance movie couple. Let's focus on their trip to Paris in 2016.

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux were one of the cutest couples in Hollywood and at the height of their love, they took a romantic getaway to Paris where they climbed the Eiffel Tower for Valentine's Day. They also took a stroll through the Tuileries Gardens.

19 Ski Trips

Who doesn't love snow? Probably a lot of people. Who doesn't love ski trips? Not many. Enjoying fun skiing and snowboarding days and then curling up by the fire with a hot chocolate and a good book. Jennifer Aniston thinks so too as she enjoyed a winter wonderland holiday back in early 2016.

She and then-husband Justin joined fellow actor Jason Bateman and his family for the holidays. Jennifer spent most of her time in the luxury cabin with the two families. We can imagine what an amazing time that would have been.

18 She Has A Favorite

We all have that one spot we like to go back to no matter where we travel. It becomes like a second home and we love to get there whenever we can. For Jennifer Aniston this spot in Mexico. The actress has been there many times over the years, and we imagine she'll spend some time there to relax after the breakup.

A memorable Mexican trip was when Jennifer celebrated her 48th birthday there in 2017. She was surrounded by friends and family as she turned gloriously 48 in the Mexican sun. What a life she leads.

17 Go All Out

When Jen and Justin got married in a quiet ceremony back in 2015, the whole world was overjoyed. We think the couple might have been seriously overjoyed as well because their honeymoon goes down in history as extravagant.

They decided on the number one vacation spot, Bora Bora. Known for its amazing over the water beach huts, beautiful blue (and pretty clear) water, and it's prices. They range from a thousand or so per night, but Jen and Justin went all out on a $12,000 per night villa. Along with private jet flights too and from the destination, of course.

16 Her Plane Ritual

A lot of people have little habits and rituals they do before an event. Whether it be athletes with a certain locker room habit, to stars having travel habits. Jennifer Aniston is not one to shy away from this tradition.

The actress explains her pre-flight ritual: "If I walk onto an airplane, I always have to go on with my right foot first and tap the outside of the plane. I have always done it. For luck. Someone told me to do it, and I don’t remember when that was. But it’s kind of stuck."

15 Prepare For The Flight

Everyone has to prepare for flights in different ways. It could be triple checking your bags, making sure children have all the stuff they need to be entertained, or even pre-flight stretching. Jennifer Aniston has hers and it sounds super healthy to us.

Before she flies anywhere Jennifer Aniston makes sure to pack a salad for the plane and to drink loads and loads of water. Plane rides can be long, exhausting and dehydrating so making sure to pack a lot of water is a tip from Jen everyone should follow.

14 Keeping It Healthy

Jennifer Aniston is definitely a warrior we can say that. She eats salad on planes and manages to stay hydrated. To keep it even healthier she always packs some resistance bands and a workout DVD for the hotel. She always runs for 30 minutes after a flight to get her blood flowing again.

We understand that exercise and health are important but it takes strong willpower to not immediately pass out when you get to your hotel room. Anyone who jogs after a flight is a hero to us.

13 Endorsing Airlines

If you haven't seen it on TV you have most likely seen it played before a YouTube video. In late 2016 the airline Emirates launched a successful commercial campaign with Jennifer Aniston as the star of the show.

The commercial showed how Jen flies and it showcases the absolute luxury and comfort that makes up Emirates. It looks amazing and if that's how Jennifer Aniston flies every time then we can understand how she's able to jog straight afterward.

12 Perfect Airport Wear

One thing frequent travelers find out pretty quickly is how to dress for a flight. It might be cute to rock your new heels but it's just not practical, and especially uncomfortable for a long flight. Jennifer Aniston, of course, has this trick down and that's why she always wears a knit scarf.

The scarf being big is good because it can turn into a blanket for the plane, which is surprisingly cold. A seasoned traveler like Jen would, of course, know about this and how to pack your check on baggage appropriately. It's a skill we could pick up.

11 Comfortable Shoes

Another skill of Jen's is to know what kind of shoes to wear to the airport. Comfortable, practical footwear is essential to making your airport trip and flight easier. Jen often wears comfortable slippers through the airport, proving she really can wear anything.

