Staying at a hotel is often one of the overlooked aspects of a vacation. After all, most of your time will be spent outside of your room, too busy experiencing the things you booked the trip for to begin with. But the hotel stay is a major part of any travel. It’s your first real introduction into any meaningful interaction with the city you are going to be residing in for the next week. With that said, it makes sense that you should be cognizant of how you conduct yourself while there since you’ll be staying at your hotel for some time. If you aren’t aware of how you’re acting, be aware that those around you definitely are.

It’s a known fact that hotel staff are constantly paying attention to the things that their hotel guests are doing. It is their job to know as much about their guests as possible after all. But what we sometimes might forget is they’re not just doing what they get paid to do when interacting with us. They’re also studying the things you are and aren’t doing making their own determinations of the types of guests we are. In other words, they are secretly judging us based on a number of different things. Here are twenty things they are taking note of about you and your travel party.

20 How Did You arrive at the hotel?

Did you get dropped off by a personal driver? Did you show up in an Uber? Did you arrive in your car? Is your car a nicer, high-end model or is it an older one? These all might seem like pretty judgemental questions, but the unfortunate truth is these are the things that are being noticed at first glance.

If we arrive with our own driver or in an expensive vehicle, perception and even how we are treated will differ when compared to pulling into the parkway in a model older than our teenage daughter.

19 Did You Valet Park?

After all of the hotel staff out front have taken note of your vehicle, the next thing they are going to be paying very close attention to is whether or not you use the valet parking. This is something that all parking attendants are obviously looking for because it’s how they make their living but others are also on the lookout.

There’s a perception that those who opt to use the valet parking are going to be the bigger spenders and better tippers because of their inclination to splurge on the increased fees for valet.

18 How Are You Dressed?

We may not like it, but the truth is we are often judged by our appearances and nothing says more about our appearance than how we are dressed. This is especially true if we are showing up to a five-star hotel dressed like we are heading over to the local Motel 6.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but the truth is we are being judged by it. Hotel staff often take a mental note of one’s appearance especially when you have booked your stay at a nicer property.

17 Did You Use the Bellhop?

Immediately after getting out of your vehicle, you are going to be approached by the bellhop service. They will ask if they can help handle your bags and take them up to the room for you. The vast majority of hotel patrons will politely decline, but some will accept their services. Hotel staff are taking note of which category you fall under.

Those who use the bellhop service are often seen as bigger spenders since they are taking advantage of the service which unofficially requires a tip.

16 How Are You Acting Upon Entering the Hotel?

If you are traveling to a nice hotel that is considered on the more luxurious end, staff members are definitely going to quickly notice if you are used to the level of service they provide.

If someone is acting like they have just entered the Taj Mahal, it’ll get a different reaction than those patrons who walk in as if this is just another one of their countless business trips.

15 How Are You Paying?

When you walk up to the front desk to check in and the discussion regarding pay comes up, be aware that the front desk attendant is very likely taking notice of how you are paying.

Are you using a voucher? Are you presenting a Groupon code? What kind of card are you using? These are all things that are being looked at as you hand over your form of payment which drive the perception the hotel staff may have of you as you check in. Even if it isn’t warranted, it happens. This isn’t necessarily fair because using a Groupon is just plain smart!

14 Are You Asking for the Moon at Check-In?

Something else that all staff will take immediate note of at check-in is the questions you might be asking. If you are looking for discounts or free upgrades, make no mistake that the staff is already judging you for this. And probably with good reason too. There’s nothing wrong at all with trying to take advantage of free perks if they are available, but there’s also a way of going about this. It’s not in good taste to expect these incentives. Instead ask nicely and if the answer is no, simply thank them and move on.

13 If Traveling With Kids, How Are They Acting?

If you have a gang of children with you, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that hotel staff are immediately making an observation of this. We all love kids, but it’s no secret that kids can be destructive and bend all the rules when given the chance.

Know that you are being judged by all hotel employees by how behaved or misbehaved your children are, especially in public areas such as the lobby, restaurants, and pools.

12 Are You a Returning Guest?

When you check in, most hotels can see that you have returned by your profile. In fact, if you are a frequenter of a specific property, some of the staff will remember your face and greet you. This is something employees of the hotel are secretly aware of from time to time and it might score you some brownie points depending on who you befriend and treat well. Sometimes a front desk attendant might bump you to a more spacious room or move you to a floor that is away from the construction noise.

It pays to treat the staff well, especially when you know you’ll be returning on a consistent basis!

