It’s undeniable that the Bermuda Triangle - also called and known as The Devil’s Triangle - is one of the world's greatest mysteries. This obscure place has inspired for years endless stories, legends and all kinds of scientific theories.

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the Atlantic Ocean that covers about 500,000 square miles - from Bermuda in the North Atlantic Ocean, to the Florida coast and on to Puerto Rico. To give you an idea, it is twice the size of Texas.

This spot’s story started on December 5, 1945, when five Navy planes took off from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on a training mission - not to ever come back. From that day forward, people became fascinated with the Bermuda Triangle and its mystery. Why have so many boats and planes been lost forever within the Bermuda Triangle?

Over the years, people formulated all kinds of theories to try to explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle - including the most eccentric ones. Some people believe aliens have abducted ships and planes, while others think that, in ancient times, the lost city of Atlantis sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean beneath the Bermuda Triangle. Legends say there were energy crystals in Atlantis - and they are to blame for the loss on controls on ships and planes.

If you read this far and are about to cancel your next fly over this area, don’t worry. Most planes and ships don't crash or sink, and most travelers survive a trip through the Bermuda Triangle. However, you might still want to look out the airplane’s window to see if you can see the remnants of the lost city of Atlantis lurking beneath the waters or aliens floating above you in their spaceships!

Keep scrolling to read 20 things you’d probably rather not know about flying over the Bermuda Triangle.

20 Compasses Act Strangely Around This Area

The Bermuda Triangle has a triangular shape with ends — geometry teachers would call them vertices — in Miami, Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. It has been noticed that within this triangle of water, compasses often act strangely.

In normal conditions, most compasses don't point directly north toward the North Pole. Instead, they point to something called “magnetic north,” which is in Canada. In the Bermuda Triangle, however, a compass will often point directly to the North Pole. This quite explains why so many ships and planes lose their course within the area. The reasons why this weird phenomenon takes place are still unknown. Now, that's mysterious!

19 People Often Don’t Even Call For Help Before Disappearing Here

Many people consider the Bermuda Triangle a dangerous place because of the people, airplanes, and ships that have vanished there for no apparent reason. But there is one fact that attracts curiosity even more … In most cases, people don’t call for help before disappearing in this area.

One such incident occurred on March 18, 1918. The U.S.S. Cyclops, a large Navy cargo ship carrying over 300 men and 10,000 tons of manganese, sank in the Bermuda Triangle. The crew never called for help, and the wreckage of the ship was never found.

We don’t know whether it’s because people don’t actually realize they’re in danger before it’s too late or if they never got a possibility to call for help in the first place. Either way, this fact is scary enough that we’d rather not know it!

18 There Are Often Weird Weather Patterns In The Devil’s Triangle

We already know traveling in the big waters can be thought and risky enough. There are a million dangers - with dangerous storms being one of the first causes of the disaster. Well, imagine if you’re traveling in the Bermuda Triangle, where weird weather patterns are more frequent than usual. Forceful and highly dangerous storms or tornadoes can wreck even the strongest ship and be a one-way ticket to the depths of the Ocean.

Many also accept this theory as the one that explains the strange disappearances in the Devil’s Triangle. Well, we must admit this point is hard to ignore once you’ve read it!

17 Researchers Have Found Huge Undersea Craters In The Area

Recently, researchers have found huge undersea craters lying in the Bermuda Triangle’s waters. This could be tell-tale signs on why vessels went missing and were possibly blown to smithereens, to end up at the bottom of the sea. The deep craters are thought to have been caused by a build-up of methane. They are just off the Norwegian coast - a country rich in natural gas reserves.

Methane is likely to have leaked from deposits of natural gas deeper below the seabed, then created cavities which eventually burst, once the pressure gets too high, the scientists said. This would lead to a massive blow-up of gas, which could cause a boat or ship to fail if it was passing at the height of the explosion.

