Anybody with a reasonable amount of fashion sense should know that Rihanna is the queen of style. Rarely does she get it wrong when it comes to clothes. One of the things that make her stand out as a fashion mogul is her bold and risky choices. She doesn’t care if she’s sporting a sheer dress with nothing underneath, or her Manolo boots under just a t-shirt. And it’s not just the red carpet she crushes with her wild outfits. She also manages to make walking through LAX a catwalk-like event.

When it comes to travelling, most of just pick whatever comfy items of clothing we can dig out of our wardrobe. Leggings, an oversized t-shirt and possibly sneakers. Rihanna does casual too. In fact, many of her travel outfits don’t look uncomfortable, yet, somehow, she always manages to make them look ultra stylish. Rihanna could easily make our leggings and oversized t-shirt look chic. Throw on an oversized faux fur jacket and a swipe of red lipstick and bam...she’s turned our outfit from frumpy to au courant.

We’re not saying every travel should impersonate Rihanna, but we want to prove that travelling can be a glamorous event – if you want it to be. Here are some of Rihanna’s best travel outfits from which you can take inspiration.

20 The all-white sweats – comfy, but risky for butterfingers

Not everyone would dare to wear all-white while travelling. With the potential coffee spillages on the plane, the possibility of us acquiring at least one large stain on our pearl clothing is too big a risk. Rihanna can’t have this problem, or maybe she just takes better care when sipping coffee and eating her in-flight meal. On this airport run, she’s clad in white sweats, white boots, rounded sunglasses and hoop earrings that also appear to be white.

She’s added a black sling bag as a contrast to the white, because Rihanna knows a white bag just wouldn’t look good.

19 Only Rihanna can make all black look chirpy

Rihanna likes to be bold. Sometimes that can mean wearing everything in the same color. That’s ok for us because at least we don’t have to worry about matching colors and materials. We just have to find everything in the same color, like black, and we’re good to go.

This oversized all-black outfit is something not all of us could pull off. If it were purely all oversized and black, it would just look frumpy. But because Rihanna is wearing a graphic hoodie, orange-tinted ski glasses, and a stylish oversized bag, it just makes the whole look much cooler. This woman knows exactly how to accessorise!

18 Rocking the comfy travel look

One of the things that astound us about Rihanna’s travel style is how she makes comfy look chic. Even in this picture, we can see that she’s wearing sweatpants again and yet, she still makes them look stylish. We can still tell it’s Rihanna purely through her outfit. We think it’s the accessories that make the outfit pop. Those white, square sunglasses and the camo backpack really make the outfit come alive. Plus, she’s wearing her Fenty X Puma slides, which always look super stylish – though comfy at the same time.

Whoever said pain is beauty obviously didn’t meet Rihanna.

17 Cooler airport runs require a bomber jacket

We’ve seen Rihanna sporting the black bomber jacket many times before. When we’re travelling through several time zones, it can get pretty chilly on the plane and in the airport. For that reason, it’s important to bring a jacket with us. Rihanna has traveled the world enough to know to dress practically. Yet, practical dressing doesn’t have to mean dull dressing.

With her white sunglasses, stylish black bomber, Dior bag and pink slides, Rihanna looks totally chic strolling through the airport. It also helps that she always sports a unique hairstyle every time we see her pictured. Mundane is just not in Rihanna’s dictionary.

16 In some cases, a patent trench works better

As great as Rihanna rocks bomber jackets, she knows that they don’t always compliment every outfit. Sometimes other jacket styles are required. In this case, she opts for a patent trench to go over her printed hoodie and sweats. It gives the overall look a more glamorous effect that the bomber jacket doesn’t. So the next time we’re stuck for something to wear over our sweats, just do a Rihanna and slip on a shiny trench.

Cat-eyed sunglasses and a printed bag to accessorize also help. Best of all, not only does this look appear comfortable, it also looks super cool and glamorous.

15 Platform shoes with an ankle-length dress...she must be a Spice Girls fan

It’s not so much the fact that we wouldn’t pull off Rihanna’s looks. We just don’t all have the attitude Rihanna possesses, which just make the outfits look way hotter.

