Pizza Hut is the top international pizza chain restaurant. The pizza chain is known for having a great menu for fast pizza and a tremendous delivery service to get it to you in time. Pizza Hut has a strong reach in North America with the obvious foods and toppings available to choose from. However, the international approach to Pizza Hut has seen many unique items created to appeal to different demographics. People in the United States and Canada often argue about the bizarre nature of pineapple being on pizza. Pineapple is the tamest topping when looking at some of the Pizza Hut international specialties offered.

We will look at some of the most unique and surprising dishes you can order from Pizza Hut when making a trip into a new country. Some of these foods have found success in the market with a strange idea working in the long run. Others are still struggling to connect and reach the expectations for the strange items. The only certain thing is that most of these pizzas will be new to most people reading this.

Let’s learn more about the dishes that range from unique to downright odd. These are twenty instances of Pizza Hut getting really weird in foreign countries.

20 Double Sensation Pizza: Appropriately Described as Insane Pizza (Singapore)

The Double Sensation Pizza looks intimidating at first glance (and it should be!) due to how many things are involved with this dish. It is essentially two pies in one with a plethora of toppings served at Pizza Hut in Singapore. There are multiple kinds of cheeses that ooze out of the crust holes, with mozzarella, cheddar and parmesan. The inner crust contains more cheese and chicken sausage.

Toppings include turkey ham, smoked chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers, zucchini, a pepper Alfredo sauce and a unique salsa sauce. There’s certainly a lot to handle in the eating experience with the Double Sensation Pizza. Many people from America wish the pizza was available at their nearby locations.

19 Mac and Cheese Pizza: Why Isn’t This Available Everywhere? (Germany)

Germany is home to the next Pizza Hut concoction putting together some of the most beloved foods. Pizza is considered the top food to contain cheese as a main ingredient. Macaroni and cheese would be right there after it. Pizza Hut decided it would make sense to combine the two with a Macaroni and Cheese Pizza.

There is delicious macaroni and cheese cooked on its own that’s baked onto the pizza. Some people believe there’s too much cheese involved, but it looks like a risk worth taking for adventurous eaters. Pizza with macaroni and cheese topping on it is certainly a tempting offer that Pizza Hut believe is worth exploring internationally.

18 Flying Fish Roe Cream Cheese Crust: We Finally Found One Cheese Not Worthy of Pizza (Hong Kong)

Pizza Hut’s locations in Hong Kong have some of the most bizarre meals they’ve experimented with throughout the years. One of the least appealing dishes served was the Flying Fish Roe Cream Cheese Crust pizza special.

It was a limited-time pizza that Hong Kong had the chance to try out despite the odd additions to the pizza. Salmon-flavored cream cheese and flying fish roe were inside of the crust to provide a very strange taste. Cream cheese is one of the few cheeses that doesn’t work on pizza, and the fish roe just seems like a horrible idea on any level.

17 Marmite Pizza: Someone Must Have Been Fired for This (Australia)

The popularity of Marmite has seen many people fall in love with it in Australia. However, the average marmite lover chooses to use it as a spread with crackers or smeared on a slice of bread. It has a strong smell that most people consider a negative.

Pizza Hut decided to stuff marmite inside of the crusts at locations in Australia and New Zealand. The hope was that people would fall in love with it and marmite would become a successful addition to pizza. It didn’t reach the success expected as marmite inside of a pizza crust seemed like overkill even for those that enjoy the spread.

16 Cone Crust Pizza: It’s Not Surprising Why This One Failed (Middle East)

Various Pizza Hut locations in the Middle East went with a bold risk to the menu. Traditional pizza crusts are the least popular part of a pizza, but that doesn’t mean there are better ways to improve it, especially if a wild one is suggested.

Dough cones topped with parmesan cheese replaced the crusts as the other part of the pizza. The cones are stuffed full of honey mustard chicken and/or cream cheese. These are not the combinations we want to be associated with trying a new pizza. It did not turn out to be a success for Pizza Hut as they went a bit too far.

15 Cheeseburger Crust Pizza: Fascinating If You Pretend Calories Don’t Exist (UK)

Pizza Hut often finds unique ways to make pizza even less healthy than it typically is. The United Kingdom is home to the next wild idea to come from Pizza Hut. A Cheeseburger Crust Pizza was invited in hopes of improving on the boring crust.

