What are your plans for the weekend? Do you secretly wish that you could just pack your stuff and hide from the world for a few days? Then how about finding your dream and budget-friendly vacation spot?

Admittedly, there's a ton of gorgeous and mysterious places around the world that are worth exploring, so don't worry if you're currently at a crossroads. Believe us - you're certainly not the only one who's scratching their head in a confused manner.

So, before you get going, let us ask you something else. Have you ever been on an airplane? Do you usually get scared of flying? Well, if this innocent thought sends chills down your spine, then it certainly means that you're still a rookie in this department.

But hey, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to have a super hard time booking your first flight to get to that place. Before we get started, just calm your nerves a bit and get ready to find out what's really going on on the airplane once it lifts off the ground. Now go ahead and scroll through our top 20 secrets + travel hacks that most airlines and cabin crews usually sweep under the rug.

20 Electronic Devices Won't Really "Damage" The Plane

You've heard it a thousand times, haven't you? And so have we! But the thing is that all of these mobile electronic devices can't really damage the airplane or bring it down for that matter. But what they can absolutely do is bring the crew on the brink of insanity. Well, admittedly, the whole crew must be getting quite annoyed at that constant clicking or buzzing sound coming from people's smartphones and devices. Just imagine sitting in your comfy seat while the pilot and the entire cabin crew are preparing for descending and there's that awful clicking of cell phones while picking up a signal, etc. Well, it can't be a great experience, can it?

19 Transporting HR Or HO On Commercial Flights?

Indeed, you never really know what's actually going on behind the scenes. It turns out that HR or HO is a specific abbreviation that pilots (and the whole crew) use when they want to refer to unusual freight, such as human organs for transplantation. It's true - HO gets shipped on commercial flights, too. More often than not, this specific and bizarre freight is packed in wood-framed boxes - meaning that the passengers will never really know what's inside. Well, you can only judge by the odd shape of it.  Gladly, though, the passengers are tired by their trip, so they hardly think about such weird airplane facts anyway.

18 The Interior Lights Get Dimmed For A Reason

Have you got the slightest idea why the interior lights get dimmed a little when landing at night? Well, apparently, there's a reason for that as well; however, it's hardly ever related to the idea of making the flying experience more romantic. In truth, it's nothing like this at all. The actual reason why the crew dims the lights is for the passenger's own safety. For instance, if something goes south during the flight, and you need to evacuate the plane asap, you'll be able to see better in the dark because your eyes will be adjusted to the darkness.

17 What About The Pets Anyway?

Frankly, that’s quite a sensitive and painful topic for pet owners. If you ask us, though, they shouldn’t worry that much about them, especially when the pets can be left at home. Also, flying your pets isn’t really the most brilliant idea whatsoever. Besides, some things are merely unavoidable like the terrible noise coming from the cargo department. Last but not least, we don’t even want to talk about the sedatives that are used to calm down the animals. So, before flying your pet, we do suggest that you think long and hard about the consequences of that.

16 The Check-In Staff Has Got A Perfect Sense of Humor (But You May Not Like It)

Do not be rude to the check-in staff or you'll be seated in an area encircled with kids. Now how would you like that? Apparently, the check-in staff perfectly knows how to "punish" an annoying passenger who just won't stop complaining about this and that. Besides, as we all know, kids often get too noisy, especially when they want something from their parents. So, instead of ruining your own day and flying journey by being an awful client and passenger, just offer a friendly smile as they return your boarding pass. Otherwise, you will never know what abyss awaits you in that encircled area with kids.

15 Leaving A Tip/Friendly Note Is Totally Fine

Those who usually travel by air know that when the plane levels off and reaches the required altitude, the flight assistant starts offering various goodies, snacks, and beverages; however, what most people don't realize is that it's totally okay to leave tips or just say how much you've enjoyed the service. After all, it's just like in the local eatery a few blocks from your house. But oddly enough, it rarely dawns on passengers that the flight assistant can absolutely accept tips as well. So, if you're willing to tip the crew for the great snack you've just had, then go for it! Nobody's going to judge you for being nice.

