It’s a day you look forward to the entire year. For common folks a vacation takes place once, or if we’re lucky twice a year. All that anticipation can lead to a traveler forgetting about lots of things. There truly isn’t a worse feeling than arriving to the airport only to realize that there are so many things you didn’t do. Talk about starting a trip off on the wrong foot...

Not to worry. In this article we highlight some of the things travelers typically forget about. This can range from items to bring on a trip to things a traveler forgets to take care of prior to leaving. It can be some of the littlest things, such as throwing out the trash or telling the neighbors you’re leaving. These small details can make all the difference. Just imagine the scenario of coming back home after a 6 hour flight only to realize that the house smells like an expired cheese that’s been sulking in the fridge for two weeks since you left. Instead of unpacking you’re spending time getting rid of that gross cheese smell! Not the best way to return. We’ll also discuss some other travel hacks such as purchasing a Kindle, booking seats in advance or exchanging your money prior to arriving at the airport.

Enjoy the article folks and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Without further ado here are 20 things travelers will instantly regret not doing before heading to the airport. Let’s get started!

20 Bringing Advil Or Tums

If this regret hits once you’re on the plane it can turn into a traveler’s worse nightmare. Whether it be a terrible headache or feelings of nausea, these are symptoms travelers tend to feel a little too often - whether it be returning or going to a destination.

In order to remedy this type of problem it is important to pack Advil and Tums in a carry-on, especially in the event that you’re prone to these types of illnesses while flying. Not doing so can lead to major discomfort. That’s the last thing a traveler wants to feel during a lengthy flight.

19 Clearing the Fridge

We tend to get so caught up that the little things escape our list of priorities. Going from store to store, a traveler can easily forget about the things he or she has inside of the fridge. Instead you’re likely thinking about all the good stuff you’ll be eating elsewhere for a week or even two.

Forgetting to check the fridge can lead to a disaster once you get back home. Just imagine all those expired products just rotting away in the fridge while you’re gone. Returning home to such a smell isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. Picture being dead tired and having to clean that smell up!? No thanks.

18 Suitcase Lock

Suitcase locks are easy to find and super cheap. Heck, you can easily find one at any Dollar Tree store. However, given how small they are travelers tend to lose them very easily. Once it’s time for the next trip you totally forget about it until you've arrived at the airport and realize your suitcase contains no lock. In that event you’re completely stuck and running a little bit of a risk, one you shouldn’t have to deal with.

If you do end up losing a lock make it a priority to buy a new one as soon as you get back. Store it in the suitcase and you won’t have to worry about remembering to bring one on the next trip.

17 Dressing Appropriately

Heading to warmer climates travelers tend to forget that the weather can be very unpredictable. Not checking the weather isn’t very wise especially when you’re dressing up for the location and heading to the airport. Just imagine the scenario of wearing shorts, a tank and flip flops only to get there and it’s pouring rain, not to mention quite windy.

You’ll be none too pleased especially due to the fact that this could have been so easily avoided had you just checked the weather and packed that extra hoodie. Instead you’ll be forced into buying a hoodie with a sign that says “I Love Cancun” on it just minutes after landing at the Mexican destination.

16 Booking Seats

Exploring a different country is one of the absolute great beauties when it comes to travel. However another great purpose is to strengthen a bond with a loved one or a friend. We all live such busy lives and a trip gives us all the chance to reconnect and recharge. Now imagine heading to the airport and the attendant at the airline desk tells you that no seats are available together... Talk about starting the trip off on the wrong page.

Instead travelers must be aware that booking seats in advance can ensure that you’re seated with a loved one. Most companies offer the seating in advance arrangement 24 hours before a flight.

15 Eating A Light Meal

It's vacation, let’s indulge! However, that might not be the wisest choice. Some travelers decide on eating a mammoth meal just prior to entering a plane. This can lead to various issues such as plane sickness or other types of distresses.

Keep the meal simple and avoid anything too heavy. The last thing you want to be doing is heading towards the back of the plane (assuming you're not seated in first class) every 30 minutes during a 5 hour flight. Eat a light meal and if necessary indulge once you arrive at the destination. Eating a hefty meal while on the plane is also discouraged.

14 Bring A Carry-on

This one happens more times than not. You check the bag only to be completely free of all worries. However, what if the bag gets lost and you’re stuck with absolutely nothing? In order to avoid this dilemma travelers should at least pack a small backpack or a carry-on with a couple of essentials in the event that a bag doesn’t make it to the destination.

Having the carry-on can also give the traveler a bag to carry around while sightseeing or heading to the beach. Not doing so can lead to lots of regret and some serious doubt. In order to ensure you at least have a couple of things, don’t forget to bring a carry-on.

13 Leaving Unnecessary Cards At Home

Luxury hotels and all-inclusive resorts ensure the safety of your personal belongings by supplying you with a safe that comes with your own personal combination code. However not all destinations provide such a service. Especially when on a sightseeing type of trip you run the risk of losing such valuables when staying in hostels or cheaper hotels.

For that reason, a traveler must remember to leave the unnecessary cards at home. This is typically forgotten about. If you don’t plan on driving or using that debit card, what’s the use of bringing those cards? All you’re doing is running the risk of losing them for no apparent reason. At the very least in the event you lose a wallet you won’t need to go through the hassle of replacing those other cards.

12 Checking The Passport Expiration Date

This needs to be done months in advance or you run the risk of not traveling to the destination. Certain airlines don’t allow a traveler to go overseas with a passport that’s set to expire in one-six months. For that reason this must be checked and updated well in advance.

Keep in mind that the process takes a couple of days to renew so doing this at the last second isn’t a wise idea in the slightest. It’s recommended to do so well in advance in order to avoid such a hassle. Just imagine heading to the airport and having to go back home because of an expired passport. Talk about a nightmare!