Russian scientist Igor Yeltsov, deputy head of the Trofimuk Institute, said: “There is a version that the Bermuda Triangle is a consequence of gas hydrates reactions.”

16 Running Out Of Fuel (The Case Of Flight 19)

As we already mentioned, the Bermuda Triangle’s legend started on December 5, 1945, when Flight 19 disappeared without leaving any trace behind. The saga of Flight 19 remains even today one of the most mysterious disappearances that took place in the Bermuda Triangle. But what happened exactly?

Let's begin with the premise that you can find many speculations and theories online, but, according to the official story, the plane’s compasses malfunctioned, and Commander Charles Taylor with his crew soon became completely lost. They flew without direction until they ran out of fuel and were forced to ditch. Later that day, a 13-man rescue crew also disappeared while searching for them. After weeks of searching, no sign of either crew was ever found.

15 The Number Of Recorded Disappearances In The Area Each Year

At this point, you might be reasonably wondering how many people and vehicles actually disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, since the Us Government refuses to buy into this area’s myth (we’ll talk more about this later, don’t worry!), there’s not an official record to estimate the exact numbers of losses that took place here.

However, we have some data you’d rather not read. At least 1000 lives are lost within the last 100 years. On average, 4 aircraft and 20 yachts go missing every year. As of 2018, 75 planes and hundreds of ships are known to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. It’s entirely likely that there have been even more disappearances, but it’s impossible to know for certain.

14 The Bermuda Triangle Could Actually Be Where The Legendary Atlantis Was Located

A popular legend surrounding the Bermuda Triangle is that it’s the location of the lost city of Atlantis. The story of Atlantis also mentions rock formations on the ocean floor. Some very similar formations, called the Bimini Road, are located in the ocean near the Bahamas.

Legend also has it that the city ran on powerful energy crystals, and those crystals would radiate the mysterious energy that causes the navigational instruments of ships and planes to malfunction. So far, it’s just myth, as none of the underwater expeditions carried out in the area have found any evidence but it sure would explain a lot…

13 Ghost Ships Haunt The Area

In August 1920, 11 crew members set sail on a ship called the Carroll A. Deering. They left Maine for a long voyage to South America. On their return trip to Maine, they stopped at Barbados on January 9, 1921. Twenty-two days later, the ship was eventually found ramshackle and abandoned off the coast of North Carolina.

All eleven crew members (including the Captain) were missing, as well as their personal effects, the log book, and all navigation equipment. No one ever heard a radio call for help from the ship. What happened to the crew? Why didn't they call for help? The disappearance of the Carroll A. Deering is still considered nowadays one of the biggest maritime mysteries of all time. While flying over this area, try to look for some ghost ships, you might actually spot one!

12 The Bermuda Triangle’s Size Is Huge

The area called the Bermuda Triangle - also known as The Devil’s Triangle and The Deadly Triangle - has no exact “official” size. Since most governments deny its existence, there’s no authority to actually determine its boundaries. According to most fonts, it is an imaginary area of the Atlantic Ocean whose three defining points include Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico.

Based on the common definition of Miami/San Juan/Bermuda and some calculations, the total area is around 530,000 square miles. However, according to some people (some accounts include the Gulf of Mexico, the Azores, and the West Indies), it might be as large as 1.5 million square miles.

11 You’d Better Not Look Up When Flying Through The Area

Don't look up! The Bermuda Triangle area has one of the highest incidences of UFO sightings. Some people even think alien abductions are to blame for the disappearances.

One of the many UFO sightings was documented by a crew member who was a communications expert and an eyewitness to strange events on the USS John F. Kennedy in 1971. Our witness had served a year on the ship, and when the incident occurred, the vessel was returning to Norfolk, Virginia, after a two-week readiness exercise in the Caribbean.

According to the font, suddenly all of those on duty in the communications room heard someone in a loud voice proclaim: “There is something hovering over the ship!” and: “It's the end of the world.” As they looked up, they were shocked to see a large, glowing sphere hovering above the ship. After gazing at the UFO for about 20 seconds, battle station alerts went off and their officer met them on their way back to the communication room, urging them to rush back to work.

