20 Things You Can Do When Flying (If You Literally Just Ask)

Lots of people use different methods when it comes to traveling, and one of those methods is flying on an airplane. Many people know a lot of facts about airplanes, as well as what it is like to fly on them, but there are still some things that some people aren’t aware of when it comes to using this method to travel.

For example, there are some things guests shouldn’t do when they are on an airplane. According to thelist.com, those who fly on planes shouldn’t try to get a seat in the aisle. There is some evidence that suggests that those who sit in the aisle seat are a bit more likely to come into contact with germs than people in other seats are.

But there are also things you should try to do, including these 20 things that literally only require asking your flight attendant.

20 They’ll Give Customers Pins


There are some airlines that give their guests a pin that looks like little wings. According to slice.ca, they used to give out pins that looked like this, but it has changed a bit since then. This little decoration is no longer a pin, which is probably a good thing.

19 If Passengers Come Early, They Can Get An Emergency Exit Seat


According to airtravelgenius.com, passengers have the chance to get an emergency exit seat if they show up a bit early. There are some pretty great advantages to having a seat like this, such as the fact that they can provide passengers with more legroom than the other seats can.

18 Customers Can Access Wifi


These days, it is pretty hard to find a plane that does not have wifi. According to slice.ca, anyone who needs to use the internet while they are in the middle of a flight just has to ask. This is something that many airlines usually provide for free these days.

17 Military Families Can Bring More Stuff


According to slice.ca, there are some airlines that will allow military families a few special privileges. For example, if a person is related to someone who is in the military, they might be able to take some extra things with them on their trip, which is a pretty awesome perk.

16 Customers Can Ask To Switch Seats


Some guests often find that they do not like the seats that they have been assigned to, and they want to switch. According to usatoday.com, airline employees can help customers like this find a different seat, provided that there is one available at the moment. They simply have to ask.

15 It’s Possible To Get A Birthday Cake


Nobody usually thinks of airlines as somewhere where they can get a cake, but it is possible. According to dailymail.co.uk, there are two ideal times for a customer to decide if they want to order one. They can do it when they book the flight, or 24 hours before departure.

14 Sometimes Airlines Will Give Customers Free Diapers


Bringing a baby along on an airplane is not always an easy task. But parents who want to travel are in luck since airlines tend to offer some very helpful things for them. According to slice.ca, many of them can give out free diapers to the parents who need them.

13 Parents Can Ask For A Little Help With Their Baby


Diapers are not the only baby-related things that airline employees can help parents handle. According to slice.ca, there are some other things employees can take care of as well, if parents simply as them to do it. For example, airline employees can actually heat up bottles and food for babies.

12 People Can Ask For Grooming Kits


There are some flights that offer guests some very cool things. They just have to remember to ask for them if they wish to have them. According to independent.co.uk, people can get grooming kits during flights that last a while. They can also get earplugs, as well as some socks.

11 Bottled Water Is Usually Something Customers Can Get


Those who drink a lot of water are in some serious luck while they are on an airplane. According to independent.co.uk, there are some airplanes that tend to carry bottles of water with them, so that means that their passengers can ask for things like that if they want to.

10 It’s Possible For Guests To Get Some Medications


According to slice.ca, people can get lots of things for free on an airplane if they just think about asking for it. One of those things is various types of pain relief. Anyone who has some minor pains while they are on an airplane can ask for stuff like this.

9 Customers Can Ask For Some Snacks


Snacks are one of the most obvious things that people can get while they are on an airplane, but something many people don’t know is that they can ask for extra snacks if they want to. According to slice.ca, planes are more likely to have extra snacks during nighttime flights.

8 Customers Might Be Able To Get Some Hot Chocolate


Not everyone who likes hot drinks is always in the mood to have coffee or tea, and airlines keep that in mind. That’s why guests have a third option. According to independent.co.uk, people who love hot chocolate can get it while they’re in the middle of traveling on an airplane.

7 Sometimes Customers Can Check Out The Cockpit


People can do some seriously cool things on an airplane if they only think to ask about it. According to rd.com, guests who are interested in things like flying can tour the cockpit if they want to. This might even make some people less nervous about flying on a plane.

6 Flight Attendants Can Provide Sanitizing Wipes


There are lots of areas on airplanes that can be full of germs, which makes some people uncomfortable. That’s totally understandable. But people will probably be very surprised to find out that they can get some sanitizing wipes in order to make things a little bit cleaner, according to rd.com.

5 People Can Ask For Blankets


Lots of people use blankets while they’re on airplanes. Some of them belong to the passenger that is using it, and others belong to the airline itself. People can ask for blankets during flights. But according to quora.com, cabin crew members keep them and reuse them, and they’re often very thin.

4 They Can Give Kids Something Fun To Do


Kids can get pretty bored while they are on long flights. According to slice.ca, airline employees can help with that. Airlines typically have little activity packets for little ones to play with when they get bored. They can even include coloring books, crayons, and stickers, as well as other things.

3 Flight Attendants Really Don’t Mind Watching Someone’s Kids


Finding a babysitter is really hard sometimes, but it is actually pretty easy for parents who are on an airplane. According to slice.ca, moms and dads can actually get someone to keep an eye on their children if they need to have a few moments to themselves for some reason.

2 Customers Can Get Their Water Bottles Refilled


Guests can get their water bottles refilled while they are in the middle of the flight. But according to slice.ca, there are some things that guests must keep in mind before they request this service. It might not always happen because they may not have enough water on the plane.

1 Flight Attendants Can Direct People To Doctors If They Need Medical Attention


There are a few occasions during which people have to deal with some medical emergencies while they are on a flight, and that is something that airline staff members can help them out with. According to usatoday.com, the people who work on airplanes are often trained for situations like this.

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