11 Exchanging Money

Who needs to change their money before when it can be done at the airport, right? Wrong. Money needs to be exchanged prior to heading to the airport. If you don’t, you lose out on lots of extra money that can be spent on restaurants and souvenirs.

Typically, airports offer a lower rate in comparison to local exchange rate centers. Instead of changing your currency at the airport do so at a local bank branch or currency exchange establishment prior to the trip. Without a doubt you’ll get more money than doing so at the airport or even worse, changing the money at a hotel once you arrive at the destination.

10 Notifying Credit Card Company

Depending on the type of plan you have, some credit card companies go the extra mile in order to ensure your money is safe from any fraud danger. At times a traveler can forget to notify the company leading to the cancellation of the card. If you’re from Montreal and your card is being used in Mexico, credit card companies might assume this is fraud unless you tell them otherwise.

Usually the company notifies the client telling them about the unusual activity beforehand. Play it safe and let them know you're leaving, this will ensure you won’t have to deal with any headaches while being able to spend freely with the credit card.

9 Changing The House Temperature

Travelers get so caught up just prior to a trip that they might forget about everything they need to do at home prior to leaving. At times it’s the little things that can make all the difference. However, the little things can also be easily forgotten. Be honest, how many of you remember to change the temperature prior to leaving? Maybe half of you said yes.

No need to pay for extra electricity when you’re gone. For that reason a traveler can easily put the temperature up or down depending on the season you’re leaving. This will result in less energy being used. Once your return you can set that temperature back to whatever it is that you desire. Leaving the AC unit on or heating when you're gone for two weeks can be totally useless and a waste of money.

8 Knowing The Destination Basics

We love the surprise factor of a new destination, however a traveler should at least be aware of the very basics of a destination. Whether that be the language or surroundings, a traveler must have at the very least some basic knowledge. Not knowing a single word can lead to various traveling issues and in lots of cases just added expenses due to the fact that you don’t have a clue what you’re agreeing on.

Just days before, take 30 minutes of your day to get familiar with the surroundings around your hotel along with the tendencies of those in the area. Also get familiar with the basic words, it’ll make a huge difference as opposed to knowing nothing at all. It’ll also save you lots of precious time!

7 Charging Your Phone (Bringing A Charger)

This one is a nightmare that happens all too frequently. You’re texting all those buddies prior to hitting the airport. Once you’re finally seated, the low battery sign comes on. Making matters worse your charger is packed in the suitcase. Get ready for a plane ride and arrival without a phone! Nightmare!

Make it a purpose to leave the cell phone charged just before it's time to leave. Also forgetting a charger also happens far too frequently. You detach the phone only to leave the wire on the wall. It might be best to buy a separate wire for traveling purposes. You can put it in the suitcase immediately while using the home charger till it’s time to leave.

6 Charging Other Devices

The same applies for other devices such as cameras, laptops and iPads. Make sure all of them are fully charged and that the chargers also make it in the suitcase. In the event that a device has low power make sure to pack a charger in a carry-on.

Nowadays most airports feature plugs available at various corners for the travelers. It can be pretty upsetting if a traveler downloads a film for the plane on their iPad only to be running on a low battery even before the plane takes off.

5 Getting a Ride to the Airport

This one sounds pretty darn hilarious. However with so much to think about it can be possible for travelers to forget about contacting a friend for a ride. In the event you do so at the last minute, you might run the risk of not getting a lift at all.

This can lead to unnecessary dollars spent on a cab ride when you could have just asked a family member to bring you had you told them a little bit in advance. Make it a priority to get a ride weeks in advance. This can give the person a bit of time to get those hours off of work if needed.

4 Bringing a Book

This isn’t the end of the world. However not packing a book can lead to more unnecessary dollars spent. Why waste over $20 on a book when you have a stack of unread books at home just waiting to be opened? Airport boutiques also tend to inflate the prices of their books. In most cases the same novel can be purchased for half the price on Amazon or other retail book stores.

Be sure to pack the book in a carry-on prior to the trip. No need to waste money on something you already have in abundance at home. Purchasing a Kindle can be another worthwhile investment – you won’t need to bring a book with the device.

3 Vacation Itinerary

Creating an itinerary that’s way too perfect can turn into a nightmare. It’ll feel like work trying to visit all those places in the allotted time given. You’ll end up spending less time at the places you want to see while staying way too long at less desirable areas. A medium needs to be created. Have at least a list of the must-see places while jotting down some other interesting areas you can visit if time is on your side.

Having no plan at all isn’t wise. You’ll waste so much time searching for the places you want to see. You’ll also feel like a headless chicken with no direction whatsoever. Before heading to the airport at least have an idea of what you want to see the most!

2 Emptying Out The Garbage (Letting The Neighbours  Know)

Emptying the fridge needs to be done. However emptying out the garbage might be more important! It's garbage after all. Cleaning up some stinky garbage once you return isn’t the best way to spend that much needed time that was meant to unpack!

A traveler should also advise their neighbours of their absence. In the event that the garbage is to be picked up or you’re receiving mail at least you’ll have a friendly neighbour by your side to help with those little things while you’re gone. Coming back to a stack of mail on your doorstep is way too risky.

1 Checking Delays/Cancellations

That day you waited all year for is finally here! It's time, you call a loved one and they drop you off. One problem, nobody is at the check-in counter. Hey maybe you got lucky. In all likelihood you didn’t, instead the flight might be delayed or worse, cancelled.

Don’t run this risk and despite all that excitement remember to check that everything is running smoothly the day of your trip. We also advise checking again just prior to leaving your home. In the event that the flight is delayed you’ll have more time to spend at home with the family or doing some other last minute things. If you already checked in electronically  you’ll just have to check the bags once you get to the airport.