14 No, The Cabin Crew Doesn't Enjoy Delays Either

When experiencing flight delays, people automatically point the finger at the cabin crew and the airline company. But whose fault is it anyway? Well, no matter how odd it sounds, passengers really believe that the flight assistants just don't know how to get the plane ready for the next flight.  As a result, the cleaning process of the plane takes forever. But realistically, most flight delays are caused by unpleasant weather conditions and problems with picky passengers who usually complain about everything.

"It's really irritating how every passenger blames us for delays and such things — it's as if they think we want delays." - TheLittleThings.com

13 Flight Attendants Aren't Really Richer Than You

Some people are quite convinced that being a flight attendant is the golden road to becoming a millionaire. But in reality, it's actually the other way around. You may not believe it, but the stewardesses are often overworked and underpaid.

According to a former flight attendant, it's extremely difficult to have a social life and do normal things like everybody else since you're almost always working. Besides, not all airlines provide crew meals for longer flights, and that's another reason why flight attendants quit their job too soon.

"When you are doing flights all day, your only option is expensive airport food. Then you tip the van/hotel drivers, who put your bags in the hotel shuttle. It adds up! -www.news.com.au

12 The FAA Makes The Rules, Not The Crew

If you think that the flight crew is the supreme source of power, then you have got a lot to learn about the aviation industry. In the United States, The Federal Aviation Administration gets to make all decisions regarding the air traffic management, certification of personnel & aircraft while regulating all other aspects of civil aviation. In a nutshell, the FAA makes all the rules, not your friendly and helpful flight crew. Every new decision or procedure comes from above.

"The FAA makes the rules, so we're just the crew. Every decision comes from above. Remember that." - www.littlethings.com

11 Those Pillows & Blankets Are Usually Refolded And Reused

Getting cold feet during a flight is quite an unpleasant feeling. But luckily, the flight assistant is there to help the passengers, so they can be able to enjoy the trip, no matter the weather conditions, the chance of turbulence or the flight time. Well, admittedly, the thought of a warm blanket and a comfortable pillow may seem quite intoxicating; however, these things just get refolded and put back in the bins between flights. Just imagine how many passengers were here before you. Well, now that you've pictured this in your head, we kindly suggest that you put on warm clothes before flying for the first time especially in winter.

10 Small Talk With The Crew Is Not Advisable On Board

Okay, we get it - you're a friendly, chatty person and so is the flight attendant when she or he is off duty; however, when you're on board with many other passengers, you'll surely get the stare of death if you try to strike up a conversation with any member of the crew. Just think about it - you may be having a great time while flying above the clouds, but this person must be 100% professional at work. So, we totally recommend that you do not prevent them from doing their job in the best way imaginable.

9 Bring Your Own Hand Sanitizer (You'll Need One For Sure)

Every day thousands of planes take off, and they're all packed with passengers, backpacks and heavy luggage that get moved from one place to another. All of this can only mean one thing: bring your own hand sanitizer, especially before taking a bite of that burger you've just ordered from the in-flight meals menu. As a matter of fact, the seats and trays are often referred to as the dirtiest places on the plane. Perhaps the only place that's more bacteria-friendly than these two is the lavatory, and it's quite self-explanatory. So, do yourself a favor and clean your hands well before eating on the plane.

8 Skymall Magazine's Items Are Overpriced

If you've never been on an airplane before, then you can absolutely thank us for sharing these travel hacks with you. For instance, Skymall Magazine's items are usually super overpriced on the plane, so try to resist the urge to get one, and just wait until the moment you get off the plane. You'll be surprised to see how affordable it is to purchase SkyMall magazine's items on the internet. In most of the cases, the goodies that are sold on the plane are usually overpriced, maybe only except for some perfumes which are duty-free.

