Food, glorious food. It's the one thing we as humans can all agree on - eating great food makes us all happy.

But despite this universal fact, we all have different ideas about what actually tastes good, depending on our location, geography, and upbringing. And what's good for the goose, isn't always good for the gander.

When fast food chains like KFC or McDonald's try to enter an overseas market, they have to do careful research about what will and will not fly with the general public. Oftentimes they end up having to change their 'normal' recipes to appeal to the local palates, and this can result in some amazingly creative and unusual items appearing on the menu that you can't find anywhere else on the planet.

From paneer burgers to breakfast congee and biryani, join us on a journey to take a look at 20 times that KFC got inventive, and a bit weird, in foreign countries.

20 KFC = Kentucky Fried Caribbean Rice?

KFCs across Asia, from South Korea to Sri Lanka, have some very interesting items on its menu other than just chicken and French fries. Because rice is so popular in this part of the world, KFC offers rice-based dishes such as Caribbean Rice, Chinese stir-fried rice, Chicken Buriyani, and Chicken with rice 'flavoured with curry leaves' and fried onions to satisfy your rice craving. Sounds pretty good combined with the Colonel's secret spices!

19 Double the chicken, double the pleasure

In Singapore, the decadent 'Double Down' sandwich uses chicken fillets in place of the bread, with bacon, cheese and sauce in the middle of the two pieces of chicken. A popular side dish are the egg tarts. Other than Singapore, this bunch of crunch can be bought in South Africa, India, Japan, the Philippines, Germany and Spain, to name a few. Certain countries use turkey bacon instead of pork bacon in order to meet halal requirements.

18 Wakey wakey! Chicken and congee!

Most people don't head to KFC for breakfast, and indeed in many countries KFC doesn't even open until almost lunchtime. But in China this fast-food chain has adapted its menu to offer some A.M. dishes to local consumers.

A cheap and popular breakfast in China is congee - a thickened rice porridge - and KFC has added its crunchy chicken to the dish. Doesn't seem like a bad way to start the day, and it's probably a lot healthier than the side of fries!

17 Add a little zing to your hash brown

Who knew that KFC even sold hash browns? It always seemed like more of a McDonald's classic. Nonetheless, at one point KFC was selling a very unusual chicken sandwich: it consisted of two slices of cheese, a crunchy hash brown, a rasher of bacon, and sauce, sandwiched between two chicken breast fillets.

Dubbed the Hashbrown Double, it was sold in the UK, Australia, South Korea, and briefly in Singapore. Food reviewers said that the hash brown gave it a nice salty crunch (as if two deep-fried chicken breasts weren't crunchy enough).

16 Not your typical box of chicken... or your typical shawarma

It's a really unusual item available only in the Philippines, though it's not clear why KFC Philippines put crunchy chicken on rice, covered it with hot sauce and garlic yogurt, and named it after a Middle Eastern dish.

Nonetheless, theShawarma Rice Bowl was a big hit in the Philippines, despite the fact that it in no way resembles a real shawarma, which is traditionally thinly sliced meat, such as lamb, wrapped up in a flatbread. Nope, we don't see the connection either.

15 Does this picture make you angry?

According to popular Chinese website The Beijinger, KFC China celebrated its 30 years of business by launching the bizarre 'Angry Burger', a strange concoction featuring a chicken breast fillet in a black bun, topped with mayo and pork floss. Don't know what pork floss is? It's a cotton-candyesque dried pork product with a light, fluffy, and slightly sweet taste, and is popular at bakeries across China.

One person had this to say about the experience: "We urge you to be prepared mentally when you open the box, because the whole thing looks like some blood on a black rock."

14 More Cheez, Pleez.

Five pieces of KFC chicken, slathered in Cheezy Mushroom Sauce, and served with a side of Chewy Cheese Spinach, whatever that means. This dairy-dipped delight was launched in Malaysia in 2017, and also on the menu is a Cheezy Mushroom Crunch Sandwich.

Apparently the sauce is supposed to be poured on top of the chicken before eating, though you could also dip it in. Don't forget to take your Lactaid before you order.

13 Be sure to double dip this one

Okay, we all like to dip stuff into stuff. Dipping sauce is awesome. But what about when that dipping sauce has something called 'Cracking Rice Pods'?

The KFC franchise in the island nation of Brunei came up with the idea to dip its chicken tenders first into a "Barbeque Smokey Zesty Dip" and then into "the peppery crunch of the Crackling Rice Pops".

What exactly are rice pops? It's popped rice with lots of flavour and salt, which means you are dipping your crunch into more crunch. Hope you have strong teeth.

12 Whose bright idea was this?

Things got pretty far out in the Far East when KFC launched its interesting looking " Zinger Black Burger". So why exactly is the bun black anyways? According to the Daily Mail, instead of using a chemical compound, they used 'vegetable carbon over other dyeing agents, such as squid ink to help avoid any cross contamination or allergy concerns,' quoting a KFC spokesperson.

This bizarre-looking Zinger Black was available in Australia, but according to one food blogger, eating it was 'kinda like it had a weird aftertaste of dirt and gym socks'.

11 Hold the chicken, please

According to Wikipedia, anywhere from 31% to 42% of the population of India is vegetarian, which means that any fast food restaurant needs to have a lot of meat-free options. KFC India offers items such as Paneer - a type of cheese curd.

