20 Unsettling Facts About Boeings (The NTSB Wants Swept Under The Rug)

Boeing is a really popular company when it comes to the production of airplanes. However, the company has definitely seen its fair share of huge problems, and just because they make a ton of planes does not mean that everyone likes them a lot.

There are some seriously big problems with this company, and it seems that many people are ignoring them since airlines are still using planes that are made by this company. According to glassdoor.com, some of the people who work there really do not enjoy being a part of that company because of the problems they face there.

There are lots of really strange facts about the planes that are made by Boeing. Here are some things everyone should know about the aircraft they create.

20 A Lot Of Passengers Were Seriously Harmed On A Boeing Airplane In 1985


Boeing is no stranger to controversy. According to corp-research.org, the company was kind of at fault when over five hundred people were seriously harmed while they were on one of the airplanes that were made by Boeing. The company even admitted that this was their fault for the most part.

19 One Of Them Crashed In Britain, Which Caused Some Trouble For The Company


One of the jets that was made by this company ended up having a rather unfortunate event happen to it. According to corp-research.org, there was a Boeing aircraft that crashed in Britain. The reason why it crashed was that the plane had two engines that malfunctioned, causing a huge issue.

18 The Company Neglected To Report That Some Of Their Planes Had Things That Didn’t Work Properly


Good companies should be able to admit when they have made a mistake, especially when that mistake could harm the lives of countless others. But according to corp-research.org, this company chose not to do that. They were fined a large amount of money for failing to report an issue.

17 In The 1990s, Many Boeings Were Flying With Faulty Parts


Boeing is notorious for creating faulty products. According to corp-research.com, the company had a lot of planes flying around that had issues. In fact, they had over two-thousand aircraft flying around the world with bad parts in them, which was proven by approximately 20 years of reports to the FAA.

16 Some Of The Wiring In Older Boeings Had To Be Changed


Certain parts seem to be a pretty big issue for this company. According to corp-research.org, Boeing actually had to change something about a few of their older planes in 1997. To be more specific, they had to work on the older models of their 747s that came out beforehand.

15 In The 1990s, All The Fuel Pumps On Boeing 747s Had To Be Changed


According to corp-research.org, the company has had some really serious issues with their fuel pumps. These are things that actually had to be changed in the late 1990’s since there were some problems with them. Having bad fuel pumps on an airplane can be extremely bad for everyone on them.

14 Accidents Were Caused By Something The Company Knew About Beforehand


The company found themselves in serious hot water recently when two of their 737 Max’s ended up crashing, which resulted in the guests being harmed. According to corp-research.org, the company knew about the issues that caused those crashes before they even happened. This isn’t something that makes them look good.

13 The Company Was Accused Of Altering Safety Test Results


It seems as though someone thinks the company submitted faulty safety test results once. According to corp-research.org, some Boeing aircrafts had issues with their batteries not working right, which is definitely a problem that should never have been ignored. After something like this, the company could use some good press.

12 Their Batteries Have Been Known To Catch On Fire


It seems that Boeing products haven’t been very reliable in recent years. According to corp-research.org, the company has made lots of aircraft that had major problems with some of their parts suddenly catching on fire. This is a problem that no one should have to worry about while they’re traveling.

11 1,400 Of Them Had To Be Inspected In 2002


In the early 2000s, a lot of the airplanes that were made by that company around that time had to have an inspection done on them. According to corp-research.org, the purpose of this was to find out if there was a chance that they had bad fuel pumps in them.

10 The Company Was Fined Because Of Bad Fuel Valves


Boeing is no stranger to having to pay out some truly large fines for things that could have been avoided in the first place. According to corp-research.org, they had to pay out $392,000 because they did not let people know about an issue with the fuel valves in their planes.

9 170 Of Them Had Some Damage To Their Fuel Pumps


A lot of Boeing airplanes have been grounded for numerous reasons. According to corp-research.org, the company had a pretty big issue to deal with in the late 1990s. Apparently, 170 of their planes were grounded because the wiring in their fuel pumps had some damage. These airplanes were Boeing 737s.

8 The Company That Makes Them Has Been Sued A Lot


The company that creates Boeing airplanes is no stranger to finding themselves in the middle of some very heated lawsuits. According to corp-research.org, they have been sued quite a few times. One of those times was when some employees sued them, and they ended up paying a really large fine.

7 All 737 Max Jets Were Recently Grounded


Boeing has had a lot of terrible things happen to their aircraft recently. According to corp-research.com, every single one of their 737 Max airplanes was grounded after some really unfortunate things happened to a couple of them. It seems that Boeing needs to work on how they build their airplanes.

6 In 2009, Boeing Had To Pay Out A Rather Large Settlement


In the late 2000s, the company that is famous for creating aircraft had to pay yet another huge fine because they were being accused of performing some truly terrible work on a rather important aircraft. According to corp-research.org, the fine was $25,000, and the company paid it out in August.

5 The Company Was Accused Of Exposing Employees To Something Dangerous


1991 was a terrible year for the company that creates Boeing airplanes. That is because they were involved in some unfortunate things, including a bit of a bad incident with some of their employees. Some of the employees sued Boeing for exposing them to a bad substance, according to corp-research.org.

4 Boeing Wanted The FAA To Inspect Wings On Some Of Their Planes


After their 737 Max airplanes were grounded, the company found some issues. According to msn.com, the company wanted the Federal Aviation Administration to check out the wings on some of those planes because there was something wrong with something called the leading-edge slat track, which can cause some minor problems.

3 Some Of Boeing’s Employees Claim They Were Told Not To Report Some Things


It seems like it might be hard to work for Boeing at this point in time. According to airliners.net, there are some people who claimed that they were instructed not to report some things that went on behind the scenes during their employment there. They had other complaints as well.

2 One Company Stopped Using Boeing Airplanes


Boeing aircraft have been involved in lots of terrible things, and the company is starting to see some backlash from it. According to airliners.com, one of the airlines that used to use their planes has stopped using them because of all the trouble their products have been a part of.

1 A Test Didn’t Go So Well For One Of Their Planes


Boeing is working on a new plane, but things aren’t going well. According to thestreet.com, the company has a serious amount of work that they still need to do on the upcoming 777X. The aircraft was put to the test, and it failed miserably, so it needs to be improved.

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