Little beef patties coated with melted cheese were embedded into the pizza crust. It allowed eaters to have tiny cheeseburgers as the crust along with the pizza. Sometimes, there is an urge for both pizza and cheeseburgers as a cheat meal. The Cheeseburger Crust Pizza lets us tick off both those boxes at once.

14 Teekha Paneer Makhani: Not All Dishes Are Meant to Merge with Pizza (India)

India is the next home of a weird pizza creation. The Pizza Hut decision makers decided to go forward with a Teekha Paneer Makhani Pizza in hopes of it adding a local flair to the dish. Different places have different foods they associate with working on any dish.

The Teekha Paneer Makhani Pizza features paneer butter masala with various unique toppings of tomatoes, cashews or cream on the pizza. Red chili powder and garam masala spices add even more flavor to the mix. These are all popular foods in India, but it’s hard to envision working with pizza on any level.

13 Bulgogi Pizza: Not as Scary as it Looks (Japan)

Pizza Hut decided to experiment with a popular Asian dish as a special pizza theme in Japan. Bulgogi is a beloved Korean dish many people fall in love with when trying for the first time. It is grilled beef that has a sweet taste to it. Pizza Hut felt it was worth putting on a pizza as a topping.

Reviews are positive that the bulgogi tastes good on the pizza. Most people get intimidated by the thin strings of red pepper topping it. The strings are merely decorative and can be removed. The pizza itself is unique, but bulgogi seems worth trying as a topping.

12 Chicken Shawarma Pizza: The Avengers Would Like It (Middle East)

The Chicken Shawarma Pizza is one of the more appealing odd pizza choices out there. Pizza Hut locations in the Middle East have tried adding the chicken shawarma to the dish as a new topping. The grilled chicken with mozzarella, pickles, tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Chicken shawarma is popular in general, especially after the humorous Avengers movie scene of the group eating it together after a major battle in New York. Pizza Hut locations in the Middle East certainly believed it was tasty enough to add to pizza. Most simple meat recipes are worth experimenting with pizza, and this seems like a decent one.

11 Thousand Island Seafood Pizza: We Are Getting Sick Just Thinking About It (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong is the home of the next odd Pizza Hut item on the menu. The thousand island dressing typically used for salads is beloved in Hong Kong as an alternative to tomato sauce. Many pizza places will opt to offer it for those wanting it as a sauce.

The Thousand Island Seafood Pizza offered at Pizza Hut not only included the strange addition of the dressing but was also topped with various kinds of seafood. Shrimp, scallops and other sea creatures were offered as toppings. The odd dynamic of the dressing, seafood and cheese makes us queasy just thinking about it.

10 Poutine Pizza: They're not doing their stereotype any favors (Canada)

The popularity of poutine in Canada has seen it merge with many other popular dishes. Pizza Hut decided to make it part of their pizza menu to tempt folks curious about how the two wildly beloved dishes would merge together.

A combination of fries, cheese and gravy give you enough unique ingredients to add to the pizza. It certainly is an odd idea in theory, but pictures do provide temptation. The smartest bet is to enjoy pizza and poutine separately, but Pizza Hut figured enough people would be interested in trying the dish at least once. The Poutine Pizza had mixed reviews from Pizza Hut customers.

9 Fish Donuts: Strangest Pizza Appetizer Ever (Thailand)

Pizza Hut is always trying to expand their menu with a few appetizers offered to get along with pizza. Some popular side items include buffalo wings, garlic bread and pasta. Pizza Hut restaurants in Thailand decided to do something a bit bolder with their menus.

Fish donuts became an appetizer for those hoping to try something new. The donut shipped fried fish is meant to dip into sauces and serves as a seafood version of onion rings. However, the name alone is enough to scare people away. No one wants to think of fish when purchasing anything with the name donut.

8 Bihari Kabob Pizza: Polarizing Pizza (Pakistan)

The Bihari Kabob Pizza is an experiment that featured Pizza Hut trying to appeal to the Pakistan market. Locations in Pakistan unveiled the creation of the pizza that featured chicken and beef cooked with the Bihari kabob recipe.