A few days afterward, as the ship was nearing its destination of Norfolk, a Captain came on the closed-circuit television station and reminded the crew that anything that happens on the ship, stays on the ship, although the UFO was not mentioned specifically.

10 Multiple Tech Failures (The Case Of SS Marine Sulphur Queen)

A frequently written about disappearance is that of the SS Marine Sulphur Queen. The ship was originally a T2 tanker - built in 1944 - but was converted into a carrier of molten sulfur in 1960. On February 2nd, 1963, Marine Sulphur Queen started her ill-fated voyage from Beaumont, Texas destined towards Norfolk. She was carrying over 15000 tons of molten sulfur and 39 crew members on board.

The ship was last heard on Feb 4th when a routine radio message was received from the ship. After 19 days of sea combing operation, the rescue team found only some debris and life preservatives. There was no trace of the ship or its crewmen. According to the Coast Guards and the Navy Board, the ship had disappeared somewhere in the south Florida Straits.

The investigation, later on, revealed however that the vessel had a number of technical problems that should have prevented it from ever going to the sea in the first place. It actually seems it might not be all the Bermuda Triangle’s fault this time!

9 Some Pilots Claimed They Got “Lost In A Cloud” While Flying Through The Area

This is definitely one of the most mysterious phenomena that are said to be experienced within the Bermuda Triangle. In 1970, pilot Bruce Gernon claimed to have been trapped inside an elliptically shaped cloud while flying through the Bermuda Triangle. He said the cloud started spiraling and turning counter-clockwise while he was inside, though his plane kept moving forward. The plane went missing from radars only to re-emerge near Miami Beach, and he had traveled 100 miles 30 minutes faster than usual.

In a similar incident, an experienced pilot named Jenson reported being lost in a cloud 150 feet above the ground. Eleven hours later, his voice was heard 600 miles away from where he was originally lost and out of fuel. Unlike Gernon, Jenson vanished without leaving any trace.

8 The Case Of The Disappearing (And Unsinkable!) Yacht

On the 22 of December in 1967, Captain Dan Burack and his friends set off on a 23-foot luxury yacht named Witchcraft in hopes of enjoying a view of Miami’s Christmas lights from the water.

After reaching one mile offshore, they radioed the coast guard stating that they’d hit something but suffered no major damage. The coast guard immediately dispatched help to tow the ship to shore, but by the time they reached the ship’s location (19 minutes later!), there was no sign of it. The yacht was fitted with a special flotation device that was supposed to make it unsinkable, but the search for the vessel and the men turned up nothing. Mysterious, right?

7 Many Have Said To Experience Time Travel

In 1979, self-proclaimed inventor John Hutchison allegedly demonstrated what happens when electromagnetic fields of different wavelengths interact with one another.

Hutchison’s electromagnetic field “experiments” have been said to prove the existence of so-called “electronic fog,” which, surrounding an aircraft/vessel, can cause electronic equipment and systems to malfunction. According to Hutchison, this would perfectly explain what happened to Gernon and Jenson (who both reported to have experienced something similar to time travel).

Since the cloud travels on the plane or the ship, a person’s sense of place and time becomes distorted and makes it seem as if they’ve entered a time warp. Though this was purported to be a more “scientific” explanation of the seemingly supernatural phenomena in the Triangle, no one other than Hutchison has been able to recreate these effects and the greater scientific community disregards the existence of electronic fog. So can time travel be really experienced in the Bermuda Triangle?

6 The Strange Case Of The Mary Celeste

The singular case of The Mary Celeste could definitely discourage you from taking a boat trip within the Bermuda Triangle. So keep reading at your own risk!

