Who doesn't love budget travel? The dream is to keep costs super low but stay in a great hotel and see the best sights. Unfortunately, travel can be super expensive. Not only do accommodations cost a lot but activities, excursions, tours, food, drinks, flights, and other transportation all add up quickly, making constant travel not feasible for most people. Even tax can be a huge burden on most travel budgets and is an additional cost that most people don't factor in ahead of time. There are ways to travel cheaper, but it takes a lot of planning ahead, and you have to know the best ways to cut costs and what things may be worth it to pay more for.

When most people think of budget travel, they hope that each day will cost less than a few hundred dollars, but did you know that you can actually plan a whole weekend getaway for under $200? Sure, it might be tight, and you'll have to factor a lot of things in beforehand (such as tax and food) but it definitely is possible.

Most of your big costs will ultimately depend on the destination you stay in. For example, while New York City would be a place that's virtually impossible to spend a weekend in for under $200, other cities (such as Memphis and Lexington) are much more feasible. Check out what you can get in these popular U.S. cities for under $200 a weekend!

20 20. San Antonio, Texas: Cheap but Cultural

You can get a lot of historical information through a visit to San Antonio for a great price! The River Walk is a great spot to hang out almost any time of day if you're in the mood for entertainment. The views are gorgeous, the restaurant and bars are great, and the shopping is well-known.

Hotel Havana, located right near the River Walk, is only $115 a night, and sometimes runs sales that get you a night for under $100. There's plenty of attractions (such as the Alamo) that are completely free of charge and food is typically low-cost, even at fancy restaurants.

19 19. Stowe, Vermont: A Hiker's Hidden Paradise

You might have heard of Stowe if you're an avid skier, but what you probably don't know is that you can visit during other seasons too and potentially cut your costs in half. Stowe in the fall is especially beautiful.

You can do a ton of outdoor activities such as hiking and checking out the Sterling Falls Gorge (which is especially beautiful if you love waterfalls) for absolutely free. Stowe Meadows is a somewhat upscale budget establishment that you can stay at for under $200 for a weekend. It can be a great quiet getaway that feels luxurious but won't break the bank!

18 18. San Diego, California: A Beach Paradise

Strangely enough, San Diego is a pretty affordable city, especially compared to other cities in California. San Diego offers great beach weather practically year round and awesome shopping that appeals to all types of visitors.

Accommodations range from really ritzy (over $400 a night) to super budget. There are quite a few cheaply priced hostels that are clean and well-maintained. Skating and biking are super popular, and you can usually rent equipment for only a few dollars. If you're looking for a beach vacation that still has a city feel, San Diego may be a great stop no matter when you decide to go away.

17 17. Newport, Rhode Island: Quiet & Gorgeous in the Off-Season

Another great off-season destination is Newport, Rhode Island. Best known for the 19th-century mansions, prices are way more affordable in the off-season than during the summer. The admission prices for the mansions especially change, and you can sometimes tour multiple homes for under $25.

The Cliff Walk is 100% free (not to mention gorgeous) and the Pineapple Inn is affordable for under $200 for a weekend. It's also close to downtown, so you can experience the year-round Newport restaurants, bars, and cute boutique shopping. If you want a quiet but gorgeous weekend getaway, Newport is a great choice in the New England area.

16 16. Atlanta, Georgia: Experience the South

If you ask any native of Atlanta, you'll definitely hear about how wonderful Atlanta is any time of the year. It's also mercifully affordable! It's cheap to fly into and the rail system is very easy to use if you need to navigate around the city.

There are lots of cute boutique hotels around the Midtown area that are pretty affordable and will get you right into the bar and restaurant scene. There's plenty of museums in Atlanta as well, most of which are under $30 for admission. If you budget wisely and choose a smaller hotel, you can have a really affordable getaway in a major city.

15 15. Denver, Colorado: Take in the Natural Beauty

Ever visited the Mile High City? Well now you can, for a pretty reasonable price. The temperatures are mild year-round, the views are incredible, and the locals are fun-loving.

For the best accommodation deals, you'll want to stay in a hostel. Sometimes, you can even get a hostel for under $20 a night! While the surroundings won't be fancy, they'll probably be clean and well-maintained.

