20 Things That'll Get Tourists Kicked Out Of Disneyland

It’s called the happiest place on earth, but that doesn’t mean there are not some rules. Disneyland gets millions of visitors every year, and every year we hear more and more stories about people getting kicked out of or off the premises.

Sometimes, a place has so much joy that it is hard to remember that there are still rules that you have to follow. Rules that, if not followed, can get you kicked out. This would ruin your day and have you waste a lot of money.

Disneyland is exciting, and it is where an adult can feel like a kid again. This means sometimes we can let go of our common sense and put ourselves, and others, in dangerous situations.

Disneyland does not look kindly to those who act out and ruin the experience for everyone around them, though.

20 Jumping Out Of A Ride


The rides are one of the biggest attractions at Disney, and Mickey can see everything that you do. Jumping out of a ride is going to get you kicked out of the park very quick.

A lot of the slower rides have sensors on the floor that will alert staff that someone has gotten out of a ride. Don’t try and be sneaky.

19 Sneaking Backstage


Next to the rides, the shows are some of the best in the world and it is best to pay attention to the red tape.

There are a lot of tunnels that go through Disney that the employees use to travel throughout the park without being spotted. If you get caught trying to use one of these tunnels, you will be escorted out of the park.

18 Bugging The Princesses


Every employee who works at Disney is referred to as cast members, and Disney is very protective of them. You will get kicked out if you are seen harassing one of their cast members.

This is especially true when it comes to the princesses and anyone who is wearing a big, furry costume. Guests have been kicked out for pushing and pulling the cast members.

17 There Is A Dress Code


Something that a lot of people don’t realize is that Disney does have a dress code that visitors have to follow in order to gain access to the parks.

Over-sized clothing, or clothing that drags on the floor, is considered hazardous and will not be allowed. You can also not wear clothing that contains offensive language. This is a family place.

16 Watch What Is On Your Skin


Disney is forever marketed as a family place, and they are very careful about what messages are within their parks.

This also means that you need to be careful about the tattoos you have. According to the official park rules, visible tattoos that are considered inappropriate will not be permitted.

15 Costumes Are Forbidden


This one has a loophole, and that is age. If you are over the age of 14, you can not enter the park wearing a costume of any kind. Children under this age are allowed to wear their favourite princess dresses, but no one older.

They want the kids to be able to tell the “real” characters from just another tourist.

14 GoPro’s Are Not Cool


This is something a lot of people do at theme parks all over the world, but they are being incredibly dangerous.

If you are seen taking a video on a ride, you will be kicked off. It is considered extremely dangerous, as the device can fall on the tracks and compromise the ride and its safety.

13 You May Think You’re Funny … But, You’re Not!


A lot of rides at Disney have cameras set up that will snap your picture as you are enjoying your ride. You can then purchase them when you are off the ride.

However, do not attempt to be funny and make an obscene gesture to the camera, because that will get you banned from the park.

12 Selfie Sticks Are Banned


Selfie sticks are a big part of millennial culture. They allow someone to take the perfect selfie. However, these items were banned by Disney in 2015 and if you are caught sneaking one in, you will be removed.

The reason they are banned because they were proven to interfere with other guests' experiences.

11 No Balloons In Animal Kingdom


Animal Kingdom is a very popular attraction at Disney, and Disney really cares about the health and well-being of their animals. They are very protective of them.

Balloons, plastic straws, and drink lids are not allowed into Animal Kingdom, and if you are caught sneaking them in you will be removed from the park.

10 Do Not Feed The Animals


Another rule that Disney has in place to protect and care for their animals is that guests can not feed the animals. Feeding the animals will get you a one-way ticket out the door.

They have a strict schedule and regime when it comes to feeding their animals and it is all in order to keep them safe and healthy.

9 If You Want To Swim, Go To The Pool


If you are staying near Disney, chances are you have access to a resort pool or beach. It is best that you swim there and don’t attempt to swim anywhere else.

California and Florida can get hot, but don’t be tempted to take a dip in one of the fountains at the park. This is going to get you kicked out. They take this rule very seriously after people have drowned by taking a dip in the fountain.

8 Cutting The Line Is So Tempting


One thing that Disney is notorious for is the long lines. If you want to get on the popular rides, then chances are you are going to be waiting a while in line. This can be exhausting, but don’t be tempted to cut the line.

This is one way to get a cast member to call security and have you escorted out of the park. No ride is worth that.

7 Stick To Designated Areas


A lot of adults go to Disney, and with adults come ‘adult’ habits. Make sure that if you want to light up, that you do so in a designated area.

If you are caught lighting up on a ride, or just walking down Main Street, you are going to get kicked out. You may even receive a fine that will be costly.

6 Trying To Sneak In


Disney has now upgraded and uses plastic cards and fingerprint scanners, but there was a time when they relied on a hand stamp for guests who wanted to exit and enter the park.

Trying to fake a hand stamp, or a re-entry pass into the park is going to get you kicked out of the park. You may even receive a temporary ban from using the park.

5 Fighting … Duh!?


This one seems like it would go without saying, but fighting is not permitted at the park. This is one thing that will get you kicked out, no questions asked.

It may also land you in jail if security feels they need to call the police to come and deal with you. This is one way to ruin your vacation.

4 Act Like An Adult


We have mentioned that Disney is fun for both kids and adults, but it is important to remember that if you are an adult, you need to act like one.

They do sell adult beverages at Disney, but you need to be able to control yourself. If you are seen acting belligerent at the park, you are going to be kicked out.

3 No Printed Material


Disney is a place to have fun and enjoy yourself, it is not a place to try and push an agenda you may have.

It doesn’t matter how important the matter is that you want to spread the word about, you are not allowed to hand out any printed material. Disney is not the place for this.

2 Not A Place For Your Business


Disney sells a lot of merchandise; people spend thousands of dollars buying their children (and themselves) a ton of different products every year.

However, you are not allowed to bring in anything to sell that is not officially licensed. You can ask the park for permission before, but chances are they are going to say no.

1 Don’t Block The Sidewalks


Disney may be about the fun, but they are also about the safety of everyone who attends their parks. That is why you may be kicked out if you are seen blocking the walkways.

You are not allowed to obstruct anywhere that guests may walk. This includes sidewalks, entrances, stairways, and hallways.


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