7 The Water Used For Your Favorite Coffee Beverage Is Not That Clean

Oh, no, that's such a tragedy. Your favorite coffee is about to get ruined and you can't do anything to prevent it from happening. All jokes aside now - the water used for your coffee isn't really as clean as you wish it were. Drinking water and staying hydrated especially during a long-haul flight sounds pretty rational to us; however, there's a good reason why most flight attendants don't drink tap water during the flight.  Actually, even the flight crew isn't really informed how often and when the water tanks get cleaned. Therefore, these guys just prefer to quench the thirst until the flight is over.

6 The Landing Will Probably Be Hard (And It Won't Be A Coincidence)

The image of the plane while it's descending and landing may actually bring sweat to your eyebrows; however, do not think that the pilot is trying to blow up the plane or something of this sort. The idea of landing hard on rainy days is to break through the slick surface on the runway. Therefore, the pilot needs more pressure and weight on the wheels. So, if you experience it on your first flight, just don't panic. Believe us, it's another standard procedure that the crew has to follow. Besides, it helps the pilot handle the plane, so we totally approve of this idea.

5 There's A Secret Lock On The Outside of The Lavatory

Do you need to use the bathroom? Well, it's against all rational thinking, but go ahead and do your job. But just before you get inside the lavatory, just make sure that you won't lock yourself in by mistake.  But even if you do, there's no reason to panic - the flight crew has got you covered.

Most people don't know it, but there's a secret lock that's placed on the outside of the lavatory. So even if somebody accidentally turns the lock, the flight attendant can easily open the door from the outside. You see, there are so many curious things about the airplanes that most passengers haven't even heard of until now.

4 Pilots Also Get Dreamy And Sleepy During Flights

Of course, they do! Otherwise, they won't be able to make that 20+hour flight. But don't worry - this doesn't mean that all of the pilots just lay back and get lost in dreamland at the same time. It's almost like what bus drivers do when traveling for hundreds of miles. There are a couple of pilots, and they've got a pretty tight schedule, and we're pretty sure that they know when to take a break and let their co-pilot take care of the rest. After all, it's virtually impossible for a single pilot to manage a long-haul flight without taking a break for a while. So, this is why the original pilot crew moves to the side so that the so-called "relief pilots" can take over the control panel.

3 Gate Check Your Bag And Avoid The Luggage Fee

If you'd like to save a few more dollars on checked luggage, then here's an insight provided by a former air traffic controller. The thing is that if you gate-check your luggage, the TSA will X-ray your bags at the checkpoint, and you can feel at ease that it won't get lost on its way to the plane. Traditionally, the cargo bins have got safety nets that prevent the bags from sliding over the bin, while the checked ones remain out of the net. Therefore, you can be sure that your stuff won't get stuck and sandwiched between other bags.

2 The Pilot Is Authorized To Arrest You

Think of the cabin pilot as your chief police officer who will not hesitate to snap the handcuffs around the criminal's wrists. So, it turns out the pilot is fully authorized to arrest anyone who gives him a reason to. Frankly, it sounds rational to us, especially when we think of the huge burden of responsibilities on his shoulders. Also, what if a passenger's life was in danger? There must be somebody who can protect the others, right? So, it seems that the pilot-in-command is the perfect guy for the job. Indeed, this is just another bizarre fact that most airlines don't really zoom in on during flights.

1 Autopilot Does Around 90% of The Flying

There's no point in denying that flying with respected airlines give us a sense of safety, premium quality, and service. But is it always like this? In reality, it's all about marketing and how the specific airline represents its values. In other words, even the top airlines cannot promise the most experienced pilots in the cockpit. Besides, we all know that the autopilot does pretty much everything. According to a Monarch pilot, S. Bray, the auto system does around 90% of the job, while the human interference is usually needed for descending and landing. Well, guess what - many modern airplanes boast an “Autoland” system, which can even handle landing in thick fogs.

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