The Mary Celeste set sail from New York to Genoa, Italy on November 7, 1872, with seven crewmen, the Captain, his wife, and their two-year-old daughter. Nearly a month later, the ship was discovered under partial sail without a soul on board. When it was discovered, the lifeboat was missing, nine barrels were empty, and there was a sword on deck. The food and water supplies were left on board, as were the crew’s possessions.

While it seemed as though everyone had left in a hurry, there were no signs of any violent incidents such as mutiny or attack. There have been numerous theories about what caused the ship to disappear, including fraud, piracy, a storm or even an alien abduction, but there’s no concrete evidence to prove any of them.

5 Wrong Time, Wrong Place For The Ss El Faro

The SS El Faro sank in the Bermuda Triangle in 2015 while sailing from Jacksonville, Florida to San Juan, Puerto Rico. The captain charted a course that should have kept the ship away from a nearby hurricane, but it somehow deviated from its planned route and ended up sailing right into the storm.

The ship was finally located 15,000 feet beneath the surface, and the voice recorder confirmed that the storm caused it to sink. However, how it ended up in the storm is unknown. The ship had recently undergone a technical inspection and was found to be sound, which means it could have been affected by an external magnetic field. However, other mysterious causes cannot be excluded completely.

4 The Us Government Refuses To Map The Bermuda Triangle And Buy Into The Myth

If you’ve ever been curious why there are no maps or official data of the Bermuda Triangle, there’s actually good reason for it: the US Government - and other bordering governments as well - refuse to map the area because they want to be clear that they do not buy into the myth. The Coast Guard and the Navy emphatically state that anything “mysterious” that goes on there can be blamed on nature and human error, and not something supernatural.

Inside the Bermuda Triangle, US Government has AUTEC - which stands for Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center - and is located on the Andros Island of Bahamas. Here US Navy tests their submarines, sonar, and other weapons. However many are of the view that it is more than just the testing center. Could they be hiding something?

3 The First Ever Signs The Bermuda Triangle Was A Mysterious Place

You may be familiar with the legend of the Bermuda Triangle, but what you may not know is that the “discoverer” of the New World himself, Christopher Columbus, had his own weird encounter with this spot, perhaps setting the tone for its future visitors right off the bat.

In his journal, Columbus recorded crazy readings on his compass, and some accounts claimed it was the unknown energy in the triangle that caused it. However, this could have a more scientific explanation. Early sailors used the North Star as a navigational tool, and compasses always pointed true north. What they didn’t realize was that the Triangle was one of the few places where magnetic north and true north were the same.

However, Columbus also reported to seeing a giant flame, a mysterious light in the distance, while passing through the area. An early UFO sighting? Who knows!

2 Whenever Something (Or Someone) Disappears In The Triangle, Rests Often Cannot Be Found

We already talked about some of the weirdest cases and legends that surround this mysterious place, and you probably have noticed how in most cases, whenever a plane or a ship disappears in the Triangle, its debris cannot be found.

The reason behind this fact could be nothing supernatural, but it doesn’t make it any less scary. Basically, the Gulf Stream runs near the triangle and quickly gets rid of the debris.

The Gulf Stream is a warm and swift Atlantic ocean current that originates in the Gulf of Mexico and stretches to the tip of Florida and follows the eastern coastlines of the United States and Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

The current velocity is fastest near the surface, with the maximum speed typically about 2.5 meters per second! Crazy, right?

1 The Bermuda Triangle Is Not Fixed And Its Effects Can Be Experienced Outside Of The Triangle Too

As we already said, the Us Government refuses to buy into the myth and officially map the area and so do most governments which keep denying its existence. With no authority to actually determine its boundaries, the area that we called the Bermuda Triangle has no exact size. Based on the common definition of Miami/San Juan/Bermuda, the total area is around 530,000 square miles, but according to some, it’s as large as 1.5 million square miles.

The fact that it is not a fixed area can mean its effects and the mysterious phenomena we heard about can also take place far further from the area we considered initially. Not so comforting, isn’t it?