The Bermuda Triangle has been a mystery for ages and its unexplained mythical powers that are said to make aircraft and ships vanish without explanation has made millions of people interested in its strange and unusual effects. The Bermuda Triangle is a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean bordered around Miami, Florida, Puerto Rico and Bermuda, and while we continue to question one of Earth's biggest mystery's, did you know that there is a Bermuda Triangle equal in the Pacific Ocean?

Known as Dragon's Triangle, or Devil's Sea, this other bizarre vortex that causes planes and ships to unexplainably disappear is located in the Philippine Sea between Japan, the Philippines, and Guam. There have been fables about Dragon's Triangle since 1000 B.C.E. that tell a tale of a mythical dragon living beneath the surface of the Pacific and dragging ships and its sailors down to its depths.

Many people have compared the Devil's Sea to the Bermuda Triangle because of the odd occurrences that happen in both areas. Here, we've listed 20 important and interesting things you should probably know about sailing over the Dragon's Triangle. What really is the Dragon's Triangle and why does it still remain an age-old mystery?

20 What Is The Dragon's Triangle?

The Dragon's Triangle is comparable to the Bermuda Triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean. Also known as the Devil's Sea, the triangle is located near the Japanese coast in the Pacific Ocean. According to Mysterious Facts, Dragon's Triangle is located between Japan and the Islands of Bonin, including a large part of the Philippine Sea. Just like the Bermuda Triangle, this area in the Pacific Ocean is an age-old mystery with disappearances, ship sinkings, and even sea monster sightings! And while the Dragon's Triangle has been featured in folklore and fables, just like the Bermuda Triangle, this large mystical area is considered a vile vortex.

19 A Vile Vortex

How Stuff Works states that Dragon's Triangle is considered one of twelve vile vortices on Earth, areas where the planet's electromagnetic waves are purportedly stronger than any other place. All twelve of these vile vortices, which also includes the Bermuda Triangle have unexplained disappearances that have occurred. All of these sites, which span across the globe, including the North and South Pole, have had some sort of abnormal phenomena that defy the laws of physics. The Devil's Sea in Japan has had such weird occurrences, that the country took matters into their own hands and declared the area unsafe for research ships and transporting.

18 Scottish Biologist Ivan T. Sanderson Coins The Term Vile Vortex

Biologist and animal enthusiast Ivan T. Sanderson was a huge fan of the paranormal and he would go on many expeditions and record everything he saw and experienced by taking drawings and reports. In the early 1970's, Sanderson noticed that certain parts of the world seemed oddly strange and took into account the numerous planes and people who started to disappear, and where UFO's where apparently spotted. Sanderson is known for mapping out the 12 strange areas we mentioned before and was the one who named them the vile vortices.

The 12 vile vortices locations include the Bermuda Triangle, the Algerian Megalith, the city of Mohenjo Daro, the Hamakulia Volcano east of Hawaii, the South Atlantic Anomaly, the Wharton Basin, the Easter Island megaliths, East of Rio de Janeiro, the Loyalty Islands, the North Pole, the South Pole, and lastly, the Dragon's Triangle.

17 Dragon's Triangle Location

You'll be surprised that Dragon's Triangle, located on the Pacific Ocean, is actually quite large. All Things Interesting states that the area where you can find the Devil's Sea stretches from the Japanese island of Miyake to the Bonin Islands to the south-southeast. The western part of the Dragon's Triangle goes from Taiwan up to Miyake. A lot of the triangle is found in the Philippine Sea, which is located south of Japan. Many people have compared the Devil's Sea to the Bermuda Triangle because both areas have had strange occurrences like disappearances of both planes and ships, along with their passengers.

16 Similar Phenomena

Dragon's Triangle is often referred to as the Pacific Bermuda Triangle because it lies exactly opposite to the Bermuda Triangle and both are known for their strange and similar paranormal phenomena. The Bermuda Triangle has a long history with whole fleets of torpedo bombers, spy planes and navy ships finding their horrific end at the bottom of the Atlantic near the tip of Florida. Even people who have not been lost reported seeing water that glows, spinning compasses, random malfunctions and weird sightings in the area. Like the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil's Sea has seen ships mysteriously disappear.

