Planning to visit a hotel, Bed & Breakfast or restaurant in another country? Well, being spontaneous is definitely admirable however it can also come with a cost (in most of these cases the cost is one’s health). In order to sleep peacefully and eat sufficient meals, it might be best to give Trip Advisor a quick scroll before booking or reserving anything. This can not only allow a traveler to save some precious dollar bills but it can also result in completely avoiding a nightmare type of scenario. In this article, that’s exactly what these travelers underwent at various spots across Europe, Canada, and the US.

Hot spots such as New York, New Orleans, and Venice, Italy all make appearances on the list. Sadly, even in a place like Venice, top quality food isn’t a guarantee. From food issues to poor service we’ll feature some negative reviews pertaining to various restaurants. For the most part, we’ll feature both hotels and Bed & Breakfast spots. In some cases, travelers didn’t know if they booked a hotel or hostel type of location, the difference is barely recognizable judging by some of the reviews. In a lot of these experiences, most of us wouldn’t take the hotel or Bed & Breakfast for free!

From meat that’s as chewy as gum to hotels that contain a pair of underwear behind the television set, this article features 20 instances of Trip Advisor reviews that were all too real and that’s not in a good way. Let’s get started!


From the worst hotel ever experienced to the worst hotel in London, reviews weren’t exactly glowing for the Berkeley Court Hotel. Not only was it deemed as very expensive by multiple travelers but it is also considered a hotel with poor maintenance, to put it lightly. This traveler from the UK let his feeling be known with this harsh Trip Advisor review;

“As soon as I entered the place I could smell body odour. I was given a key to my room in the basement, the carpets were [dirty] didn’t look like they had been vacuumed for months. The room was dirty and the walls covered in marks and cracks.” (User Katayre100)

Ironically this is one of the more tame reviews for those that visited the hotel....

19 Men’s Underwear Behind The TV - POCONO PLAZA INN, STROUDSBURG, US Hotel

It doesn’t get much worse than a hotel with obvious maintenance issues. The Pocono Plaza was so bad that it caused many of the travelers to leave! That’s not a very good sign. This particular Trip Advisor user claims she found a pair of dirty men’s underwear behind the television set;

“Found a pair of men’s dirty underwear behind the tv. Very dirty behind furniture and under beds. Stayed because we had no power. Free breakfast was sad. In dark corner room with missing table cloths.” (User Travelgurumom)

The reviews kept with the same theme. Lots of reviewers also complained about the excessive noise at the pool area during the wee hours. That might explain the underwear....

18 “If I Had An Enemy, I’d Send Him There” - GRAND HOTEL PRISTINA, PRISTINA, KOSOVO

Ah yes, the classic I’d send my enemy to this hotel – that’s probably one of the worst things a reviewer can say. Once again poor maintenance was the talking point amongst the reviewers. The sad part is this hotel was once considered among the elite in Kosovo. However keeping up-to-date has been a big issue. This traveler compares the hotel to something out of the 70s;

“I don't mind the hotel is like 70ties pure. But I mind the dirty, small, smelly bathroom with broken toilet. I mind dirty windows you can't see through. I mind broken TV. I mind dirty floor. I mind poor light conditions. And I mind having breakfast coffee/juice in a dirty cup.” (User Toja2123)

17 “Its A Hostel” - Bed & Breakfast - Calla's Palace, Jasper, Canada

From the outside it looks like a residence the elderly live in. However, this is in fact a Bed and Breakfast located in Jasper, Canada. You know the place isn’t the greatest when this particular traveler booked a two night stay and left after one. As the user explains, the place was nowhere near a Bed & Breakfast and instead similar to a hostel;

“We had to produce our own breakfast in our room with only a bag of sliced bread, some jam and a toaster. Since all electrical units were plugged in the same wall, the electricity breaker went off and we lost all electricity.Calla's Palace is not a Bed and Breakfast - but rather a hostel, a place where you can rent a room. This place is to be avoided.” (User Paul d)

16 Don't Bother Eating Here - Restaurant Asia, Quebec City, Canada

Not to self, avoid Asian food when visiting Quebec. Stick to poutine! This particular restaurant checked all the boxes... in the opposite sense. The wine was refrigerated, the food was cold and not even the service met the standards either. As for the interior, this was also deemed as severely outdated. This foodie sums up the experience pretty bluntly;

“The service was awful. The food of bad quality and cold. All was bad in this "restaurant" from the waitress to the food. Never more.” (User Nuno P)

Next time, make a pitstop at the Tim Hortons or Belle Province, you might be better off!

