20 USA Places That Excite And Intrigue Europeans

This might come as a shock to some people reading this, but not all Europeans are that eager to visit the United States of America. Some people are put off by a variety of different things, and we wouldn't be surprised to hear that many Americans feel the exact same way about Europe. With that being said, there are certainly some positives that people note about the US of A regardless of their overall feelings on the country.

These positives are usually places that can be found across the nation, and they're all as fascinating and unique as the last. You'll notice that one or two of these locations are actually located pretty close to one another, but we want to get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about the specifics of what makes all of these places so interesting in our eyes.

Obviously, you don't need to be a genius to know that actually visiting these places would cost an arm and a leg - which is probably one of the reasons why they're so appealing. As is the case in many walks of life people want what they can't have, and despite their flaws as a nation, the Americans have it pretty good when it comes to their surroundings.

The criteria differ between things like sports, architecture, television and things of general significance, making this one of the most diverse lists that you're likely to read on this kind of topic. We aren't under any kind of illusion that everyone will agree with all of the points that are made, but that's the beauty of opinions.

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20 Albuquerque, NM - Thank Walter White For This One

Via: The Daily Beast

It doesn't matter if you've watched Breaking Bad or not, because the odds are that you've heard of it. The show, in many ways, revolutionised how people watch television and completely changed how 95% of people viewed the man formerly known as the dad from Malcolm in the Middle.

The whole thing is set in the ABQ, which is a fresh change of pace from every single form of entertainment being based in the USA's most notable cities. While Albuquerque may not necessarily have as much to offer, many of us are eager to walk around it just to get a sense of what it was like to delve into the mind of Walter White or Jesse Pinkman.

19 New York City - No surprise here

Via: Travel + Leisure

You knew it was coming. New York City is the place that thousands upon thousands of ambitious youths hope to one day visit, and some even hope to live there. The Big Apple is made to feel like a larger than life location full of endless possibilities, and that sounds too good to pass up.

The people of NYC are full of character, the architecture is absolutely sublime, and if you've never wanted to go to a Broadway show before then you're lying to yourself. It's a big city that obviously has its problems, but to Europeans, it signifies hope, courage and opportunity.

18 Baltimore - Walk the Streets of 'The Wire'

Via: Baltimore City Paper

Baltimore, Maryland isn't a city that many Americans will look to and think 'yeah, of course people outside of our own country want to go there'. Aside from the Baltimore Ravens, you could argue there's not much to uncover, but you'd be oh so wrong.

The Wire is considered to be one of the greatest television shows of all-time, and it was based in Baltimore. It highlights the many problems that the city faced, and continues to face, encapsulating some of the things that still need to be rectified in the United States.

Call us crazy, but that's mesmerizing stuff.

17 New Orleans - The Big Easy

Via: TripSavvy

Las Vegas may be the obvious choice for a party city if you're heading over to the States, but The Big Easy just has so much energy and so much going for it. From the French Quarter to Bourbon Street and beyond, if you're looking for a good time, NOLA is the place to be.

On top of the good times, it'd also be interesting to understand more about Hurricane Katrina from those who experienced it. The destruction that it caused is a big part of the city's history now, and it's important that we don't shy away from how well they've done to bounce back.

16 Alaska - We all need an escape

Via: Cunard

At the risk of sounding like a tourism advertising board, sometimes, you just need somewhere to escape to. The hustle and bustle of life can often get you down, and as far as we can see, somewhere like Alaska would be the perfect location for you to let your troubles wash away.

It's quiet, secluded, and the views are absolutely sensational. It's not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think about having a great time in the States, but it certainly fits the criteria.

It seems like the perfect kind of paradise, and we're on board.

15 Grand Canyon - Oh nature, you are glorious

Via: Wikipedia

This entry kind of fits into the same category as Alaska, although in terms of the weather, it couldn't be more different. Arizona is an underrated state at the best of times, and one of the big reasons for that is because the Grand Canyon National Park is utterly phenomenal.

While it may initially seem a little bit daunting upon first glance, it really does make you feel like you're on the edge of the world. It represents everything that we know and love about nature, as well as everything that we're still so eager to discover in the years to come.

14 Madison Square Garden - A sporting mecca 

Via: MSG.com

As we mentioned in the introduction some of these entries kind of overlap, but we wanted to take some time out to talk about Madison Square Garden. For sports fans around the world, it's known as the hub of sporting excellence, from professional wrestling to MMA to basketball and beyond.

It's even great for concerts and general gatherings of any kind, and it serves as a sign of strength and unity in NYC. Some of the many buildings in the city's skyline can't even be named just by looking at them, whereas with MSG, everyone knows what you're getting. Honestly, it's the definition of a bucket list item.

13 Nantucket - trust us, it'll beat your expectations

Via: Christie's International Real Estate

Out of all the entries on this list, this is the one that people will probably know the least - and we did too until stumbling upon it on our internet travels. While it may be an expensive place to live, it looks like the definition of a stereotypical 'American vacation getaway'.

That, in essence, is why it's so appealing. Traditional family holidays are a little bit rarer in Europe than in the States, and it'd be great to experience that kind of atmosphere if only once or twice. Nantucket seems like an odd selection, but it'd likely take most people's breath away.

12 The Pentagon - a star of action movies

Via: Wikipedia

The security services available to the United States of America can be seen as frightening at times, but also incredibly impressive and reassuring. On that note, arguably one of the finest structures that can be found across the land is the Pentagon building in Virginia.

It represents the strength of the country as well as the fortitude, and that kind of thing certainly resonates with plenty of Europeans who don't mind putting on an action flick or two (as you can bet the Pentagon features more often than not).

