Flying on an airplane seems to be a relatively safe thing to do, but there are still some risks that come along with it. For example, most people know that if they ride on an airplane, there is a chance that something might go wrong.

They could end up crashing, or having to make an emergency landing. But something many people do not think of is that there are lots of flights that have gone missing, or they are at least surrounded by lots of mystery.

According to, there have been quite a few planes that disappeared. One of them was Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Here are 20 of the creepiest and most unsettling facts that make this strange story even weirder.

20 Part Of The Plane Was Discovered A Year Later

This flight disappeared in March of 2014. During the months that followed, no one could find a part of it at all. But according to, one part of the plane was discovered a little over a year after the disappearance. The right-wing flaperon was discovered on an island.

19 Bad Weather Probably Was Not The Cause

One might think that when an airplane disappears, bad weather would have something to do with it. But that does not seem to be very likely. According to, the weather was actually pretty good when the flight departed, so it is unlikely that it had anything to do with it.

18 Other Airplanes Have Disappeared In The Same Area

Malaysian Airlines flight 370 was not the only one to disappear in that area, according to Part of what makes this whole thing seem even weirder is the fact that other airplanes have gone missing there as well. Flying in that direction does not seem to be safe.

17 There Are Some Really Interesting Theories About What Happened

There are some strong theories about what happened when this flight went missing. According to, some think that there could have been an issue with electronics, which would have affected the plane. Others believe it had something to do with the passengers that were on it at the time.

16 Courtney Love Thought She Found The Missing Airplane

Courtney Love once thought she might have found the location of the missing airplane. According to, the singer posted an image online, claiming that she believed some things in the image looked like part of the airplane and that it wasn’t far from where the flight was last tracked.

15 Nobody Was Able To Pick Up A Signal From The Black Box Recorder

This plane was a Boeing 777, and all of them have black box recorders, which give off signals. Since this plane disappeared, a signal hasn’t been picked up from the black box, according to This could mean that it was destroyed or taken. It could also mean it malfunctioned.

14 The Plane Did Not Go On The Flight Path That It Was Supposed To Go On

According to, one of the strangest things about this disappearance is the fact that the airplane ended up going somewhere that it wasn’t supposed to go. If that hadn’t happened, it probably would have been easier to find. The plane was picked up by a military radar before disappearing.

13 Some Of The Passengers Never Even Got On The Airplane

When the flight went missing, there was a total of 239 people on board, according to But there actually should have been more than that. Five people that checked in at the airport never actually made it on the aircraft itself, which is a very weird and suspicious thing.

12 There Are Some People Who Believe That The Plane Could Have Flown To India

There is evidence that suggests that the plane was flying for five hours after the last time air traffic control lost their connection with it. According to, this has led some people to believe that the plane could have gone to India. It also might have gone near Pakistan.

11 The Passengers’ Phones Still Rang For At Least Four Days After The Disappearance

According to, relatives of the people who were on the flight were still able to hear a ring when they called their missing relatives, and that was the case for a few days after the incident happened. That may or may not be another suspicious detail of the story.

10 If The Plane Had Broken Somehow, Emergency Locator Devices Would Have Been Activated

If anyone ever wondered whether or not the plane started breaking while it was in the air, there is some evidence that can put that theory to rest. According to, if this had been the case, someone would have known about it because emergency locator devices would’ve been activated.

9 The Shape Of The Plane Is In Question

According to, this same aircraft came into contact with another one in 2012, and part of it broke off. But apparently it was fine and good to fly again in 2014. Both of the pilots that flew it those times had plenty of experience in that line of work.

8 The Luggage Of The Missing Passengers Was Removed From The Aircraft

The fact that some passengers didn’t even make it on the plane is very strange, but it gets even weirder. According to, their baggage was not on the plane, either. Even though they checked in, their bags were removed before the airplane took off, which is very suspicious.

7 A Couple Of The Passengers Used Fake Passports

According to, there were a couple of passengers on board that used passports that did not belong to them. It appears that they wanted to enter Denmark and Germany, but the reasons why are not exactly clear. Some suspect that these two people might have had some negative intentions.

6 Some People Thought They Spotted A Door From The Aircraft

The fact that it took so long to find any debris from the airplane is really weird. But according to, there were some people who claimed that they saw a door that could have been from the aircraft. It was floating in the water, but that theory was thrown out.

5 The Transponder Shut Off Just Minutes After The Last Voice Communication

The last voice communication that air-traffic control received from this aircraft took place at 1:19 in the morning. The weird part is that the transponder was shut off shortly after that. To be more specific, it was turned off two minutes later at 1:21 in the morning, according to

4 The Last Time The Plane Was Detected Was At 8:11 a.m.

According to, the last time anything detected this aircraft was at 8:11 a.m. Before that, the plane apparently turned around at 1:30 in the morning. After that happened, the Malaysian military radar detected it until 2:22 a.m. Then, the airplane was tracked by a satellite until after 8 a.m.

3 Some Acoustic Pings Were Heard

On April 6, 2014, some pings were detected, according to There was also a signal that seemed to be coming from the same location that the pings were from. However, that area was searched by a submarine, and nothing of any substance was ever found, but that’s still odd.

2 The Captain Could Have Had Something To Do With It, But They Didn’t Seem Suspicious

One might think that the crew members on the airplane might have had something to do with this, but that does not appear to be the case. According to, the pilot did not demonstrate any suspicious behavior before the flight, and neither did the rest of the flight crew.

1 Some Other Pieces Of The Plane Have Been Found

After the first piece of debris was discovered, there were several more pieces that popped up, and some of them definitely came from this airplane. It’s also possible that some of the others could have come from it as well, according to Maybe it’ll get figured out one day.