The meat is infused with mustard oil and masala to add unique tastes to it in general. Pizza Hut decided to add the popular meat to their pizzas in hopes it would take off in Pakistan. A vegetarian option was even created with imitation meat. There were mixed results to the Chicken Beef Bihari Kabob Pizza. It received mixed results as do most creations of such a strange pizza combination.

7 Peking Duck Pizza: Pizza Made for Duck Enthusiasts (China)

Peking duck is a popular meat option all over the world, especially in China. Pizza Hut locations in China decided to add it to the equation as a meat topping one could order on it. There are even specialty pizzas created with the Peking duck and various vegetables they felt worked well with it.

Duck is not a meat that can easily adapt to the other meals as seen with the lack of mainstream success replacing chicken or turkey at most restaurants. It would take someone that truly loved eating duck to be the person willing to try it on pizza for the first time.

6 Madu Padu: Calling This Pizza is Offensive (Malaysia)

A truly bizarre twist on pizza featured Pizza Hut creating the Madu Padu meal. It barely looks pizza, because the ingredients don’t seem to merge well for a pizza-related dish. Dices of cheddar cheese are used as the outer crust already making it a strange base.

Tortilla chips, chicken, vegetables and honey drizzle are toppings used to create the rest of the pizza. The dish may be okay in its own unique way, but this is clearly nothing like the pizza most customers are used to.

5 Crayfish Pizza with Egg: Seafood and Eggs Are Not a Good Combo For Pizza (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong certainly has a few strange meals available at their Pizza Hut locations. One of the most intimidating pizzas offered in Hong Kong is the Crayfish Pizza with Egg. The name says it all.

Seafood on pizza is already risky and crayfish takes it to another level. Eggs are inside of the crusts for another uncomfortable addition. Maybe Pizza Hut should be commended for going outside the box with such bold risks, but it’s hard to imagine any scenario where this dish works out well.

4 Butter Chicken Masala Pizza: Kudos For Trying It (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is the home of the new dish to be served at Pizza Hut locations there. The Butter Chicken Masala Pizza is exactly what it sounds like. A popular dish of butter chicken blends multiple tastes together. Masala makes it spicier to add another appeal to the pizza.

Pizza Hut decided to add butter chicken masala as a pizza specialty to folks in Sri Lanka. The pictures do look appealing, but the reviews have been more negative than positive. Not all foods will blend well with pizza, and the Butter Chicken Masala Pizza does not seem to be a hit.

3 Durian Pizza: Finally A Worse Fruit Topping Than Pineapple (China)

Durian is a controversial fruit that is popular in various Asian countries. Many people dislike durian due to the smell of it along with warnings of a health concern from eating it. However, there are enough fans of durian to make it quite popular in China specifically.

Pizza Hut locations in China experimented with the Durian Pizza. The hope was to take advantage of the popularity of the durian by striking while the iron was hot. Almost all reviews of the pizza are overwhelmingly negative. People already get annoyed at pineapple on pizza. Imagine a more controversial fruit with a bad smell replacing it.

2 Doritos-Crusted Pizza: The Pizza Experiment We Don't Need (Mexico)

Doritos are a beloved snack all over the world. It is not uncommon to get a bag of Doritos as a snack along with a pizza order. Some people have even experimented with placing a few chips on their pizza, but no one could have predicted it would become a real meal.

Pizza Hut locations in Mexico decided to experiment with a crust made from Doritos. The crust is made of mozzarella cheese before getting coated with the nacho cheese Doritos and cheddar cheese. This is an adventure meal many people are willing to take. Unfortunately, it’s one of those better ideas on paper that disappoint when you actually try it in reality.

1 Hot Dog Crust Pizza: Some Foods Should Always Remain on Their Own (Finland)

Finland was the place to start an experiment of replacing pizza crusts with hot dogs. Pizza Hut has tried internationally to sell different forms of replacements for the crust, but to no significant success. One of the most unique concepts started at the Finland locations with the Hot Dog Crust Pizza.

Hot dog bites replaced the crust as customers would go back and forth between the pizza and hot dogs. It looked like a good idea in theory, but the eating process of the meal was less than ideal. Anyone craving both foods that much should just opt to order a personal pizza and a hot dog separately rather than merging them together.

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