It might be a controversial option, but it's all very enticing.

11 Chicago - gotta try that deep dish pizza


From the crazy sports fans to the deep dish pizzas, what's not to love about Chicago? It's viewed, by us at least, as quite an alternative and edgy city that many people consider to be the finest in America. It isn't without its flaws, but that almost adds to the intrigue.

There's something to be said about a city that doesn't stick the traditional stereotypes that we're all used to, and that's a good thing in more ways than one. Chicago is where people may go for business, but also to relax and have a good time - and that balance is what you need in life sometimes.

10 Lambeau Field - the atmosphere is undisputed

Via: Visit Green Bay

We've already spoken about Madison Square Garden, but when it comes to American football, it doesn't get much better than Lambeau Field. The appeal of the NFL and the gridiron as a whole has been growing at a rapid rate over here for quite some time, and the Green Bay Packers are a big reason for that.

Playing in a stadium that has such an unbelievably long waiting list is fascinating enough, but on top of that, the freezing temperatures never seem to impact the atmosphere created at any given game. We're dying to get over to Wisconsin, if only for one game and one game only.

9 The Rocky Steps - grab a cheesesteak there too

Via: Total Rocky

Philadelphia deserves some love as a whole, but more specifically, we want to talk about the Rocky steps. The defining image of the city, arguably, was created when Rocky Balboa ran up those steps all those years ago and pumped his fist high into the air.

We'd love nothing more than to follow in his footsteps, before heading down the road and indulging in a Philly cheesesteak or two. The fighting pride of Philadelphia is something that should never be taken for granted, and if you don't want to believe us, then go ahead and ask the Super Bowl-winning Eagles.

8 Route 66 - Gotta get your kicks

Via: Time

Road trips have always been viewed as a big thing in American culture, but in contrast, that's not often something that happens around Europe. People either fly from place to place due to how cheap it is or get the train - but in the States, driving through the streets for days on end is a more than viable option.

Something that many people have always wanted to test out is Route 66, mainly because it just seems like such an incredible adventure. We can't even begin to imagine the kind of sights that you'd see after travelling for hours upon hours.

7 Los Angeles - tick it off the list

Via: Visit The USA

We were always going to arrive at another stereotypical option, and here it is: Los Angeles, California. It's the home of the rich and the famous and the perceived location to visit if you want to make it big in Hollywood, or the entertainment industry in general.

While the appeal of the city may not be what it once was to some, that doesn't mean it isn't still a 'tick it off the list' kind of thing to do. Going through Beverley Hills or walking past all of the Hollywood stars on the pavement are activities that simply need to be done.

6 Maui - something out of a fairytale

Via: Go Hawaii

A lot of travellers tend to think of the big crowds and overbearing personalities that reside in the United States, but beyond all of that, Hawaii - and more specifically Maui - gives you something completely different. It really is like something out of a fairytale, and you'd have to go there to understand it as even the pictures don't do it justice.

It's the ideal setting for a honeymoon or a family holiday, allowing you to sit back and forget about your troubles if only for a few days. America has about 5,000 different identities at the best of times, and Maui is one of its finest.

5 Mount Rushmore - Great historical figures

Via: National Parks Conservation Association

In a relatively unknown location over in South Dakota, there's a monument called Mount Rushmore that will forever be intriguing to those non-Americans amongst us. It's big, it's bold, and it pretty much defines everything that outsiders love and hate about the nation in equal measure.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are four names that are known worldwide, and not because of their place on Mount Rushmore - but because of what they did to get there. America may not be the greatest country in the world to some, but these men did everything in their power to ensure it could be once upon a time.

4 Georgia - Watch out for zombies


Again, it sounds a little bit odd to throw an entire state in here, but there's one very special reason for it: The Walking Dead. Much like the other TV shows we've included, TWD has gone far beyond just being a form of entertainment - and it's become an obsession, for some.

Many fans already travel all across Georgia to track the filming locations of the show, and we can't blame them. Some of the settings have been burned into our memory, and there's plenty of superfans out there who would pay good money to get up close and personal with the venues.

3 Universal Studios - Touristy for a good reason

via:The Super Mom Life

You may call it 'too touristy' and you may call it overhyped, but Universal Studios represents the pinnacle of joy and entertainment in equal measure. It's the kind of place that you fantasize about when you're a kid, and now, it's been brought to life in the most remarkable way possible.

Orlando as a whole is fantastic if you want to check out some of the finest tourist destinations that the States has to offer, even though most Americans reading this will probably cry out in anger over the fact that it's deemed to be too tacky for some to handle.

2 New Jersey - When Vegas Is Too Far

Via: Uproxx

Being a neighbouring state to New York can't be particularly easy for New Jersey, especially given the amount of hassle they get because of it. Alas, it doesn't matter, and we have two important and incredibly valid reasons for that: The Sopranos and Atlantic City.

The Sopranos is one of the most iconic TV shows in history, and it gives you a look into what it was like to live in NJ once upon a time. Then you've got Atlantic City, which is pretty much just another viable alternative to Las Vegas and all of the endless chaos that entails.

1 Boulder - town and country life combined

Via: Colorado.com

Boulder, Colorado has gone from being somewhere that nobody really knew about to somewhere that everywhere wants to go - and that's a good thing. With the town and country life combined into one and Denver just down the road, what's not to love?

There are very, very few locations like that in Europe and it'd be great to see how the people over there live. Whether there's a different set of rules entirely or whether they're all incredibly chilled out, it must be like heaven on Earth and to be completely and perfectly honest, that sounds like our cup of tea.

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