15 Legends Of The Devil's Sea

There have been numerous fables and folklore stories about the mysterious Devil's Sea. These stories date back all the way to 1000 B.C. One famous story tells the tale of thirteenth-century conqueror Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan, who is said to have tried to sail through Devil's Sea and in the process, mysteriously lost his vessel and 40,000 men. If Kublai Khan did make it out of the Devil's Sea, it was said that Japan might be a different place today. In China, many people believed that the disappearance of ships and their sailors was the work of a mythical dragon living in the sea.

14 A Mythical Dragon Living Beneath The Surface Of The Sea

A long time ago, the ancient Chinese believed a gigantic mythical dragon in the Pacific Sea living beneath the depths and coming up to pull ships to their death. While this story sounds bizarre, a lot of people at the time believed this to be true because there was no real reasoning behind why ships were mysteriously vanishing. According to How Stuff Works, legend has it that this mythical and massive dragon supposedly pulled these ships and its sailors down into the Pacific Sea to satisfy its hunger.

13 More Mysteries Emerge

You've probably heard many spooky stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon's Triangle holds just as much. The legend of the Dragon's Triangle continued throughout the 1800's. While there is still no scientific reasoning behind these disappearances, people assumed there was some kind of monster lurking in and around the area of the Devil's Sea. One such tale states that sailors aboard a ship, sailing in the Dragon's Sea supposedly saw a woman sailing a ship near them. The ship the mysterious woman was on was a traditional Japanese vessel for burning incense. However, no one found the origin of the ship or why it continued to pass sailors for years.

12 A Witness From Above Dragon's Triangle

A story in the "The World's Weirdest Places" written by Nick Redfern states that a Japanese pilot who was flying above the Dragon's Triangle actually saw an "immense sea-serpent-type monster" swimming in the waters. In 1944, Toksiaki Lang was engaging in aerial combat with U.S. forces when he caught a brief look at the strange and massive monster in the Pacific. What makes his story notable is that he described the creature as 150-feet long, dark-green colored, and having a pair of triangular wings that kept his large frame afloat. However, without any other witnesses, Lang's story seems like it came out of a fiction book.

11 An Investigation Into The Dragon's Triangle

The Japanese wanted to understand what was happening in the area of the Dragon's Triangle and decided to investigate. In 1952, the Japanese sent a vessel into the Dragon's Triangle after ships went missing near the Bonin Islands. The ship, named Kaiyo-Maru No. 5, with a crew of 31, went out and sadly, never returned. It reportedly sank on September 24, 1952, and everyone aboard the ship had lost his or her lives. The legend of the Dragon's Triangle continued after the ship mysteriously vanished and scientist could find no explanation as to why the ship just disappeared.

10 The Japanese Quarantine The Area Of The Dragon's Triangle

After a number of incidents, including the disappearance of Kaiyo-Maru, the Japanese authorities decided to quarantine the area to ship traffic, even though there isn't an exact estimation of just how big the Dragon's Triangle is. However, the scientist did discover that Kaiyo-Maru fell to a disaster as an underwater volcano in the area exploded as the research vessel reached the mysterious site. According to All That's Interesting, the water became too hot, lost its buoyancy, and the ship suddenly began to sink. The crew on board the ship never had a chance to escape. Pieces of the ship were found, debunking the mystery that it had vanished. However, people still believe there is some sort of paranormal activity around the site.

9 Scientists Reveal Explanations For "Vanished" Ships

While the myths and fables about Dragon's Triangle may scare many, scientists have come up with an explanation for at least two of the incidents that occurred in the location on the Pacific. When the Kublai Khan invasion in 1281 occurred, scientists believed that a typhoon entered Japanese waters. This was long before we were able to see or predict any oncoming hurricane with satellites or advanced aircraft. An underwater volcano caused the vanishing of Kaiyo-Maru No.5 in 1952. At the time, volcanologists could not understand how a volcano under the water could sink vessels so quickly.