Take this airport run outfit for instance: It’s a grey ankle-length DKNY dress paired with huge black platform sneakers and accessorized with a black handbag and shades. And let’s not forget the red lip that makes the whole outfit pop!

Rihanna seems to have this amazing ability to make virtually any outfit look incredible. She looks cool in everything she wears. Even airport runs can look like the epitome of fashion when RiRi is on the scene.

14 Casual but cool

Looking stylish while travelling doesn’t have to involve wearing sky-high heels and awkward clothing. Rihanna proves that. She may look ultra chic walking through an airport, but she can do it without looking totally uncomfortable. Because let’s face it, nothing kills an outfit more than looking like we’re in agony wearing it.

Now, Rihanna might be prepared to wear awkward pieces on the red carpet, but when it comes to travel, she’s practical. Here she’s wearing sweats, red sneakers and sunglasses. In spite of the comfort factor, she still rocks this outfit and looks super cool doing it.

13 Bling – pile on jewellery for extra coolness

Rihanna knows how to accessorize an outfit and she once again does it perfectly to complete this look. Not everyone wants to wear jewellery when travelling. For starters it’s a nightmare at airport security when we have to remove it all and then put it all back on again. It’s also not the most comfortable feeling when travelling. Nonetheless, if we want to look as cool as Rihanna does catching flights, chunky jewellery works wonders. We can’t deny, it also helps that she has that awesome ultra-long crimson hair. This is definitely one of her most glamorous travel looks.

12 In her Harley Davidson shirt

We’re not sure where Rihanna gets all her cool print t-shirts from, but we need to find her source. Her shirts are awesome. She manages to rock this Harley Davidson t-shirt without looking like a motorbike chick. We can see she’s sporting a rock look, with her oversized leather jacket and those combat pants. Combined with the tan bag, sunglasses, and cap, Rihanna looks awesome.

She pulls off the whole look like a pro. Seriously, Rihanna needs to bring out some style lessons. The way she combines different styles of clothing is something we could watch all day. We are obsessed!

11 The red lip is becoming a pattern

Nothing adds the glam factor to an outfit faster than a swipe of red tint on the lips. Even if we’re wearing a pretty dull outfit that’s really nothing special, a bold red lip adds a touch of glamour that our reflection will thank us for. Just because we’re travelling, that doesn’t mean we have to look dreary. We can still look stylish without going to much effort.

Although Rihanna’s outfits are generally well thought out – she is a celebrity, after all – she can wear something comfy and cute that looks extra hot with a swipe of crimson lipstick. And the red lip looks amazing with this khaki outfit, doesn’t it?

10 The ‘’I’m cool and I know it’’ look

By the looks of it, Rihanna likes to listen to music while travelling too. In fact, those headphones really compliment her outfit. They make her look even cooler. There’s no better time to wear headphones than when we’re taking a flight. Music helps us to relax and wind down. It can also bring us to a better mood. Rihanna’s bold outfit consisting of a red graphic sweater, slit skirt, and converse sneakers together with the headphones looks awesome.

She looks cool and she knows it, but that’s a big part of why she always looks great. It’s her attitude and confidence that makes the outfit shine.

9 For those days we want to feel badass

Rihanna is badass through and through. Especially when it comes to style, she’s not afraid to experiment and get a little wild when she wants. But that’s the fun part of fashion. Here, Rihanna is travelling in a graphic white t-shirt paired with a black mini skirt and ankle boots. Together with her dog collar necklace and crimson bob, Rihanna is pulling off the rock chic look.

This is not an outfit all of us would choose for travelling, but it just goes to show that nobody has to look boring when taking a flight, train ride or bus ride. We can all look glamorous and chic if we make a little effort.

8 Another rock chic number

We started off by showing Rihanna's more comfortable outfits. Now we’re looking at the less comfy, but more glamorous looking outfits. Actually, even the snug ones look sensational on Rihanna. Still, she sometimes takes things to a new level when it comes to travel outfits.