Wearing sneakers is the most recommended footwear choice as they're easy and good in case of emergency. Boots are a good option too but try to stay away from heels if you can. Remember that they're not comfy, especially on a long flight.

10 So Much Water

If there's one thing (other than the Skincare brand Aveeno) that Jennifer Aniston is known for promoting, it is most definitely the water brand Smart Water. Since 2007 Jen has basically been the brand's number one promoter. According to the star herself she drinks at least two liters a day.

Thinking about it now 2007 seems to be around the time she stopped aging so she really might be onto something here. We might have to check out the Smart Water to try ourselves...

9 With Friends

No pun intended. Alright, it was intended a little bit. It is a smart and fun way to travel, though. When you're one of Hollywood's biggest stars chances are you have a lot of friends and frequent free time to travel with them.

Jennifer Aniston sure knows with many of her holidays including some of her closest Hollywood pals. The list involves Gerard Butler, Courtney Cox, Sheryl Crow and many many more A-listers. It's so fun to see celebs hanging out together.

8 Packing The Essentials

When you're Jennifer Aniston and you are going away on a vacation, chances are you don't need to worry about packing too much because you can probably buy all your necessities when you get there.

Jen is also known for packing her healthy essentials as we learned earlier. She packs exercise equipment and a healthy snack. We think the rest of her bag is probably filled with water, water, and more water. According to Jen, it is.

7 Spa Days

Traveling can be tough so sometimes you need to rest and recuperate from the hassles of traveling. Jennifer Aniston does this by attending spa days. Over the years Jennifer has proved that a little time to yourself can do wonders, and with the way she doesn't age we should be taking notes.

She's often seen coming out from a day of being pampered in LA. There's also a source that claims she loves spa days so much she prefers to have them from the comfort of her own home. We understand.

6 Meditation

This one we can get behind completely. We admit the movies and food coming often is good, but in the end, planes are totally boring. There's only so much screen time you can handle to distract you from the noise of the engine.

The fact that you're stuck in a small space with a hundred other strangers isn't exactly comforting either. Transcendental Meditation like Jennifer Aniston practices can be a good way to relax and be somewhere else while you're stuck on a plane (or train or boat. However you like to travel).

5 No Jet Lag For Jen

Can you imagine never having to deal with jet lag again? That sounds like it would be a dream to not pass out during the day and be completely away in the middle of the night. We must start listening to Jennifer Aniston and following her tips because they seem to be working well for her.

According to Jen her routine of a fresh salad, gallons, and gallons of water and exercising when she lands makes her immune to jet lag. It sounds like it would bring jet lag on, but it must work.

4 Let Loose On The Plane

There may be a lot of water for Jennifer Aniston but that's not the only liquid she drinks on a plane. In her interview with Yahoo, Health Jen had some stuff to say about relaxing, settling in and enjoying a drink on her plane journeys.

She's quoted as saying "If there is a drink happening, it’s usually a Bloody Mary, which I don’t ever order except when I’m on an airplane." Who says you can't make plane rides fun and keep healthy at the same time? We think she's inspired us for our next flight.

3 Travel Often

This one is slightly impossible unless you have all the free time and money in the world, or you get paid to travel. Traveling often sounds like the cure for almost any problem in anyone's life, and we get it.

Stars like Jennifer Aniston have the means to travel often and she definitely uses it. Jennifer Aniston has been all around the world including Mexico, the Bahamas, Paris, Italy and many many more.

2 The Nicest Cars

She may not be a collector like some celebrities, but Jennifer Aniston does have style and taste when it comes to her wheels. She might not be in a different sports car every day but as a respectable car owner, Jen appreciates her vehicles.

She is often seen driving a Bentley around her hometown of LA and wow does it suit her. She was also seen taking a $100,000 Porsche out for a test drive and we hope it's safe at home in her garage.

1 The Best Hotels

When you have the money why not enjoy the more luxurious things in life? Jennifer Aniston knows how to relax in complete serenity. As an actress who has been successful in her career since the early 90's, Jen can afford to hit some of her favorite resorts.

As we discussed earlier her honeymoon cost her at least $30,000 for simply the rooms, so Jen is no stranger to comfort. One of her favorite spots is in Cabo, Mexico so she knows her favorite hotels and places to relax. Keep traveling Jen, we love to see where you go!