15 Not All Hotels In Vegas Are Impressive... - City Center Motel, Las Vegas

Vegas and hotels, the two just go hand-in-hand. However, the City Center Motel doesn’t follow that formula, far from it. The outside looks like it came out of a mobster crime film in the mid-70s and hasn’t been renovated since. The inside might worse according to the underwhelming reviews;

“We arrived and found the hotel to be old and sparse. The marquee was not even lit and we almost missed the entrance to the hotel. The beds were hard and the pillows were flat. Towels and washcloths were worn and rough texture. The worst part of the experience was there was loud blaring music in the club adjacent to the hotel parking lot. The music boomed and rattled the windows till 5 am. (User Jim K)

Flat pillows and blasting music – such an ideal formula to enjoy a good night rest...

14 Would Never Go Back - Xochimilco Restaurant, Detroit, Michigan

This place looks like an establishment you might find in an episode of Breaking Bad - one that’s used by Walter White as a front. Heck, it actually resembles his car wash from the outside! However, the problems are deemed to be worse on the inside with some tough maintenance issues. Unfortunately, this is one of the many Michigan restaurants with some tough reviews;

“As the other reviewers said, this place is dark - in my opinion, for a reason. So you can't see the cockroaches running across your food. I've been in MI since birth and have always heard people just raving about Xochimilco's. Most lackluster restaurant I have been to in my 45 years. DO NOT go to the bathroom, if you go in there you will automatically know what the kitchen looks like and will not be able to eat another bite.”(User Travaler2453)

13 "Worst Hotel I've Stayed At In My Life" - Roberts Riverwalk Hotel, Detroit, Michigan

It kind of resembles an asylum from the outside. Once again, this is an establishment out of Detroit. Hotels also get pretty bad reviews in the area. If you’re headed to Detroit, Trip Advisor might be a good idea - especially in the event that you get stuck in a hotel like the Roberts Riverwalk. This traveler explains her tough experience;

“Room 106 was not clean, beds not made, etc. Moved to 3rd floor, room 311 or 317 - headboard fell off the wall and shower was stopped up. Moved to 4th floor, room 417 - furnace not working. shower and sink stopped up and key to the room not working. General Manager was disrespectful, rude, unprofessional, lacked communications skills and used profanity.”(User Vicki0821)

You know it’s bad when three rooms are all not up to the standards.


Just by looking at this place from the outside most of us might U-turn the heck out of there without even looking at the inside. Some brave travelers took the extra step actually staying at the hotel – what brave souls these people are. The hotel was just as bad on the inside. Most reviewers said to avoid this location at all costs. Maintenance is underwhelming to say the least;

“The double room smelled of damp, had stained carpets, there was dust in every corner, on top of the skirting boards. The bathroom was horrific; the ceiling looked like it was going to cave in at any time, the shower head looked like it had never been cleaned and around the water dispensers, had dried on water/fungi whatever.” (User Lisa S)

11 Comedy Of Errors - Bed & Breakfast - Belmont, Holy Island, England

“We were met by the owner of the Belmont telling us how "The Belmont" was her home and not a B&B. This amazed us as there was a sign attached to the wall that read BED & BREAKFAST.” (User ReadMe2014)

No better feeling than checking into a Bed & Breakfast only for the owner to tell you that it isn’t one.... For this particular traveler the difficulties would continue from then on. She claims everything needed a “clean me” sign, not the greatest endorsement. On the bright side, this traveler thanks the owner for saving their parking spot with the parking cones you see in the photo above. Now that’s some VIP service.

10 The Worst Restaurant In The World? - Ellam's Open Kitchen, Ontario

To be fair the traveler does say “perhaps the worst restaurant in the world.” Key word, perhaps.... Okay, that wasn’t funny but seriously this reviewer claims that his experience at this Ontario restaurant was the worst ever. He admits to making a classic tourist mistake by visiting the establishment;

“I'm convinced the only people the eat here are tourists that don't know the [awful food] they are about to endure (that was me), and local ne'er-do-wells (not me). Our first clue that we should have vacated the premises right away was that there was only one person in the restaurant.” (User Ianvision)

Undrinkable coffee, badly cooked meat and a language barrier are just a couple of the reasons not to visit this Ontario restaurant, if you can call it that.

9 The Worst Tourist Trap? - Restaurant Pizza Da Celio, Venice, Italy

Yes, that’s right, even a place like Venice, Italy can have a bad restaurant. From the outside, the establishment really doesn’t look all that bad. You can’t fault a tourist for visiting such a restaurant – the last thing you’re thinking about is getting a bad meal in Venice! Sadly, that might be the case with De Celio, the reviews tend to be underwhelming and it’s typically viewed as a tourist trap;

“We paid US$55 for a pathetic plate of prosciutto, 2 pieces of so called "bruschette", a glass of "sugared" red wine and a coke. The latter being the least disappointed. I managed to warn a few potential clients who quickly passed their way, just a small victory, since they scammed so many innocent tourists daily.” (User Sofiasia)

At least the beverages were tasty...