11 Are You an Informed Guest?

When checking in, if you aren’t familiar with the entire process, this is definitely something the front desk observes. If they have to explain the entire check-in process from the start, it’s something they are secretly judging you for, probably labeling you as a newbie. It’s not necessarily something they mind doing, being that it is their job, but they do take note of it.

On the contrary, if you are ready to go with your ID out, your credit card in hand, and no questions to ask, it’s something they probably appreciate.

10 Are You A Complainer?

If you have checked in and have made it to your room, don’t think that the staff have stopped observing you. Everyone has heard of the guest who immediately comes right back downstairs after making it up to their room to complain about something, looking to upgrade.

The AC isn’t cold enough, the view is not what you expected, the neighbors are too loud, there’s a weird smell… the complaints are endless. But if you come to them with one of these and it isn’t really warranted, rest assured the staff will be judging you and pegging you as the complainer looking to bully your way into free upgrades.

9 What Are You Ordering From Room Service?

People judge you based on what you eat. Why should it be any different when you have to call the hotel operator to place your order for room service? Well, it isn’t. The staff will quickly make their assumptions about you based on whether you order the filet mignon with a side of asparagus and a bottle of wine or the house burger with fries and a free glass of water.

The room service attendant will likely cater their interaction with you accordingly and will also have a preconceived expectation of the tip he or she is going to receive.

8 Do you tip?

Speaking of gratuity, this might be the single biggest point of judgment at any hotel. Do you tip? It’s what will form the perception of you as a guest and it might also be the basis for how interactions go with the staff. This isn’t the case all the time as most hotel staff treat each guest with respect. But on a subconscious level, if they are aware you are a big tipper, they will likely treat you differently. It’s simply a matter of human nature.

Each person in the hotel industry might be hoping for an extra payout based on great service. Are you tipping the room service attendant, the bellhop, valet, the person who helps with your bag storage, housekeeping? It can all add up so quickly!

7 Do You Leave Your Belongings Strewn All Over the Bed?

This is one of the more unknown and less obvious matters of hotel etiquette, but it’s definitely something the housekeeping attendants are watching for. It might be a small gesture to us, but to them, it’s something they very likely appreciate a great deal.

When they come in to tidy up the room, if you have placed all of your belongings back on the bed after getting ready in the morning, they have to rearrange all of it so they can make the bed. Placing your belongings on the sofa or other furniture is a small task that makes their job slightly easier.

6 How Clean is Your Room?

This is another observation you are going to be judged for by housekeeping. When they enter your room, one of the first things they will notice is how messy your room is. If all of your things are laid out in a mess all over the floor including trash, it stands to reason they are going to make snap judgments about the type of person you are.

You can’t really blame them either if you throw your dirty clothes on the floor, leave candy wrappers on the bed, and food containers anywhere outside of a trashcan. Plus, it’s common courtesy to at least tidy up a bit even if they are there to clean up the room for us.

5 Are You Being Energy Conscience?

Sure, this one might not be the biggest deal, but many of the housekeeping attendants take note of the little things like whether or not you turn off the TV or other electronics on the way out of your room for a long day of vacationing. Or if you adjusted the thermostat down. These may not impact them, but it’s a note that might say something about you as a guest when it comes to being energy conscience.

4 Are You Taking the Toiletries?

Everyone does it. Everyone knows that guests do it. In fact, it’s expected by the hotel industry that visitors are going to take the miniature sized shampoos, soaps and lotions.

But there’s a limit. You can’t go overboard and start packing the robes and slippers and everything else in the room. If you do, then you know that the staff is most definitely judging you for it!

3 Are You Bombarding the Operator?

How many times have you called down to the hotel operator looking for things to be sent up? If you are a repeat caller asking for a toothbrush and an extra set of towels and for a wakeup call and for a complimentary toothpaste packet… well, they’re going to take note of that. The staff will smile and comply, but it’s probably likely they are doing so under gritted teeth.

2 Are Other Guests Complaining About You?

This is a pretty big one. If others are filing complaints against you, then it stands to reason the hotel staff is judging you for it. If others are complaining that your room is too loud, too rowdy, keeping others up, breaking the rules or any other number of infractions, then the hotel staff are not only going to notice, but will have to take action against you depending on the severity of the issue.

1 Do You At Least Acknowledge The Staff?

Throughout the duration of your stay, the staff is going to observe how courteous you were to them. Many times, guests are dismissive of people who work in the service industry and the employees see this pretty quickly. At the very least, it’s nice to acknowledge them, especially when they are performing any of their duties for the betterment of your stay. It’s, at a minimum, the nice thing to do.