Take this outfit for example: It may be all black, but there’s a great element of glamour in this look. Between the long black dress, chunky jewellery, dog collar necklace and cropped leather jacket draped over her shoulders, Rihanna looks like a total star. Without a doubt, she’s acing the jet-setting style.

7 Even going through security check is a glamorous event

Security check at the airport has got to be one of the most tedious, unglamorous events ever. Yet Rihanna seems to make it a memorable fashion event. Even going through the security check is a glamorous moment for Rihanna.

She somehow makes something as routine as that look chic. With those curls tucked under a white baseball cap, that oversized white jacket, and the bling on her fingers, Rihanna looks the epitome of glamour – as always! She does it with the same sass, style and attitude she always has.

Meanwhile, we’ll just be fumbling with our shoelaces and belt trying to get everything off as fast as possible.

6 Lavender sweats...for a peaceful in-flight nap?

Forget black or grey sweats. This time, Rihanna is opting for a different shade: lavender. Frankly, we can’t think of a better color to travel in. Not only does this shade of purple look stunning, it’s also a relaxing hue to put us in the sleeping mood. Most of want to catch up on our sleep during a flight, but it’s not always easy to wind down.

Rihanna chooses lavender sweats because they’re comfy, cute, and calming. Plus, they’ll keep her warm on and off the plane. So, it sounds like it’s time to go out and invest in a lavender sweat suit for ourselves.

5 Sneakers are always a go-to staple for flights

Although we’ve seen Rihanna rocking heels in LAX, she’s more often than not seeing jet-setting in sneakers. As much as we love heels and think they look extremely stylish, sometimes comfort is key with travel. Rihanna still looks awesome in sneakers. This is probably one of the Rihanna’s least extreme looks, but she still rocks it.

With the distressed jean shorts, puma shirt and printed cardigan, she looks comfortable yet stylish. It’s probably that unique oversized cardigan that adds a wilder effect to the outfit. See, we don’t have to leave our comfort zone to look cool. We just have to experiment and own it.

4 Blonde hair, don’t care

Did anyone know that Rihanna often relies on hair weaves and wigs to get the different styles she sports? It makes sense. Just imagine how damaged and dry her hair would be if she really did change it daily like she does.

This time, she’s sporting platinum blonde hair and it looks great on her. In fact, it’s probably a big part of what makes this outfit sparkle. See, this woman considers every aspect of her outfit – from the lip color to the hair color and all. It’s not just the clothing itself that she thinks about – it’s everything else.

3 One of the rare times we see Rihanna in jeans

It’s hard to recognize Rihanna when she’s not wearing some elaborate outfit comprising of several different colors and patterns. Here, she looks pretty ordinary in her jeans, printed jacket and sneakers. But she still manages to make traveling look stylish. Most of us wear a similar kind of outfit when we head to the airport. We usually fly in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers – often with a cardigan if it gets chilly, which it does in planes and airports.

While Rihanna may appear to be a jeans and t-shirt girl in this airport snap of her, she still pulls off the look like a total pro.

2 Rihanna goes sporty

We don’t always see Rihanna clad in sporty clothing. She does add sporty elements like sneakers and baseball caps to her outfits, but generally she doesn’t go full-on sporty. This time she is and she looks great doing it.

The sporty look clearly suits Rihanna (I mean, what doesn't?) and it is so appropriate for travelling. People say what we wear reflects our mood and our thoughts. So, maybe if we start dressing with more thought, we’ll feel better on our travels.

Travelling isn’t always fun – especially if we have to endure a long flight. That could be the reason why Rihanna stays looking stylish when she travels, to put her in the right mindset.

1 Even her undone look still looks done

One of Rihanna’s greatest assets, style-wise, is her ability to make all her outfits look effortless.

It is no different when she travels. With this outfit, for instance, she looks undone but at the same time still stylishly done. She wears every single outfit with utter confidence and attitude. We’re confident Rihanna could wear a garbage bag and she’d still look awesome in it. Anyone else in love with those fluffy pink slides?