As far as things to do in Denver, breweries are popular, as well as outdoor activities (like hikes) and gorgeous views all throughout the area that are completely free to check out.

14 14. Houston, Texas: An Unexpected Goldmine

You might not usually put Houston on the top of your list when you're planning your next vacation, but locals know how much of a steal the city is and how much cool stuff it has to offer. On average, you can get a hotel for about $100 per night, and if you're willing to stay in even slightly budget accommodations, you can spend a weekend for much less! There are even hostels that run under $20 a night.

Many of Houston's best museums are free, including the Holocaust Museum, and if you go during the summer there are quite a few outdoor entertainment and concert spots that are free of charge and always a lot of fun.

13 13. Nashville, Tennessee: True Country Music

If you like music then you're sure to love Nashville. Currently trendy for bachelorette parties and short getaways, Nashville is known for being super fun and cultural without breaking the bank. The Daisy Hill Bed and Breakfast is a gorgeous spot to stay in that won't cost a pretty penny.

If you're looking for free activities, it won't be hard to find them: almost every bar and restaurant offers free live music. While much of this is country music, you can find virtually any type of music you like somewhere in Nashville. Many of the museums are also free and a lot of the tours are under $20 to learn about the music history of the city.

12 12. Savannah, Georgia: Gorgeous Southern Greenery

While Atlanta may a favorite spot of Georgians, Savannah is so gorgeous that anyone is sure to love it. Luckily, it's a budget spot as well. The Catherine Ward House will usually be under $100 a night and often includes a free (and hearty) Georgian breakfast. Many of the rooms have working fireplaces and their own Southern porches!

Savannah is so gorgeous that you could seriously spend most of your time walking around and looking at the lush greenery. The Botanical Gardens are free and really accentuate some of Savannah's natural flora and fauna. There are also festivals almost constantly going on; these can be a lot of fun to spend a day at and will only cost you anything if you purchase food, drinks, or something from one of the craftsman vendors.

11 11. Phoenix, Arizona: Hot, Dry, and Inexpensive

If you like hot and dry weather, you can't get a better bang for your buck than Phoenix. Visiting during the winter isn't a bad idea if you want to get away from a cold location. Southwest Airlines flies straight into Phoenix (often for super low prices) and the amount of budget hotels within the city seems endless. If you're okay with being a bit outdoorsy, there are quite a few campgrounds in the area that are famous for having all sorts of decked out RVs as well.

There are some gorgeous trails for hiking (or biking) that are completely free, and if you visit during the first Friday of the month, you'll find that the city hosts an art-walk, so you can enter almost every gallery for free.

10 10. Charleston, South Carolina: Gorgeous Architecture, Gorgeous Weather

Charleston is becoming more and more popular thanks to social media, and for good reason. It truly is the best place to experience real Southern paradise. The architecture alone is stunning: you can spot a mixture of Southern Gothic design with colorful pastel homes. There are a bunch of budget hotels and hostels downtown that can easily be under $50 on any given night, and you'll save on transportation costs since you'll be staying right in the hub of all of the activity.

The one place you may splurge (a bit) is one food, but this is definitely worth it (the food in Charleston is known to be fantastic) and compared to more urban spots like New York City, even the food prices will seem crazy low.

9 9. Lexington, Kentucky: A True Bourbon Lover's Paradise

Are you a fan of Bourbon? Lexington, Kentucky is the birthplace of the brew, so you'll feel right at home. There are tons of different distillery tours, Bourbon tastings, and culinary taste-tests that you can go on and most of them are very reasonably priced.

The Clarion Hotel will cost you under $70 a night, and while the amenities are definitely budget, you'll be close enough to the hub of Lexington to enjoy most of the attractions without paying for too many Ubers. Food and drinks are really the name of the game here, and there seem to be endless options.

8 8. Boston, Massachusetts: History, Scenery, and Nightlife All In One

Boston offers a mix of history, food, sights, and nighttime fun. You can check out Harvard's campus, see a summertime outdoor concert, stroll along Newbury Street, or head to the weekly Feasts in the North End, all for free or relatively cheap.