The Paneer Burger consists of two slices of paneer cheese, deep fried, and served up on a bun with lettuce and sauce, making it an interesting vegetarian - though not vegan - alternative to the Zinger.

10 A true match in the True North

Earlier in 2018, KFC in Canada rolled out its much anticipated Waffle Double Down sandwich, which consists of a Belgian waffle sandwiched between two fried chicken fillets, and drizzled with a Canadian maple aioli sauce.

It was well received in the True North by food writers, with one Twitter user saying it was 'proof that KFC has been reading my diary'.

9 Is Colonel Sanders really Santa in disguise?

In Japan, an interesting custom is to have 'Kentucky for Christmas'. This is the result of a very successful marketing slogan which was launched all the way back in the 1970s, and has become a popular tradition.

The two main religions in Japan are Buddhism and Shintoism, so while Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday, it has been widely embraced in Japan. However, in a typical Japanese home, a gas oven is not a common appliance, so baking a large bird like a turkey is out of the question.

KFC fills that void, and every year families have a little Christmas party with KFC, and every Colonel Sanders in the country dons a Santa hat.

8 KFC goes Mexican in the UK

An interesting idea, to not only sell its classic Original or Spicy chicken in a wrap, but also pulled chicken. According to news website Metro, in 2015 KFC in the United Kingdom and Ireland started offering these burritos with chicken in a toasted tortilla with spicy rice, bean salsa, crispy lettuce and chipotle mayo.

While some described it as a 'glorified Twister wrap', others embraced the new item with gusto. Another unique item available at KFC in the UK is the 'Mediterranean Bites', which are chicken bites smothered in one of three sauces: Smoky BBQ, Sunblushed Tomatoes and Piri Piri.

7 Would you like some dried fish with that?

KFC in Hong Kong has a lot of interesting items on its menu that you can only find in Hong Kong, such as 'Japanese Soy Crispy Chicken' which is wrapped in a piece of sushi nori; Cheese Macaroni and Egg Tarts; and Sausage and Egg in Macaroni Soup.

One of their recently introduced items (though no longer available) is the Okonomiyaki Chicken, whereby chicken is covered in a Japanese sauce, drizzled with mayo, and topped with dried flakes of bonito (fish).

This bizarre idea came from the popular Japanese street food Okonomiyaki, which is a sort of cabbage pancake, topped with bonito and other seasonings.

6 Chicken + Pizza = Chizza (of course)

Chicken. Pizza. Force them into an unnatural but delicious marriage? You get Chizza. KFC Mexico introduced the Chizza whereby chicken breasts are covered with all the fixings of a regular pizza - tomato sauce, pepperoni, sometimes pineapple, and cheese - and then baked.

The Chizza was either loved or hated by those who tried it, but regardless of the reviews it was then launched in places like Singapore. This dish is surely a dream come true for someone on a keto diet.

5 Sacrilege, or stupendous?

It goes without saying that chicken rules the roost at KFC. Once in a while, a shrimp burger might slip into the menu in a place like Japan, but BEEF? Say it ain't so!

KFC in South Korea had the guts to create the Zinger Double Down King, with a beef patty AND bacon smothered in sauce, sandwiched between two Zinger chicken breast fillets.

South Koreans love red chilli and embrace all things spicy, so another interesting item on the local menu is the Fire Burger and Fire Chicken, where the batter is infused with so many spices that it's red!

4 You can't be a winner all the time

When KFC Indonesia launched its limited edition 'Cho Chicks' - Spicy Chocolate Chicken - people flocked to the restaurants to try it, but quickly made their displeasure heard.

'Somebody should stop the Colonel!' one netizen raged. Needless to say, this was one fast food that was taken off the menu quickly. It seems some things simply don't go well together after all, even when it's two things that everyone loves.

3 Nothing says 'I love you' like chicken

While on the topic of chocolate+chicken mashups, check out this weird idea from KFC New Zealand. According to The Daily Meal, for Mother's Day, the fast food giant gave out limited-edition chocolates to 20 contest winners.

The prize? A premium box of chocolate truffles, some seasoned with the Colonel's eleven secret herbs and spices, and some infused with their signature hot and spicy marinade.

Needless to say, this was a marketing promotion that did not take off in the long run, and after the contest was done it was never seen again.

2 Can you eat KFC with chopsticks?

Apparently you can, in Russia. Yup, you heard us. Russia. You know globalism is here to stay when KFC Russia offers a Japanese-style Teriyaki Chicken KFC menu, which is served with chopsticks.

The menu offers rice bowls, sides of chicken, wraps, and chicken sandwiches. Which makes us wonder what a sushi restaurant in Russia serves? Mashed potato with gravy?

1 Eat these with rose-colored glasses

With sales lagging in China, KFC in the PRC has had to come up with some menu items that are either more traditionally Chinese, such as roasted chicken and rice, or something outlandish and extreme, like the black and pink chicken sandwiches that they rolled out in 2015.

According to ABC 7 News, the names are translated as "Black Diamond Bacon Spicy Chicken Leg Burger" and the "Rose Cheese Chicken Leg Burger," respectively.

The pink and black burgers made headlines around the world, but unfortunately did not stay on the menu for very long, which perhaps goes to prove that when you've been making chicken in 1930, you don't have to reinvent the wheel to please your customers.

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