If we're talking polarising figures in the world of sport, and in the general landscape of entertainment, then nobody fits the bill more than Conor McGregor. The Irishman has had a meteoric rise to the top of mixed martial arts in the last few years, and in many ways, the recent success of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has all been down to him.

At the age of 30, he's still very much in the prime of his career, which is an exciting prospect given what we've already seen from him thus far. Of course, there's more to the man than meets the eye, which is probably why opinions are so split down the middle regarding whether people love the guy or can't stand him.

Both parties have reasonable arguments, but at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. As the years go by we'll continue to hear more and more about The Notorious One, if only because of his many fans who are as crazy as they are inspired. That, in itself, is a good thing, because they'll need all the inspiration they can get next weekend when McGregor faces the biggest challenge of his MMA career: dethroning Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Conor vs Khabib is considered to be the biggest fight in the history of the sport, and while there are arguments to be made against that, it's certainly in the running. Both men have done some extraordinary things throughout the course of their careers, and it'll be interesting to see how it plays out on October 6th.

Before all of that, though, it's time to take a closer look at the Irishman.

19 Cars - Don't hold back

When you're one of the richest sportsmen on the face of the Earth, you're going to want to splash the cash - and one of the ways Conor does so is by investing in cars. He has a series of different models that he enjoys driving around, from old-school classics to 'in your face' efforts like his green Lamborghini (which some suggest he rented).

Either way it's one of the many examples as to why and how McGregor has more money than we could ever dream of, because the guy just knows how to get people talking. So as we look ahead to the UFC's next Embedded series, don't be surprised to see him rocking up with a brand new motor.

18 Houses - Time To Relax

From his Las Vegas mansion to his home just outside of Dublin, Conor McGregor likes to live it up wherever he goes, especially when it comes to where he lays his head at night. From the security system to the comfort to the overall size, is it any wonder that the guy wants to make sure everything is perfect in this regard?

He moves at a million miles an hour more often than not so when he has a chance to do his own thing in the privacy of his own home, you'd best believe that he's going to make it extravagant in its own right.

Fancy inviting us round to watch the fights sometime, pal?

17 Training Camp - Six Figure Fee

Any and all training camps are pretty expensive, from the equipment to paying your trainers to paying the guys or girls that you're bringing in to spar with. It's an intricate process, and it needs to be handled with care.

Conor has been open about the fact that he's spent six figures for his training camps in order to really get the most out of his experience, and it's good to hear that he's so committed to it. The man still loves the mixed martial arts game with a deep passion, and that'll be the case until the day he dies.

16 Private Jet - Of Course

Because how else are you going to get around?

Conor McGregor equals luxury, and in the world of travel, luxury equals a private jet. At this stage it's not really like he can go on any given flight in first class, because even the folks around him are bound to recognise his face and want a picture.

Private jets are fairly standard when you're on Conor's level of fame and success, even though they probably shouldn't be used in the same manner as his was back in April.

Yes, we are referring to the bus incident again, but how can we forget?

15 expensive Watches - Doing It In Style

Conor McGregor doesn't do anything half-heartedly, and we've seen evidence of that since day one. The man travels and dresses in style and that includes his taste in watches, as he always seems to have big and bold item strapped around his wrist whenever he appears in the public eye.

You can see the gold, silver or bronze from a mile away, and it's not too ridiculous to suggest that's intentional. The guy just 'gets it' and while some may criticise his style, either out of taste or jealousy, there's no denying that he understands how to turn heads.

14 Partying - Calm Down, Conor

Something that Conor could, and probably should, tone down on is his partying. The guy obviously has every right to enjoy himself given that he made a nine-figure sum against Mayweather, but it seems as if he might have taken things too far once or twice.

We can't know that for sure but some of his actions have been downright baffling, and regardless of whether or not he defeats Nurmagomedov, it'll be fascinating to see how he reacts in the immediate aftermath. Will he dive straight back into another fight camp, or will he go on another three-day bender?

13 supporting Charity - Respect

Simon Community and Inner City Helping Homeless are two of the more notable charities that Conor McGregor has helped out over the years, as the Irishman attempts to give back to the community that helped to raise him and mould him into the man you see before you today.

The guy has had a few controversies over the years but there's absolutely no denying that his heart is in the right place 99 times out of 100, and this is an example of that. He could easily go his entire life without donating a single penny to these charities, but he cares, and that's vitally important to remember.

12 so many Bodyguards - Staying Safe

From rumours of a mob wanting to go after him to his general haters watching his every move, there's cause for concern when it comes to Conor McGregor's overall safety. The guy often doesn't do himself many favours but, at the end of the day, he's probably going to be just fine. Why?

Well, one of the reasons why is probably because of the huge bodyguards he employs. McGregor knows that he can't have eyes in the back of his head, and he ensures that he remains as safe as he possibly can be whenever he steps out into the public eye.

11 Treating His Parents - A Necessity

Conor McGregor's parents helped to shape him into the man that he is today, and whether you agree with his methods or not, it seems as if they've done a pretty good job when you lay it all out. As such, Conor has been able to pay his mother and father back for all that they've done for him over the years.