The Harborside Inn is your best bet for accommodations: it's right near some other big attractions (like the Aquarium and even the waterfront itself) and will usually be under $100 a night. It also isn't the worst budget hotel you've ever stayed in and is known for being super clean. There's a lot of trendy bars in Boston (such as Yvonnes) that you can hit up as nighttime approaches, and drink prices are pretty reasonable.

7 7. New Orleans, Louisiana: Party on the Streets For Cheap

You might have to splurge a bit on hotel rooms in New Orleans, but it can be worth it since everything else in the city is so cheap. If you choose to reserve an AirBnB you'll probably have better luck price wise. You can get around by taking a ride on the street cars for under $5.

New Orleans has a festival almost every day in the French Quarter, and they're 100% free. Sightseeing alone can take up days! New Orleans is so cultural and has so many parts to it. If you're into Voodoo, you can go check out some of the many shops, or grab a frozen drink at one of the themed outdoor stands. Audubon Park in the Garden District is also free, if you want to take a streetcar there to see some gorgeous greenery.

6 6. Memphis, Tennessee: Upgraded But Still Inexpensive

While Memphis used to be known as a pretty dangerous city, it's going through a strict cleanup and is becoming more accessible to tourists. The nightlife is especially fun and is filled with music and traditional Southern drinks.

There are quite a few budget hotels that you can stay in (aim for staying right downtown if possible) and you can check out the lobby of The Peabody Hotel for free to see the ducks that swim in the hotel lobby fountain. Beale Street is the place to be for food, drinks, and music; admission is free to most bars and you can sometimes even get into a barbecue for no cost!

5 5. Santa Fe, New Mexico: Try Something Different While Saving

Santa Fe is a cool cultural destination if you like adobe clay architecture. The Bobcat Inn is definitely where you want to stay. It's on a real family's 10-acre estate and is a traditional bed and breakfast where you'll actually be taken care of by the family. You can experience Santa Fe hospitality (something totally different from any other U.S. destination) for well under $100 a night.

There's also a large art scene in Santa Fe, and many of the galleries are either free to the public (although buying a piece would be quite expensive) or cost under $15 for admission. If you live in the area and don't have to pay for flight costs, Santa Fe is a great affordable choice.

4 4. Camden, Maine: New England Scenery For Less

Camden is a stunning coastal town (often pictured on social media) that has a great New England vibe without feeling too rural. The Blue Harbor House Inn has only 11 guest rooms, but each of them will usually be under $150 during the peak season (the summer months) or well under $70 any other time of the year.

Spring and Fall are great seasons to visit Camden and will be especially affordable but still beautiful. The downtown is really quaint, and you can spend a day exploring, trying one of the many homey restaurants, or checking out the gorgeous ocean views.

3 3. Portland, Oregon: Artsy, Trendy, and Cheap All In One

Did you know that Portland doesn't have sales tax? Even though it's quickly becoming a more well-known destination, you can still head to Portland and easily stay on a budget. Food is especially cheap, and you can find a literally unlimited amount of good eats.

Portland is known for being slightly grungy and artsy, and the surrounding museums reflect that, as do their costs: most will be well under $20 for admission. There are plenty of cute, cozy hostels that will actually make you feel like you're staying in an artsy yet expensive hotel. Portland is a great cultural choice that will keep you right on track spending wise!

Did you know that Austin is known for being a spiritual city? It also has a huge art scene that is usually free to experience. The outdoor architecture and sights are stunning; there are multiple different self-guided strolls that you can take to experience the city.

If you want some cheap eats, Austin is one of the best places to go to since it boasts over 2,000 food trucks year-round. The Highlander is a great boutique hotel right downtown that will cost you under $100 a night and will get you right in the center of all the happenings.

1 1. Greenport, New York: Experience the Hamptons For a Fraction of the Cost

Do you want a quieter vacation that has gorgeous, sweeping views and a huge amount of vineyards? For wine and outdoor lovers, the answer is Greenport, New York. It's a coastal town that has the feel of the Hamptons for a much smaller price tag. You can go check out one of the many wineries and even do a wine tasting for a very small price.

Hotels may be a bit more costly (they'll run you about $150 during the on-season) but if you go in the spring or fall you can stay for under $100. You can also ride the Shelton Island Ferry to get a really cool view of New York for only $2!

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