8 "The Other Triangle"

There were many investigations about Dragon's Triangle and even a book about it written by Charles Berlitz. In Berlitz's book, titled "The Dragon's Triangle A startling look at the other triangle, where ships, planes, and men mysteriously disappear," Berlitz stated that as many as 700 people lost their lives between 1952 to 1954 when they were in the Devil's Sea in Japanese vessels. In his book, Berlitz argues that many planes and ships have mysteriously vanished in the area between Japan, the Mariana Islands, and Guam. Berlitz has also written books about the Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, and a novel titled, "World of Strange Phenomena."

7 Author Larry Kusche Proves Berlitz Wrong

Not everyone agreed with author Charles Berlitz thoughts on the mysterious disappearances of Japanese vessels in the Pacific. Author Larry Kusche challenged Berlitz's theories and had a more reasonable explanation for the planes and ships that were vanishing. In his book, titled, "The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved," Kusche reported that the vessels mentioned in Berlitz's book were actually fishing vessels and many of them went missing outside of Dragon's Triangle. He also noted that Kaiyo-Maru No.5, which was supposedly lost, was actually destroyed by an undersea volcano with some parts of the ship later recovered by the Japanese government.

6 It's Just Natural Occurrences On The Pacific

If you aren't a believer of the paranormal, then author Larry Kusche might have had a more valid reason behind the disappearances of boats and planes around Dragon's Triangle. In his book, Kusche rebutted Berlitz by stating that deep-sea fish is a risky job and that weather, underwater volcanoes and simply not paying attention to the sea are reasons why people have lost their lives out at sea. He also pointed out that volcanoes, seismic events, and other natural occurrences cause most of the so-called "paranormal" activities within the Dragon's Triangle. This statement could also be true for the Bermuda Triangle.

5 So What Is Really Within The Dragon's Triangle?

According to Mysterious Facts, Dragon's Triangle is not a mysterious paranormal area that just so happens to makes planes and ships vanish into thin air. Also, the old age tale that there is a dragon living deep within the Pacific and coming up to take a large bite of a ship isn't too believable either. However, there is something occurring in the depths of this part of the Pacific Ocean. Mysterious Facts states that Dragon's Triangle is a volcanically active area, and due to both volcanoes and seismic activity, small islands in the area frequently disappear and new islands appear.

4 Dragon's Triangle Is An Active Region Of The Earth

Dragon's Triangle is part of an active region here on our Earth. According to researchers, the area within the triangle experiences a lot of different weather patterns and tectonic phenomena. The area is reportedly just a dangerous part of the Pacific, where sadly, many sailors have lost their lives. Like we mentioned before, Dragon's Triangle is one of twelve vile vortices, which means it is an area on the planet where the pull of Earth's electromagnetic waves is at its strongest. According to Blasting News, both Dragon’s Triangle and the Bermuda Triangle are very active volcano spaces, and this can be the cause of many disappearances.

3 What Will You Believe?

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, Dragon's Triangle is one of the most alluring and intriguing parts of Earth. Like the Bermuda Triangle, this area of the Pacific Ocean is truly a wonder. The stories that have developed over centuries about Dragon's Triangle simply make this area that much more fascinating to learn about. Researches have concluded that the area is a very active volcanic space, due to the heightened seismic activity, however, could there be something more? What do you believe are causing ships and sailors to suddenly vanish?

2 Is The Age-Old Mystery Solved?

Dragon's Triangle is a lesser-known region on the Earth, but it holds many secrets and mysteries. Although there has been more research discovered about what really lies within Dragon's Triangle, the stories about some sort of paranormal activity here look like it will continue. There are many people who persist that there is something more that is causing ships and planes to disappear. Whether it is UFO's or an ancient dragon lurking in the deep dark waters, people enjoy the thought that something unexplainable could be lurking on our planet. It does make for an interesting conversation!

1 One Of The Most Fascinating Mystery's On Earth

Even with all the scientific research provided about Dragon's Triangle, people to this day, truly believe that there is something more out there. Scientists have learned that Dragon's Triangle is just an active part of the Earth. However, after many stories of unusual things happening in the waters, fables, folklore and supposed eyewitness accounts of a dragon lurking in the depths of the Pacific, there are those who continue to doubt any scientific research. Some people even believe that these disappearances could be the work of USO’s (unidentified submerged objects) or UFO’s! Still, Dragon's Triangle remains one of the most fascinating mysteries on planet Earth.

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