From buying them nice things to paying off their mortgage, he knows where his loyalties lie and that's great to see. We noted earlier on in the piece that he's a family man and he's always lived up to that, and the stories that he's told from his childhood are already legendary.

10 custom Footwear - Head To Toe

From custom shoes for fights to general attire, Conor always makes sure that he looks the part from head to toe - and that includes his footwear. No ensemble is complete without a strong pair of shoes, and a man as 'in touch' with fashion as McGregor knows that.

We know that it sounds like we're just obsessed with the guy at this point, but you can't deny the facts: he knows how to style and profile. Sure, he gets a little bit too cocky with it sometimes and it can be deemed 'over the top' but his shoe game is almost always right on the money.

9 Building His Empire - McGregor Sports And Entertainment

Conor always dreamed of having his own 'business' of sorts, and in the lead up to the Floyd Mayweather fight last year, it was confirmed that he'd achieved his goal in the form of McGregor Sports & Entertainment. You could tell that he was just as excited by that as he was the actual fight, and can you blame him?

Having your own entertainment brand is a big statement in itself, and we'll likely see it being plastered all over the marketing for his upcoming fight against Khabib at UFC 229. McGregor is a fighter first, but he's also one hell of a businessman.

8 Boxing Prep - Staying In The Game

Speaking of boxing, Conor spent an awful lot of money on ensuring that he could defeat Floyd Mayweather in 2017. While he wasn't able to pull it off he certainly did everything in his power to make it happen, and his boxing preparations likely set him back quite a bit.

We wouldn't even be surprised to learn that he's still doing separate boxing training alongside MMA, because there are rumblings that he wants to return to the ring in order to get a W on his record. We can't say that we blame him, because he's certainly got some potential.

7 Whiskey Development - Proper Twelve

We're confident in saying that you don't even need to like whiskey to appreciate what Conor McGregor has done with his Proper Twelve brand. After spending a few years developing it his dream finally became a reality last week, when it was revealed that Proper Twelve would be released for the world to sample.

Also, it'll also feature on the canvas during his bout with the undefeated Russian Khabib which can only be a good thing. Some reviews have suggested that there's nothing all too special about the whiskey itself, but let's be honest with ourselves, it's still going to sell well and come flying off of the shelves.

6 Securing Sponsors - A Big Deal

Not everyone is going to be a fan of fighters signing multi-million-dollar sponsorship deals, because some people believe that it's a sign of them 'selling out'. While we totally disagree with that idea we can somewhat see where they're coming from, although with McGregor, it's hard not to appreciate the grind.

On top of his work with Monster Energy, his latest association with Burger King undoubtedly would've made him millions. So while he may have blown through a good portion of the money he's earned through fighting, there are always back up options available.

With that being said, the advert was unbelievably cringeworthy.

5 Clothes - Making a statement

The above attire, which Conor wore during the UFC 205 press conference, will likely be remembered throughout time as being one of his more 'iconic' looks. Alas, this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what he's capable of from a fashion standpoint - and it's not always great on the eye.

Conor just seems to buy whatever he feels is 'cool' or looks good, and he almost always comes out with some intriguing results. Sure, there are some specifics that work quite well, but the eccentric nature of his wardrobe often keeps people guessing, which is exactly what he wants.

4 The Brooklyn Incident - Awkward

We had to come to another negative sooner rather than later, and here we are: the infamous bus incident. For those of you who don't know, Conor threw a dolly through a bus window in an attempt to get to Khabib Nurmagomedov - who he faces in Las Vegas on October 6th.

The entire issue occurred as a result of an incident between Conor's friend Artem Lobov and Khabib, with McGregor wanting to defend the honour of his pal.

Alas, it landed him in some seriously hot water, and he had to pay some significant fees in order to get out of it.

3 Holidays - Go Hard Or Go Home

While this entry may go hand in hand with his partying, Conor does also seem to enjoy the downtime of travelling around the world. It feels like he really enjoys himself most when he's chilling out with his family and friends, while not going too crazy in the process.

From New York to Ibiza, Conor certainly knows how to make the most of his time off and we can't exactly blame him for that. He has enough money to spend the next 20 years travelling, and while he isn't doing it all the time, it's definitely a possibility in the future.

2 Line Of Suits - Stylin’ And Profilin’

Conor McGregor announced last year that he'd be teaming up with David August in order to create a whole new line of suits, as he continues to begin other ventures outside of professional fighting - which, in the long run, is probably the smart move.

This particular idea is probably slightly less accessible to the general public than the whiskey, but at the same time, it's something that he appears to be deeply passionate about. We're still waiting to hear more about the whole thing, but given that it took a year to uncover more about Proper Twelve, we imagine an announcement could be imminent.

1 Treating His Wife - I Should Think So

Based on assumptions alone, Dee Devlin has had to put up with a lot of stuff over the years. McGregor can't be an easy person to deal with on a day to day basis at the best of times, and we can only imagine her reactions to some of the controversies he's been involved in.

Still, they seem to be happy together, and you can bet that Conor will treat Dee to whatever she desires - because, let's face it, she more than deserves it.

We sincerely hope that they have a long and happy life together because it'd be nice for both of them to have a fairytale ending with their children.