20 Things People Do That Airbnb Hosts Can't Stand

It is a different world out there, and there are different ways to do things. Gone are the days where when you wanted to travel you had to find a hotel or motel to stay in. Or, you chose to camp out somewhere. Now there is the option of staying in an Airbnb.

Airbnb hosts rent rooms or homes out to people who are looking for a place to stay and it is normally a little more wallet-friendly than a large chain hotel. Airbnb has become a big hit, and its popularity is only growing.

With that being said, there can be some issues that arise. Since it is being run by an individual host, there are going to be things that happen that make the host want to pack up the whole thing and run away.

We are going to go over the 20 things people do that really drive Airbnb hosts insane.

20 When You Don’t Remember That This Is Not Your Home


Since a lot of Airbnbs are based out of someone’s residence, it can be easy to forget that you are not in your own home.

According to thetravel.com, it is important to be respectful to the host of the house you are staying in. They do not want to deal with a trashed house.

19 Don’t Play Dumb With Checkout


Just like how check-in works very differently in an Airbnb, check-out is also a bit different, according to thetravel.com.

In every Airbnb that you stay in, there will be slightly different rules and instructions when it comes to leaving. Usually, the requests are minimal, and it is important to try and follow them.

18 Use A Fake Picture


Not everything is a big issue; sometimes it is a small thing that can start the relationship off on the wrong foot.

According to nbcnews.com, you should make sure that your Airbnb profile has a real picture of you. The host wants to be able to easily identify you on your arrival.

17 When A Message Is Missing Information


First of all, we are talking about people’s actual residences.

So when contacting an Airbnb for a possible stay, it is always important to give as many details as possible about your trip, according to nbcnews.com. This helps them know that you are not going to do anything too crazy in their home.

16 When People Ask For A Discount


Since Airbnbs are already a lot cheaper than hotels, it really drives hosts crazy when guests ask for a discount.

According to nbcnews.com, the host sets the price for a reason. That is the price they need for this to be worth it for them. It is up to the guest to shop around for a place they can afford.

15 Safety Is In The Eye Of The Beholder


One of the top priorities for anyone when they travel is their safety, so they want to make sure their Airbnb is safe as well.

According to nbcnews.com, hosts can find it rude if you inquire too much about the safety of their house or their neighbourhood. Safety is also subjective, so it is hard to define for anyone.

14 When You Are Tight-Lipped On How They Can Help


A lot of people go into hosting an Airbnb because they are interested in and passionate about hospitality.

According to nbcnews.com, a host wants you to ask for help, and it can be annoying when you don’t. If you are new to the area and want to know a good restaurant, they want to help you find one.

13 Looker Vs. Booker


Shopping around is a good thing to do, but you have to be careful about it. According to nbcnews.com, if you want to go to an Airbnb that doesn’t allow pets, and the host has to turn you down, it hurts their Airbnb rating.

Therefore, hosts could be at risk of shutdown if they turn too many people down.

12 When You Don’t Leave A Review


It is always important to leave a review when you leave an Airbnb, and failure to can make a host really mad.

According to nbcnews.com, the host needs a certain number of guests to leave a review in order to meet the standards that Airbnb has. It takes 5 minutes and it really helps out the host.

11 All About Confirming


A hotel and an Airbnb run very differently; at a hotel, you are allowed to arrive at any point after check-in. It works a bit differently at an Airbnb.

According to thetravel.com, it is important to be clear about when you will be arriving since you might need to meet the host to get in.

10 Refund Policy Is Not Likely To Change


Before you book an Airbnb, you will be informed of the individual policies regarding cancellations and refunds. According to travel.com, these are not likely to change and asking for them to change is sure to annoy your host.

Unless there was a medical or travel emergency, your host is not likely to give you a refund.

9 It’s Not A Frat House


An Airbnb is not supposed to be used just for hosting a party. Doing so will cause you some issues with the host.

According to thetravel.com, it is important to be respectful of the space you are in and those who around you. Being too loud is sure to cause problems.

8 That Would Be Considered Stealing


Since an Airbnb is usually someone else’s home, you are likely to be around some of their belongings. According to thetravel.com, the host will let you know on your arrival what is yours to use and what is off-limits.

In short, a host will not be too happy to find all their expensive face cream has been used up.

7 If It Was Good, Leave 5 Stars NOT 4


Airbnb has a unique rating system, and it works nothing like a normal rating system would.

According to thetravel.com, it is important to familiarize yourself with their rating system and how it works. Airbnb only sees 5-star ratings as positive. Even a 4-star rating can cause the hose some issues with the company.

6 Showing Up With Fido


It is understandable that one of the things that annoy hosts is when guests do not follow the rules.

According to thetravel.com, it is important to only bring with you who you sad you would. For example, if the Airbnb says no pets, do not show up with your dog.

5 Pay Attention To Individual Rules


Hotels and motels are pretty standard with their rules, and they all kind of have the same (or similar) policies.

Airbnbs work differently and each host will have its own set of rules, according to thetravel.com. Don’t assume that what you could do at your last Airbnb would be OK in the one you are staying in now.

4 When People Treat It Like Real Estate


Again, it is important to remember that this is not real estate. This is someone’s home and property and they are still responsible for it.

According to affordanthing.com, it is important to remember that your host is not your landlord. They are there to provide you with an experience, that's it.

3 When You Ask For More Supplies, Don’t Be Greedy


Airbnb does have a policy when it comes to making sure that the house has some supplies for the guest, much like a hotel would. However, there is a limit.

According to affordanything.com, Airbnb states that hosts are only expected to provide enough consumables to last the guests for a week.

2 Luxury Is Not Free


One of the great things about an Airbnb is the range there is in properties and prices.

According to affordanything.com, something that drives hosts nuts is when people want a discount on a luxury property. It is luxury for a reason, and if you can not afford it you should be looking for one within your price range.

1 When It’s All About Them


This is something that not only drives hosts nuts, but people in general. That is when people are selfish and only think of themselves.

According to affordanything.com, this can drive a host crazy. When they ask for a discount, when they make a mess or when they ask for more services, they are called selfish.

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