8 Unhygienic Toilets... Need We Say More? - MERCHANTS HOTEL MANCHESTER, UK

“Firstly the shower was thick with mold, the water trickled out and was freezing cold. The toilet was again very dirty as was the sink and don't even get me going on the clogged up toilet brush! Our room had rubbish under the bed, black hairs in the bed, a rotting window which was shaking as it was windy, holes in the wall, a broken chair, a dirty sink and worst of all there was faeces smeared over the wall.” (Kate C)

As if that isn’t bad enough, the manager and staff got lots of bad reviews for their short-tempers and lack of customer service.

7 Don’t Wake Up So Early - Bed & Breakfast -Ellis House Bed and Breakfast, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Yes, room maintenance is of the utmost importance however customer service is just as key. An experience can turn real forgettable rather quick if the staff isn’t respectful. At a Bed & Breakfast, this usually isn’t a problem. However, in this particular case the manager seemed very lazy even complaining that the travelers awoke too early;

“She also made a rude comment to us about how early we arose even though we were not expecting breakfast just coffee. I have traveled to many places and stayed in many B & B's and hotels. I have never had such poor customer service nor felt so unwelcomed!!!” (User murphy45stlouis_MO)

6 Probably THE Worst Restaurant - Scotch Steak House, London

On the outside this place looks like an establishment you might pass while on Canal Street in New York. The Scottish restaurant is just as underwhelming on the inside with various negative reviews. This person visiting from Belgium got straight to the point when assessing the restaurant;

“Cold food, hard vegetables, no salt, no pepper, hard meat like a chewing gum. Warm white wine. very expensive. Service is a big 0. no laugh, no thank you.”(User fsd052)

Meat like chewing gum? Yum, that sounds real appetizing... Maybe visit another steak house in Scotland instead.

5 “Tear It Down” - Hotel Pennsylvania, New York City

The location itself might be the only selling point here. The reviewers tore into this New York hotel – some goes as far to suggest the entire hotel be torn down. Another user captions the review “get out” – claiming the staff was just as bad as the cleanliness of the hotel. Yikes.

This particular user relating the establishment to a House of Horrors wins the award for most creative review – we appreciate the enthusiasm despite the awful stay;

“I hope to someday live in a world without this HOUSE of HORRORS still operating, still standing...I hope to feel clean again...” (User Excursion699904)

4 "Crammed, cockroaches and close to Soho"- World Hotel, New York

The photo itself looks incredibly unsettling. It appears to be a squished room with no room to breathe. As if that wasn’t underwhelming enough, several users found insects in the rooms such as cockroaches. Nothing says welcome to our lovely hotel more than a lovely set of cockroaches;

“The place was dirty and had cockroaches in the room. There were only two bathrooms in the hallway and they never had toilet paper or soap. The hotel had no elevator and we had to carry our heavy luggage to the 5th floor. Despite the place being called "World Hotel" is was more like a hostel than a hotel.” (User M5449AWrebecca)

3 Visitors Are REALLY Unhappy About Their Stay - HOTEL MANHATTAN, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

The location leaves a lot to be desired, unless you happen to be a free-lance exotic dancer. The 'continental' breakfast was cheap packaged bread, cheap salami, and plastic-wrapped cheese. I didn't try it - I value my life. I can only imagine how it tasted... Yes - it is near to the centre of Brussels; but so are so many other reasonable hotels - they can't all be this bad. Seriously, do not do it; there are prisons that are luxurious by Hotel Manhattan's standards.”(User David9537)

This is one of the many hotels that had a questionable setting and just as bad of an experience on the inside. At the very least the rooms were deemed as spacious and the reviewer praised the hotel for having the BBC channel....

2 The "Warning" Review - Rinconcito Salvadoreno Restaurant, Vancouver, BC

You know a place is pretty darn bad when one of the reviews starts off with “WARNING” in big block letters. This particular reviewer was so outraged that they almost wrote an essay like review on the location. Its literally five paragraphs long and 500 words in total. We’ll sum up the place with the user’s final paragraph;

“The WORST ever restaurant experience of my life. I will never return. I would rather buy a plane ticket to El Salvador than go back to that place and spend one dollar. Food poisoning in a third world country is easier to get over than this man and his restaurant.” (User faircritic8888)

1 Avoid This One At All Cost - Leonardo Trattoria, New Orleans

It sounds like a lovely Italian spot out of New Orleans. However, that’s as close as it gets to an Italy style of cuisine. With so many options in New Orleans it might be best to avoid the hassle at such a restaurant. According to this particular review the food wasn’t bad.... because they never got it after an hour wait!

“We waited another hour and the server asked us if everything was Ok, I laughed and said, "no, we don't have our food yet”. Twenty minutes later she came back and asked again if everything was ok and I told her that we wanted to leave. She said, "do you want a check?", I said, "I don't think we should have to pay". She said she would get the manager. 15 - 20 minutes later I went to check on her but she was being yelled at in the kitchen. No manager ever came out and our server told us to just leave and never said sorry.”(User Josh S)